Đồng nghĩa của snide

Alternative for snide

snides, snider, snidest

Đồng nghĩa: sneering, supercilious,


Derogatory or mocking in an indirect way
disparaging sneering nasty hurtful mean sarcastic spiteful denigratory deprecating deprecatory derogatory scornful contemptuous cynical disapproving insulting jeering malicious mocking ridiculing scoffing shrewish taunting vituperative biting caustic derisive insinuating unkind ill-natured mordacious sarky snarky cutting hateful unpleasant scathing catty cruel vicious disdainful slighting malevolent barbed venomous wounding derisory contumelious sardonic acid belittling satirical poisonous hostile malignant vindictive dismissive bitter vitriolic acerbic unfriendly pejorative uncomplimentary demeaning degrading derogative decrying depreciative depreciatory detractive denigrative acidulous malign bad smart-alecky mordant sharp rancorous uncharitable withering wicked pungent tart acerb corrosive satiric acrid offensive acidic virulent scalding despiteful smart-aleck smart-mouthed jibing detracting defamatory critical malefic trenchant unsympathetic acrimonious disagreeable maleficent harsh abusive rude insensitive inconsiderate callous brutal savage arrogant despicable heartless ornery sniffy dirty full of contempt teasing pillorying lampooning slanderous backbiting splenetic upsetting pointed evil-intentioned snidey evil stinging unflattering baleful vengeful bilious negative unfeeling uncaring shabby severe vile supercilious obnoxious contemptible cantankerous captious inhuman ruthless mean-spirited horrid disrespectful insolent fault-finding cheeky thoughtless hard-hearted irreverent carping squint-eyed haughty abhorrent beastly snotty base low hard coldhearted snooty inhumane sadistic cold-blooded barbarous ill-humored evil-minded opprobrious execrable currish dishonorable detestable ignominious abrasive not nice low-down dishonourable bad-tempered ill-tempered low-minded ill-humoured prejudicial foul mischievous ill-disposed odious loathsome painful distressing defiant angry spleenful waspish cussed diminishing deflating discrediting unfair superior ironic hypercritical overbearing egotistic ironical horrible impertinent brusque backhanded rotten filthy denigrating deprecative tactless inappropriate accidentally on purpose gross twitting saucy needling austere chaffing scurrilous scorching deplorable scummy astringent searing salty weisenheiming pernicious lewd foul-mouthed churlish piercing surly wretched annoying sordid paltry ignoble condescending cavalier dirty-minded depraved gossip-mongering salacious pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous vain imperious proud gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart sassy nervy crusty snippy hard-nosed bold audacious temperamental snobbish uppity cool upstage cold-shoulder libelous libellous unfavorable unfavourable high hat dog it on your high horse high and mighty on high horse epithetical censorious detractory pitiless compassionless merciless cold-hearted judgmental damaging minimizing for the birds uncivil unkindly inhospitable unamiable ungenerous minimising petulant unchristian hardhearted snappy ill irritable nagging quarrelsome discontented scolding litigious grumbling peevish criticizing aggressive cattish criticising complaining vixenish cavilling caviling sharp-tongued crisp cold lofty presumptuous lordly patronizing pompous stuck-up patronising pretentious conceited uppish highfalutin high-and-mighty toffee-nosed impudent overweening huffy self-important high-handed hoity-toity hifalutin egotistical toplofty prideful vainglorious discourteous bumptious smug toploftical humiliating stiff-necked aloof huffish snobby high-hat impolite narcissistic boastful reproachful puffed up peremptory chesty self-asserting assumptive self-assertive blasphemous swaggering important brash overconfident unmannerly vulgar domineering bossy masterful presuming stuck up bloated sacrilegious profane impious egoistic egoistical fancy-pants invective insubordinate vituperatory bigheaded forward immodest swollen-headed swellheaded mortifying big-headed biggity full of oneself brazen ungracious self-conceited biggety self-opinionated debasing maligning bragging egocentric hubristic magisterial self-satisfied pontifical opinionated blustering know-it-all autocratic self-centered elitist self-righteous scurrile scurril truculent self-affected selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-centred ungodly ill-mannered orgulous reviling assuming ostentatious aweless unholy depreciating lippy reproving affronting indifferent injurious brassy affected shaming smarty admonitory condemnatory cocksure iconoclastic wise guy jumped up assured pert bad-mannered perfunctory obloquious on an ego trip shameful undignified offhand irreverential unhallowed violent berating curt scandalous calumniating malapert flippant lowering castigatory profanatory vilifying upbraiding calumniatory abrupt dishonouring dictatorial pushy above oneself high damning calumnious disgraceful la-di-da tyrannical gracious abject unworthy self-aggrandizing traducing personal despotic cheapening inglorious improper infra dig menial dishonoring grandiose downgrading bringing shame full of yourself too big for your boots sure too big for one's breeches confident self-assured too big for one's boots holier-than-thou self-confident self-respecting blusterous stooping loudmouth puffed-up unenthusiastic dimissory blunt gruff short repulsive devastating quizzical posh stuffy discreditable mud-slinging casual castigating standoffish ambitious authoritarian refined unconcerned insouciant uninterested disappointed la-dee-da complaisant blistering blasting unceremonious dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping ill-bred aspersing honourable honorable irreligious godless airy commanding putting on airs glib terse cursory off snubbing blighting rough take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish unhandsome unmannered uncalled-for wiseguy aristocratic crushing objectionable accusatory careless misbehaved unfilial disgracious irritating accusing faultfinding displeasing execrative imprecatory execratory swearing cursing rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic scouting repudiating exasperating corrupting unbecoming provocative vexing provoking galling exceptionable embarrassing full of reproof shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible censurable outrageous coarse turning up your nose at looking down your nose at indecent on one's high horse aspersive reserved distant detached libeling excoriating offending defaming libelling disgracing injuring hurting abasing reproaching brazen-faced lacking civility arch wise bold-faced bad mannered brassbound barefaced procacious imperative breezy mannerless off-base put down


