Đồng nghĩa của unrecognisable


Not visually clear or sharply defined
indistinct faint unclear fuzzy obscure shadowy blurred hazy indistinguishable misty vague dim foggy nebulous bleary ambiguous blear cloudy doubtful smoky blurry gauzy indiscernible murky opaque pale bleared indeterminate nebulose obfuscated dark formless inconspicuous out of focus barely perceptible hard to see lacking definition hard to make out indefinite undefined ill-defined unsubstantial disorganised ill-organized disorganized intangible impalpable illusory undetermined dreamy visionary unrecognisable imprecise woolly wooly unfocused muzzy confused clouded uncertain inexplicit equivocal inexact amorphous distorted dubious shapeless unformed loose fogged unsettled filmy enigmatic unknown unsure muddled obscured imperceptible unspecific dull sketchy indefinable faded remote muddy mysterious overcast crepuscular unintelligible debatable unresolved elusive undecided speculative imperfect muffled perplexing puzzling weak in doubt up in the air open to question unformulated tenuous ambivalent veiled inaccurate questionable unshaped structureless unstructured unobtrusive shady befogged bleached light dusky obfuscous general incomprehensible inaudible Cimmerian out-of-focus low resolution incoherent dewy mushy shrouded enveloped vaporous some kind of undistinct unlimited evasive distant unexplicit dreamlike tenebrous unfixed oracular hardly noticeable hardly detectable broad open-ended innumerable indeterminable inexhaustible wide noncommittal undependable hard to understand unpredictable incalculable unforeseeable abstruse cryptic arcane unconfirmed hesitant confusing iffy dicey equivocating dodgy irresolute wavering indecisive unestablished hidden vacillating undisclosed unascertained in the balance concealed fuddled addled apocryphal yet to be decided groggy dizzy fazed benumbed befuddled perplexed disorientated disoriented stupefied mixed up


Having changed one's appearance in order to conceal one's identity
disguised assumed camouflaged false pretend artificial concealed covert fake forged hidden imitation incognito masked mock sham sly back-alley counterfeit feigned furtive phony phoney pseudo sneaky undercover underhand changed cloaked covered incog in disguise masquerading veiled under cover sailing under false colours implied suppressed surreptitious indirect unrevealed indistinct hinted at underlying ill-defined obscure vague unclear oblique invisible shrouded secret shielded roundabout unexposed hooded screened unrecognisable out of sight obscured unseen out of view not visible covered up inconspicuous imperceptible undetectable unnoticeable latent buried clouded imperceivable undetected hidden from sight hidden from view secluded under wraps sequestered unobserved unnoticed underground indiscernible secreted sheltered curtained unobtrusive eclipsed privy undisclosed tucked away private impalpable imaginary perdu not in sight in the dark larvate cryptic cabalistic lost to view isolated cloistered entombed unseeable remote reclusive indistinguishable deep discreet shadowy inappreciable unapparent nonexistent unperceivable retired intangible unobservable ghostly insensible unviewable imponderable gaseous ethereal vaporous far-off faraway far-removed not in view impossible to detect beneath below sunk quiet on the QT stashed cached ulterior enshrouded hushed up hidden away recondite hush-hush put in the hole holed up planted guarded lurking unperceived imagined impenetrable occult dark unsuspected undiscovered withheld not obvious snug tect not on view

Trái nghĩa của unrecognisable

unrecognisable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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