Đồng nghĩa của dud

Alternative for dud

dud /dʌd/
  • danh từ, (từ lóng)
    • bù nhìn, người rơm (đuổi chim) ((cũng) dud man)
    • đạn thổi, bom không nổ
    • người vô dụng, người bỏ đi; kế hoạch vô dụng, kế hoạch bỏ đi
    • (số nhiều) quần áo; quần áo rách
    • tính từ
      • giả mạo; vô dụng, bỏ đi

    Danh từ

    An ineffectual person or thing
    failure flop washout lemon loser clinker clunker disappointment bomb bummer bust catastrophe debacle disaster fiasco fizzle frost let-down miss no-hoper non-starter shipwreck turkey damp squib fail blank dead loss letdown dead duck lead balloon blunder botch mess hash wreck foul-up abortion snafu screw-up balls-up collapse defeat calamity nonstarter misadventure also-ran bungle breakdown misstep miscarriage failing crash rout nonsuccess non-achiever faux pas false step shambles tragedy mishap underachiever nonperformance implosion nobody misfortune nonachievement write-off incompetent born loser car crash has-been loss frustration anticlimax sinking ship deadbeat no one downfall ruin castaway error trainwreck reject setback whammy farce saddo cropper train wreck flash in the pan nonevent dog flopperoo bellyflop no-go jalopy unsuccessful person unsuccessful challenger unsuccessful candidate defeated player junk blow muck omnishambles muddle bodge pig's ear fizzer nonrunner rabble bankruptcy cockup screwup old banger pig's breakfast embarrassment trouble piece of junk mistake route stalemate fall omission undoing misfiring foundering total loss vain attempt slip discomfiture misfire reverse fault disintegration trouncing overthrow dumb thing to do underdog nonentity downer rejection hopeless case oversight miscue lack of success coming to nothing non-fulfilment fizzling out non-success falling through breaking down drag down-and-outer flunkee underprivileged disadvantaged losel neglect want default defect delinquency good-for-nothing waste of space shellacking crack-up beating vanquishment havoc licking dissolution smash ruination reversal smashup defeasance devastation drubbing bringdown choker two-time loser derelict bum defaulter loafer non-event sore loser nonperformer beat blue ruin outcast black sheep no-good might-have-been ne'er-do-well moocher pariah shit show castoff leper offscouring undesirable dropout alien exile social outcast decline deterioration rupture stoppage checkmate folding decay inadequacy deficiency deficit termination unsuccessfulness degradation liquidation insolvency comedown unsuccess end malfunction flameout halt cessation slump disruption interruption disorganization seizure disorganisation shutdown non-function fumble bungling negligence misprision dereliction nonfeasance stumble capitulation vanquishing impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary administration indebtedness pauperdom receivership disillusionment fall from grace financial ruin box-office bomb dissatisfaction dismay disgruntlement discouragement balk chagrin descent down demise baulk humbling belittlement demotion humiliation mortification downgrading bitter pill closure loss of face lowering reality check disgrace comeuppance loss of status pratfall dive reduction sinking closing shutting down close-down going under winding up

