Đồng nghĩa của garbage

Alternative for garbage


Đồng nghĩa: debris, junk, litter, refuse, rubbish, trash, waste,

Danh từ

Rubbish or waste, especially domestic refuse
refuse rubbish waste debris junk litter trash dross detritus filth muck swill dreck scrap scraps slops drek grot offal scourings raffle sweepings chaff deadwood debitage domestic refuse dust effluvia effluvium gash leftovers mullock offscouring remains riffraff spilth truck waste material cultch discarded matter draff leavings offscourings orts raff compost dregs rubble scrapings sewage slop flotsam and jetsam bits and pieces odds and ends lumber sediment residue fragments rummage scum slag ruins flotsam waste matter excess slush sleaze spoilage remnants wreckage hogwash tripe wreck ashes clutter oddments effluent crapola pieces cheese carrion lees crust gubbins collateral shavings crud odds and sods poop poo faeces shreds leaving excrement landfill sullage husks hulls off cuts scattering rash scoria impurity bits glumes rejectamenta dump recrement droppings pod shard shell brash dunghill deposit grains scree scobs sinter bric-a-brac stuff runoff sewerage discharge wastewater jetsam rejects cast-offs useless things discarded things white elephants cargo castoffs driftwood sea-drift miscellany space junk salvage solid waste feces schlock dirt grime sludge pollution slime contamination putrefaction defilement mud mire ordure ooze putrescence decay gunk soil smut yuck grunge gunge rottenness silt offensiveness feculence putridity foul matter remainder relics residuum crumbs vestiges offcuts rest bits and bobs remnant miscellanea traces sundries balance grounds skeleton hull ruin shambles shards end stub surplus settlings precipitate accumulation relic deposition grouts sublimate alluvium oddment leftover mélange fag end jumble particles mishmash patchwork mixed bag loose ends hodgepodge notions novelties knickknacks potpourri this and that melee medley rags sundry items assortment motley miscellaneous paraphernalia etcetera olio destruction things paraphernalia snippets cuttings knick-knacks notion etceteras clobber cinders spoil stones fill bricks hulk mess heap crackup wastage mincemeat skids knick-knackery legacy frame sunken vessel sunken ship broken bricks havoc wrack overage precipitation settling gook matter solids ground powder pickings remaining part deposits remaining quantity remaining number unused supplies uneaten food tail ends quantity left over number left over part left over stalks straw what's left part that is left over number that is left over quantity that is left over stems bit fragment snippet sliver butt shred tail end end of a line off cut stubble

