Đồng nghĩa của undetermined

Alternative for undetermined

undetermined /'ʌndi'tə:mind/
  • tính từ
    • chưa xác định, không xác minh được, không rõ; chưa quyết định
      • an undetermined date: ngày tháng không rõ
      • an undetermined question: vấn đề chưa quyết định
    • lưỡng lự, do dự, không quả quyết
      • an undetermined person: một người do dự


Awaiting decision or settlement
pending undecided unresolved unsettled open abeyant doubtful equivocal faltering hesitant hesitating incalculable indeterminate irresolute uncertain undiscovered unfamiliar unidentified unknown unproven unspecified unsure vacillating wavering unheard of sitting on the fence up in the air iffy debatable tentative indefinite in doubt indecisive in the balance vague open to question in limbo unconfirmed unclear dubious moot unconcluded ambiguous ambivalent unfinished divided questionable ongoing dithering yet to be decided in two minds incomplete waffling shilly-shallying unanswered teetering fluctuating in a dilemma of two minds blowing hot and cold controversial unascertained arguable open to debate dodgy problematic inconclusive on the back burner betwixt and between unestablished on ice borderline vexed uncommitted disputed outstanding to be decided dicey hairy unsolved unpredictable in a state of uncertainty in a quandary skeptical unforeseeable sceptical wishy-washy chancy speculative equivocating unconvinced open to doubt torn disputable obscure touch and go hemming and hawing on the fence contentious in abeyance unattended to awaiting action problematical hanging fire confused undefined distrustful fickle weak trustless mistrustful leery doubting weak-minded up for grabs secret suspended unrevealed deferred untold postponed unexplained unrecognized neglected unnoted unperceived untrustworthy unreliable pendent put off suspicious unfixed at issue unrecognised undependable controvertible hanging uneventful mysterious in dispute indistinct awaiting decision perplexing puzzling dubitable in cold storage still open infirm awaiting attention contestable doubtable negotiable issuable in the air hinky perplexed vacillant shaky changeable unstable halting pussyfooting not yet established volatile in question in a state of suspension agnostic faithless noncommittal in a state of limbo weak-kneed up for discussion like doubting Thomas on-the-fence hot and cold in no man's land running hot and cold hot-and-cold not sure without belief slow unbeknownst in hand strange nameless unnamed undistinguished unassertive dilly-dallying shillyshallying unbeknown split ignored wide open unlikely suspect open to discussion put to one side in suspension inconstant unsteady risky open for discussion not yet settled unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged debated contested nervous fluctuant yet to be settled not fixed not settled conjectural precarious sketchy forgotten abandoned unable to decide humming and hawing neutral impartial not definite hedging your bets in the middle changing halfhearted fearful wobbly inexplicit imprecise left out anyone's guess inexact indistinguishable in contention thorny ticklish delicate sticky knotty taxing abstruse cryptic arcane confusing muffled hanging by a thread on thin ice hidden dark undisclosed concealed on hold full of doubt hot-button intangible indiscernible shadowy elusive cagey undivulged awkward troublesome difficult fractious tricky loath reticent indisposed unconvincing unproved ill-defined disinclined much debated reluctant loth cagy unsatisfying unsatisfactory inadequate resolving nothing lacking groundless unfateful unfounded deficient unsound proving nothing unapprehended riddling subject to debate unsavoury diffident fly-by-night unsavory questioning unassured untrusty noteless to be won or lost leaving matters open mootable on the horns of a dilemma a live issue a moot point a controversial subject left hanging a matter of opinion bone of contention the jury's out undone between rock and hard place between sixes and sevens still open to question still open to doubt remaining left astraddle awaiting not done dependent ominous continuing pensile in reserve to be done in line on board on line around the corner in the works clouded open-ended not decided


