Đồng nghĩa của seldom seen

Tính từ

Scarce, or difficult to find
thin on the ground infrequent rare scarce seldom found uncommon deficient few and far between in short supply unusual wanting out of the common few scant negligible meagre scattered insufficient sporadic sparse meager limited straggling inconsequential occasional exiguous unfrequent hard to come by trifling scanty hard to find thin middling inconsiderable imperceptible lean skimpy at a premium low in numbers piddling paltry stingy minute short seldom met with minimal minimum small nominal marginal insignificant next to no nugatory basal inappreciable next to none measly token slender widely spaced less in the minority out of the ordinary lacking inadequate seldom irregular shy isolated low like gold dust semioccasional intermittent odd fitful spasmodic too little not enough exceptional not to be had not to be had for love nor money little reduced diminished slim poor failing insubstantial dwindling casual random periodic erratic desultory uneven episodic light aperiodic unsteady choppy catchy discontinuous spotty episodical spastic unwonted sometime puny flimsy subtle tenuous depleted truncated threatened shortened patchy periodical unpredictable scattershot mediocre tight on-again-off-again on and off hit-or-miss bits and pieces fits and starts cut shoddy missing run-down at a low level unaccustomed bereft spare skimp destitute too few short-handed short on low on sparing hand-to-mouth stray unthinkable unlikely unimaginable unique attenuated singular subtile magnificent outstanding recherche standout towering rarefied inconceivable strange remarkable preeminent unheard of attenuate extraordinary scarcer than hen's teeth once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth unproductive miserable shabby weak unfruitful barren scrimp infertile scrimpy bare scattering some unfinished slight too little too late not many mere incidental exclusive not habitual particular especial off and on chance specific special