Danh từ

Worthless rubbish or nonsense
nonsense bull drivel rot bilge guff hogwash balderdash claptrap gibberish malarkey tosh twaddle bosh cobblers codswallop piffle poppycock tripe baloney blarney blather rubbish trash balls bunk flapdoodle havers blether eyewash hooey hot air moonshine tommyrot bunkum flannel gobbledegook hokum pap applesauce dribble phooey blathers crapola horsefeathers wack waffle beans blah blah-blah blatherskite blither boloney buncombe bushwa cod crock drool falderal fiddle fiddle-faddle fiddlesticks folderol folly foolishness fudge gammon hokeypokey hoodoo humbug jazz kak malarky muck nerts nuts punk senselessness silliness slush stupidity taradiddle tarradiddle toffee trumpery bizzo bulldust double Dutch gobbledygook trivia bull's wool stuff and nonsense babble prattle mumbo jumbo cack bombast pants jive verbiage rigmarole palaver absurdity gabble inanity jabber codology jargon BS empty talk idiocy fatuity froth irrationality imprudence flightiness giddiness jabberwocky double talk talk Greek fustian foolish talk stuff trifle soft soap chatter ludicrousness dross bananas cant double-talk jest joke thoughtlessness ranting pretense flimflam pretence foolery abracadabra blabber gas hocus-pocus doublespeak prating frippery frivolity gossip argle-bargle tomfoolery flummery craziness fun tattle scrawl rashness scribble wind verbosity madness unintelligible language slobber gibber burble obscure language ridiculousness prate crud untruth wittering rhetoric grandiloquence oratory boasting idle talk deceit sweet talk flattery carrying-on smoke and mirrors bean rhubarb rant malaise triviality sophistry jibber-jabber rambling twitter hypocrisy yabbering yatter yackety-yak noise doggerel hedging prevarication evasion equivocation spiel officialese Choctaw falsehood trickery stultiloquence charlatanry quackery futile talk useless words refuse weasel words nattering chuntering jabbering lunacy pomposity deception horse feathers bluster fantasy fiction corn clack twattle smooth talk yammer all Greek ravings fanfaronade raving scat baragouin gab rodomontade braggadocio verbalizing nonsense talk verbalising bravado lies bragging boastful talk dreck candyfloss pulp pabulum pablum wordiness prolixity pulp fiction verboseness prolixness logorrhoea periphrasis circumlocution padding natter chitchat chat confab patter conversation confabulation jaw gabfest small talk yak chin-wag rap cackle schmooze causerie backchat jangle table talk chin music colloquy chit-chat babbling dialogue chitter-chatter waffling dialog gibbering tittle-tattle gabber heart-to-heart discourse discussion chinwag conference powwow rabbit crack prattling blethering blathering yammering yattering yapping jawing chinwagging exchange adda yakking rabbiting on craic convo hearsay bull session chattering rumor word buzz blab rumour tête-à-tête blubbering tattling scuttlebutt murmur report account grapevine rabbiting meddling cry mag dirty laundry back-fence talk clishmaclaver claver footle tongue-wagging muttering clamour clamor dish idle chat korero tete-a-tete trivial talk incoherent talk wild talk twittering bafflegab rantings talking gabbling gossiping chatting frothy talk loquacity foretalk rumors pleasantry pleasantries gen hubbub technobabble obscuration legalese rapid talk unintelligible talk chewing the fat goss dirt cackling yarn witter consultation chewing the rag meaningless talk newsmongering mere words parley cajolery wheedle flatter meeting rumours trivial conversation beauty-parlor chitchat casual conversation light talk polite remark idle chatter converse badinage banter raillery persiflage ramblings monologue monolog one-to-one visit tale defamation dirty linen wire gossipry chronicle dirty wash scandal injury whispering campaign story malicious talk telling tales news slander earful calumny rumormongering clothesline glib talk rap session effusion gushing magniloquence rumourmongering talebearing turgidity exuberance pretentiousness gasconade rhodomontade brag euphuism grandiosity ostentation affectedness cockalorum tumidity altiloquence pad long-windedness exaggeration rave bombastry cotton aureation rhapsody padded stuffed affectation tympany rage extravagant boasting gush bombard phrase purple prose

Danh từ

A worthless or contemptible person or group of people
scum vermin louse rabble rat refuse riff-raff toad trash crud cur dirt good-for-nothing scumbag scuzzball trog undesirable despicable people despicable person lowlife rats sleazeball worm beast bleeder blighter boor bounder buzzard cad chuff churl clown creep cretin crumb dirtbag dog fink heel hound jerk joker lout no-good pill reptile rotter schmuck skunk sleaze sleazebag slime slimeball slob snake so-and-so stinkard stinker swine varmint dastard dirty dog dregs of society lowest of the low pond scum rat fink low-life undesirables rubbish good-for-nothings canaille Z-list peasants hoi polloi in the underclass ragtag and bobtail as common as muck scoundrel knave rogue son of a gun reprobate wretch weasel pig blackguard rascal scrote villain varlet snake in the grass miscreant vagabond spalpeen brute sleeveen dingo nasty piece of work unprincipled person cheat bad lot swindler rapscallion bad egg skank monster fraudster trickster stinkpot wastrel scalawag oaf evildoer baddie baddy meanie meany vulgarian degenerate wrong 'un charlatan ruffian savage mofo criminal mother evil-doer barbarian philistine SOB bumpkin rube ratfink crook rake fiend butthole bum caitiff devil scapegrace heavy scamp liar nazi scallywag idiot bad guy mischief-maker jackass weirdo peasant dork thug yahoo maggot buffoon goon scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket hooligan clodhopper hick incorrigible prick pervert dirtball lummox boob backstabber wrongdoer bear hayseed shyster dip deviant profligate rounder troublemaker delinquent scally kuri sneak bully rowdy misfeasor malfeasant unpleasant person tyrant outcast psychopath sociopath reprehensible person black sheep nasty person sly person bad character dastardly person ne'er-do-well evil person cootie dolt hind twit dipstick traitor serpent betrayer turncoat numskull Judas quisling double-dealer double-crosser swain yokel back-stabber viper informer stupid mucker rustic jake gawk bucolic two-timer rass recreant apostate malefactor sinner offender culprit turd chav clod convict lawbreaker outlaw yob roughneck clodpole hoon loudmouth yobbo brawler trespasser transgressor ape toughie Neanderthal rough lump redneck bogan lubber bosthoon bruiser gorilla cougan poltroon derelict ronion horror bezonian pariah libertine looser beggar jagoff pauper scullion cullion renegade pilgarlic ingrate imp black hat skelm primitive tough scozza oik drunkard hoodlum racketeer loafer pickpocket gaolbird bootlegger jailbird felon bully boy lager lout hard man ratbag animal antagonist sadist demon hood shark monstrosity bogeyman enfant terrible

