Đồng nghĩa của untrue

Alternative for untrue

Đồng nghĩa: disloyal, erroneous, fallacious, false, faulty, fickle, unfaithful, wrong,

Trái nghĩa: true,

Tính từ

Incorrect or false
false wrong inaccurate incorrect untruthful erroneous inexact misleading unsound fabricated fallacious concocted distorted fictitious flawed invented lying mistaken specious deceptive dishonest fabulous invalid made up misguided off out sham unfounded in error mythical mythological spurious trumped up apocryphal baseless counterfactual fictional imaginary nonfactual unfactual economical with the truth bogus faulty fake phony phoney imprecise counterfeit wide of the mark delusive fraudulent illogical delusory unsubstantiated unreliable unsupported off target deceiving beguiling deluding off beam groundless sophistical deceitful feigned defective iffy without foundation forged falsified questionable unreal full of holes contrived mock fishy unproven ungrounded dodgy unreasonable made-up way off pseudo off base foundationless weak ill-founded sophistic truthless reasonless simulated insincere artificial way out trumped-up illusory pretend not exact not accurate cooked-up unconvincing dubious doubtful unverified off-base unwarranted unjustified off-target improper casuistic cod uncorroborated mad dicey unreasoned misinformed hollow faked flimsy nonvalid affected without basis tenuous idle askew pretended factitious vain ersatz assumed imitation irrational off-beam faux way off beam inauthentic unauthentic dummy implausible make-believe amiss misrepresentative colored fallible untenable untested unconfirmed unattested coloured abroad suspect conjectural chancy shaky rocky disreputable risky awry speculative mendacious undependable uncertain dissembling all wet gratuitous bottomless fakey not true wide imperfect adopted flakey unstable flaky not working improvised plastic way off-beam off the mark unnatural forced open to doubt pseud mechanical not backed up by evidence so-called put-on not genuine open to question phoney-baloney phony-baloney legendary unauthenticated uncanonical counterfeited illusive fanciful superstitious unjustifiable unfitting equivocal debatable impostrous impaired terminologically inexact indefinite contrary to fact allonymous ungenuine inadequate synthetic doctored without substantiation without merit unqualified unscientific wanting dud not the case nonrational illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential preposterous erratic manufactured uncalled-for erring framed devised cooked up wrongly inferred imitative unfaithful careless wild fluffed not trustworthy mimic substitute adrift unsustainable illegal double-dealing actorly quack worthless astray misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated non-existent man-made discrepant garbled way-out untrustworthy way-off not right not precise at fault inappropriate wrong number all off out of line out of commission on the wrong track wrongly identified wide of mark barking up wrong tree off track labouring under a misapprehension barking up the wrong tree in the wrong doesn't wash plausible credible probable apparent sophisticated ostensible empty seeming flattering ostentatious pretentious meretricious presumptive likely captious colorable nugatory presumable pseudonymous strained seemingly correct plausible but wrong apparently right contradictory senseless off course bad stupid nonsensical idiotic silly foolish insane crazy incoherent ludicrous ridiculous nutty wacky deficient botched blemished unfit incomplete frail tainted broken-down warped marred below par not making sense off the wall out of order errant cold wrong-headed getting cold wrongly deduced not thinking straight confusing unthinking injudicious unwise unsatisfactory mindless brainless haywire problematic demented laughable kooky loony malfunctioning inferior ill-conceived shabby crippled broken shoddy slipshod damaged sketchy ill-thought-out not well thought out off-the-wall meaningless debased rank unretentive insufficient adulterated cracked lemon sick malformed injured blamable leaky confused maimed lame inconclusive impossible imbecilic inane unproved daft unsubstantial beyond belief fatuous perverse cockeyed incongruous irrelevant unconnected screwy barmy irreconcilable self-contradictory not following beyond the bounds of possibility