    Danh từ

    Copy or imitation

    Danh từ

    Needless alarm or worry

    Danh từ

    Something that causes sadness
    sadness tragedy trauma adversity burden disappointment discouragement downer fiasco hassle heartache misfortune nuisance ordeal trouble affliction blow catastrophe disaster distress drag grief heartbreak pain pest tribulation vexation albatross annoyance bummer comedown debacle drama hardship letdown misadventure problem sorrow torment travail down failure suffering trial ill fortune sad event bad experience cross to bear stroke of bad luck woe misery unhappiness anxiety worry difficulty mishap setback reverse travails bad luck wretchedness issue anguish agony care crucible headache curse visitation irritation vicissitude hard time disquiet agitation calamity load cataclysm aggravation botheration fire frustration exasperation gauntlet bother irk thorn aggro irritant rub bugbear gantlet inconvenience ruffle peeve cross blight devastation bane rigor calvary rigour complication hard times hair shirt hurt excruciation torture straits rack shock apocalypse ill severe test trying time persecution oppression wronging injury struggle mischance unluckiness knock whammy wreck waterloo lot dolor contretemps doom humiliation hard knocks grievous blow bad fortune serious accident double whammy rainy day hard knock stress labor labour drudgery grind strain dire straits hard work toil chore uphill battle difficult task tough luck millstone test discomfort accident killer beast jam bear job bad news tough grind tall order tough assignment rotten luck hot water imposition pain in the backside pain in the rear pain in the neck pain in the bum trials and tribulations no picnic plague drain encumbrance privation battle destitution poverty want need austerity penury deprivation harassment exertion slog grievance scourge beggary lack hazard ruination weight pickle hardness asperity ruin pinch danger crunch exigency uphill struggle nightmare reversal scrape hell bad break crisis tough break ill-fortune ill-luck hell on earth can of worms stroke of ill luck ill luck deep water reversal of fortune cumber challenge concern pip malaise indigence thorn in one's flesh difficulties soreness strife impoverishment provocation nag nagging conflict throe cause for concern unholy mess ticklish spot holy mess workout bore scutwork detriment disadvantage harm damage thorn in someone's side thorn in someone's flesh effort endeavor infelicity unpleasantness loss wrong mishappening hitch commotion tumult snag upset boo-boo hard luck offense offence ill-treatment disservice prejudice buffet dolour task clutch poison hurting nakba jinx skids mischief disbenefit evil eye the worst kiss of death harsh conditions tough situation long haul endeavour backbreaker hard row to hoe hard mountain to climb performance gruntwork donkey work heavy labor hard labour hard graft slavery donkey-work backbreaking work heavy labour difficult project donkeywork neediness impecuniousness impecuniosity emergency predicament plight trials dilemma mess quagmire extremity mire quandary peril upheaval conundrum fatigue bind entanglement impasse chaos imbroglio disarray perplexity havoc stew hole meltdown disorder strait crash fix pass tinderbox shambles urgency muddle turmoil pressure collapse horror confusion depression monstrosity situation embarrassment bomb shipwreck disorderliness desolation holocaust messiness bust puzzle tight corner critical situation sticky situation spot of bother big trouble vicious circle unfortunate situation hot potato hang-up tight spot worst-case scenario double trouble heavy blow sorry condition no-win situation awkward situation train wreck problematic situation rabbit hole tricky situation car crash tight situation sad state difficult situation Herculean task financial distress

    Tính từ

    Bad or useless
    broken faulty failed bust defective duff unsound damaged inoperative malfunctioning broken-down flawed impaired kaput useless worthless busted imperfect knackered not working valueless conked out ineffective not functioning done for out of order no good not in working order on its last legs on the blink in disrepair gone phut out of commission finished acting up playing up gone haywire non-functioning down wonky out of kilter ruined worn out on the fritz unusable old bad dilapidated blemished buggy rumpty done in broken down clapped out conked-out inactive inoperable done sunk doomed kaputt dead off up the spout in a state of disrepair shot unserviceable out of whack gone kaput non-functional jiggered out of service nonfunctional weak out of action cracked shoddy deficient deformed buckled scratched warped torn incomplete nonoperating nonfunctioning amiss out disabled gone gone wrong had it worn-out out of use distorted chipped inconsistent unavailable not functional not in service not in operation not in use unavailable for use incapacitated unfunctional crashed unproductive unavailing dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive spent wracked given up the ghost gone bust stopped working packed up doesn't work exhausted unsatisfactory haywire feeble gone to pieces fallen apart in the shop on the shelf run-down coming unglued in need of repair screwed up gone to pot coming unstuck invalid ineffectual unworkable nonactive inefficacious null and void hors de combat sick seconds poor abnormal substandard injured unhealthy unreliable unfinished subnormal on the bum