Contemptuous of what is right, decent or honorable
despicable contemptible base vile mean low sordid nasty ignoble wretched ignominious dirty detestable execrable dishonourable dishonorable paltry currish low-down low-minded shameful abject disgusting shabby reprehensible scurvy disgraceful rotten heinous abominable wicked bad foul odious loathsome disreputable offensive degenerate abhorrent hateful unworthy wrong immoral infamous unprincipled cheap villainous degraded lousy beastly corrupt depraved worthless discreditable sorry distasteful obscene servile evil sinful debased vicious repugnant revolting unsavoury deplorable coarse horrible shocking filthy uncharitable petty dastardly unsavory menial poor vulgar repulsive iniquitous gross scandalous horrid repellent ugly dishonest unscrupulous pitiful nefarious atrocious obnoxious monstrous dissolute reprobate impure nauseating lamentable awful scummy miserable cruel grubby stinking cowardly ratty scabby lame sleazy beyond contempt squalid shoddy appalling tawdry improper dreadful underhand pitiable lewd debauched common perverted treacherous dark unrighteous diabolic diabolical fiendish pathetic sneaking cruddy sad black outrageous undignified degrading yucky unlawful unbecoming egregious horrifying yucko flagitious scungy caitiff inelegant beyond the pale off-color no-good dirty rotten doggish unfair unseemly callous poxy slavish humble meanspirited trashy indelicate plebeian lowly unspeakable disdainable despisable craven detested execrated despised unchivalrous shameless hard-hearted narrow-minded ungodly wrongful hateworthy measly accursed loathed godawful abominated hated abhorred sacrilegious profane impious unholy blasphemous irreligious decadent seedy seamy blameworthy crass beggarly inferior swinish outcast erring fallen grody hateable avaricious sleazoid louche skanky peasant modest ordinary reproachful simple plain maggot murderous godless barbarous rude crude underhanded crooked notorious criminal venal mercenary calculated covetous illicit illegitimate shady sullied tainted lawless roguish bent illegal scoundrelly rascally malfeasant warped inequitable peccable uncouth morally wrong black-hearted not cricket self-seeking slimy base-minded smutty indecent groveling below contempt beneath contempt low-life grovelling unpleasant sickening disagreeable off-putting humiliating gut-churning hellish icky damnable sick-making God-awful devilish vomitous noxious sick unethical bogging noisome disgustful loathly abandoned terrible vomit-inducing inhuman felonious amoral maleficent heartless indictable irreverent brutal savage dangerous merciless ruthless sadistic brutish inhumane bestial bloodthirsty harsh cold-blooded pernicious wanton incorrigible licentious profligate good-for-nothing useless shiftless feckless no-account incompetent transgressing ruffianly blackguardly unsuitable inappropriate thievish unrefined peccant culpable undesirable knavish indecorous unbefitting out of place guilty out of keeping injurious deleterious damaging baneful nocuous adverse hurtful mischievous prejudicial baleful harmful wayward ill detrimental in poor taste disrespectful sinister idolatrous ferocious deceitful malicious devious malevolent violent unfeeling shifty unkind defiled delinquent forbidding slippery unconscientious unconscionable sly scheming inexorable spiteful tyrannical two-faced heathen bad news pitiless self-indulgent vitiated dodgy exploitative crafty questionable vengeful vindictive corrupted conscienceless unbelieving disbelieving barbaric meek gloomy deferent dismal hangdog humiliated dejected subservient self-effacing rancorous errant wrathful remorseless fierce scornful objectionable disparaging despiteful libertine mean-spirited demonic scrofulous virulent evil-minded contemptuous grisly gruesome disdainful pagan irreverential atheistic infidel bloody fell brute truculent homicidal grim butcherly sanguinary miscreant untamed contaminated putrid perverse faulty insubordinate demoralized demoralised libidinous wild


