Đồng nghĩa của barbarous

Alternative for barbarous

Trái nghĩa: civilized,

Tính từ

Having a tendency to inflict suffering and pain on others
brutal cruel savage barbaric vicious ferocious inhuman monstrous ruthless brutish fierce bestial fiendish heartless merciless remorseless wicked heinous murderous nasty nefarious villainous atrocious base black black-hearted brute butcherly coarse crude dark ignorant infernal inhumane low low-down sadistic truculent vile wanton diabolical ghastly hellish horrible pitiless uncultured unlettered unrefined vulgar wolfish callous bloodthirsty harsh violent unfeeling cold-blooded unmerciful hard hard-hearted grim unsympathetic unsparing severe insensitive uncharitable beastly sanguinary uncaring unkind insensate cold-hearted relentless cut-throat unforgiving unpitying homicidal compassionless bloody unrelenting hard-boiled stony implacable obdurate indurate affectless soulless mean stoney ironhearted pachydermatous desensitized stonyhearted thick-skinned case-hardened slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners malevolent fell desensitised malicious stony-hearted stern evil hardhearted malignant uncompassionate cutthroat inflexible with a heart of stone dangerous devilish cold aggressive rough hard-nosed feral mortal untamed vindictive spiteful inexorable dastardly sanguine murdering sanguineous deadly wild bloody-minded destructive steely depraved slaughterous dog-eat-dog inconsiderate austere intolerant abominable inclement draconian death-dealing killer unemotional bitter unbending unremitting unappeasable flagitious threatening maleficent unkindly flinty perverse unmoved hateful demoniac tough unyielding rigid bad illiberal terrible uncompromising hostile unruly hardened coldhearted hurtful lethal warlike stone-hearted gory satanic immoral menacing baleful lacking compassion oppressive egregious abusive onerous killing tigerish wretched unfriendly maniacal indifferent thuggish gruff furious rancorous rugged marble-hearted rabid unrestrained dour dispassionate fiery tyrannous red in tooth and claw abhorrent crazed intimidating heavy abandoned imperturbable impetuous delirious tyrannical rigorous mad frightening matter-of-fact forbidding frantic uncontrollable hardhanded venomous bellicose perverted uncouth unspeakable beastlike ravening adamant gloating surly ironfisted revengeful appalling demonic competitive premeditated malign cannibalistic ungodly unconcerned bearish tactless irreconcilable without pity accursed Mephistophelian odious frigid insensible hatchetjob coldblooded trying grievous treacherous lupine voracious ravenous strict punishing arch tormenting torturous constant vengeful punitive excruciating searing hardline antagonistic killer instinct intransigent despotic exacting dictatorial decimating involving bloodshed hard-fought suppressive authoritarian unpleasant burdensome stiff sour avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting indefatigable uncontrite hard-bitten hard as nails sworn unsafe sinister ramrod mean-spirited disagreeable wilful critical snide foul corrupt intimidatory dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous at each other's throats heavy-handed needless deliberate unjustified senseless arbitrary wounding ill-natured shabby upsetting awful infamous degraded dreadful degenerate worthless desperate uncivilised minatory viperous minacious rowdy serpentine uncivilized hideous unprovoked debased profligate unprincipled sinful uncivil inhospitable ungenerous thoughtless unamiable hard-shell licentious contaminated faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid impious insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous unchristian catty gratuitous groundless motiveless fearsome ungentle raging louring frightful convulsive not nice ill unjustifiable incessive raving stark lowering enraged undomesticated fearful bloodless angry infuriated rapacious willed unmotivated fatal animalistic primitive biffo aggers bullying berserk aimless frenzied intemperate pernicious wrathful terrorizing pugnacious deathly roughshod virulent undisciplined unfair contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing unjust terminal explosive maddened hotheaded forceful frenetic assertive impassioned fuming crazy terrorising headstrong radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible pestilent devastating hot-tempered hot-headed vital knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts full-blooded knock-down hammer and tongs out of control drag-out bang-bang ruinous internecine unflinching destroying criminal iron-fisted uncalled-for mean machine having a killer instinct unresponsive apathetic stringent adamantine unsusceptible unloving as hard as nails impassive indurated icy hard-line spiritless firm selfish impervious stubborn out-and-out toughened obtuse unaffected obstinate inured feelingless without sentiment inattentive cold fish demanding solid detached dead heedless unnatural cynical uncommiserating lifeless stolid self-centred impenetrable unsentimental untouched armour-plated invulnerable mechanical stingy ungracious hard-headed world-weary intense unimpressionable torpid insentient impenitent careless censorious repellent lukewarm disinterested halfhearted aversive repugnant crass faceless utilitarian inexpressive gray subhuman grey bleak benumbed to the death hard-as-nails seasoned cool imperceptive crotchety cantankerous unempathetic anesthetized churlish sensationless emotionless anaesthetized deadened uncordial lacking sentiment hard-edged hard-shelled blank self-centered unsympathizing expressionless deadpan incurious unsensitive aloof oblivious no-nonsense browbeating with a hide like an elephant blind to deaf to toughened by experience frosty inured to chilly as tough as old boots unwelcoming fixed Rhadamanthine poker-faced immovable unswerving unwavering determined unshakeable unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable ineluctable single-minded dogged bound unmovable resolute necessary ironclad unchangeable immobile compulsory mean business locked in no going back bound and determined hell bent on dead set on set in stone like death and taxes

