Đồng nghĩa của disallowed

Alternative for disallowed

disallow /'disə'lau/
  • ngoại động từ
    • không nhận, không công nhận, không thừa nhận, bác; cự tuyệt
    • cấm, không cho phép

Tính từ

Not allowed
forbidden banned prohibited verboten vetoed unallowed unpermitted excluded overruled precluded rejected proscribed taboo impermissible barred outlawed interdicted contraband illegal illicit unlawful haram tabu not allowed unsanctioned unauthorized tapu criminal illegitimate no-no refused unauthorised out ruled out no go off limits not permitted non licet out of bounds not on not accepted unclean unacceptable embargoed censored prevented wildcat crooked shady restricted not advisable not approved against the law closed down out of line debarred closed-down closed-up not acceptable closed black-market bootleg felonious unlicensed actionable lawless unwarranted wrongful unofficial under the counter lawbreaking dishonest heavy bent malfeasant under-the-table improper under the table smuggled unconstitutional hot clandestine furtive racket corrupt violating fraudulent dodgy off-limits dirty wrong under-the-counter against the rules reserved prosecutable unwarrantable irregular extralegal culpable indictable sly delinquent nefarious villainous wicked immoral disapproved miscreant not legal sub rosa flagitious guilty adulterous outside the law contrary to law in violation of law out-of-bounds secret controlled closed off bootlegged inadmissible inaccessible criminalized dishonourable disqualified criminalised shut out no-go dishonorable unmentionable unspeakable unthinkable rude ineffable indecorous anathema unutterable impolite frowned on distasteful offensive disapproved of beyond the pale unethical disorderly iniquitous unsavory anarchic terrorist black unruly punishable dark bad seditious disruptive mutinying insurgent insurrectionary vile insubordinate anarchical mutinous rebellious noncompliant peccant vicious revolting unrighteous nonconformist sinful evil savage anarchistic barbarous bogus ungoverned uncivilised disobedient rotten unsavoury turbulent violent unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering excessive recusant uncultivated warlike infringing contumacious piratical criminogenic transgressing traitorous off base smoking gun without law and order

Tính từ

Not having any authority
unauthorized illegal unapproved unofficial unsanctioned unwarranted unaccredited uncertified banned barred forbidden illegitimate illicit interdicted outlawed prohibited unconstitutional under-the-table unlawful unlicensed wildcat crooked dirty no-no pirated proscribed shady unjustified wrongful off the record against the law not sanctioned off base out of bounds out of line over the line under the table criminal contraband felonious actionable black-market verboten bootleg lawless taboo under the counter lawbreaking dishonest not allowed impermissible smuggled prosecutable fraudulent bent malfeasant violating improper under-the-counter not permitted heavy off limits punishable indictable culpable corrupt haram undocumented hot dodgy wrong racket not legal non licet guilty tabu bootlegged delinquent nefarious villainous unwarrantable irregular extralegal wicked tapu clandestine immoral furtive miscreant flagitious against the rules ruled out not acceptable adulterous not approved sub rosa outside the law contrary to law in violation of law undemocratic blameworthy unclean dishonourable penal casual dishonorable pirate convictable chargeable informal hooky vetoed condemned responsible plagiarized plagiarised stolen debarred excluded shut out disapproved refused closed closed-down out closed-up offstage unorthodox paperless officious no go unethical not on disorderly iniquitous unsavory unconfirmed anarchic terrorist black unruly dark bad seditious disruptive unacceptable mutinying insurgent insurrectionary vile insubordinate anarchical mutinous rebellious unsubstantiated uncorroborated noncompliant peccant vicious revolting unrighteous nonconformist sly sinful evil savage anarchistic barbarous ungoverned uncivilised disobedient rotten unsavoury turbulent violent unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering excessive recusant uncultivated warlike infringing contumacious piratical criminogenic transgressing traitorous smoking gun without law and order private unauthenticated unratified bogus personal off-the-record unendorsed unauthorised unscrupulous unprincipled underhand base foul unfair reprehensible despicable low-down not cricket mean depraved detestable contemptible devious dissolute reprobate treacherous execrable sordid roguish rascally underhanded unjust heinous hateful atrocious abominable monstrous diabolical fiendish outrageous restricted odious double-dealing shocking horrible murderous diabolic ungodly profane degenerate sacrilegious unholy blasphemous deceitful crafty nasty ignoble guileful false scoundrelly low shifty deceptive egregious warped stinking beastly scandalous dastardly knavish shameful morally wrong swindling infamous duplicitous cruel debased cunning shonky irreligious ill-gotten defrauding impious shrewd unsportsmanlike offensive wily unsporting erring fallen cheating amoral impure fast rogue indecent ignominious godless sharp sneaky unpleasant disreputable disgusting deceiving sullied tainted maleficent perverted Janus-faced cowardly deplorable wretched abject worthless slick inequitable peccable scurvy shabby paltry snide currish designing black-hearted below the belt off-color low-minded on the side secret out-of-bounds inappropriate groundless off-limits knockoff inadmissible smart illegally obtained embargoed artful unconscionable controlled disgraceful notorious unreasonable indefensible unnecessary undue undeserved uncharitable undignified unbecoming abhorrent fly misleading exploitative lying insincere hoodwinking untrustworthy unworthy cheap lamentable caitiff servile degraded obscene inelegant menial condemnable uncalled for beggarly squalid ungentlemanly canny clever irreverent risqué closed down dangerous abandoned back-door gray grey Machiavellian conniving calculating deleterious injurious damaging devilish dissipated naughty smutty blamable salacious censurable profligate wanton debauched baneful hurtful prejudicial harmful pernicious incorrigible nocuous adverse noxious mischievous baleful sleazy grubby unsportsmanly terrible heartless detrimental wayward ill shameless sorry scummy lame scungy lousy scheming sneaking ratty scabby out of order inhuman bad news salty slippery ornery hostile two-faced snaky ruffianly blackguardly gangland underworld thievish loathsome obnoxious undesirable sham untrue tricky spurious counterfeit phoney pseudo bamboozling falsified forged mock fake imitation phony