Made in exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud
fake counterfeit false sham bogus forged spurious phoney phony unauthentic queer inauthentic deceptive fraudulent affected imitation feigned artificial mock pretended ersatz two-faced pseudo insincere put-on hollow faked unnatural duplicitous dissembling lying pretentious double faithless fishy specious double-dealing assumed hypocritical left-handed pretend simulated unctuous Pecksniffian fictitious dummy canting copied deceitful pirate misleading backhanded framed bent jivey glib unreliable feigning oily deluding smooth pharisaical not genuine substitute mealymouthed pharisaic smooth-spoken smooth-tongued pietistic sanctimonious Hollywood plant wrong brummagem delusory crock delusive untruthful contrived self-righteous supposititious captious moralistic caviling bland pious assuming suppositious forced mealy synthetic jive won't fly soft shell not kosher invalid lip plastic mechanical strained cavilling Janus-faced cod dud double-faced phoney-baloney phony-baloney devious disingenuous evasive dissimulating mendacious untrue unfaithful perfidious shifty slick sly ambidextrous factitious dishonest trick pirated fabricated pseud make-believe ungenuine goody-goody formal holier-than-thou deceiving mannered mala fide worthless untrustworthy reproduction hypocritic copy fakey Tartuffian Pharisaic Pharisaical duplicate quasi replica copycat falsified manufactured trumped-up unoriginal crooked meretricious fallacious knock-off adulterine apocryphal unreal bum exaggerated overdone underhand cynical not candid lacking sincerity treacherous not frank disloyal slippery with tongue in cheek faux imitative mimic hoax man-made not what it is cracked up to be quasi- so-called facsimile made-up ostensible imitated derivative model plagiaristic derived counterfeited professed alleged supposed mimicked plagiarized imaginary purported pinchbeck aped toy nonnatural would-be plagiarised self-styled pseudo- invented imagined nominal bad superficial apparent seeming masked concealed pseudonymous avowed manmade hokey virtual falsie quack covered in name only put on hyped up representative doctored bootlegged repro miniature surface unqualified non-natural concocted apish made makeshift constructed adopted improvised wannabe machine-made low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade parodied parroted burlesqued duplicated caricatured reproduced mocked actorly experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated lookalike human-made ostensive semi- gingerbread not real not legit engineered near reported stiff overblown as it were mock-up to all intents and purposes soi-disant overworked laboured overripe knock off unconvincing fanciful mythical fantasy presumed reputed bluffing shammed impostrous charlatan cheating dissimulated imposturous fancied fantasized dreamed-up dream null stilted posed self-titled titular self-named fictive posey nonbinding inoperative null and void void illegal nonvalid chimerical fantasied visionary fabulous chimeric phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal ideal fictional notional phantasmic fantastic self-appointed allegedly inappropriately named itular labored ham awkward hammy conceited playacting melodramatic affectated fraud studied play-play not binding uncollectible nugatory fantasised camouflaged unrecognizable hidden covert incognito commonly named in title only wrongly named undercover furtive back-alley sneaky masquerading disguised changed veiled unrecognisable incog cloaked in disguise sailing under false colours under cover