Danh từ

A mixed assortment of items
miscellany assortment variety medley jumble mixture collection diversity farrago gallimaufry hash hodgepodge hotchpotch melange mishmash mix mixed bag pastiche patchwork salmagundi blend combination conglomeration mess olio potpourri ragbag selection anthology assemblage mélange omnium-gatherum pot-pourri agglomerate agglomeration botch clutter collage confusion gumbo jambalaya jungle litter menagerie miscellanea montage motley muddle ragout rummage salad scramble shuffle smorgasbord stew tumble welter motley collection accumulation aggregation alphabet soup brew combo crazy quilt cumulation grab bag grouping melee olla podrida pasticcio patchwork quilt scissors-and-paste job omnium gatherum odds and ends array disarray choice disarrangement random selection tangle group kind sort range chaos disorder maze untidy heap confused heap mash-up Whitman's sampler wide range pick `n' mix congeries mingle-mangle snarl derangement goulash heap pig's breakfast mass oddments mingling series gamut macédoine shambles set random collection line-up composite spectrum composition mosaic convolution sweep compound span mashup mesh intermixture spread skein bundle fusion amalgam scope amalgamation alloy hotch-potch concoction union lot compass synthesis meld sequence admixture soup field hodge-podge cross assembly diapason conflation cocktail emulsion merger extent plaid display cat's cradle mix-up scale order lineup sundries aggregate conglomerate package breadth huddle stretch catalogue labyrinth catalog panorama interfusion commixture variegation tessellation checker repertoire load multiplicity hotchpot tableau bunch tartan check diversification rainbow portfolio scatter mishmosh compilation coalition hybrid cluster disparateness fluctuation discrepancy variability incongruity variance ataxia disorganization colluvies gathering amassment untidiness disorganisation turmoil grab box hoard trove accretion melting pot cross section battery grab barrel all shapes and sizes all sorts choosing selecting election picking entanglement cull area reach width dog's dinner dog's breakfast commingling orbit ambit imbroglio knot intricacy morass web network merging conjunction marriage length extract complexity puzzle homogenization band colors colours arsenal perplexity mire net twist weave homogenisation intermingling balance combine everything but the kitchen sink pick rank class type association dough confection hybridization adulteration incorporation mash batter crossing infiltration transfusion saturation assimilation genus species heterogeneous mixture tier arrangement formation ordering parade marshalling suite disposition setup pattern distribution marshaling assembling disposal design