Động từ

Past tense for refuse to declare valid
dismissed refused rejected banned cancelled canceled forbid forbade forbidden prohibited vetoed barred debarred embargoed blackballed blocked overruled proscribed stopped countermanded disowned invalidated overturned quashed rebuffed repudiated reversed abjured disavowed disclaimed squashed censored disacknowledged excluded killed outlawed precluded said no to set aside tabooed threw thrown threw out thrown out zinged declared null and void kept back passed on put down shut out turned down gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to interdicted prevented enjoined restrained inhibited ruled out made illegal boycotted restricted put a stop to put an end to eliminated criminalized banished criminalised disregarded ostracized denied halted estopped nixed obstructed obviated ostracised placed an embargo on put an embargo on suppressed expelled blacked stymied blacklisted excepted suspended counted out closed out hindered limited let checked forfended spiked shut down removed ousted omitted snubbed voted against declared illegal held up locked up evicted spurned put the chill on put the kibosh on forbid to ignored kept out forced out put chill on shut off bated cut out left out shut out of put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in left out in the cold put out passed over shut the door on put on hit list interrupted counteracted froze out frozen out curbed condemned forestalled withheld deprived impeded opposed declared taboo disqualified frozen froze outvoted said no downed shunned drummed out cashiered negatived cursed illegalized censured thwarted doomed sentenced avoided gridlocked corked cooled declared ineligible exiled circumvented cold-shouldered disfellowshipped disfellowshiped placed injunction on placed an injunction on stonewalled forbidden to bounced disbarred destroyed officially forbid closed down closed up iced out passed by passed up shot down ejected stoppered hung up bottled up tied up jammed up boxed in penalised penalized occluded denied access to sidelined discounted discluded gotten rid of got rid of kept lid on fettered defeated considered undesirable missed out refused to admit not counted brought to screeching halt knocked back made something punishable inveighed declared something a punishable offence refused admittance refused to employ exempted prevented from entering sent to Coventry poured cold water on steered clear of locked out warded off withholden overthrew overthrown overridden overrode officially forbidden gave the red light to given the red light to thrown cold water on threw cold water on driven out drove out gave the cold shoulder to gave the cold shoulder given the cold shoulder to given the cold shoulder given the thumbs down gave the thumbs down cast out excommunicated coldshouldered discharged kept off kept at arm's length closed one's doors to refused entrance to discarded discontinued curst deterred quit cut off turned on denied entry pressed out expressed looked straight through gouged out put a price on someone's head put paid to denied admittance to unchurched denounced rusticated covered foreclosed locked someone out turned against squeezed out masked hid concealed disentitled anathematized veiled shrouded dropped secluded closed takfired blockaded screened beleaguered waived abolished revoked averted recanted refused admission to weeded out quitted warded ceased blocked out made impossible made it impracticable for made it impossible for fenced off stood in the way of marked off crossed out made impracticable staved off imposed sanctions had nothing to do with withheld patronage washed one's hands of turned your back on brushed off handed someone the frozen mitt struck refrained from refused to take part in stove off not considered left in the cold left out of account held aloof from stayed away from hidden gave somebody the cold shoulder given somebody the cold shoulder forgot about forgotten about given a wide berth to gave a wide berth to stricken abstained from