    Tính từ

    Fake and not authentic
    fake false forged counterfeit bogus faked fraudulent phony phoney spurious bad invalid pinchbeck sham worthless mock pseudo dummy imitation artificial inauthentic unauthentic pretend simulated snide faux substitute feigned pretended ersatz synthetic deceptive misleading cod queer hoax make-believe unqualified dishonest reproduction actorly quack dissembling untrue null copy pirated duplicate quasi nonbinding void illegal nonvalid inoperative null and void phoney-baloney not genuine so-called phony-baloney double-dealing copied replica fabricated copycat falsified ungenuine crooked unoriginal not binding specious supposititious nugatory uncollectible affected contrived assumed unnatural factitious plastic forced strained imitative mechanical fictitious mimic trick put-on man-made not what it is cracked up to be quasi- insincere manufactured unreal delusory wrong fallacious delusive deceitful invented hollow made-up deceiving unfounded fishy imaginary facsimile incorrect erroneous inaccurate fakey unsound pirate laboured concocted trumped-up pretentious ostensible mistaken bent labored inexact mannered pseud faulty framed put on untruthful seeming meretricious imitated illogical misguided derivative illusory off chimerical apocryphal stiff model overdone flawed baseless imagined beguiling deluding stilted apparent imprecise suppositious studied not kosher sophistical without foundation made up counterfeited plagiaristic derived toy two-faced mimicked plagiarized Hollywood plant brummagem crock off beam unsubstantiated distorted groundless fictional full of holes superficial fanciful aped nonnatural wooden unconvincing hokey notional lying won't fly soft shell ideal fantastic visionary sophistic cooked-up dicey self-conscious iffy dodgy trumped up off target way out wide of the mark pseudo- purported mythical plagiarised professed illusionary unproven adulterine hypocritical alleged cheating supposed adopted fancied improvised knock-off casuistic hallucinatory bum overripe non-existent truthless avowed pseudonymous counterfactual falsie exaggerated overworked fictive virtual manmade imposturous impostrous fantasied chimeric phantom fantastical fabulous mythic phantasmal imaginal phantasmic unspontaneous theatrical plausible would-be ill-founded hyped up out foundationless constrained ham hammy unsupported in error not accurate not exact askew cooked up devised ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative way off way off beam not working practice trial bootlegged repro non-natural mimetic apish surface miniature campy echoic glib low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior chemical cast made makeshift constructed wannabe self-styled machine-made unsatisfactory substandard adulterated overblown elaborate planned delusional duplicated reproduced parodied parroted burlesqued caricatured mocked gingerbread experimental human-made misinformed prepared not real not legit ostensive semi- nominal illusive mealymouthed near reported engineered as it were knock off lookalike uncorroborated Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide float charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated posed voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged weak economical with the truth mock-up to all intents and purposes fantasy without basis posey stagy unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible erratic fantasized dreamed-up dream conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud erring blue sky pipe dream unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty ostentatious likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle fluffed overly planned illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked seemingly correct wrongly inferred not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault play-play improper unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right misrepresentative colored in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope fantasised amiss coloured underhand awry defective abroad treacherous duplicitous crafty disingenuous guileful wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious shady sharp Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious unprincipled unscrupulous tricky fast slim underhanded shifty hollow-hearted rogue double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick devious catchy astucious indirect unreliable wily