Tính từ

Primitive and uncivilized
uncivilised uncivilized wild barbarian primitive rude barbaric coarse rough savage unsophisticated brutish heathen Neanderthal uncouth vulgar gross uncultivated heathenish loutish natural Neandertal philistine thuggish uncivil uneducated boorish oafish uncultured unmannered unpolished crude unrefined tasteless crass graceless ill-bred ill-mannered lowbrow impolite ignorant yobbish churlish rugged rough-hewn slobbish common rustic inelegant improper lowbred indecorous raw vicious provincial benighted unenlightened untamed nonliterate low discourteous unmannerly tactless unworldly raffish roughneck offensive incult illiberal insensible loud outlandish brutal inhuman illiterate ungodly untutored unholy fierce undomesticated non-literate undeveloped ungraceful thoughtless uncomfortable wooden uneasy impertinent disrespectful bearish ungentlemanly stiff inconsiderate shameless clownish unladylike cloddish hick classless rustical stilted awkward clumsy unseemly clodhopping corrupt indelicate raunchy in a state of nature bad-mannered socially unsure socially awkward lacking in social graces socially inept unschooled bourgeois nescient unread commercial materialist pagan infidel uninhabited blunt idolatrous fell ferine bestial truculent beastly feral anti-intellectual inartistic unrestrained cruel merciless ferocious godless irreligious aboriginal uninformed agnostic atheistic non-believing unbelieving heretical faithless unsavoury gruff ungracious uncontrolled mannerless outrageous unconscionable wicked lumpen jungli harsh beyond the pale countrified ocker plebby base lubberly swinish ornery cantankerous inurbane unpoised unsavory nullifidian out-of-line profane nonbeliever skeptic sceptic gaudy naive simple tawdry flashy cheap garish tacky plebeian trashy flash ostentatious showy childlike hooligan indiscreet meretricious tatty naff kitsch innocent ungenteel ungainly ungallant disgracious stupid off-color ornate unclassy in poor taste low-down-and-dirty trivial useless cheap and nasty hideous pretentious artificial foolish unlovely unsightly in bad taste makeshift low-down backwoods gawky hillbilly untrained dewy-eyed naif artless uncritical untaught unsuspicious unaffected green unknowing simpleminded unpretentious dewy wide-eyed unwary ingenuous unsuspecting aw-shucks foul-mouthed uncalled-for loud-mouthed heavy-handed unlearned animal austere atavistic vestigial underdeveloped insensitive brusque curt impudent unhandsome insolent gauche sullen surly unpleasant undiplomatic short brash unkind audacious mean disagreeable unchivalrous offhand insulting abrupt sharp bungling blundering unceremonious crabbed lumpish cheeky crusty unsubtle inept abusive fresh nasty uncharitable ill-humoured ill-humored bad-tempered grumpy presumptuous irritable ill-tempered derogatory morose maladroit grouchy dour callous contumelious malapert foul badly behaved bawdy underbred indecent impolitic injudicious dirty ill-natured obscene flip filthy hasty unfriendly impure immodest lewd dense doltish low-bred stolid objectionable unfeeling ribald vulgarian moody rash cavalier immoral unsympathetic disparaging bluff misbehaved lippy earthy crabby ugly uncomplimentary sleazy cross untactful perverse careless uncaring inappropriate snippy smart-alecky sour ill-judged crotchety inaffable unwholesome bad tetchy off parochial unmindful smutty offish antisocial unthoughtful asocial short-tempered shocking saturnine charmless sordid ill-behaved ordinary subhuman low-minded rowdy bullying non-U blue undiscriminating imperceptive vernacular low-born hoonish imprudent tart unlettered baseborn native general loudmouthed unpolitic lowdown and dirty scatological unconsiderate bashful terse hostile common as muck sketchy troglodytic selfish self-centered ill witless asinine rough and ready uncourteous inhospitable unfortunate no-nonsense laconic taciturn mean-spirited backward immature Philistine scatologic lumbering poor shoddy sassy bovine guileless disregardful agrestic bumbling arrogant unthinking gawkish blockish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy uncoordinated stumbling vacuous thick mindless obtuse tough cocky touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable unneighborly apathetic intolerant pert brassy mouthy smart alecky brazen dozy butterfingered severe hard straightforward precipitate self-centred overbearing insubordinate disdainful dull heedless unconcerned intrusive peremptory pig-ignorant forbidding stern roughcast grim angry boisterous snappy impatient yokelish bounderish intimidating louring grievous steely stark explicit unfair heartless reckless incautious testy sulky flinty onerous ungentle heavy bitter hardhanded oppressive trailer-park ape-like irascible fractious murderous lowering all thumbs like a bull in a china shop glum prickly scowling choleric risqué unchaste naughty degrading unsettling affronting salacious vilifying suggestive unclean colloquial vituperative derisive vile sickening unutterable blasphemous X-rated shrewish splenetic pouty chippy bilious dyspeptic humourless humorless curmudgeonly unsmiling moping mopey pouting unhelpful acid undignified untoward obnoxious bloody-minded incorrect loose inapposite unvirtuous inapt unbecoming wrong wanton unsuitable repellent seamy repulsive seedy disreputable unfit unacceptable incongruous unhappy amiss undesirable unapt unfitting infelicitous malapropos dishonest dishonourable degenerate dubious suspicious villainous notorious rascally suspect unprincipled unscrupulous out of place out of keeping revolting crooked shady distasteful despicable out of the way noisome dodgy funny iffy repugnant dishonorable