Động từ

Past tense for to declare to be untrue
denied repudiated contradicted refuted rejected disclaimed disavowed disowned gainsaid disaffirmed disconfirmed negated negatived rebutted opposed disproved controverted disputed countered discredited renounced retracted contested contravened disacknowledged disagreed with cast aside disproven exploded abjured challenged confuted abnegated recanted impugned declared untrue shot down invalidated abandoned called into question rebuffed disbelieved refused debunked dropped eschewed cut off dissented from sacrificed quashed reversed spurned reneged brushed aside canceled cancelled traversed crossed withsaid disagreed cut off without a penny canceled out shot full of holes shot down in flames cancelled out proved to be false forswore forsworn belied dismissed abdicated relinquished casted off conceded disinherited declined surrendered backpedalled yielded backpedaled nullified forsook forsaken ditched repealed unsaid discarded argued with forwent forgone kicked debated crushed exposed burnt silenced burned squelched convicted contended parried everted topped ended relations with sent packing annulled bucked undermined counteracted dared confronted differed questioned argued withstood fought naysaid resisted combatted combated restrained prevented abstained shunned tabooed revoked excluded doubted blocked begrudged welshed refrained forbid curbed banned refused to acknowledge divorced oneself from refused to recognize given up gave up showed up dropped out declared to be untrue said the opposite of washed one's hands of stood in the way turned one's back on had nothing more to do with called on weaseled out of turned your back on refused to accept enjoined from wormed out of refrained from disposed of not bought replied to had bone to pick said no to washed hands of called in question turned thumbs down washed your hands of weaselled out of held back kept back showed to be false shown to be false gave the lie to given the lie to yolden yold took back taken back withspoke withspoken withdrawn withdrew foreswore foresworn forbidden forbade forbore forborne flown in the face of flew in the face of taken on took on took exception to taken exception to broke overthrew broken brake overthrown went back on word gone back on word abstained from given thumbs down to blown sky high blew sky high took a stand against torn down burned down burnt down gave thumbs down to argued against tore down taken a stand against confounded falsified oppugned queried demolished assailed made a nonsense of knocked the bottom out of objected to foughten put down set aside drove a coach and horses through driven a coach and horses through overturned blew out of the water blown out of the water run counter to impeached proven false proved false protested against hindered obstructed thwarted checked blew sky-high blown sky-high proven wrong proved wrong repelled took issue with taken issue with conflicted with defeated defied attacked answered discounted put paid to addrest addressed busted cut down to size fought against battled disapproved of stood up to argued about put under suspicion quibbled over cast doubt upon put up a fight against cast aspersions upon cut to shreds shut up put up argument cast doubt on faced down frustrated ran counter to impeded balked dueled duelled baulked discussed destroyed punctured mistrusted suspected ridiculed proved unsound counterclaimed distrusted slammed knocked examined criticized blasted smeared traduced tarred mooted trashed zinged zapped deflated altercated canvassed bandied counterattacked barred gone against went against canvased wrangled faced deceived disliked proved impossible picked holes in pettifogged criticised clashed with scorned unbelieved weakened contended with retaliated against defended against pleaded against subverted vanquished denounced struggled against contended over blew up blown up quibbled about scoffed at picked an argument with litigated proved to be wrong investigated not believed hammered away at brought to naught run down stuck it to rallied against stood up and be counted against bandied words concerning come down on protested come to blows with gainstayed wondered about withstayed called out shot holes in pinned on frowned at not swallowed feuded with knocked bottom out of poked holes in inquired demurred against found unfounded taunted pooh-poohed interrogated tested quarreled with demurred about tackled searched out defended oneself against neutralised poked full of holes agitated against not accepted thumbed nose at picked a bone accosted skinned alive called in argued the pros and cons of neutralized encountered remonstrated bombarded not countenanced dissented against setted your face against rebelled against disapproved enquired knocked props out assaulted turned the tables dissented rivalled differed with rivaled had an argument about raised doubts about shown to be wrong showed to be wrong threw out thrown out threw down thrown down came to blows with taken took gave no credence to given no credence to spoke against striven against came down on taken a stand thrown the book at spoken out against swung at spoke out against threw doubt on ran down taken issue thrown doubt on took a stand swang at took issue spoken against threw the book at strove against

