Đồng nghĩa của ruled out

Động từ

Past tense for to exclude or reject as a candidate or possibility
excluded discarded discounted dismissed eliminated barred debarred excepted abolished averted cancelled canceled forbid forbade forbidden forestalled forfended obviated precluded prevented prohibited proscribed recanted rejected revoked suspended banned bated deterred counted out left out closed out froze out frozen out warded off not considered shut out staved off stove off forgot about forgotten about put paid to closed one's doors to interdicted disallowed stopped blocked vetoed put a stop to refused hindered inhibited outlawed nixed denied embargoed impeded restrained obstructed put an end to set aside disqualified avoided restricted blackballed checked halted fended off headed off enjoined boycotted omitted tabooed ostracized declined hampered negatived disregarded withheld repudiated thwarted turned down disapproved put the kibosh on put down foiled frustrated ostracised put an embargo on shut off cut out shut the door on deprived disentitled made illegal expelled blacked warded kept out helped banished ignored counteracted negated intercepted reprobated passed passed over estopped placed an embargo on locked out cooled passed on nipped in the bud exiled threw out thrown out invalidated gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to countered killed criminalized disenabled shut down removed foreclosed cut stymied spiked opposed withholden ruled against criminalised held off defended against evicted anticipated held up locked up discountenanced shot down interrupted put the chill on baulked arrested quit rebuffed deflected declared ineligible spurned corked chilled balked limited disabled blacklisted discontinued said no to gave the red light to given the red light to kept lid on let knocked back made impossible left out in the cold put half nelson on put out kept off deselected put chill on put a lock on turned aside put a stopper in poured cold water on shut out of put a damper on put on hit list held back diverted passed up gotten rid of got rid of overruled constrained censored quashed downed squashed nullified declared taboo inveighed exempted rendered unfitted declared illegal said no censured burnt burned defeated dissented frozen froze disfellowshipped disfellowshiped covered dropped voted against interfered intervened interposed masked hid concealed repulsed veiled dammed retarded bounced doomed baffled sentenced ousted staved stove repressed disbarred curbed shrouded incapacitated declared null and void waived discharged refused permission to passed by quitted snubbed ceased begrudged secluded ejected stayed kept not gone for closed saved blockaded forefended not made the cut hung up veered shunted gridlocked brought to screeching halt made impracticable dampened thrown cold water on refused admission to threw over paralyzed shoved aside turned off made it impracticable for weakened missed out weeded out bottled up kept at arm's length turned from threw cold water on refused admittance looked away crossed out marked off refused to employ occluded thrown over disfranchised prevented from entering refused entrance to impaired sent to Coventry considered undesirable scared turned made unnecessary damped disadvised eighty-sixed prevented the occurrence of tied up kept at bay got round jammed up denied access to blocked out circumvented sidelined screened made it impossible for steered clear of forced out factored out declared incapable paralysed stood in the way of beleaguered refused to admit pre-empted boxed in fenced off said ‘no’ to zinged balked at left out of account talked out of not counted discluded hidden threw away thrown away acted like a wet blanket driven out drove out overridden overrode gave the cold shoulder to given the cold shoulder to given thumbs down gave thumbs down gave the brush-off to given the brush-off to given thumbs down to gave something a miss gave thumbs down to given something a miss took away taken away did away with done away with suppressed derailed beat cut off stonewalled crimped scuppered put a brake on put the lid on cramped scotched interfered with spoiled spoilt fettered ruined trammeled trammelled stalled destroyed overturned forbid to evaded circumnavigated bypassed hamstrung hamstringed dashed skirted sidestepped wrecked disrupted iced out slowed put the stopper on upset crushed discouraged neutralized encumbered handicapped slowed down crippled stifled outwitted stumped hobbled neutralised annulled put on brakes put an stop to let slide cast aside put off upset the applecart condemned done for did for redlit redlighted cursed illegalized outvoted plugged reversed disowned countermanded placed injunction on placed an injunction on escaped closed down officially forbid closed up disclaimed disavowed abjured forbidden to extinguished ended disacknowledged quelled disappointed stoppered penalised penalized dissuaded from smashed shattered beaten shunned bridled shackled missed juked ditched crashed unsettled kept back contravened dished queered clogged embarrassed smothered handcuffed short-circuited hog-tied manacled dissuaded elided made something punishable snookered confronted reined in struck checkmated discomfited overleaped overpassed skipped pretermitted overleapt bit fazed bitted reduced sandbagged withheld patronage fouled up banjaxed stemmed the flow of slighted licked imposed sanctions not bothered declared something a punishable offence screwed up kept from failed to include turned your back on refrained from conquered kept in dispensed with skipped over held in held aloof from dashed one's hope overcome cold-shouldered had nothing to do with washed one's hands of cramped one's style failed to mention rendered null and void brushed off refused to take part in brought to an end left off held down stayed away from given the red light gave the red light gotten out of got out of overthrown overthrew officially forbidden thrown threw taken wind out of took wind out of taken down took down stricken thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of given the run around gave the run around overcame took out taken out gave a wide berth to given a wide berth to abstained from gave the thumbs down given the thumbs down

Tính từ

Prohibited or restricted by social custom
taboo forbidden prohibited banned outlawed proscribed interdicted illegal impermissible unmentionable illicit not allowed restricted verboten vetoed unacceptable unlawful unspeakable anathema barred censored dirty haram impolite indecorous ineffable not permitted off limits rude tapu unthinkable unutterable frowned on not acceptable out of bounds disapproved disapproved of distasteful offensive off-limits reserved beyond the pale no go non licet contraband clandestine furtive disallowed illegitimate unsanctioned unauthorized sly criminal out unauthorised not on against the rules closed off secret debarred inaccessible prevented tabu not advisable no-go closed-down no-no refused closed closed-up lawless felonious dishonest culpable unethical corrupt villainous indictable wrong nefarious crooked unlicensed wicked disorderly iniquitous unsavory anarchic wrongful delinquent lawbreaking terrorist punishable immoral dark bent black fraudulent unruly shady actionable bad insurrectionary vile insubordinate dodgy seditious improper against the law anarchical mutinous rebellious disruptive unofficial mutinying insurgent noncompliant peccant nonconformist adulterous malfeasant sinful vicious revolting evil unwarranted savage anarchistic unrighteous barbarous bootleg ungoverned uncivilised racketeering disobedient heavy miscreant excessive rotten recusant uncultivated violating unsavoury turbulent warlike infringing violent unregulated flagitious unpeaceful wildcat guilty contumacious piratical criminogenic uncivilized transgressing nihilistic disordered traitorous under-the-counter in violation of law black-market smoking gun under the table without law and order out of line off base under the counter under-the-table contrary to law excluded unconstitutional precluded overruled prosecutable smuggled hot racket inadmissible not legal not approved rejected unwarrantable irregular extralegal sub rosa outside the law undemocratic out-of-bounds unallowed embargoed unclean bootlegged controlled unpermitted dishonourable unapproved closed down uncertified unaccredited blameworthy dishonorable criminalized disqualified criminalised unjustified pirated penal shut out disgraceful shocking shameful scandalous not accepted obscene indecent convictable chargeable off the record indescribable immodest unprintable embarrassing X-rated condemned responsible not sanctioned appalling filthy disreputable over the line atrocious untouchable not to be spoken of not to be said not to be spoken not to be uttered that dare not speak its name bogus

Trái nghĩa của ruled out

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