Tính từ

Sinister or evil in nature
dark evil wicked sinful immoral wrong morally wrong wrongful bad iniquitous ungodly unholy irreligious unrighteous sacrilegious profane blasphemous impious godless base mean vile shameful discreditable unspeakable foul monstrous shocking outrageous atrocious abominable reprehensible hateful detestable despicable odious contemptible horrible heinous execrable diabolical diabolic fiendish vicious murderous black rotten perverted reprobate malignant sordid degenerate depraved dissolute malicious dishonorable dishonourable nefarious dishonest malevolent unscrupulous unprincipled crooked bent warped low-down stinking dirty corrupt shady malfeasant pernicious dastardly villainous peccable criminal egregious maleficent repugnant flagitious harmful hideous injurious loathsome beastly damnable hellish infamous infernal no good obscene sinister unethical unlawful unsavoury unsavory cruel terrible dreadful inhuman savage nasty scandalous appalling awful devilish brutish low black-hearted lawless horrifying abhorrent ghastly scoundrelly bestial barbaric underhand offensive illicit illegal horrendous roguish cacodemonic demonic illegitimate rascally ignoble disgusting brutal felonious unpleasant amoral satanic horrid revolting not cricket heartless sadistic accursed uncivilised uncivilized facinorous indictable ruthless intolerable merciless erring fallen debased disgraceful impure underhanded grisly nightmarish gruesome gross horrific frightful sullied tainted inhumane atheistic demoniacal demoniac Mephistophelian unbelieving agnostic sceptical non-believing obnoxious disorderly heretical non-theistic faithless irreverent disagreeable transgressing infidel anarchic heathen unreasonable unruly culpable uncharitable unkind scurvy brute pagan barbarian spiteful unearthly grewsome lurid macabre terrific nightmare heathenish idolatrous anarchical rebellious objectionable shabby peccant insurgent wanton insubordinate mutinous God-awful religionless nonreligious deplorable degraded ignominious disreputable lawbreaking seditious desperate unfair hurtful guilty callous terrorist disruptive insurrectionary debauched delinquent mutinying nullifidian snide currish dodgy improper decadent iconoclastic ungoverned incorrigible noncompliant nonconformist sly anarchistic shameless vindictive disobedient turbulent violent warlike contumacious unregulated unpeaceful nihilistic disordered recusant uncultivated infringing piratical traitorous freethinking unfeeling harsh low-minded skeptical hard-hearted unconscionable cold-blooded despiteful virulent without law and order sneaky demonical demonian Luciferian crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed unhallowed ruffianly blackguardly thievish unfriendly treacherous Hadean insensitive notorious wretched undignified abject unbecoming inconsiderate undesirable knavish cowardly inequitable unworthy aberrant ominous morbid thoughtless lamentable caitiff servile inelegant menial paltry undogmatic nonbelieving adiamorphic dangerous abandoned worthless Stygian hostile deleterious damaging uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic baneful prejudicial nocuous adverse noxious mischievous baleful riotous indecent detrimental wayward ill catty ill-natured ungovernable malign scummy not nice off-color revolutionary wild bad news chaotic reckless unrestrained boorish piggish gluttonous ferine swinish repulsive unclean animal yucky carnal feral irrational coarse prurient unsocial ridiculous absurd tyrannous unorthodox despotic heterodox fierce terrorising untamed uncontrolled terrorizing tempestuous uncontrollable pitiless rancorous licentious self-indulgent vitiated deceitful disparaging forbidding errant exploitative libertine slippery mean-spirited bloodthirsty wrathful crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous conscienceless tyrannical two-faced squalid scornful shifty defiled unconscientious devious scheming profligate inexorable questionable corrupted disdainful extraordinary abnormal preposterous vice-ridden dissipated intemperate antisocial flagrant undevout free-thinking unspiritual harrowing repellent nauseating sickening unforgivable sick-making sick butcherly disgustful truculent loathly late unheard of unseemly unbelievable grievous godawful hairy grody beyond the pale fearful prohibited unlicensed clandestine contraband furtive forbidden outlawed punishable unsanctioned fraudulent unauthorized impermissible actionable banned unacceptable