Động từ

Past tense for to refuse or be unwilling to allow or grant
rejected refused declined disapproved negatived denied reprobated nixed withheld withholden vetoed dismissed turned down passed spurned repudiated deselected forbid passed up rebuffed ruled out put an end to put a stop to prohibited blocked interdicted discountenanced threw out thrown out negated ruled against gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to overruled killed quashed precluded defeated stopped forbidden forbade squashed cut balked at threw over thrown over put down shot down revoked passed on knocked back abjured disacknowledged disavowed put the kibosh on set aside said no scorned given the red light to gave the red light to banned proscribed outlawed barred embargoed blackballed downed boycotted nullified repulsed overturned begrudged censured burnt burned dissented placed an embargo on voted down declared null and void refused permission to passed by prevented not gone for recanted opposed said no to said ‘no’ to threw away thrown away gave thumbs down given thumbs down gave the brush-off to given the brush-off to given thumbs down to gave something a miss gave thumbs down to given something a miss turned one's back on snubbed shunned baulked at desisted renounced demurred demurred at disregarded refrained from shied from ignored desisted from not accepted withheld from turned away avoided eschewed forgone forwent withwent withgone brushed aside discounted overlooked skipped disdained abstained from refused to take advantage of opted out missed repelled protested opted out of looked down one's nose at not heeded shaken one's head shook one's head brushed off held off jibbed at not bought turned deaf ear to dispensed with held back protested at steered clear of turned from sent off refused to receive held out not cared for not heared of forbore forborne withdrawn withdrew drawn the line at drew the line at given the thumbs down given the red light gave the red light gave the thumbs down

Động từ

Past tense for to abolish, invalidate, or reverse (a previous system, decision, situation, etc.)
overturned cancelled canceled annulled revoked nullified quashed repealed invalidated rescinded reversed overruled voided retracted countermanded abrogated abolished vetoed negated overthrew overthrown overrode overridden vacated withdrew withdrawn repudiated recalled recanted nixed obviated altered upset changed overset downed prostrated set aside took back taken back ruled against threw out thrown out declared null and void brought down knocked down disannulled lift rendered invalid rendered null and void struck down cut dissolved nulled rolled back undone undid offset avoided outvoted abated lifted shut down dropped terminated put damper on rejected stricken down blacked out put the lid on made null and void disestablished offsetted dismantled neutralized discounted discharged vitiated killed made ineffective neutralised flouted prevailed predominated wiped out defeated dominated defied trampled underfoot refused made void hushed up bottled up corked up ended trampled upon stopped discontinued obliterated brought to an end removed abnegated bleeped pulled back called off phased out rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over did away with done away with blued pencil took away took off taken away taken off drew back drawn back put an end to axed scrapped scrubbed reneged backpedalled backpedaled ditched aborted called back eliminated renounced annihilated discarded erased disclaimed expunged abjured cast aside disaffirmed suppressed backtracked on stamped out reneged on effaced deleted blotted out rubbed out abandoned dismissed eradicated declared invalid cried off shed retreated chopped subverted extinguished deracinated superseded dumped suspended put kibosh on snuffed out swept away rooted out put the kibosh on zapped dishonoured ignored called weaseled out knocked something on the head dishonored canceled out cancelled out retired disowned counterordered denied backed out of counterchecked redressed put down stood down put a line through backed out gone back on went back on destroyed forswore forsworn exterminated taken out took out backed up wound back spooled back junked extirpated jettisoned trashed gotten rid of got rid of backtracked excised liquidated cleaned up dispensed with waived torpedoed backwatered forgot inhibited prohibited squelched finished pulled disregarded disobeyed finished off knocked out closed down wangled out upended inverted struck broke broken brake crawled out of pulled the plug gave something the chop given something the chop remitted weaselled weaselled out refused to fulfil omitted purged declared blackballed edited contravened impugned dinged traversed disproved censored frustrated excluded blacked crossed belied stonewalled opposed disqualified withcalled refuted redlined knocked on the head washed out extracted wiped slate clean deled elided scratched belayed whited out struck out opted out changed your mind about defaulted on crossed out backed out on belaid blue-pencilled rendered inert bowed out of stroked out pulled out of wormed out blue-penciled inked out turfed counterpoised called in rewound blocked out ruled out turned thumbs down edited out pulled out KO'd Xed out turned down unsaid shot down blanked out broke off broken off forgotten forgat gone against went against did in done in did a U-turn on done a U-turn on stricken disproven gotten off the hook got off the hook blew threw over thrown over blown went back on one's word gone back on one's word flown in the face of flew in the face of broke with broken with drawn out drew out extraught

Động từ

Past tense for suggest that something should not be used in a situation

Trái nghĩa của disallowed

disallowed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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