Acting or done in a dishonest way
underhand dishonest unscrupulous crooked deceitful shady unprincipled duplicitous dishonourable fraudulent treacherous devious tricky shifty guileful crafty deceptive cunning unethical immoral wily bent disreputable dubious artful dirty unfair nefarious scheming designing illegal dodgy criminal cheating calculating unlawful mean conniving sharp shonky rogue unsportsmanlike insidious low unsporting fast dishonorable fishy unjust snidey slim oblique double-dealing two-faced Janus-faced two-timing below the belt double-crossing dirty-dealing sly sneaky underhanded untrustworthy slippery slick foxy Machiavellian sneaking shrewd furtive corrupt cagey subtle false suspicious murky low-down scandalous surreptitious insincere clandestine disingenuous evasive indirect lying suspect questionable deceiving perfidious roguish mendacious unreliable beguiling cute cagy hollow-hearted shameful contriving rotten seedy stealthy sketchy foul iffy knavish inglorious of dubious character potentially illegal fly-by-night stinky mean-spirited bogus counterfeit sham doubtful dissembling hypocritical untruthful double-faced truthless Punic false-hearted slimy unpredictable spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy astucious off fake mock phoney phony imposturous pretended collusive unhonest secret secretive cloak-and-dagger hidden covert back-alley hugger-mugger veiled shrouded hole-and-corner backstairs conspiratorial elusive fugitive erring errant obliquitous gimmicky nasty under the table fly despicable playing politics put on playing games base uncertain unsafe unsteady inconstant insecure unstable hard to pin down mutable variable changeable carny contemptible not straightforward faking one out vile venal bribable corruptible amoral discreditable sordid clever misleading deep wry streetwise greasy keen delusory smooth intelligent delusive astute witted irregular iniquitous buyable grafting villainous swindling lawless felonious cheap ignominious scoundrelly profiteering rascally malfeasant corrupted squalid beggarly cowardly ungentlemanly unfaithful mercenary suborned open faithless extortionate shabby detestable unpleasant scurvy paltry worthless execrable illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject inequitable unsportsmanly ignoble currish scungy sorry deplorable lousy scummy lame on the take illicit ratty scabby fast and loose gone to the dogs low-minded off-color ill-gotten out of order against the rules not cricket unconscionable evil defrauding wicked bad sinful cutthroat improper reprobate exploitative shameless conscienceless wrong degenerate dastardly unsavoury sinister traitorous unsavory undependable unprofessional not to be trusted hoodwinking dissolute undercover hush-hush ruthless licentious recreant profligate wanton unworthy unconscientious depraved sub-rosa self-seeking vicious unrighteous dark under wraps not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather smart fallacious canny dicey irresponsible mercentary praetorian abandoned stop-at-nothing deviant dangerous cynical salty ornery hostile snaky black unseemly opportunist intriguing concealed negligent opportunistic scam flimflam expedient plotting lubricious under-the-table bluffing backbiting unctuous on the QT on the quiet extramarital not trustworthy untrue disloyal private sneak unjustifiable unsatisfactory uncalled for unacceptable unjustified unreasonable adulterate extracurricular unchaste fickle adulterine flighty left- handed ambidextrous stealth underground behind-the-scenes privy fornicating moonlighting speedy unwarranted unnecessary adulterous wrongdoing silent feline skulking catlike slinky slinking enigmatic catty noiseless not on out of turn disgraceful degraded casuistic selfish degrading wrongful petty arrant a bit much debauched cruel brutal merciless debased inhumane callous malicious heinous malevolent inhuman perverted hateful over the fence a bit thick unfeeling unkind brutish defiled delinquent forbidding bestial bloodthirsty sadistic heartless inexorable pernicious savage spiteful tyrannical barbarous monstrous incorrigible scornful pitiless rancorous morally wrong maleficent self-indulgent objectionable vitiated decadent disparaging despiteful hard-hearted ungodly libertine wrathful demonic scrofulous harsh black-hearted virulent evil-minded infamous vengeful vindictive contemptuous grisly gruesome disdainful cold-blooded


