Đồng nghĩa của indoctrinated

Alternative for indoctrinated

indoctrinate /in'dɔktrineit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • truyền bá, truyền thụ, làm thấm nhuần; truyền giáo
      • to indoctrinate Buddhism: truyền bá đạo Phật


Past tense for to teach with a biased, one-sided or uncritical ideology
schooled taught instructed brainwashed trained drilled conditioned convinced disciplined educated grounded ground imbued inculcated initiated lessoned molded moulded persuaded propagandised propagandized proselytised proselytized tutored coached implanted influenced instilled planted programmed radicalised radicalized extremized fanaticized broke down broken down worked over prepared edified enlightened informed guided upskilled put someone through their paces primed developed directed catechized cultivated exercised illuminated versed improved nurtured advised reared lectured briefed put through the grind drummed into inspired shaped groomed bettered acquainted formed elevated uplifted led leaded hypnotized updated manipulated compelled ordered illumined illumed put in head hypnotised advanced tamed fostered familiarized sharpened rehearsed fit civilized readied piloted showed civilised clarified familiarised practised honed explained dinned something into gave lessons to given lessons to mentored counseled counselled practiced broke in broken in shown the ropes showed the ropes put through the mill put in the picture about made fit licked into shape let in on shope pressurized gave lessons given lessons sophisticated converted altered refined humanized polished regimented pressurised acculturated socialized reclaimed based talked into imparted promoted enriched ennobled spiritualized idealized ethicized seasoned communicated hipped cleared told apprised managed introduced predicated rested fitted equipped matured homeschooled shown qualified humanised bred socialised idealised pounded into equipped with polished up opened eyes demonstrated hanged hung clued in engineered levelled leveled caught up revealed steered filled in clued disclosed hardened inured taught school wised up informed about gave the facts given the facts kept posted improved mind helped forward clued in on clued up on demonstrated to made something clear to worked out walked through filled in on supervised pointed out expounded genned up on laid it out for explicated tuned up whipped into shape accustomed described cared for made conversant with made ready familiarized with habituated taught information brought up equipt gave instruction to given instruction to given instructions gave instructions gave character given character broke it to broken it to gave lessons in given lessons in broke broken brake gave the gen about gave the low-down on given the low-down on acquainted with given the gen about given a grounding in gave a grounding in gotten into shape got into shape


Past tense for to sow or place in one's consciousness
inculcated imbued infused implanted steeped suffused ingrained instilled planted introduced brainwashed endued invested inoculated engrained sowed sown drilled inspired fixed impressed indued infixed enrooted imprinted programmed bred inseminated engendered fostered induced produced promoted imparted dinned drummed into drove into driven into dinned something into drilled into hammered into hammered in drummed in impressed upon broke down broken down shaped up worked over taught hammered drummed taught over and over again set filled pervaded permeated charged rooted coached trained instructed drove driven entrenched inundated saturated drubbed embedded interspersed bathed force-fed impregnated animated fortified leavened engraved etched bedded intrenched branded imbedded established impacted lodged rammed down one's throat radicated bred in the bone hammered home breathed into drilled in sowed the seeds sown the seeds driven home drove home fixt installed insinuated inserted engrafted placed injected put inset stuck sticked positioned stamped dinned in offset diffused transfused generated disseminated interjected intermixed infiltrated insetted fastened instituted caught anchored glued settled rigidified stabilized consolidated moored riveted linked stabilised congealed connected grafted solidified affixed steadied located rivetted hardened coupled secured pinned thickened tied bound cemented stiffened forced in debossed printed found founded nailed down stayed put registered recorded sown the seeds of sowed the seeds of inscribed offsetted repeated designated putten bounden drave druv frozen to froze to


Past tense for to admit (someone) into a specified Church by baptism

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