Tính từ

Not faithful or loyal
disloyal unfaithful faithless false treacherous perfidious traitorous deceitful inconstant two-faced untrustworthy false-hearted deceiving double-dealing duplicitous fickle insincere Janus-faced recreant undependable unreliable adulterous forsworn two-timing double-crossing cheating apostate treasonable dishonest back-stabbing subversive treasonous flighty deceptive betraying shifty seditious renegade unloyal double-faced unpatriotic wormlike capricious untruthful lying mutinous unstable crooked dishonourable misleading corrupt unscrupulous shady tricky Punic underhand devious undutiful dishonorable sneaking mutable irregular erratic unpredictable reckless mendacious illicit rebellious dubious disreputable sneaky sharp unprincipled defrauding unchaste adulterine unlawful underhanded slick insidious base moonlighting guileful fraudulent perjured falsehearted shonky dodgy insubordinate snaky low wicked snake in the grass hollow-hearted fly-by-night not conscientious heretical backsliding philanderous wayward perjurious dissident truthless backstabbing backstabby philandering extramarital of bad faith slippery irresolute equivocating chameleon-like coquettish lubricious untrusty defecting arrant doubting conniving iffy questionable trustless irresponsible fink adulterate extracurricular unsafe not true to hypocritical clandestine immoral speedy improper fornicating unbelieving skulking vile commiting perjury swearing falsely unconverted sceptical fluctuating changeful skeptical wavering changeable not to be trusted not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather unsound breakaway bearing false witness delusive foul mythomaniac malevolent scoundrelly rascally venal malicious mean villainous fast and loose swindling criminal illegal bent sham spurious crafty counterfeit dirty fast unethical rogue unfair unjust phoney knavish pseudo bamboozling fake forged against the law falsified mock imitation phony cunning sly wily scheming artful foxy roguish disingenuous designing furtive subtle suspect scandalous snide amoral shrewd dissembling suspicious discreditable cagey beguiling Machiavellian fishy reprobate slim unsavoury disgraceful bad contemptible shameful sordid seedy corruptible stealthy grafting buyable ignoble malfeasant unsavory canny cute shameless cagy despicable ignominious infamous clever inglorious evasive evil smart unworthy shabby sleazy shoddy calculating astute mercenary bribable scurvy rotten low-down fly elusive indirect pretended unctuous lawless exploitative bluffing unregenerate smooth degrading conscienceless dastardly corrupted contriving notorious reprehensible ruthless fallacious variable nefarious degenerate louche hoodwinking sinister unrespectable sorry specious unsteady uncertain opprobrious astucious vicious shy feigned sketchy jive mealymouthed backhanded artificial double mealy murky iniquitous grubby slimy skilful skillful blackguardly unprofessional suborned intriguing ingenious carny deluding Pecksniffian lip illusory doubtful glib of dubious character potentially illegal phoney-baloney on the take phony-baloney left-handed suspected disbelieved shaming blameworthy debasing unpleasant unseemly incorrigible untrusted dicey sleazoid sleazo delusory snidey bogus beastly raffish salty ornery hostile dangerous deviant secret despised dissimulating covert cowboy fugitive collusive unhonest manipulative unconscionable purchasable not trustworthy depraved fiendish mischievous devilish not cricket rapacious fibbing wrongdoing ambidextrous plotting captious nifty pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish insecure hard to pin down plausible rascal off bum seeming serpentine oblique catchy imposturous streetwise not to be relied upon good-for-nothing cutthroat unconscientious sinful prostituted left- handed pretending backbiting grotty hollow frolicsome opprobious miscreant putrid offensive warped avaricious grasping casuistic selfish self-seeking petty degraded wrongful nasty double dealing felonious canting simoniac simoniacal padded decadent profiteering sharp-witted intelligent acute not kosher extortionate open pretend open to bribery alert volatile jivey hypocritic oily pharisaical affected unnatural feigning masterly vulpine adept inconsistent pharisaic Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical dexterous proficient adroit politic resourceful unsettled shocking gone to the dogs funny dextrous smooth-spoken smooth-tongued temperamental mercurial fitful outrageous disorderly fluid flickery changing varying unequal uneven irrational skittish of bad reputation seamy unwholesome vacillating licentious dissolute pitiable beggarly cheap abject lowly lewd derogatory libidinous ambiguous weaving labile not fixed no good in bad in low esteem in the doghouse

