Đồng nghĩa của recreated

Alternative for recreated

recreate /'rekrieit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm giải khuây
      • it recreates him to play chess with his neighbours: đánh cờ với các người láng giếng làm anh ta giải khuây
      • to recreate oneself: giải lao, giải trí, tiêu khiển

Động từ

Past tense for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
renewed restored revitalised revitalized revived rejuvenated refreshed regenerated revivified resuscitated freshened recharged refreshened repaired reanimated stimulated reinvigorated invigorated enlivened envigorated energized breathed new life into energised inspirited rekindled braced resurrected renovated exhilarated rewakened rewaked kick-started waked up vivified roused quickened reawakened pepped up fortified strengthened animated updated modernized awakened aroused enkindled modernised bucked up bounced back cheered replenished uplifted regained rallied reconditioned reinforced encouraged brightened brought around rewoke rewoken put new life into put some spark into woken up woke up prodded prompted reactivated restarted boosted re-established livened up recovered relieved touched up brought back to life made whole cooled vitalized reconstructed reproduced gladdened reestablished galvanized activated excited improved changed redeveloped rescued overhauled reorganized brushed up perked up reorganised galvanised put new heart into put pep into given a shot in the arm to snapped out of it brought back come to life let sunshine in spruced up brought to built up gave a shot in the arm to given new strength to gave new strength to fired jogged heartened cheered up stirred recalled triggered comforted inspired sparked gingered up enhanced titivated amended reenergized unwound reinstituted bolstered relaunched revamped tidied dusted neatened cleaned sweetened cured healed helped overcome filliped brightened up brought round solaced jump-started pleased spiked recuperated consoled rediscovered restituted retreaded rehabbed refurbished reclaimed spruced changed radically produced freshened up made lively buoyed up wakened up topped up worked up zipped up performed CPR gave new life to made young again made someone feel young again vivificated juiced up added some zest to stirred up made more lively cooled down picked up given a boost to made younger propped up restored vitality to gave a boost to cleaned up breathed life into braced up buoyed made healthy jazzed up amped up got going again fired up blew away the cobwebs lit a fire under spiced came to life raised from the dead aired out blown away the cobwebs diverted livened given new life to entertained made more exciting zapped overcame holp holpen did done gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm sprung up sprang up gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life gave life to given life to gave a lift given a lift done up gave face lift to given face lift to did up given a new lease of life to given the kiss of life to gave a new lease of life to gave the kiss of life to given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation lift elated electrified emboldened motivated incited spurred elevated moved lifted reassured steeled lightened thrilled spurred on instigated geed up put zip into turned on inflamed enthralled delighted impelled raised pumped up spiced up kindled provoked intoxicated sustained exalted assured enraptured goaded promoted chirked up warmed looked up rejoiced fulfilled empowered supported put new life in imbued set up made happy fueled fuelled enthused enheartened tickled pink hit the spot leavened dynamized gratified titillated seasoned urged transported whipped up intensified innervated fanned revved up commoved psyched up contented brought to life put some life into pleasured ameliorated satisfied captivated suited gladded gave a buzz given a buzz impassioned given a lift to gave a lift to suffused agreed with made someone feel good raised someone's spirits swayed hotted up modified piqued incentivized infused informed charged soothed enriched touched influenced gave someone a kick given someone a kick added zest to primed armed enabled activized augmented put life into sent driven drove drave druv raised your spirits confirmed borne up bore up snapped up affected innerved put new heart in hardened entranced indulged feed fed instilled humored increased put new strength in amused made real zested fleshed out saved made happier got better put on cloud nine feasted gassed humoured relaxed added zing to let the sun shine in put on top of the world keyed up fired with enthusiasm bowled over put at ease brought joy to made content raised spirits incentified applauded pushed disinhibited enforced zhooshed zhooshed up jumpstarted egged built pervaded permeated boosted up cheered on reenforced ignited penetrated made something swing nudged took a turn for the better taken a turn for the better evoked engendered irritated gotten going got going added some colour to smartened up brought alive praised pricked transformed edified lit up flavored flavoured heightened stiffened the resolve of raised the morale of boosted someone's morale spirited someone up lifted the spirits of bielded stimulated spiritually caused called forth brought out made something go with a bang nerved juiced accelerated magnified coloured soured made alive bettered refined satiated persuaded gave shot in arm given shot in arm upraised charmed sated speeded sped fostered moved to action consolidated placated quenched cultivated civilized stiffened enchanted whetted wakened catalysed waked catalyzed distorted laced poisoned become livelier gained strength made brighter inclined impressed turned someone on filled made confident become lively calmed sharpened tickled made very happy served slaked corroborated substantiated upheld exacerbated nurtured cleared up advanced civilised fascinated delectated enamored bewitched tempted given someone a charge gave someone a charge met powered struck nourished allured wowed authenticated felt happier become more cheerful colored tinged taken heart took heart become cheerful added spice to gotten better obliged condoled precipitated dispatched actuated sprung assuaged regaled arrided ravished switched on got beghasted infected occasioned sparked off endued started up surfeited satisficed flattered accommodated attracted grooved poured it on girt backed reintroduced burgeoned girded speeded up sped up lightened up loosened up carried cloyed gotten your act together got your act together steamed up mollified charged up made more cheerful commiserated made one feel at ease become hopeful prospered given pleasure to captured fired the imagination of sold boosted moral acted as a incentive to gave someone pleasure gained convalesced acted as a stimulus to lent more weight to made a hit with someone made your head spin made well composed pleased greatly acted as a spur to knocked dead mended besoothed brought comfort to built a fire under sympathized with made merry become optimistic lifted up allayed soared palliated backed up tickle to death gave pleasure to warmed the cockles of the heart succored made more forceful catered to succoured provided for started off salved given someone pleasure stoked up quieted fears acted as a fillip to eased condoled with pandered to lightened burden pacified commiserated with acted as a impetus to filled the bill empathized with added zest given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to drew forth drawn forth gave a bit of zing given a bit of zing pepped woke woken given courage to gave courage to became lively stung became livelier upholden sprang grew grown stricken gave someone great pleasure given someone great pleasure became cheerful given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill taken off took off became more cheerful gotten gat shook up shaken up did the trick done the trick grew buoyant grown buoyant gone to your head went to your head took a load off taken a load off got one going gotten one going gotten one started got one started appealed to gave condolences to given solace to gave sympathy to gave solace to given sympathy to given condolences to got one's kicks gone over big tickled to death went over big gotten one's kicks added a little something to were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gave one an idea been responsible for given impetus gave impetus gave weight to bore out given weight to borne out shaken gotten into the mood shook got into the mood risen rose became optimistic became hopeful