    Tính từ

    Inferior in quality
    cheap substandard inferior common shoddy tawdry worthless cheapo junky tacky bad trashy grotty average mediocre meretricious crummy pitiable pitiful rubbishy lousy grubby inadequate junk poor tatty cruddy lame nasty paltry shabby base ratty sorry subpar cheapie deficient kitsch lemon punk ropy rubbish sad scroungy tinhorn trumpery wretched brassy Brummagem cheapjack duff gimcrack naff pinchbeck tattered tinny execrable poor-quality second-rate third-rate below par low-grade run-down two-bit entry-level low-end cheap and nasty low-rent below average below standard bush-league dime-a-dozen dime-store rinky-dink bottom-rung a dime a dozen twopenny-halfpenny el cheapo not up to much second-class two a penny terrible miserable rotten schlocky deplorable sleazy bum coarse schlock bargain-basement cheesy cut-rate mean contemptible dreadful awful unsatisfactory dirty despicable atrocious appalling scurvy pathetic abysmal useless scummy dire unacceptable lamentable scabby low-quality diabolical crude dismal sneaking gaudy pants vulgar tasteless showy frightful poxy loud flimsy dissatisfactory a load of pants imperfect garish suboptimal jerry-built disagreeable wanting brummagem horrible flashy not up to snuff downmarket poor quality low dodgy sub-par tinsel faulty under par direful middling flash unpleasant glitzy valueless unsound chintzy bodger defective abominable ramshackle ordinary laughable grungy thrown together dingy chronic brash badly built glaring ostentatious sour woeful low quality hack not up to scratch weak poorer sordid horrendous subnormal kitschy abject sucky seedy vile crumby wack gross flamboyant stinking scruffy pretentious beastly insubstantial God-awful déclassé the pits hopeless offensive good-for-nothing squalid dilapidated distasteful indifferent nauseating makeshift horrid repulsive broken-down flawed unexceptional pedestrian wrong bush off skanky harsh tenth-rate leaving much to be desired not up to par obtrusive jazzy disappointing loathsome insufficient sickening ornate glittering repellent disastrous objectionable flaring revolting flaunting odious swanky jerrybuilt splashy grim blatant brazen rickety plastic yucky hideous wicked icky cheap-jack piss-poor tinselly rancid corny trifling egregious ghastly gruesome insalubrious repellant shocking scandalous displeasing unwelcome stinky loathly foul disgustful hellish low-class in bad taste slapdash knocked together raffish distressing disreputable lowbrow scrubby neglected dumpy tumbledown mangy tatterdemalion threadbare timeworn disgusting repugnant filthy detestable beat-up obnoxious bombed-out moth-eaten dog-eared down-at-the-heels down-at-heel extravagant screaming unappetizing nauseous ritzy unpalatable noxious very bad catchpenny malodorous noisome bling-bling unsavoury lurid unspeakable low cost ill incompetent noisy swank razzle-dazzle uninviting smelly rank acrid putrid fetid polluted mephitic pongy whiffy ugly smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched yukky befouled smutty unfair blackened miasmal sullied abhorrent evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly niffy unsportsmanlike black fulsome draggled bitter grimy funky obscene uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory muddy begrimed illegal soiled grievous less-than-stellar run down not much cop festy yucko olid no good down at heel foetid poison ungodly unholy slight fragile of a sort rough second rate sick-making off-putting on the nose unfortunate breakable light regrettable heartbreaking frail shaky garbagy mournful low-down conspicuous insignificant unstable tottery wobbly slipshod bright brilliant superficial seamy slummy unprepossessing hateful slovenly fancy careless rundown scuzzy feeble overdone affected of little value pits unsuitable scungy snazzy violent over-bright skeezy faded end-of-the-pier slimy disgraceful garbage of no value bilious unattractive limp calamitous meager meagre half-pie evil-smelling foul-smelling unimpressive sickly downer bummer florid of poor quality of low quality godawful over the top strictly for the birds of no financial value damnable for the birds down and dirty from hunger thin weak sauce frowzy cheeseball down scale amateurish negligent cheap-looking vicious uncultured unfashionable unsophisticated throwaway down-market twopenny uncomfortable delicate no-good unsaleable well below par merciful dowdy overwrought bad quality impaired amiss unsubstantial desperate poorly fakey of negligible value shlocky unsightly godforsaken shlock dishonest crooked smirched worn tired inglorious unhappy crass meritless off-color bold expensive rebarbative hellacious insufferable tinpot reject piddling unworthy stupid harmful outrageous downscale melancholy craptacular unsatisfying negligible without value worse pizazzy glittery pizzazzy fancy-pants nifty lacking moving compassionate afflicted stirring beggarly joyless commiserative tearful arousing suffering rueful piteous sorrowful heartrending distressed touching comfortless affecting cheerless trivial minimal poopy would fetch nothing not up to standard bling damaged commonplace sporty of no worth of little worth nickel-and-dime blameworthy overwhelming unbearable dishonourable intolerable dishonorable horrifying dolorous afflictive opprobrious sparkling in poor taste minor-league minor league small potatoes not satisfying gay not good enough of little financial value theatrical second-best dumbed down ill-constructed no great shakes over-elaborate specious sham OTT ruthful splendiferous colorful pizzazz frou-frou chichi second class blah dicty superfly colourful pzazz diddly grody not good erroneous ten a penny gussied up putting on the ritz dislikable outmoded out-of-date stodgy frumpy untidy unbecoming waxy poky unkempt messy sloppy bad news fallacious not the best raunchy scurrilous reprehensible indefensible irremediable Daliesque clinquant twee camp artificial mod posturing gimmicky

    Tính từ

    Having faults or errors
    imperfect faulty flawed defective damaged broken impaired shoddy unsound inferior second-rate substandard unfit unsaleable unsellable warped below par blemished cracked deformed inoperative limited partial scratched shabby torn amiss bad below standard crummy deficient immature incomplete lousy malfunctioning patchy tenth-rate unfinished duff inexact ropy rubbish rudimentary sketchy undeveloped bottom-of-barrel disfigured fallible faultful garbage inadequate injured junk lemon low marred minus not functioning not working schlocky sick two-bit unsatisfactory vicious out of order few bugs not much cop not up to scratch not up to snuff in a state of disrepair on the blink kaput busted knackered weak in disrepair broken-down on the fritz non-functioning incorrect down bust unreliable conked out done for on its last legs buckled chipped wrong distorted hurt spoiled run-down shot gone wrong gone inaccurate buggy useless fallacious erroneous out of kilter awry wonky unusable false confused spoilt screwed up out of whack in need of repair out of commission haywire botched frail playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut tainted not in working order failed poor abnormal seconds unhealthy subnormal worthless dented smashed inconsistent slipshod valueless on the bum ineffective crippled off debilitated harmed dinged totaled snafued bent flubbed sunk split no good beat-up loused up messed up glitched in smithereens out of action in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go fissured crazed fractured splintered cleft inoperable ruptured slit disabled ruined out finished invalid imprecise spent wracked exhausted feeble worn-out embryonic non-functional inappropriate gone to pieces had it fallen apart in the shop coming unstuck on the shelf conked-out coming unglued gone to pot untoward improper unsuitable debased rank unretentive insufficient contradictory adulterated malformed blamable leaky maimed incoherent lame primitive obsolete abortive rotten mistaken inept unapt astray indecorous infelicitous perverse adrift malapropos inapposite graceless incongruous inapt unbecoming unhappy unseemly vestigial unformed unmellowed raw green premature crude unripe erring crooked unlawful unfair foul glitched up not mature not matured not ripe unserviceable gone kaput out of service broken down nonfunctional jiggered out of use nonfunctioning nonoperating kaputt up the spout worn out bonkers kerflooey incapacitated inactive dilapidated not functional not in operation unavailable for use given up the ghost not in use stopped working packed up not in service gone bust old rumpty done in wrecked clapped out crashed inoperational S U unoperational unavailable unfunctional in repair decommissioned unproductive unavailing non-operational dysfunctional scrap bootless unworkable ineffectual nonactive inefficacious doesn't work null and void hors de combat deteriorated decayed run down battered ramshackle tumbledown crumbling gone to rack and ruin falling to pieces ill-maintained badly maintained poorly maintained worse for wear