Tính từ

Existing only in the realms of one's imagination
phantasmal imaginary unreal fanciful fictitious fantastic imagined mythical chimerical invented fictional fabulous visionary fantastical mythic chimeric phantasmic ideal phantom pretend fantasied imaginal illusory notional dreamlike fancied delusive hallucinatory fictive whimsical suppositious phantasmagoric fake sham delusory misleading ostensible phantasmagorical seeming pseudo fallacious mistaken apparent semblant made-up make-believe blue-sky false fabricated nonexistent legendary supposititious traditional fantasy pretended deceitful created storied fabled folkloric allegorical storybook fairy-tale mythologic mythological illusive concocted specious devised epic non-existent bogus nightmarish surreal psychedelic phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic bizarre Kafkaesque phantasmagorian trumped-up heroic made up product of someone's imagination manufactured larger-than-life spurious apocryphal prepared deceptive symbolic symbolical parabolic illusionary delusional deceiving hollow misguided erroneous Barmecidal Barmecide blue sky pipe dream unsubstantial insubstantial spectral ethereal impalpable intangible immaterial romantic hypothetical figmental bodiless aerial incorporeal spiritual unbodied dreamed-up quixotic discarnate shadowy ghostly airy disembodied imaginative unembodied wraithlike dreamy unearthly transcendental disincarnate abstract mock simulated theoretical artificial synthetic wild supernatural apparitional absurd formless nonphysical nonmaterial extravagant phoney poetic metaphysical phony imponderable assumed fantasized dream idealized non-physical feigned untouchable utopian vague imagal faux play-play idealised unworldly hyped up trumped up fool's paradise fraudulent unbelievable imitation thought up fantasised curious far-fetched ridiculous incredible imperceptible to the touch slender insensible offbeat crackpot out of this world non-material phantasm vain unfounded chimeral imitative estimated academic unrealistic dummy ersatz otherworldly improvised factitious mimic substitute counterfeit man-made created out of thin air uncorporeal queer uncorporal discorporate conceived forged acted all in the mind in your head dreamt up proverbial unattainable not material heavenly incorporate disbodied unfleshly celestial spiritlike psychic asomatous subjective unworkable ivory-towered unachievable unfeasible impracticable impractical Utopian nebulous insincere preposterous invisible mercurial unnatural weird reproduction reachy replica high-flown mental transcendent tall capricious out-of-reach ivory-tower flakey unlikely kinky flaky far out fairy tale floating in the clouds pie-in-the-sky supposed dim virtual cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine indefinite elusive all in one's head figment of imagination expressive evanescent indescribable indefinable creative obscure indistinct unclear uncertain unobservable abstruse rare slight evasive unquantifiable indeterminate inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure imperceptible fresh exotic original vaporous ghostlike inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty ephemeral inexistent artful fertile freakish ingenious brilliant genius experimental unconventional innovative freaky keen radical puny fly-by-night unsound infirm petty idle decrepit innovational far-out unorthodox head in the clouds out of touch with reality vivid revolutionary avant-garde Promethean astute too little too late

Tính từ

Harmful to a reputation due to being untrue
slanderous libellous defamatory calumnious malicious scandalous abusive damaging denigratory derogatory false lying misrepresentative pejorative calumniatory dirty disparaging injurious insulting libelous opprobrious poisonous scurrilous vicious aspersive aspersory maligning mud-slinging vilifying vituperative unfounded gossiping traducing slurring smearing muckraking invidious backbiting contumelious debasing sarcastic baseless unsubstantiated unwarranted uncorroborated unsupported insupportable unjustified unjustifiable ill-founded offensive belittling detractive contemptuous slighting scornful derisive deprecatory uncomplimentary disdainful degrading critical censorious rude depreciative derogative disrespectful depreciatory demeaning invective detracting catty insolent decrying derisory denigrative disapproving reproachful vitriolic scathing negative vulgar deprecating scurril scurrile vituperatory truculent humiliating reviling spiteful detractory malevolent unflattering libeling defaming affronting scolding unfavourable denigrating discrediting blasphemous castigating hurtful dishonouring upbraiding dismissive fault-finding unfavorable libelling calumniating harsh obloquious minimizing malign minimising judgmental sneering dishonoring despiteful sharp-tongued obnoxious hateful prejudicial uncharitable supercilious mortifying virulent withering snide unsympathetic depreciating unpleasant sardonic epithetical wounding ranting denunciatory impertinent uncivil biting discourteous repulsive ridiculing venomous irreverent dyslogistic downgrading disadvantageous sniping vile shaming malignant injuring reproaching excoriating disgracing despicable hurting offending abasing damning diminishing deflating maledictory scandalmongering envious green-eyed jealous maledictive personal nasty mean resentful jaundiced covetous discreditable aspersing horrible detestable abominable envying odious repugnant impossible tricky reproving castigatory foul violent berating rough unmannerly

