Đồng nghĩa của undeterred

Alternative for undeterred

undeterred /'ʌndi'tə:d/
  • tính từ
    • (+ by) không bị ngăn chặn, không ngã lòng, không nao núng


Not able to be tired
untiring indefatigable tireless unflagging energetic industrious vigorous constant determined dogged dynamic enthusiastic forceful Herculean incessant keen persevering persistent spirited staunch steady unfaltering unremitting unwearied zealous intense stout dedicated devoted inexhaustible patient pertinacious resolute strong tenacious unceasing unfailing unshakeable unswerving unwavering weariless continued continuing fireball firm go-go grind hyper indomitable jumping perky plodding plugging unflinching unrelenting unstinted eager beaver valiant stalwart willful unyielding stubborn doughty undiscouraged unbending steadfast lionhearted undismayed not put off undaunted high-spirited strong-willed not discouraged relentless assiduous diligent unwearying undeviating single-minded active sedulous enduring sustained hard-working eager purposeful resolved driven unending fixed insistent obstinate continuous unshakable continual perpetual conscientious endless strenuous laborious committed ceaseless eternal never-ending nonstop interminable studious inexorable uninterrupted immovable unbroken unflappable everlasting unabating non-stop intent abiding running unrelieved ball of fire obdurate persisting dead set on decided unfluctuating unhesitating bound and determined painstaking unvacillating busy unabated unshaken sure set unqualified lasting perseverant unvarying rigorous regular on the go unchanging bustling never-tiring never-failing operose importunate round-the-clock intransigent dead set careful attentive focused earnest thorough pigheaded punctilious even uniform consistent uncompromising meticulous hardworking exacting invariant headstrong solid pat particular perennial engaged swotty permanent bound employed working ongoing brick-wall stiff-necked day-and-night focussed hard-nosed hanging tough recurrent timeless monotonous stop at nothing interminate set in stone round the clock uncomplaining long-suffering unstinting loyal unretiring involved mulish unquestioning wholehearted steely bullheaded gritty mettlesome bent on meaning business wilful diehard game heedful remorseless hell-bent ironclad unsinkable ultra-careful demanding unwaning frequent strong-minded self-willed full of determination with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone habitual repeated undying recurring prolonged ageless faithful accurate tied-up close hopping correct searching elaborate occupied minute iron-willed grim chronic slogging sticky unstoppable perseverative pedantic strict religious fussy scrupulous grinding whiz going all the way staying repetitive nose to grindstone implacable imperishable unappeasable never-ceasing long-lasting in for long haul like bad penny around-the-clock oft-repeated stout-hearted tough nut never give up world-without-end amaranthine day and night on a treadmill

Trái nghĩa của undeterred

undeterred Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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