Đồng nghĩa của new found

Tính từ

Newly discovered
brand-new fresh new newborn afresh newfangled novel dewy latest modern recent recently discovered just out hot off the press hot off the fire spanking new brand spanking new current brand new new-found newly arrived newest of late just completed just done just finished last latter unreleased pristine unpublished raw never-before-seen previously unreleased newly published just released newly released late virgin virginal untouched perfect mint span-new intact immature undeveloped developing unripe in its infancy in the making young modernistic contemporary state-of-the-art up-to-date advanced avant-garde up to the minute ultramodern hot up-to-the-minute present-day red-hot space-age new-fashioned designer mod cutting edge new age progressive fashionable trendy up to date leading edge high-tech revolutionary trailblazing in in fashion stylish trendsetting in vogue innovative all the rage modish innovatory now with it happening cutting-edge au courant a la mode bang up to date ultra-modern groundbreaking voguish chic forward-looking futuristic cool hip leading-edge modernised modernized avant updated hi-tech modern-day faddish neonatal popular nouvelle latter-day à la mode highly developed in-thing neoteric with-it timely forefront SOTA present extant just issued immediate ongoing topical immediately prior immediately prior to hot off press present-time twenty-first-century high-end bleeding edge just born recently born newly born in style smart flash swinging snazzy natty nifty go-ahead kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' leading plugged-in newly discovered contemporaneous pioneering ground-breaking recently developed most recent

Trái nghĩa của new found

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