Đồng nghĩa của in default

Phó từ

Behind with paying money that is owed

Tính từ

Lacking in a required or necessary quality
wanting deficient inadequate disappointing insufficient lacking defective faulty imperfect inferior poor substandard unsound patchy sketchy incomplete unacceptable unsatisfying flawed impaired pathetic short shy absent limited low missing not good enough restricted scarce second-rate shabby shoddy unfinished bodger needing not acceptable not up to standard unpolished unrefined away bankrupt bereft cooked deprived destitute devoid empty failing gone half-baked less needed omitted scant scanty unfulfilled below par burned out cut off not up to par out of gas not much cop not up to expectations not up to scratch too little too late leaving much to be desired weak unsatisfactory scrappy unsuitable exiguous unworthy duff meagre skimpy unequal rare underprovided unassembled undersupplied injured meager amiss damaged infrequent marred second string second fiddle found wanting outta gas third string not enough not make it not cut out for broken malfunctioning inoperative not working not functioning kaput busted on the blink out of order knackered in disrepair down non-functioning broken-down conked out bust blemished out of commission done for acting up not in working order bad dud out of kilter gone phut playing up gone haywire on its last legs wonky warped on the fritz scratched finished cracked unusable shot deformed torn out of whack unfit unreliable sick fallible run-down hurt spoiled inoperable incorrect useless distorted broken down buckled out ruined disabled screwed up out of action in need of repair buggy inexact botched had it spoilt worn out gone wrong lemon frail worn-out tainted conked-out up the spout old chipped done in inconsistent dilapidated crippled slipshod off rumpty dented smashed nonfunctional unavailable clapped out debilitated harmed unfunctional unserviceable incapacitated inactive unproductive unavailing crashed dinged totaled snafued bent flubbed sunk abnormal seconds unhealthy on the bum subnormal gone kaput given up the ghost stopped working out of service packed up gone bust out of use non-functional dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive doesn't work beat-up loused up messed up glitched in smithereens in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go spent wracked gone to pieces fallen apart in the shop haywire coming unstuck exhausted on the shelf coming unglued gone to pot feeble failed inaccurate fallacious invalid imprecise wrong erroneous worthless valueless ineffective no good debased rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false malformed blamable leaky confused maimed incoherent lame unsellable unsaleable partial crummy tenth-rate below standard immature lousy undeveloped rubbish ropy rudimentary disfigured in a state of disrepair minus junk vicious garbage not up to snuff faultful schlocky few bugs two-bit bottom-of-barrel

Trái nghĩa của in default

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