unofficial interdicted proscribed against the law unwarranted verboten taboo adulterous violating heavy criminogenic bootleg miscreant racketeering excessive wildcat unauthorised tapu haram out of line under-the-counter under the table off base under-the-table contrary to law in violation of law not acceptable off limits black-market not permitted against the rules under the counter smoking gun ruled out not allowed distasteful lousy sorry sleazy cheap unwholesome filthy ugly vulgar unpalatable noisome off-putting yucko miserable nauseous shoddy seedy seamy icky pitiful lewd grubby lame pitiable cruddy poor ratty scabby skanky repellant sneaking displeasing grim frightening louche rancid bitter putrid fulsome no-good rough distressing untrustworthy degrading dire grotty uninviting smutty unwelcome hellacious yukky sour uncongenial unlovely unpleasing disturbing scungy alarming daunting good-for-nothing blameworthy rakish opprobrious terrifying unappetizing tawdry perverse deceptive malodorous bogging dismal petty inglorious shy unrespectable inexcusable beyond contempt formidable smelly demoralized libidinous rank acrid fetid polluted mephitic rakehell jackleg rakehelly pathetic sad pongy stinky whiffy crass smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched befouled blackened miasmal bemired dusty uncleanly niffy unsportsmanlike dingy draggled grimy grungy funky muddy begrimed soiled hateable festy olid slimy from hell demoralised foetid poison on the nose bum disconcerting troublesome troubling disquieting worrisome irksome discomforting rude unreliable insufferable severe woeful unsettling agonizing traumatic stressful perturbing torturous humiliating despisable dislikeable uncouth suspect difficult distressful uncomfortable doleful agitating dubious suspicious lascivious hair-raising indefensible pervy loose recreant slavish humble unnerving tormenting troublous fraught grave tragic retrograde lecherous promiscuous disdainable intimidating poisonous spine-chilling evil-smelling foul-smelling painful exceptionable annoying unbearable upsetting graceless groveling common tragical abysmal no-account gloomy retrogressive hated unhealthy creepy double-dealing excruciating beggarly grovelling ornery low-life galling outcast lowly agonising drunken venal dirty rotten disappointing crude useless meanspirited disrespectful embarrassing slipshod churlish reviled base-minded bad-hearted disingenuous scabrous hard oppressed impoverished stark bleak poverty-stricken hateworthy measly funny iffy bloodcurdling eerie lou censurable shiftless trashy indelicate inferior plebeian good-for-naught meritless no-count detested execrated sleazoid avaricious dislikable despised craven conniving scaring pestiferous invidious pill pesky heel calculated mercenary covetous beneath contempt below contempt incompetent feckless abominated loathed abhorred dismaying unchivalrous unjust serious scary fearsome dread redoubtable direful astounding maggot calamitous unpardonable petrifying tremendous shuddersome like death warmed up spooky frozen gnarly unchaste disheartening meek dejected deferent hangdog humiliated subservient self-effacing hedonic deviant peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain grotesque of bad reputation fast lustful concupiscent immodest ribald fishy indulgent flagitous raffish twisted unconstrained sicko sybaritic kinky unnatural swinging voluptuary in low esteem in the doghouse derogatory in bad degenerated violated easy in the fast lane gone bad pleasure-seeking gone to the dogs dirty-minded night owl deteriorated open fast and loose lacking restraint in the gutter fast-living high living demeaned sinking flatitious failing ill-deserved gut-churning vomitous unfaithful disloyal humourless crummy sombre humorless discomposing sober irritating mortifying solemn somber unsatisfactory sedate worrying heartbreaking unfortunate unendurable vexatious regrettable depressing perfidious lying deceiving hypocritical uncool unhappy saddening unappealing awkward afflicting afflictive affecting vomit-inducing untrue nerve-racking nail-biting concerning heart-rending heart-breaking anguished sorrowful heartrending gut-wrenching extremely bad nerve-wracking duplicitous mendacious inconstant unsound insincere defrauding untruthful cheating fickle treasonable delusive double-faced falsehearted false perjured false-hearted forsworn hollow-hearted back-stabbing double-crossing two-timing mythomaniac apostate renegade Janus-faced