Động từ

Past tense for amuse
amused charmed cheered delighted diverted entertained fractured gladdened grabbed gratified interested killed occupied panicked pleased regaled slew slayed slain tickled wowed cracked up knocked dead put away broke one up broken one up made roll in the aisles beguiled distracted absorbed absorpt fascinated disported engrossed solaced enthralled relaxed held the attention of put 'em away titillated rivetted riveted gripped enchanted involved engaged preoccupied immersed given pleasure to gave pleasure to stimulated humored captivated satisfied piqued inspired elated indulged enlivened comforted humoured ecstasized inspirited tickled pink bowled over knocked 'em dead made happy made merry fractured one got one's jollies gotten one's jollies enraptured entranced bewitched mesmerized allured thrilled intrigued attracted spellbound mesmerised busied enwrapped bemused ravished put under a spell transfixed hit the spot enamored excited turned on hypnotized arrested magnetized wiled sent delectated fulfilled magnetised cheered up caught up hypnotised contented held pleasured witched bedazzled rejoiced tantalized ensnared lured made smile carried away tickle to death tantalised made laugh enticed exhilarated employed convulsed raptured monopolized won over intoxicated dazzled transported suited warmed enamoured grooved engulfed arrided overjoyed tempted compelled monopolised hooked infatuated gladded overwhelmed knocked out appealed to seduced held spellbound pleased greatly made someone feel good agreed with holden drawn drew tickled to death given a buzz gave a buzz went over big gave someone a kick given someone a kick gone over big nurtured refreshed partied brushed caressed patted touched vamped scratched vellicated itched kittled prickled tingled irritated treated to consumed uplifted heartened elevated fixated fixed fixt filled obliged buried rapped jubilated exulted gloried scored soaked attended owned concerned caught obsessed tossed a party had a get-together laughed it up used up tickled the fancy of cracked someone up brightened up taken up took up held attention swept off feet turned someone on buoyed up brought joy to made content bucked up swept off one's feet creased someone up pulled made a hit with overpowered kindled stirred enslaved won invited aroused fired interested greatly animated provoked appealed subdued got under someone's skin tied up made somebody laugh got lost in made someone glad freaked out made someone pleased tickled one's fancy warmed the cockles of the heart tickled your fancy kept busy made a hit with someone lost oneself in tickled someone's fancy made someone content held one's attention made somebody's day aroused the curiosity of own gave a party given a party aroused curiosity taken took thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift got one's kicks gotten one's kicks