Danh từ

A part of something that is left over when other parts have been completed, used, or dealt with
remainder balance residue rest remnant excess surplus remains residuum remnants butt leavings others trace difference extra leftovers overflow overspill relic remaining number remaining part remaining quantity rump stub superfluity vestiges dregs number left over oddment those left additional material additional people carry-over detritus fragment hangover heel junk obverse overplus part left over quantity left over refuse ruins salvage stump tail end vestige waste wreck wreckage additional things extra material extra people extra things odds and ends number that is left over part that is left over quantity that is left over what's left bottom of barrel the rest of lees sediment grounds precipitate sublimate settlings overage part leftover parings scourings residual slag orts scum filtrate scraps silt trash dross deposit sewage shavings sludge surfeit superabundance grouts oversupply leftover overkill glut overabundance plethora overmuch plus overrun redundancy fat debris overstock alluvium surplusage too much the limit bellyful something extra end scrap pieces oddments crumbs accumulation draff precipitation slops deposition fragments bit profusion legacy spare fag end bits and bobs mud ooze slime dirt rubbish gook gunk bits traces scrapings rejects flotsam leaving ashes offcuts oversufficiency ground particle outstanding amount bits and pieces inheritance drift deposits rubble sweepings piece survival litter cast-offs spoil miscellany shred sand castoffs carryover over flood portion strip part clay last part end piece loose ends tag end dog end remaining amount extravagance offcut exorbitance settling matter solids powder lavishness muck mire tatter offscourings castoff discard cutting slush wastefulness nimiety slurry slop pickings gloop goo slob guck unused supplies uneaten food grunge clart crud glop tail ends grot gunge exuberance supererogation overload luxuriance embarrassment fulsomeness excessiveness overweight recrement too much of a good thing redundance overdose inundation extravagantness plenty superfluousness extravagancy by-product enough clag goop grease oil

Động từ

To gut

Tính từ

Insignificant or worthless
two-bit inferior shoddy poor trashy junky lousy worthless cheesy base cruddy gaudy sleazy tatty ratty valueless catchpenny piddling second-rate no good rinky-dink small-time crummy bad dreadful terrible awful mediocre atrocious deplorable abysmal disastrous horrendous substandard abominable wretched appalling diabolical execrable pathetic lamentable pitiful horrid lame unsatisfactory damnable unacceptable low-grade laughable rubbishy sad paltry low-quality horrible less-than-stellar grotty poor-quality second-class below par poor quality third-rate under par objectionable dismal deficient disagreeable rubbish rotten wanting cheap not up to scratch disgraceful stinking not up to par bush-league cut-rate odious wack useless crumby punk not up to snuff grungy sub-par scurrilous beastly insufferable meager dire dissatisfactory gross irremediable meagre reprehensible indefensible stinky revolting repulsive repellant repellent hellish rancid disgustful hellacious rebarbative loathly bad news raunchy tinhorn downer icky unspeakable bum low-rent el cheapo diddly egregious rough fallacious bummer godawful ropy detestable duff schlocky the pits poxy grim pants not good grody chronic bargain-basement erroneous not the best blah sucky frightful unstylish ticky-tack tasteless tacky inelegant dowdy styleless ticky-tacky unfashionable shabby bogus tawdry no-good low in quality flimsy empty despicable good-for-nothing abandoned barren won't do imperfect over the fence inadequate miserable impermissible inacceptable exceptionable not on pitiable distasteful unappealing dodgy tenth-rate offensive below standard intolerable woeful dubious insupportable insufficient from hunger loathsome suboptimal subpar below average contemptible sorry not quite the done thing hopeless amateurish displeasing condemnable faulty God-awful half-baked crude out low second rate cheapo vile not cricket obnoxious off wrong unreasonable questionable uninviting improper abject inadmissible unsuitable unimpressive defective inappropriate nasty of poor quality repugnant not up to standard undesirable beyond the pale unseemly bush of low quality reject disappointing out of order common manky gimcrack cheapjack trumpery drecky junk cheap and nasty dime-a-dozen run-down schlock average meretricious dud cheapie dime-store a dime a dozen Brummagem entry-level tinny pinchbeck lemon garbagy tattered kitsch grubby scroungy bottom-rung naff twopenny-halfpenny two a penny brassy low-end not up to much coarse jerry-built unsound unworthy middling hack ordinary dingy scruffy slipshod broken-down mean

