Đồng nghĩa của hand to mouth

Tính từ

Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
meagre scanty scant sparse skimpy scarce exiguous poor meager light spare sparing skimp slender stingy slim insufficient inadequate paltry limited small deficient measly thin slight insubstantial bare scrimpy restricted negligible little modest short wanting inconsiderable miserable puny tenuous pathetic flimsy scrimp thin on the ground miserly tiny sketchy narrow piddling inappreciable tight weak minimum shabby barren rare unfinished unproductive failing shy subtle mere unfruitful infertile few and far between in short supply too little too late trifling unsufficient mean derisory minimal on the small side scattered economical frugal stunted stinted lacking bitty thinning mingy sporadic too few too small too little not enough close infrequent scrubby thinly distributed dispersed occasional uncommon beggarly pitiful barely sufficient diminutive petty confined at a premium hard to come by few insignificant nominal trivial low inconsequential piffling lean minute unimportant picayune minor marginal worthless reduced piddly nugatory niggling ungenerous footling incomplete Mickey Mouse dinky pimping pitiable poxy no-account infinitesimal de minimis base incidental immaterial chicken peanut frivolous faulty irrelevant imperfect diminished nickel-and-dime hard to find fractional minuscule unsubstantial imperceptible meaningless casual defective wretched sorry lightweight pointless ordinary fiddling bereft nonessential shoddy contemptible of little account second-rate lamentable of no account of no consequence small-fry inferior depleted not worth mentioning subnormal lowly feeble finite middling incommensurate patchy secondary unsatisfactory lesser disappointing destitute non-essential like gold dust not to be had lousy of little consequence of little importance of no importance unfrequent not to be had for love nor money shoestring vague peripheral superficial faint basic dwindling rudimentary circumscribed determinate defined definite measured scrappy token trite pettifogging missing nondescript valueless flawed fragmentary impaired set ineffectual dry purportless drained substandard unsound inessential twopenny-halfpenny devoid ignorable hardly any seldom semioccasional straggling foolish needing less little or no small-bore unusual of minor importance small-time needed of no moment seldom met with seldom seen not worth speaking of not worth bothering about not up to scratch low in numbers out of the ordinary leaving much to be desired despicable subsidiary useless wispy little bitty smallish penurious toytown lame laughable partial parsimonious junk gentle diffuse basal just only trashy sleazy common unconsequential smaller low on short-handed short on not much very mediocre next to none next to no minor-league of no great concern two-bit low-ranking cut bush-league everyday woeful insipid unconsiderable sad unqualified not hacking it coming up short not making it silly commonplace cheap lilliputian penny-ante idle scarcer than hen's teeth truncated threatened shortened run-down wanky incapable unample incompetent minus unfitted no biggie neither here nor there two bit unconsidered wimpy big zero all the same small potatoes entry level of no significance runt inappropriate shrimp momentary microscopic skin-deep atomic beside the point evanescent vanishing in the minority seldom found widely spaced at a low level fair no more than short of out of average unsatisfying unacceptable medium tolerable moderate median unexceptional absent not good enough extraneous senseless unrefined not acceptable unpolished not up to standard bodger omitted not up to par burned out empty gone unfulfilled in default cut off not up to expectations cooked away bankrupt below par out of gas deprived half-baked not much cop acceptable passable midsize midsized satisfactory adequate duff unsuitable unworthy unassembled undersupplied injured amiss marred unequal underprovided damaged of little import intermediate middle cursory perfunctory outta gas found wanting third string second string second fiddle not make it not cut out for rough crude outline imprecise unthinkable unlikely unimaginable subtile outstanding inconceivable strange preeminent magnificent standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary unique singular towering remarkable unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated recherche hurried hasty fuzzy provisional cobbled together shallow introductory unclear hazy depthless woolly uncritical wooly preliminary coarse cramped compact constricted confining on the back of an envelope congested squeezed incapacious pinched compressed choked tapered tapering fine jammed skinny hairline bounded needlelike ultrathin contracted near straitened narrowing incommodious strait taper threadlike pent shrunken fixed narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim

Tính từ

With barely enough money or food to live on

Trái nghĩa của hand to mouth

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