Tính từ

Significantly or brazenly odd or bizarre in nature
outlandish strange odd bizarre weird peculiar unusual eccentric queer curious funny offbeat quirky unconventional extraordinary abnormal quaint wacky remarkable crazy freakish kooky singular screwy wild cranky erratic anomalous whacky atypical unorthodox irregular bizarro kinky unfamiliar rum oddball kookie funky idiosyncratic weirdo queerish fantastic freaky zany exceptional deviant outré whimsical exotic ridiculous unknown ludicrous preposterous droll grotesque astonishing daggy outrageous wonderful extravagant awkward alien foreign way-out far-out out-of-the-way off-centre off-the-wall off-kilter spaced-out left-field off the wall out there far out unheard-of unheard of out of the way eye-popping in left field uncommon aberrant out of the ordinary unique different rare uncustomary wacko unnatural unexpected freak unaccustomed novel original absurd unwonted way out uncanny nutty untypical surprising insane fanciful surreal mad mysterious mystifying avant-garde baffling incongruous puzzling flakey perplexing flaky eerie daft preternatural new extreme crackpot incredible outre special fresh unaccountable unco alternative unprecedented out in left field silly nonsensical nonconformist unthinkable cuckoo capricious dotty inconceivable spooky individual off-center monstrous madcap stupid foolish comical perverse dippy looney uncharacteristic quizzical cockeyed suspicious inexplicable phenomenal dubious laughable unreal radical aberrated lunatic asinine fishy loony characteristic dilly daffy creepy screwball divergent Bohemian isolated distinctive nuts amazing perverted senseless cracked unpredictable farcical fantastical questionable bohemian irrational fatuous especial brainless incomprehensible unwise witless harebrained balmy cockamamie unbelievable scarce featherheaded shocking revolutionary marvellous sappy unparalleled marvelous jarring hare-brained half-baked unimaginable half-witted individualistic batty untried imaginative esoteric particular comic demented unhinged idiotic infrequent amusing risible unbalanced extraordinaire barmy supernatural humorous unconforming nonconforming inane heterodox potty unrepresentative simpleminded pathetic derisive lunkheaded beat contrary bubbleheaded unrealistic bent off the air jerky exceeding inept striking tomfool groundbreaking outstanding fool cockamamy derisory weak-minded obscure incomparable prodigious unexampled unordinary malformed off the beaten track twisted something else ground-breaking one of a kind distinct exclusive far-fetched distinguishing astounding sick clownish romantic waggish psycho specialized deranged mental glamourous glamorous maniacal suspect goofy schizo loopy brainsick crazed wud unsound bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained psychotic haywire whacko certifiable sensational innovative loco gaga meshuga gonzo specific slang fruity noteworthy maverick informal touched chimerical arbitrary pointless moonstruck untraditional derisible cool old-fashioned unlike disparate newsworthy hippy sporadic out-there unceremonious befuddling specialised unreasonable boho witty heteroclite anomalistic unlikely unmatched unequalled unrivalled conspicuous unforeseen flustering overwhelming dumfounding startling confounding unrivaled off-key out of this world matchless unexcelled unequaled unexplored nonstandard rummy unannounced unanticipated jolting record peerless out of the common momentous pioneering few and far between first-time signal beyond your ken in a league of its own without equal beyond compare little known thin on the ground sui generis miraculous newfangled without parallel impractical intriguing oddish progressive advanced wigged out schizoid experimental non-standard mischievous playful warped not tightly wrapped chance wayward eccentrical typical kookish alternate depraved exciting memorable excentrical vagarious teratoid changeable fitful other burlesque