Sly or cunning in manner or intent
sneaky sly secret furtive cunning devious clandestine covert surreptitious crafty stealthy underhanded wily sneaking artful undercover guileful tricky scheming shifty private shady underground backstairs duplicitous stealth privy designing sneak slippery foxy clever hidden secretive subtle black conspiratorial shonky fly indirect slim skulking slinking cloaked evasive carny cowardly yellow hush-hush behind-the-scenes hugger-mugger hole-and-corner under the table underhand shrewd cloak-and-dagger slick dishonest calculating insidious deceitful dodgy canny Machiavellian cagey deceptive cute unscrupulous sharp astute fraudulent crooked concealed conniving treacherous beguiling under wraps under-the-table double-dealing closet smooth ingenious dishonorable dishonourable sub-rosa veiled unethical cagy back-alley dubious pawky smart savvy intriguing shrouded on the QT sharp-witted disreputable Janus-faced unfair two-faced disguised cheating incognito disingenuous backstair vulpine dirty confidential deep knowing under-the-counter dark masked resourceful manipulative murky intelligent skillful skilful streetwise hole-in-the-corner elusive suspicious unprincipled camouflaged plotting fishy corrupt oblique untrustworthy dissembled imaginative backdoor snidey bent false top-secret behind someone's back unofficial adroit fiendish undisclosed street smart street-smart on the quiet roguish arch bluffing dissembling illusory captious delusive traitorous immoral suspect seedy mean inside classified discreet silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless questionable restricted sketchy two-timing mysterious illegal scandalous in ambush cautious inglorious deft keen rogue quick quiet fast perfidious surprise dexterous low-down inventive politic dirty-dealing dextrous buried obscured incog covered unseen on the sly snaky as sharp as a tack crazy like a fox unreported on the side impish mischievous shadowy in secret subversive shorthanded unauthorized close cryptic dissimulated brilliant nefarious perceptive discerning wise bootleg unlawful unauthorised double-crossing unjust intelligence contemptible slinky tactful sideways sidelong discriminating unbowed tricksy illicit illegitimate proficient masterly adept stinky under the counter spy heads-up cloak and dagger creepy circumspect lubricious huggermugger heady quick-witted mean-spirited tactical malicious sagacious greasy hole and corner creep underneath experienced crazy like fox unsuspected contriving irregular venomous QT ulterior neat whip-smart acute in holes and corners slimy iffy lying nifty sinister wormlike perilous ensnaring backhanded dangerous lurking virulent vipery sub rosa mendacious collusive unhonest potentially illegal of dubious character like a snake in the grass sly like a fox fly-by-night ambiguous clouded mystic occult strange obscure unenlightened enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical unsporting unsportsmanlike below the belt pretend unrecognizable assumed insincere protected erring errant obliquitous gimmicky artificial sham fake forged mock imitation closed privileged hushed intimate backstage esoteric unknown nonpublic playing politics put on playing games pseudo feigned counterfeit phoney offstage inconspicuous untold censored unpublished unrevealed not straightforward faking one out non-public top secret masquerading changed unrecognisable phony in disguise behind the scenes under one's hat tête-à-tête not for publication off the record in camera not to be disclosed strictly confidential not open close to one's chest not for circulation one-on-one not to be made public not in the public domain sailing under false colours under cover screened invisible guarded underlying hidden away covered up undeclared unapparent reserved not visible tight-lipped out of sight imperceptible undetectable indistinct undivulged unexpressed personal unexposed deepest innermost enshrouded unnoticeable latent unspoken inward unvoiced individual darkest inner tucked away inmost perdu buttoned up deep-seated with a lid on in the dark side uncommunicated secondary unprofessed kept concealed kept secret slanted implied larvate cabalistic mum anonymous mom unsaid slanting suppressed unidentified secreted nameless unnamed hinted at ill-defined unspecified faceless vague unclear stashed planted cached recondite unsung honest real true shielded hooded roundabout reticent uncommunicative indiscernible holed up hushed up unseeable bottled up mystery indistinguishable imperceivable unnoticed unobserved unforthcoming clamlike unobtrusive put in the hole nonexistent undetected eclipsed unperceivable inappreciable withdrawn closemouthed non-communicative tight-mouthed introvert taciturn introverted close-mouthed intangible ghostly impalpable vaporous not in view unviewable imponderable impossible to detect unobservable insensible ethereal imaginary not in sight gaseous out of view zipped self-contained in the background in private playing your cards close to your chest in chambers clammed up in privacy


The condition or quality of being phony or fake
phoniness fakeness disingenuousness artificiality falsity hypocrisy insincerity mendacity perfidy pretentiousness quackery affectation casuistry deceptiveness dissembling dissimulation duplicitousness duplicity falseness fraud mendaciousness cant deceit deceitfulness deception dishonesty evasiveness faithless glibness imposture mockery perfidiousness pharisaicalness pharisaism sanctimoniousness sanctimony shiftiness slickness slyness speciousness unctuousness backhandedness deviousness display hoax hollowness lie tartuffery unfaithfulness untruthfulness put-on bad faith double-dealing false profession lip service two-facedness being two-faced pietism irreverence bigotry self-righteousness ambidexterity religiosity haughtiness conceit complacency piety smugness superciliousness pomposity self-satisfaction pretension inauthenticity play-acting affectedness unnaturalness pretence false piety posturing piousness humbug affected piety false virtue affected superiority phoneyness phariseeism Pharisaism pretense empty talk Tartufferie double standard guile craftiness cunning artifice wiliness cheating craft foxiness crookedness cunningness guilefulness fakery crookery cozenage dupery fraudulence spuriousness inaccurateness unreliableness illusoriness inaccuracy unreliability unrepresentativeness trickery trick con moralizing sham imposition lies moralising superiority priggishness stratagem hocus-pocus delusion illusion faithlessness distortion pecksniffery show hypocriticalness tokenism hypocritical statement sham holiness pious platitudes dodge cheat bluff swindle ruse feint hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour kidology codology canard wile hustle scam sting spoof gyp prank propaganda flimflam fast one con game snow job

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