Tính từ

Implausible or untrue
tall unlikely exaggerated far-fetched implausible improbable dubious outlandish fanciful incredible misleading overblown preposterous questionable unbelievable absurd dishonest doubtful dubitable embellished extravagant fabricated false fantastic fishy illogical outrageous sensational suspect suspicious untruthful bizarre farcical farfetched hyperbolic impossible incoherent laughable ludicrous nonsensical shady spectacular unconvincing arguable debatable disputable distorted embroidered equivocal flimsy histrionic iffy inconceivable incongruous mind-boggling undependable unimaginable unrealistic unreliable untrustworthy beyond belief blown up cock and bull far out hard to swallow complicated out of the ordinary ridiculous cock-and-bull unthinkable fantastical incredulous unconceivable laboured strained uncompelling not likely unsubstantial labored hard to believe hard to take astonishing astounding extraordinary remote staggering breathtaking unimagined weak unreasonable phenomenal untenable insupposable uncredible incogitable not in the least likely scarcely credible out of the question not able to hold water rings phony highly unlikely fabulous reachy puzzling thin obscure problematic unplausible faint slight rare unheard-of strange untoward contrary for the birds full of holes full of it won't wash too much won't hold water outside chance less likely irrational crazy feeble poor senseless insane unreal wild foolish inadequate groundless unsound inane wacky unpersuasive shaky mad specious unjustifiable unsatisfactory faulty lame pathetic invalid fallacious silly unfounded tenuous fatuous indefensible baseless amazing hare-brained nutty flawed beyond the bounds of possibility shallow harebrained inconsequential cockeyed unworkable queer weird idiotic impracticable peculiar risible difficult to believe stupid unsustainable daft loony singular unusual cockamamie barmy insufficient unfeasible off the wall kooky half-baked odd insupportable unique remarkable pointless exceptional unapt imbecilic asinine zany unimpressive off-the-wall unheard of vain eccentric lunatic screwy contradictory mind-blowing unviable paltry trifling unreasoning hollow transparent elaborate unattainable unacceptable whimsical unjustified illegitimate inconsequent nonrational whacky superficial forced impractical inept sophistic futile slim defective ill-founded uncommon wrong balmy incomprehensible unwise comical prodigious shocking uncertain stupendous cock-eyed doubtable surprising funny bewildering stunning miraculous off brainless frail looney wondrous cuckoo kookie meagre striking meager featherheaded unwarrantable eye-popping non-viable unsubstantiated inconclusive way out spurious trivial vague unsuccessful inexcusable unforgivable sketchy unsuitable unpardonable irreconcilable ineffectual frivolous erratic capricious unachievable unreasoned unobtainable contrived puerile unnatural controvertible reasonless erroneous unsupported ineffective goofy unwarranted insubstantial ineffable unrealizable overdone artificial undoable outré curious self-contradictory unspeakable unknowable meaningless monstrous grotesque insuperable insolvable unsolvable romantic ungrounded wishful untold unutterable unscientific derisory abnormal inexpiable insignificant useless hopeless offbeat inconsistent marginal contemptible assailable weakly insoluble mystifying baffling arbitrary flat unordinary overwhelming negligible small irresponsible unconfirmed grandiose inaccessible unthought of oddball outside infeasible slender potty simpleminded flakey mindless tremendous shonky awful awesome portentous wonderful eye-opening sublime freaky aberrant phony undreamed of witless daffy flaky without foundation unexpected ill-conceived cockamamy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded crackpot bubbleheaded phoney batty distant tiny demented make-believe hundred-to-one without basis inconsiderable amazeballs not on beyond one's wildest dreams fragile hardly possible marvellous marvelous off beam beyond the realm of reason contrary to reason not to be thought of weak-minded half-witted idealistic unicorn tame counterintuitive foundationless unarguable undefendable refutable vaporous nebulous inadmissible without justification uncorroborated likely unreachable unwinnable unsupportable incorrect unthinking crackbrained hokey unbacked injudicious derisible fruitless profitless airy beyond possibility threadbare moronic puny jerky fool slang tomfool sappy imcomprehensible sophistical vapid unstable distraught raving disconnected delirious disjointed nominal isolated unhinged deranged extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not expected off your head casuistic unproved maniacal beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe perverse irrelevant unconnected exorbitant reckless slim and none extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible inefficient flabby faltering unpleasing outstanding supernatural impressive awe-inspiring confounding ponderous unmaintainable unverifiable unmanageable unsanctionable caricatural legendary immense lacking substance bad uncalled-for unbalanced weak-kneed undecided speculative unsettled unsure not following reaching hilarious rad indescribable dicey fractional imperceptible diminished minute excessive dodgy scatterbrained lamebrained not making sense derisive over the top unendurable top drawer out-of-this-world inapprehensible undreamed-of underhand shifty mysterious O.T.T. a bit much OTT overdramatic high-flown sensationalized long shot fat chance notable momentous on thin ice touch-and-go problematical murky crooked bent dark disreputable jaw-dropping unforgettable eye-catching arresting inflated overstated special unwonted uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous past belief open to doubt not understandable temporary fleeting brief exceeding uncanny extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial unco atypical preternatural unaccustomed aberrated freak anomalous out-of-the-way not convincing unfamiliar uncivilised inordinate unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized heavy flash gnarly forby ambiguous irregular not quite right devious not kosher unbelieveable recondite mercurial off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world wackadoodle nonconformist infantile crazy-ass freakish wackadoo highly coloured imprudent dreamlike surreal rum funky quixotic quirky weirdo foolhardy forlorn insurmountable irresoluble last straw paradoxical irresolvable spaced-out off-kilter little minimal imaginary out of bounds impervious inexecutable impassable irrealizable short-sighted beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate illusory faraway far outlying ambitious visionary scarce illusive suppositious different extreme hallucinatory no-way no-go not possible beyond one out of sight not a prayer not worth considering like herding cats beyond you

