Đồng nghĩa của thinly distributed

Tính từ

Having widely spaced intervals
sparse meagre scanty scarce scattered scant skimpy sporadic exiguous hand-to-mouth infrequent light limited meager paltry poor skimp slender slim spare sparing stingy thin bare dispersed inadequate occasional rare scrimpy scrubby slight uncommon few and far between at a premium in short supply hard to come by thin on the ground wispy insufficient thinning diffuse deficient small measly insubstantial negligible little short minimal restricted modest inconsiderable insignificant piddling nominal inappreciable tiny wanting trifling low lacking pathetic lean miserable miserly shy puny few tight minimum reduced derisory marginal not enough too little inconsequential pitiful trivial narrow weak mingy beggarly mean failing tenuous minute confined sketchy flimsy barren too few petty piffling infinitesimal diminished hard to find compact picayune cramped constricted incomplete subtle unproductive frugal imperceptible base incommodious strait too little too late nugatory scrimp depleted ordinary poky unfinished feeble fractional shabby incommensurate mere bereft subnormal finite piddly lowly too small middling circumscribed jammed like gold dust not to be had not to be had for love nor money unfrequent lamentable ungenerous diminutive bitty close minuscule unfruitful infertile dwindling uncomfortable destitute stunted unsubstantial stinted minor faint average crowded niggling worthless dry unsatisfactory token packed congested imperfect faulty defined definite determinate measured squeezed drained barely sufficient mediocre choked straggling shrunken pent little or no seldom hardly any semioccasional unusual seldom met with low in numbers seldom seen out of the ordinary incidental unsufficient lousy disappointing pitiable little bitty smallish fragmentary unimportant economical poxy humble basal on the small side laughable lame inferior unqualified parsimonious junk wedged missing cut shoddy truncated threatened shortened footling minus unfitted incapable unample defective incompetent devoid not much needed next to none next to no very small lesser pimping rudimentary patchy basic chicken contemptible jam-packed peanut less dinky not making it not hacking it coming up short run-down short of out of superficial short-handed low on short on bush-league set partial ineffectual substandard at a low level vague seldom found microscopic diddly widely spaced in the minority no-account overcrowded de minimis Mickey Mouse gentle scarcer than hen's teeth two-bit rinky-dink awkward overfull fair matchbox hemmed in two-by-four irregular moderate median medium unexceptional tolerable tucked up closed in jammed in acceptable passable satisfactory midsize midsized adequate confining intermediate middle incapacious compressed pinched tapered skinny tapering hairline bounded needlelike ultrathin fine unthinkable unlikely unimaginable unique singular subtile outstanding towering inconceivable strange remarkable preeminent unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated magnificent recherche standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary contracted near straitened narrowing fixed taper threadlike narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim

Trái nghĩa của thinly distributed

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