Not clearly understood or visually perceived
vague indistinct unclear obscure hazy fuzzy faint blurry nebulous misty shadowy dim indefinite indistinguishable foggy murky opaque bleary undefined gauzy blear pale blurred ill-defined ambiguous cloudy imprecise uncertain indeterminate out of focus lacking definition clouded equivocal inexact dubious enigmatic unsettled confused inexplicit dark doubtful formless indefinable unknown unsure debatable nebulose open to question distorted mysterious indiscernible loose unfocused cryptic amorphous shapeless unconfirmed muzzy unformed arcane unresolved unexplicit abstruse unestablished woolly intangible wooly undecided unascertained impalpable enigmatical filmy up in the air yet to be decided unobtrusive imperceptible muddy unsubstantial low resolution muffled incoherent inscrutable barely perceptible bleached light faded unrecognizable distant dreamlike tenebrous elusive unformulated tenuous illusory visionary unrecognisable dreamy arguable questionable mystic deep elliptical perplexing overcast elliptic Delphic fuliginous vacillating dewy mushy shrouded enveloped vaporous open to debate open to argument hardly noticeable hardly detectable hidden occult double-edged general undisclosed veiled speculative concealed unlimited evasive apocryphal unfixed in doubt oracular broad unspecific open-ended innumerable indeterminable inexhaustible wide noncommittal undependable soft smoky obfuscated unstructured bleared unshaped hard to make out muddled dusky irregular inchoate hard to see dull insubstantial inconspicuous dense sketchy baggy heavy disfigured mutilated unmade misshapen undeveloped ungraceful abnormal embryonic amorphic invisible anomalous assymetrical unsymmetrical ill-formed fogged without form without character structureless approximate rough flimsy unintelligible fragile deformed turbid mucky unshapely malformed soupy disorganized gloomy disorganised leaden nubilous nontranslucent nontransparent fluid obscured smoggy fine befogged dismal lowering crepuscular mixed delicate thin gray grey not clear neither fish nor fowl neither one thing nor the other ambivalent slight riley inaccurate shapely some kind of remote shady bewildering unsound puzzling roily emulsified impenetrable muddied ill-organized Cimmerian well-developed curvaceous curvy buxom undistinct incomprehensible inaudible roiled imperfect impervious thick stacked approximative estimated weak sweeping ballpark obfuscous shaky hard to understand out-of-focus squishy careless sloppy brumous hazed negligible non-specific feathery ethereal coarse-grained non-committal blurred round the edges beclouded louring insignificant suspect unshapen nondescript characterless diaphanous unconvincing unsubstantiated blobby overclouded gossamer frail incorporeal asymmetrical wisplike wispy loose-fitting undescribable discarnate immaterial unbodied imperceptible to the touch hard to define unobservable airy indescribable unperceivable unable to be touched hard to describe imponderable disembodied unapparent


Lacking strength of character to follow one's own principles
weak irresolute indecisive spineless unassertive cowardly fickle gutless impotent ineffectual meek passive timid weak-willed craven dithering faltering ineffective inept soft spiritless tame useless wishy-washy effete fallible indeterminate invertebrate nerveless pathetic powerless pusillanimous timorous vacillating wavering weakling characterless chicken-hearted corruptible faint-hearted hemming and hawing lily-livered limp-wristed milk-and-water namby-pamby supine undependable unreliable unsure waffling weak-kneed wet yellow yellow-bellied yielding chicken easily led wimpish wimpy feeble frail fearful weakened sissy candy-assed boneless wussy pigeon-hearted submissive poor-spirited chicken-livered cowering recreant sissified quaking trembling afraid hesitant nervous shrinking unheroic poltroon dastardly tentative chickenhearted milk-livered frightened weedy apprehensive enervated scared uncertain shy insipid weak-minded fainthearted abject compliant diffident unmanly jittery doubtful inadequate cowed retiring vapid halting anxious half-hearted jejune debilitated daunted easily frightened nerdy persuasible persuadable impressionable milksoppish caitiff pithless mousy infirm biddable mousey skittish tremulous undecided lacking courage panicky pigeonhearted feeble-minded hesitating intimidated dismayed equivocating changeable teetering divided ambivalent fluctuating uncommitted unresolved torn shaky unassured iffy shilly-shallying unstable having cold feet in two minds sitting on the fence in a quandary in a dilemma blowing hot and cold innocuous inefficient incompetent silly disorganized wasteful foolish petrified coward insufficient epicene insignificant lame simpering colourless drippy swishy snowflake daft jumpy feart easily scared nervy broken bland stumbling limp mean-spirited disorganised flabby spooked lifeless inert niddering colorless cringey funky coy poltroonish white-livered sookie ignoble flavourless mediocre watered-down listless sapless flavorless languid dull gentle browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unnerved base scary fearsome dishonourable dishonorable cringing deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking low unprincipled unethical tricky stammering cowhearted backward worthless pussyfooting uneventful astraddle unresisting afraid of one's own shadow hot and cold of two minds on the fence obedient paper tiger no guts running scared acquiescent tractable unprotesting deferential having the willies insecure unconfident lacking feeling squeamish forceless self-conscious self-doubting lacking assurance lacking self-confidence not confident not self-assured lacking in confidence lacking confidence like a lamb to the slaughter without a will of your own afraid of one's shadow unsteady unsettled doubting changing halfhearted wobbly on-the-fence in doubt full of doubt hot-and-cold without guts

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