Tính từ

Arousing or meriting strong disgust, aversion, or displeasure
scandalous shocking disgraceful outrageous appalling monstrous atrocious dreadful obscene shameful offensive abhorrent disgusting foul wicked abominable criminal odious reprehensible sinful terrible awful deplorable despicable distasteful evil fulsome gross hideous horrendous horrible horrid horrifying inexcusable infamous iniquitous insupportable intolerable loathsome nasty nauseating nauseous noisome noxious obnoxious rancid repellant repellent repugnant repulsive revolting sickening ugly unseemly disreputable egregious frightful opprobrious unforgivable unpardonable unspeakable backbiting crying desperate detracting detractive gossiping heinous ignominious immoral indecent maligning traducing vilifying highly improper red hot vile contemptible detestable objectionable hateful dishonourable execrable unpleasant beastly rotten bad dishonorable ghastly disagreeable base God-awful yucky disgustful putrid villainous ignoble diabolical unsavoury discreditable shady loathly unsavory gruesome nefarious corrupt yucko stinking sick-making wretched off-putting vicious dirty improper flagitious lousy scurvy mean unprincipled bogging sordid unworthy unscrupulous unpalatable uninviting low-down sorry displeasing skanky inglorious icky unethical degrading grisly shoddy blameworthy exceptionable low dishonest wrong unacceptable notorious beyond the pale ungodly shabby abysmal degenerate unrespectable reprobate dastardly black crooked unholy horrific stomach-turning vomitous grotty stomach-churning dark louche indefensible fiendish humiliating malodorous fetid godawful shameless questionable pitiful depraved knavish vomit-inducing filthy insufferable vulgar dire barbarous unrighteous gut-churning festy cruel very bad foetid shy mephitic underhand hellish paltry unfair lamentable untrustworthy illegal undignified rebarbative devious dodgy poor snide unlawful underhanded unbecoming rank ruthless inhuman shaming unappetizing squalid scoundrelly unjustifiable sleazy debasing flagrant bent unreasonable grubby grody miserable fraudulent invidious distressing abject treacherous embarrassing macabre grievous hellacious woeful shifty undesirable slippery on the nose dislikeable pitiable unbearable savage rascally creepy indiscreet dissolute chronic smelly lawless cheap culpable deceitful unpleasing malfeasant cringe-making cruddy excessive indecorous sullied niffy scabby scummy olid stinky mortifying regrettable pathetic malevolent murderous crummy sly censurable amoral roguish barbaric upsetting sick diabolic unsuitable forbidding debased smutty felonious infernal unclean black-hearted accursed tricky perverted suspicious unfitting unwelcome foul-smelling evil-smelling dubious lame sneaking ratty pongy whiffy grimy funky unladylike ungentlemanly nightmarish miasmal grungy preposterous suspect harsh devilish not cricket unfortunate fishy brutish terrific grewsome lurid nightmare merciless satanic immodest demeaning indelicate sacrilegious furtive profane blasphemous extortionate seedy guileful untoward brutal unsatisfactory inadequate irreligious shonky fearful inferior beyond contempt unconscionable erring guilty currish sketchy perverse pits impure godless annoying spiteful wrongful perfidious bestial impossible miscreant wanton hurtful corrupted pants emetic sinister galling impious low-minded poisonous illicit dislikable illegitimate tasteless murky blackguardly tainted pestiferous damnable heartless warped cursed acrid polluted pernicious grim from hell two-faced smudged bedraggled befouled bemired dusty uncleanly draggled unlovely muddy stained mucky besmirched yukky blackened sour unsportsmanlike dingy bitter uncongenial begrimed soiled double-dealing poison bum off-color maleficent morally wrong exorbitant steep irregular blamable duplicitous sad reproachable exasperating impolite unbefitting hopeless risqué cheapening insulting hated terrifying abusive irritating unrefined disrespectful sneaky unceremonious irreverent lowering belittling scurrilous slimy pestilential useless faulty not on glaring duff poxy substandard venal unhealthy unwholesome inappropriate remiss morbid inelegant discourteous disastrous exploitative conscienceless debauched fallen errant too much over-the-top caitiff impertinent insolent petty catty harrowing alarming licentious uncivilised uncivilized coarse