Đồng nghĩa của in the minority

Tính từ

Occurring or existing in small numbers
few scant scarce rare meagre negligible scattered insufficient sporadic infrequent limited meager sparse uncommon inconsiderable lacking occasional scanty thin deficient exiguous less middling paltry short skimpy imperceptible inconsequential lean minute piddling stingy straggling trifling unusual in short supply unfrequent few and far between seldom found thin on the ground hard to come by hard to find seldom seen at a premium low in numbers widely spaced out of the ordinary wanting inadequate measly seldom irregular shy isolated low like gold dust semioccasional minimal intermittent small odd slender nominal insignificant fitful spasmodic too little not enough exceptional not to be had not to be had for love nor money seldom met with little reduced diminished slim poor failing insubstantial dwindling minimum casual random periodic erratic desultory uneven episodic inappreciable light aperiodic unsteady choppy catchy discontinuous spotty episodical spastic unwonted sometime puny out of the common flimsy subtle tenuous marginal depleted truncated threatened shortened nugatory token patchy basal periodical unpredictable scattershot next to none next to no mediocre tight on-again-off-again on and off hit-or-miss bits and pieces fits and starts cut shoddy missing run-down at a low level unaccustomed bereft spare skimp destitute too few short-handed short on low on sparing hand-to-mouth stray unthinkable unlikely unimaginable unique attenuated singular subtile magnificent outstanding recherche standout towering rarefied inconceivable strange remarkable preeminent unheard of attenuate extraordinary scarcer than hen's teeth once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth unproductive miserable shabby weak unfruitful barren scrimp infertile scrimpy bare scattering some unfinished slight too little too late not many mere incidental exclusive not habitual particular especial off and on chance specific special inconsistent disconnected inconstant seasonal broken interrupted fragmentary fluctuating recurring recurrent cyclical variable on-and-off shifting unsystematic cyclic haphazard unmethodical alternate abnormal unsettled unstable capricious continual uncertain isochronal isochronous uncustomary in fits and starts varying atypical unexpected jerky aberrant anomalous repeated regular disrupted aberrated changeable unreliable surprising unconventional unorthodox rhythmic epochal serial rambling habitual frequent indiscriminate on again and off again volatile disturbed punctuated wavering stop-and-go rhythmical arrested iterant iterative discontinuing checked metrical changing aimless shaky curious nonuniform every other disjointed queer now and then here and there peculiar unfamiliar weird by bits and pieces entropic different bizarre intervallic wandering incredible alternating unequal novel offbeat convulsive deviant unorganized perennial fractal freak freaky oddball outlandish quirky constant steady continuing ever-changing phenomenal orderless preternatural chaotic muddled non-linear unorganised every so often part-time at fixed intervals every once in a while strewn widespread discrete incomplete impulsive broken up restless on-again, off-again temporary flickering spurtive twitching outré troubled non-uniform herky-jerky uncharacteristic repetitive not frequent impermanent reiterative outsourced freelance outside in bits and pieces freakish gaping unconnected inchoate disordered incohesive incoherent accidental chronic continued alien fortuitous contingent fluky funny conspicuous persistent rolling repeating reoccurring chain exceeding violent left-field out of the way way out off-centre something else off the wall out-of-the-way scrubby thinly distributed dispersed loose sketchy happening at intervals unthinking slapdash offhand catch-as-catch-can arbitrary unfocused stop-go systemless disorganized paroxysmal uncontrollable extraordinaire helter-skelter without purpose dynamic unsystematized uncoordinated faint little or no frugal not much hardly any turbulent temperamental fluid moving oscillating whimsical deviating mercurial vacillating mutable fickle weekly monthly hourly orbital annual routine yearly daily centennial disorganised all over the place confused scrambled undirected disorderly swaying altering changeful undependable irresolute roving flighty eccentric designless abrupt sudden flakey flickery vagarious waffling mobile fluctuant iffy developing flaky growing skittish at various times on certain occasions unpunctual unconsidered purposeless up and down full of ups and downs always changing off-and-on non-periodic

Trái nghĩa của in the minority

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