unrecognized essential private representative unhealthy impressive gelastic marginal unrecognised wondrous personal discordant arcane nondescript egregious few loner impossible distinguished doubtful unsavoury degenerated corrupt pervy sadistic degenerate masochistic avant garde notable excessive shady very unconventional custom customized signature personalized crotchety off the beam off beam dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy exorbitant illogical out of line off-base inscrutable inimitable vacuous mindless puerile foolhardy off-color enigmatic light-hearted problematical problematic unharmonious remote uninvestigated recondite licentious deviative sicko immoral like nothing on earth disconcerting rad deep hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy mod modern modernistic aberrational devious non-typical deviate seldom dicey random chancy uncertain creative flighty moronic hilarious chucklesome diverting breaking new ground out of the question thick too much taking the cake unruly unrestrained distorted deformed altered imported not prepared variant ready errant interesting scatterbrained contemptible occasional awesome chimeric spectacular stupendous breathtaking romanesque crinkly twisty unsavory portentous confusing misshapen ugly heretical ornate elaborate intricate funny peculiar all your own imbecilic foolheaded diagnostic discriminating identifying one and only diagnostical classic symptomatic psychopathic berserk dissenting dissident nonorthodox heretic iconoclastic dissentient pretend concocted labored laboured ersatz paranormal made-up make-believe imitation staged joshing dumb camp campy limited hideous unsightly rococo baroque Kafkaesque improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal paranoiac disordered schizophrenic paranoic paranoid sociopathic muddling discomfiting nonplussing shattering nonplusing dismaying upsetting deviating illusory violent bonkers beatnik anarchic sectarian schismatic off-beat misproportioned unacceptable offensive undiscovered unstable disturbed nutsy bushed doolally squirrelly distracted delirious sectionable buggy off the rails personalised customised mangled mutilated gnarled off the beaten path unzipped dingy unglued flipped unsung unremarked disgraceful unregarded all-time weird and wonderful crackers maniac bats feather-brained bugged out unhandsome unbeautiful ill-favored homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile uncomely not right upstairs not quite right in the head not all there freaked out flipped out off the chain raving mad not the full shilling not in one's right mind not right in the head looney tunes loony tunes little-known undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned nameless non compos mentis fugly huckery acting crazy never before encountered hog-wild flamboyant antic grody ill-favoured surrealistic gross staggering one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic stupefying flabbergasting blindsiding bewildering devastating dumbfounding awful stunning unsettling unnerving dramatic eye-opening jaw-dropping mind-boggling mind-blowing hard to swallow awe-inspiring beyond belief out to lunch around the bend off one's head off one's gourd hysterical frenzied distraught raving mentally ill bananas mad as a hatter nutty as a fruitcake out of one's mind stark raving mad entertaining sick in the head of unsound mind barking sidesplitting jocular barking mad facetious rib-tickling round the bend manic round the twist off one's rocker porangi mirthful side-splitting humoristic comedic away with the fairies mad as a March hare hysteric uproarious as daft as a brush nutso implausible frantic up the pole stark staring mad jocose jolly riotous merry foaming at the mouth crazy as a loon killing priceless not together stark mad slapstick wrong unsettled screaming yarra good-humored confused giddy untenable good-humoured imprudent off one's trolley off one's nut faulty lively invalid off