facinorous scabrous profligate overwhelming mercenary servile menial slighting heartbreaking harmful inhumane calamitous unconscientious reeking deleterious injurious faithless degraded malicious out of line out of order not the done thing a bit much at fault indictable mischievous sadistic brackish rubbish disparaging contemptuous unlikable unfaithful raunchy unsightly delinquent adverse baneful dangerous worthless pesky hairy hateable self-seeking scheming crafty biting cutting mournful peccable wayward ornery afflictive revulsive incorrigible yecchy a load of pants very unpleasant of dubious character potentially illegal shadowy inclement laughable grave traitorous unjust tarnished detested loathed unheroic unsuccessful secret mysterious gut-wrenching chargeable abominated despised execrated ill-famed cheating unwarrantable inexpiable aberrant ominous failed humiliatory sickly unhappy transgressing tawdry ill-reputed good-for-nothing unconventional indescribable terribly bad crass cunning wrongdoing ruffianly brute butcherly truculent rude discomfiting chunderous melancholy uncool uncharitable discouraging unearthly diseased deadly insalutary thievish beneath contempt naughty animal beast tremendous reviled cacodemonic unremittable humble slavish cowardly inequitable offending ropy third-rate doubtful disconcerting repelling tragic cutthroat Machiavellian suggestive out of bounds condemnable rocky woozy very disgusting serious senseless flavorless insipid opprobious painful flavourless yicky savorless flat peccant sucky tenth-rate dismal punk in bad taste pill heel trashy plebeian lowly common reeky godforsaken depressing gnarly bold forward ridiculous foolish selfish arrant casuistic recreant downer bummer dolorous reprovable blameable musty stenchy strong high fusty frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty defective confounded inconsistent hostile incompatible contradictory opposed pigpen ripe green-eyed envious jealous off-colour fresh cheeky brazen derogatory wounding averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic amiss demeritorious callous not up to snuff unfriendly against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign provocative personal uncivil impudent vexing provoking affronting unmannerly dismaying over the fence unfeeling rancorous self-indulgent unkind vitiated libertine bloodthirsty wrathful demonic evil-minded cold-blooded decadent defiled despiteful vindictive pitiless hard-hearted mean-spirited scrofulous vengeful tyrannical scornful virulent inexorable disdainful out of keeping resentful jaundiced covetous surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy crude in opposition infra dig disquieting ribald intemperate lewd drunken carnal stupefying scary fearsome frightening not quite the thing disturbing heartstopping perturbing startling agitating staggering stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling intimidating amazing direful formidable lacking dignity beneath you unnerving surprising redoubtable bribable violent hair-raising corruptible grafting swindling buyable immoderate unendurable sharp rogue deceptive spine-chilling profiteering unwarranted extravagant maddening OTT beneath one's dignity sky-high slanderous libellous envying calumnious libelous defamatory detractory O.T.T. suborned open too great disgracing debauching depraving contumelious extreme fast non-believing heathen pagan agnostic apostate non-theistic atheistic over the top high-priced on the take hollow-hearted fast and loose gone to the dogs disobedient hardened unhallowed doubting canting unsanctified hypocritical defiling pietistical desecrative contrary undutiful unregenerate unbelieving nullifidian unctuous recusant iconoclastic disbelieving desecrating sanctimonious overinflated excessively high abandoned damaging prejudicial nocuous baleful prohibiting unaffordable prohibitive limiting preventing expensive detrimental ill not religious bad news beyond your means financial means conditional out of the question unattractive unappealing grotesque fierce dread bloody severe daunting unutterable ferocious eerie blasted petrifying ill-favored ill-favoured rough unpretty unhandsome unbeautiful troublesome uncomely ghoulish rubbishy difficult prurient gloomy parlous cataclysmic catastrophic ruinous uncomfortable austere devastating malignant infuriating gory cussed unpropitious