Tính từ

Incapable of being applied
inapplicable irrelevant inapposite inappropriate inapt extraneous immaterial impertinent unsuitable unsuited inadmissible irrelative unconnected unrelated foreign inappurtenant inapropos inconsistent misplaced remote wrong beside the point not germane not pertinent neither here nor there nothing to do with it off the subject peripheral unimportant inconsequential wide of the mark not to the point pointless off the point insignificant unassociated unnecessary trivial tangential inessential disconnected out of place of no consequence unconcerned incidental extrinsic nonessential superfluous unessential minor trifling superficial not at issue not pertaining to off the topic not connected with not to the purpose of no moment of no matter of no importance of no account of little account confused illogical alien incongruous OT not the issue not worth worrying about additional extra needless supplementary redundant nothing to do with the case adventitious unneeded inconsiderable petty off-topic intrusive not important not significant meaningless inconsiderate beside the question nihil ad rem wide of the point no big deal all the same matter of indifference no never mind a matter of indifference makes no difference negligible inconsequent detached independent unapt disparate dissociated outside separate not connected not applicable not related nothing to do with off base out of order nugatory slight frivolous non-essential small-fry minute fiddling small little Mickey Mouse dispensable expendable secondary more added paltry foolish worthless excess supplemental surplus further insubstantial light fresh piddling picayune nickel-and-dime dinky casual supernumerary not worth mentioning of little consequence of little importance not worth speaking of contributory subsidiary subordinate ancillary by-the-way by-the-by background auxiliary less important gratuitous of less importance occasional related contributing unwarranted incompatible inconsonant uncharacteristic scanty meagre flimsy nominal footling measly heterogeneous unsubstantial inappreciable excessive nondescript niggling piddly infinitesimal pimping piffling unassimilable separated disengaged divorced purportless minuscule minimal senseless lightweight lesser meager of minor importance de minimis no-account of little import apart deadwood luxury uncalled-for isolated excess baggage remote from different from disconnected from distant from spare severed withdrawn free increased removed cut off leftover farther another collateral complementary one more other bonus new new-found reserve alternative on the side supererogatory inferior small-time low-ranking optional special frothy zero useless zilch tinpot zip nothing twopenny-halfpenny second-rate shoestring null indifferent add-on no great shakes over and above of no great concern

Tính từ

Having faults or errors
imperfect faulty flawed defective damaged broken impaired shoddy unsound inferior second-rate substandard unfit unsaleable unsellable warped below par blemished cracked deformed inoperative limited partial scratched shabby torn amiss bad below standard crummy deficient immature incomplete lousy malfunctioning patchy tenth-rate unfinished duff inexact ropy rubbish rudimentary sketchy undeveloped bottom-of-barrel disfigured dud fallible faultful inadequate injured junk lemon low marred minus not functioning not working schlocky sick two-bit unsatisfactory vicious out of order few bugs not much cop not up to scratch not up to snuff in a state of disrepair on the blink kaput busted knackered weak in disrepair broken-down on the fritz non-functioning incorrect down bust unreliable conked out done for on its last legs buckled chipped wrong distorted hurt spoiled run-down shot gone wrong gone inaccurate buggy useless fallacious erroneous out of kilter awry wonky unusable false confused spoilt screwed up out of whack in need of repair out of commission haywire botched frail playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut tainted not in working order failed poor abnormal seconds unhealthy subnormal worthless dented smashed inconsistent slipshod valueless on the bum ineffective crippled off debilitated harmed dinged totaled snafued bent flubbed sunk split no good beat-up loused up messed up glitched in smithereens out of action in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go fissured crazed fractured splintered cleft inoperable ruptured slit disabled ruined out finished invalid imprecise spent wracked exhausted feeble worn-out embryonic non-functional inappropriate gone to pieces had it fallen apart in the shop coming unstuck on the shelf conked-out coming unglued gone to pot untoward improper unsuitable debased rank unretentive insufficient contradictory adulterated malformed blamable leaky maimed incoherent lame primitive obsolete abortive rotten mistaken inept unapt astray indecorous infelicitous perverse adrift malapropos inapposite graceless incongruous inapt unbecoming unhappy unseemly vestigial unformed unmellowed raw green premature crude unripe erring crooked unlawful unfair foul glitched up not mature not matured not ripe unserviceable gone kaput out of service broken down nonfunctional jiggered out of use nonfunctioning nonoperating kaputt up the spout worn out bonkers kerflooey incapacitated inactive dilapidated not functional not in operation unavailable for use given up the ghost not in use stopped working packed up not in service gone bust old rumpty done in wrecked clapped out crashed inoperational S U unoperational unavailable unfunctional in repair decommissioned unproductive unavailing non-operational dysfunctional scrap bootless unworkable ineffectual nonactive inefficacious doesn't work null and void hors de combat deteriorated decayed run down battered ramshackle tumbledown crumbling gone to rack and ruin falling to pieces ill-maintained badly maintained poorly maintained worse for wear

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