rabid frivolous unreasoning groundless derailed nonrational ill-conceived jokey raging cock-eyed sparkling have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock have a screw loose cheerful meaningless improbable flawed fallacious injudicious specious impracticable irresponsible unjustifiable unscientific berko illegitimate unfounded inconsequent inconsequential contradictory unreasoned sportive weak tongue-in-cheek slaphappy boffo pleasant full of holes have bats in one's belfry for grins have kangaroos in one's top paddock jovial reckless troubled rash unconvincing neurotic ill-advised inconclusive spurious dizzy unworkable uncontrolled thoughtless inconsistent unthinking joking incautious incorrect moonstricken chaotic rollicking hollow false irreconcilable demoniac dazed dreamy ape mixed up off your trolley dopey engaging wry unscrewed incoherent sophistic hysterically funny a scream grandiose smart clever self-contradictory unsafe with a screw loose off the deep end in a daze in another world deprived of one's wits too funny for words non compos gagged up having kangaroos in the top paddock having bats in the belfry without foundation not of sound mind without basis not making sense having a screw loose half-cracked birdy clock excited psychoneurotic infantile simple animated high-spirited childish mentally incompetent custard-pie maddened schizzo screwed up goofy loony baseless tenuous schitzy vivacious a bit lacking reasonless disconnected disjointed psychopathological off your head vague unpersuasive out of your mind severely mentally disordered off one's chump bemused laffer riot crack-up not in your right mind panic-stricken yampy ill-thought-out not well thought out disorganized ill-considered out of keeping daft as a brush nobody home extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible poor unsatisfactory flimsy lame nebulous farfetched inadequate unsubstantiated feeble off your chump topsy-turvy unpractical unintelligent noisy rowdy boisterous wigged-out imaginary jesting tangled shambolic incredulous indefensible unsustainable unsupportable sketchy teasing as mad as a hatter ribald ambitious visionary unconceivable misleading uncompelling artificial manic-depressive out of one's tree out of one's gourd flipped-out roguish nonfunctional disarranged wonky broken fuddled over the edge severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic mentally deranged as mad as a March hare in the ozone impulsive delightful enjoyable suppositious hallucinatory illusive unforgettable eye-catching arresting airy unimpressive reachy vain thin slight a laugh light killingly funny goofus ironic fool-headed a hoot gump tongue in cheek orderless amiss defective out of control disorganised amok messy out of sight cock-and-bull ludic jocund unnormal heteromorphic a card a caution serious tremendous not functioning properly out of order daredevil heedless amazeballs frolicsome gleeful cheery festive blithesome laughing gay sunny blithe won't hold water won't wash crazy shtick Mickey Mouse fool around cheering charming beguiling pleasurable pleasing fun gratifying gladdening flash heavy gnarly forby not normal out of whack out of commission on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout hot-headed off beaten path never to be forgotten agreeable gut-busting enchanting flip joyous joculous flippant happy lighthearted daring adventurous ditzy featherbrained temerarious audacious brash indiscreet overbold overconfident hasty birdbrained ditsy cut up erroneous unjustified frothy yeasty radge futile lightheaded inconsiderate hotheaded sophistical scintillating unproved casuistic irrelevant unconnected unsubstantial not following beyond the bounds of possibility light-headed light-minded empty-headed rich laugh-a-minute quick-witted

Tính từ

Gothic or eerie

Trái nghĩa của barbarous

barbarous Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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