remorseless deuced threatening deformed misshapen tough unnatural shuddersome homely bloodcurdling disheartening weird dreaded reptilian hard disappointing dour unwanted destructive unlucky sanguine salacious inedible unfavourable unfavorable irksome huckery stark unrestrained inauspicious blue menacing rugged scaring bothersome fiery flaming blessed flipping traumatic blinking worrying bleeding effing ruddy plurry chuffing blooming heavy terrorizing unprepossessing astounding death-obsessed freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned curst danged durned dang darn mediocre abnormal bally blimming spooky sanguinary feral trying terrorising inexpressible testing junky frustrating fugly intense stern dispiriting cataclysmal trumpery wild inconvenient fateful weak vexatious aggravating disadvantageous flinty acute gruff ungentle unsound bleak unchaste lascivious bawdy unpopular louring incompetent crazed mad scatological scatologic inadmissible foreboding loose lustful pornographic low-grade as ugly as sin agonizing inexpedient scungy raw porno barnyard unwished-for steely agonising distressful outcast venomous chilling X-rated precious eldritch uneatable malformed freakish piggish gluttonous swinish boorish ferine irrational demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal untold piteous messy blood-curdling strange sublime distorted miscreated teratoid mutant shapeless not pleasant undescribable uncoveted hatable demoralizing blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder lou apocalyptic unbelievable inconceivable meager pressing critical crucial unimaginable bland spine-tingling frozen urgent ineffable pain drag unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe drastic abhorred demonian demonical Luciferian mighty uncouth crippling irretrievable awful-looking frightful-looking stressful like death warmed up misproportioned freaky beyond words preternatural undefinable sensational frenetic maniacal possessed meagre unfit portentous bodeful exigent crashing oily ingratiating nagging ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike anemic warlike blood-stained maggot indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil graphic exaggerated fraught pressured demanding taxing ignorant demoralising oppressing scowling stifling toxic dratted melodramatic explicit disliked homicidal cut-throat indigestible foul-tasting uncultured unlettered unrelenting unenviable low quality gruelling arduous tiring dull lackluster lacklustre unshapely drab too horrible for words accurst fatal wolfish like the back end of a bus bellicose excruciating not much cop smarmy oleaginous eye-watering inhospitable troubling infected ailing unsought scorned shunned incommodious uninvited rejected dashed sensationalist overdramatized colourful sobering life-threatening precarious perilous ill-fated ill-starred ravaging low-life below contempt no-good dirty rotten insensitive bloody-minded sanguineous murdering melancholic kitschy pulp aggressive furious grueling pathological stormy blamed inconsiderate not pretty to be avoided out of place for the birds strictly for the birds unwished for untamed annihilatory damning devastative unwelcoming negative jarring mephitical irritable sombre dreary poignant perplexing depressive somber cheerless sullen morose troubled glum unamusing distressed unruly fell slaughterous moody irascible brooding unusual twisted thoughtless abortive rabid unmerciful shock-horror tacky vivid juicy rainy blustery wet impetuous raging delirious convulsive unbreathable hapless doomed luckless ill-boding yellow full-frontal cheesy dissatisfactory schlocky gimcrack schlock raving uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated disfigured uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic a stinker of a a bummer of a frantic infuriated rapacious tigerish biffo animalistic angry primitive aggers plain-featured cheapjack plain-looking purple racy salty deep striking colorful distinct garish ill-natured not nice plain malign impaired grovelling humiliated subservient meek dejected groveling deferent hangdog self-effacing cut-rate low-rent second-rate bargain-basement el cheapo sorrowful desolate bad-looking doleful short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured forlorn more than one can afford

Trái nghĩa của untrue

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