Tính từ

Not customary or habitual
unwonted peculiar atypical extraordinary rare singular uncommon unusual uncustomary abnormal anomalous exceptional unfamiliar unaccustomed unprecedented untypical aberrant aberrated curious especial exceeding extraordinaire freak infrequent irregular odd phenomenal preternatural remarkable special strange surprising unexpected unheard-of unique amazing astonishing atypic awe-inspiring awesome bizarre conspicuous distinguished eminent far-out inconceivable incredible memorable noteworthy novel outstanding prodigious prominent queer refreshing significant uncharacteristic unconventional unordinary unparalleled weird something else out of the ordinary out of the way freakish different deviant unorthodox funny oddball outlandish offbeat isolated eccentric quirky out-of-the-way freaky off the wall quaint unnatural uncanny erratic divergent unrepresentative mysterious fantastic notable scarce unthinkable exotic off-the-wall unheard of foreign wacky outré sporadic unimaginable out of the common incongruous unaccountable kooky incomprehensible alien distinctive seldom kookie wacko puzzling striking way-out mystifying limited occasional wonderful astounding unreal unlikely aberrational devious deviate jarring baffling wild perplexing screwy particular off-centre rum kinky way out supernatural impressive signal miraculous sparse scattered superior sensational new inexplicable deviating monstrous scanty wondrous tremendous non-typical stupendous semioccasional out of this world untried unco weirdo whacky bizarro zany heteroclite crazy queerish funky whimsical spooky distorted few and far between left-field out there off-kilter intermittent distinct original scant inconsistent marvellous spasmodic superlative stunning unbelievable rogue unlike contrary disparate newsworthy spectacular fabulous fluky unknown rarefied mind-boggling mind-blowing terrific fanciful dubious incomparable warped twisted perverted magnificent unforeseen unanticipated idiosyncratic unfrequent nonstandard obscure preposterous marvelous eerie few cranky daggy far-fetched dilly unexplored off-color off-base thin on the ground out of line spaced-out exciting marked aperiodic episodic casual episodical discontinuous inimitable periodical periodic off the beaten track one of a kind unearthly nonconforming unconforming unexampled wandering altered imported variant ready digressive rambling nonconformist straying out of keeping defective transgressing paranormal fresh alternative not prepared weird and wonderful out of place interesting awkward newfangled transcendental transcendent magical out-there questionable flakey mental flaky psycho staggering unexplainable otherworldly superhuman metaphysical supernormal unworldly other-worldly mystical suspicious fishy creepy droll unpredictable breathtaking remote uninvestigated recondite chance fortuitous unforeseeable surprise brilliant surpassing stellar characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual unfathomable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good ghostly deviative supermundane occult beyond your ken little known wayward impenetrable insoluble unsolvable inscrutable substantial huge great bewildering arcane perverse malformed unhealthy too good to be true extra special heterodox anomalistic corrupt subtile flimsy subtle preeminent standout towering tenuous thin attenuate short light attenuated deficient recherche inexplainable enigmatic abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding unnormal heteromorphic flustering muddling disconcerting overwhelming unannounced portentous discomfiting nonplussing jolting shattering dumfounding befuddling nonplusing confusing dismaying upsetting confounding wildering not normal mystic unknowable unintelligible momentous personalised specialised customised improbable unforgettable eye-catching arresting ridiculous absurd unrealistic serious eye-popping ludicrous fantastical extravagant doubtful nonsensical implausible irrational grandiose foolish mad cockamamie amazeballs insane comical heavy flash gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe never to be forgotten off beaten path fitful meager sometime stray meagre like gold dust as scarce as hens' teeth once in a blue moon sublime eye-opening massive emphatic enormous colossal immense jaw-dropping dramatic super awful monumental dazzling excellent gigantic superb vast astronomical imposing gargantuan giant startling titanic mountainous humongous whopping mega ginormous pronounced mammoth fascinating large commanding bold elephantine big noticeable considerable unmistakable jumbo monster intense thumping whacking glorious showy splashy flamboyant catchy splendid decisive bodacious noisy conclusive gee-whizz humungous very great goodly herculean leviathan astronomic thrilling grand resounding utmost supreme stupefying salient rip-roaring electrifying kenspeckle grabby unequalled smashing perfect unmatched unrivalled unrivaled matchless unequaled unexcelled peerless mighty without equal beyond compare sui generis roaring extreme shocking outrageous complete unqualified sizeable oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque planetary vasty super-duper walloping king-size galactic heroic Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical cyclopean heroical Himalayan supersized oversized king-sized out-and-out thorough solid flabbergasting extensive engaging thundering impossible enthralling obvious manifest whopping great king size arrestive moving attractive beautiful fab rad appreciable primo attention-grabbing dirty great whacking great powerful splendorous dynamite observable record groundbreaking revolutionary pioneering outre awe-striking first-time hard to swallow in a league of its own beyond belief ground-breaking without parallel maximum top uttermost majestic severe max acute thrashing cherished touching formidable fine humbling pointed ace theatrical exhilarating what providential def evident royal enjoyable cool unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting difficult to believe wonderworking numinous supranatural tense unspeakable the what great strong clear-cut visible dumbfounding blindsiding radical fat titantic ineffable legendary untold unutterable gorgeous captivating swell drop-dead clear unthought of surpassing belief suspenseful first-class heart-stopping first-rate perceptible forcible pre-eminent the utmost too much important telling compelling forceful charming jazzy cogent lofty famous gripping riveting lively out-of-this-world graphic climactic vivid can't miss it weighty undreamed of shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady beyond the realm of reason top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams wicked sudden studied breath-taking world class unconvincing hair-raising action-packed essential exemplary model ideal classic ultimate prototypical typical quintessential good sizable generous mercurial senseless goofy silly impracticable inane gilt-edged grotesque wackadoodle loony infantile imbecilic unreasonable crazy-ass pointless idiotic illogical wackadoo laughable risible cock-eyed farcical zero cool one-off irreplaceable unworkable harebrained imprudent dreamlike surreal fatuous puerile quixotic derisory foolhardy balmy inordinate substantive respectable reasonable healthy ample all-time incredulous archetypal unsurpassable exquisite paramount unparagoned second to none one and only purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime best one-of-a-kind unrepeated consummate separate without precedent nonpareil unrepeatable in a class by itself unsurpassed irresponsible unconceivable unimagined meaningful legit handsome tidy uncompelling short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason cockeyed bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate tall untenable labored laboured unsubstantial strained incogitable insupposable uncredible fantabulous not able to hold water out of the question cock and bull largish cock-and-bull abundant rings phony hefty hard to believe hard to take bountiful highly unlikely not in the least likely major scarcely credible immeasurable copious profuse mortal ominous gross

Trái nghĩa của seldom seen

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