Động từ

Past tense for to engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation
disported played sported dallied frolicked rollicked skylarked toyed challenged contended contested participated rivalled rivaled vied engaged in engagde in took on taken on took part taken part cut capers capered romped gambolled gamboled frisked let go let loose cavorted larked had fun fiddled reveled revelled jumped entertained oneself caroused diverted oneself enjoyed oneself larked around larked about disported oneself made merry cut loose let one's hair down cut up fooled around trifled leaped leapt danced skipped pranced rested relaxed wantoned tripped sprung scampered hopped amused oneself bobbed curveted caprioled curvetted bounced spreed rioted fribbled clowned rejoiced doodled diverted fooled jested joked kidded engaged in games occupied yourself puttered around kicked up heels messed around monkeyed around horsed around raised hell had a good time kicked up one's heels goofed around kicked around whooped it up entertained yourself played games idled away messed about enjoyed yourself fiddled around hung about played around carried on pottered around kicked up your heels sprang occupies oneself occupied oneself gone on a tear went on a tear went on a spree gone on a spree amused yourself bounded bound jigged roistered celebrated partied lolloped loped painted the town red cut the rug cut a rug drunk drank binged wassailed raved birled made whoopee had a party kidded around stept stepped anded be merry lived it up had a fling had a ball painted the town hoofed it vaulted swayed rocked spun whirled cut roughhoused hurdled feasted galloped let off steam flitted wallowed gloated savored crowed delighted thrived luxuriated rolled savoured larged it indulged basked pogoed bopped cut a caper stepped out run around pushed the boat out stepped it footed it let your hair down ate eaten swung played tricks made mischief monkeyed about fooled about footled about strutted clowned about indulged in horseplay clowned around footled around swaggered caracoled boozed bounded about paraded sashayed span horseplayed twirled mucked around fannied about mucked about played up bounded around jumped around jumped about stalked wiggled overindulged galumphed gyrated swanked acted the goat leaped about imbibed bevvied quaffed pub-crawled pirouetted enjoyed relished kibitzed around hurtled boogied jived showboated run waltzed jogged trotted dashed moshed discoed grooved stomped pounced saltated tread flounced swept minced lapped up thriven crew throve slam-danced showed off sprinted went on a binge gone on a binge gone on the town went on the town ran around raised Cain skittered lopped lopt got down blown off steam blew off steam kicked over the traces raised the roof bucked socialized socialised slid cantered exulted gloried run lightly swang swungen sprang around sprang about sprung around sprung about swank acted the giddy goat trod trodden ran shown off gone places and do things went places and do things drank heavily drank freely drunk freely drunk heavily sprant sprunt went to town gone to town taken satisfaction taken pride took satisfaction took pride drank and make merry drunk and make merry went on a drinking bout went boozing gone on a drinking bout gone boozing trodden lightly ran lightly trod lightly slidden went on a pub crawl gone on a pub crawl bent the elbow went on a bender gone on a bender gotten drunk got drunk went on the piss went on the bevvy gone on the piss gone on the bevvy

Động từ

Past tense for to restore or build up something again, especially after damage or destruction
reconstructed refabricated refashioned re-formed reinvented restrategized rebuilt restored revamped renovated remodeled remodelled recast reconditioned overhauled repaired remade refurbished modernized made over rehabilitated fixed fixt rehabbed reconstituted reassembled fixed up modernised reworked rewrought regenerated rejuvenated patched reformed redecorated reestablished did up done up refitted doctored altered redeveloped modified changed revised improved revived resuscitated revitalized transformed refurnished mended updated revivified resurrected rekindled refreshed upgraded gentrified renewed retreaded spruced restructured varied revitalised redesigned tarted up vamped up built up brought up to date brought something up to code put back together redid redone reorganized reoriented recharged amended reproduced reshuffled replaced cleansed retrieved face-lifted cleaned reactivated retooled adapted refreshened rewakened rewaked reanimated freshened remolded adjusted reorganised remoulded re-established reintroduced braced reinstated exhilarated reawakened recalled breathed new life into gussied up spruced up pieced together started over made good remanufactured given something a facelift built again started again made again touched up restarted built rethought gave something a facelift reerected did done rewoken rewoke went over gone over did from scratch gone back to the beginning done from scratch did again done again did over again done over again went back to the beginning serviced put together patched up set right put right set to rights rectified retouched re-created recovered assembled joined fit together fettled brightened up put to rights put in order restituted reformatted restyled reshaped corrected furbished emended regulated changed the format freshened up brought up to code restored to working order tuned up made as good as new fiddled with developt developed composed produced again maintained reinforced vamped sorted remastered joined up united cleaned up set up constructed redeemed tuned got working debugged put back into its original condition brought back brought into the twenty-first century straightened out made whole sewed seen to saw to covered wrapped wrapt reinstalled reinvigorated reequipped reequipt cured healed remedied emendated righted redrafted rebranded reenforced tidied groomed converted redressed clouted botched conditioned tinkered smartened up pimped out pimped up strengthened cobbled glued readied settled rescued salvageed salvaged tidied up beautified realigned made smarter doctored up made neater made tidy given a new look to gave a new look to gotten into shape jazzed up perked up made well got into shape gave a face-lift given a face-lift neatened smartened made fit for use worked on dolled up sewed up sewn up redrew rewritten rewrote redrawn gave a facelift to given a facelift to gotten working again got working again shaken up gave facelift shook up given facelift gave a face-lift to

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