    Tính từ

    Not having the power to influence people or events
    impotent powerless weak helpless ineffective feeble unable effete frail hamstrung handcuffed hog-tied impuissant incapable incompetent lame paralysed paralyzed enervated incapacitated infirm nerveless crippled enfeebled forceless gutless inept infecund prostrate puny unproductive high and dry past it paper tiger ineffectual toothless debilitated weakened pathetic wimpish emasculated flabby handicapped strengthless impaired useless edentulous defenseless boneless spineless wasteful disorganized compromised lacking vulnerable disadvantaged wussy disadvantageous unpowerful defenceless feckless impoverished diminished disorganised restrained hindered restricted noneffective immobilized unfit indisposed disabled laid up hurt injured wornout sidelined harmed broken-down laid-up out-of-action confined bedridden maimed undermined immobilised hors de combat out of action out of commission delicate failing sickly wasted faint weakly exhausted doddering languid ailing unwell poorly etiolated shaky decrepit tottery tottering down-and-out soft sapped asthenic doddery unsubstantial low tender prostrated weedy wimpy softened shilpit slight trembly trembling dopey gentle sapless flat meager vitiated aged insufficient fragile meagre woozy half-hearted out of gas ill thin invalid faltering unsound flimsy unhealthy spindly in poor health out of shape slender scrawny shattery wispy shatterable brittle dainty fracturable tenuous fishy rickety debile weakling unstable anile irresolute wobbly out of condition insecure wavering vacillating halting sensile anemic insubstantial anaemic laid low unconvincing poor lacklustre off-color cranky diseased pining chronically ill often ill always ill peaked run-down down dragging lackluster laid-low seedy sickish rocky mean implausible inadequate unlikely hollow transparent unsatisfactory half-baked below par faulty inefficient unpleasing unsuitable unpersuasive hard to believe hard to swallow

    Tính từ

    (of a battery) Having exhausted its charge

    Động từ

    To dress in distinctive clothes
    garb clothe dress attire robe array costume apparel habit caparison enrobe suit bedeck invest garment gown vesture toilet accoutre outfit deck drape bedizen clad tog cover raiment deck out rig out dress up get up do up fit out turn out doll up tog out trick out trick up tog up suit up tart up kit out rig up equip trap out swathe fit get ready dude up adorn furbelow rig wrap enwrap dog out accouter dandify jacket guise coat habilitate endow don dizen primp bedrape mantle spruce breech vest endue livery disguise put clothes on bundle up wear slip on slip into put on gear decorate embellish beautify prettify slick change gussy up supply dress in put on evening dress wear formal clothes get into clothe oneself in change one's clothes clothe yourself in get someone up getup harness revamp titivate overdress improve smarten preen prink furnish with spiff up fix up spruce up get dressed dress oneself apparel oneself attire oneself be clothed in have on draw on be dressed in wrap oneself in get on cover oneself in clothe oneself provision trim ornament grace festoon arm garland garnish fit up set up refit furnish gird kit up hang wreathe fancify emblaze blazon do emboss enrich enhance bejewel bedight engarland fancy up pretty up glitz up appoint set off do out rig oneself out in doll oneself up in get dressed in pull on tog oneself out in pour oneself into throw on change into climb into deck oneself out in fling on tog oneself up in array oneself in dress oneself in accoutre oneself in

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