Đồng nghĩa của ulterior

Alternative for ulterior

Tính từ

Existing beyond what is obvious or admitted
concealed covert hidden secret secondary underlying undisclosed undivulged unexpressed unapparent unrevealed buried clandestine private shrouded obscure obscured underhand unknown unsaid under wraps under cover hush-hush privy behind-the-scenes disguised masked camouflaged veiled incognito incog cloaked covered confidential screened unseen inconspicuous inside esoteric nonpublic hushed intimate secreted invisible on the QT not visible tucked away unnoticeable enshrouded hushed up hidden away covered up recondite put in the hole perdu stashed holed up planted out of sight guarded cached off the record stealthy surreptitious furtive undercover backstairs hole-and-corner hugger-mugger sneaky underground sly cloak-and-dagger hole-in-the-corner closet under-the-table back-alley underhanded stealth sneak sneaking unsuspected black QT dissembled sub rosa secretive wily cunning indirect shifty conspiratorial crafty sub-rosa devious artful shady under the table classified scheming tricky top-secret restricted skulking slinking slippery oblique foxy backstair guileful discreet duplicitous fraudulent cryptic enigmatic calculating unscrupulous sidelong dark evasive quiet sideways designing mysterious subtle dishonest unethical backdoor deceitful dirty conniving unfair shonky top secret insidious slim dishonourable silent unpublished strictly confidential cautious untold deep feline crooked dodgy behind someone's back undeclared cagey double-dealing closed privileged reserved clouded dishonorable tight-lipped not for publication clever not for circulation non-public under-the-counter not to be disclosed not to be made public imperceptible unrecognizable close undetectable in ambush fly shadowy snide indistinct catlike catty noiseless surprise two-faced illegal dubious treacherous carny disreputable unofficial unrecognisable mean murky cheating personal elusive unexposed intriguing Machiavellian deceptive deepest cagy shrewd beguiling innermost cute slick on the sly latent unspoken inward unvoiced individual darkest low-down on the quiet inner inmost buttoned up deep-seated with a lid on in the dark in secret unauthorized intelligence dissimulated spy unauthorised slinky contemptible creep underneath unbowed illegitimate illicit subversive shorthanded side uncommunicated nefarious huggermugger quick cloak and dagger creepy circumspect unprofessed bootleg unlawful hole and corner kept concealed kept secret slanted under the counter implied larvate cabalistic mum in holes and corners anonymous mom slanting dirty-dealing disingenuous astute suppressed unidentified untrustworthy manipulative nameless unnamed ambiguous strange unenlightened enigmatical mystic occult unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical canny dissembling plotting captious sharp skilful delusive skillful bluffing ingenious illusory smart smooth nifty traitorous immoral unprincipled hinted at ill-defined pretend false assumed unspecified faceless Janus-faced unsporting unsportsmanlike two-timing vague unclear sham forged mock artificial fake imitation unsung honest real true below the belt shielded hooded roundabout reticent uncommunicative indiscernible protected fishy bent snidey pseudo feigned phoney counterfeit unseeable insincere bottled up mystery indistinguishable imperceivable unnoticed unobserved unforthcoming clamlike cowardly errant obliquitous erring gimmicky backstage yellow unobtrusive masquerading changed phony in disguise offstage nonexistent undetected eclipsed unperceivable inappreciable censored withdrawn closemouthed non-communicative tight-mouthed introvert taciturn introverted close-mouthed playing politics put on playing games intangible ghostly impalpable vaporous not in view unviewable imponderable impossible to detect unobservable insensible ethereal imaginary not in sight gaseous out of view faking one out not straightforward zipped self-contained in camera behind the scenes sailing under false colours not in the public domain under one's hat close to one's chest not open in the background in private playing your cards close to your chest in chambers tête-à-tête clammed up in privacy one-on-one

Tính từ

Situated beyond, or on the farther side

Tính từ

Mysterious or difficult to understand
hidden secret covert obscure mysterious cryptic abstruse recondite unknown vague arcane mystical unclear unfathomable deep indistinct inexplicable mystic subliminal black clandestine coded dark esoteric indefinite mystifying occult secreted shadowy inscrutable impenetrable enigmatic concealed incomprehensible opaque enigmatical perplexing cabalistic Delphic puzzling murky equivocal uncanny cabbalistic ambiguous nebulous difficult elliptical elliptic confusing double-edged complicated veiled baffling fuliginous unknowable profound complex hermetic sibylline secretive unaccountable unintelligible sphinxlike hard bewildering unexplainable hermetical oracular little known strange unrevealed as clear as mud heavy fathomless uncertain doubtful insoluble oblique indecipherable involved abstract apocryphal private shrouded hard to understand clouded intricate undisclosed orphic acroamatic unexplained knotty indeterminate hazy dubious wildering recherché impossible to understand beyond comprehension tenebrous evasive Delphian surreptitious enciphered classified encoded little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way beyond understanding undiscoverable mysterial ineffable ungraspable paradoxical indiscernible insolvable weird peculiar odd curious convoluted unsolvable incognizable bizarre teasing stickling stumping disconcerting elaborate funny queer weighty serious rarefied unnatural unsolved inner thorny tough worrying tangled stealthy hypermetric unconfirmed cloaked cagey subjective secondary underlying dense untold undecipherable involuted magical unestablished unresolved unsettled unexpressed undivulged foggy undetermined undecided unascertained undefined debatable confused mind-bending unapparent cloak-and-dagger speculative imprecise indistinguishable blank obfuscated buried anagogic blear unreadable amphibological nubilous purblind imperceptive obscured underhand unsaid in doubt ill-defined impassive deadpan unemotional emotionless expressionless inexpressive poker-faced unexpressive up in the air open to question yet to be decided dispassionate vacant under wraps impossible to interpret sphinx-like under cover involute labyrinthine difficult to understand clear as mud over one's head beyond one sophisticated illegible tricky fiddly subtle inconceivable Greek beyond one's grasp bemusing jumbled tortuous serpentine detailed fancy labyrinthian byzantine problematical entangled interlaced Daedalian Gordian Byzantine full of twists and turns unimaginable beats me inexplicit furtive confounding muddled uncomprehensible bamboozling surprising incalculable baroque daedal cumbersome Greek to me knotted mixed troublesome clear as dishwater above one's head hi-tech Daedalean two-edged indirect fanciful supernatural cryptical inexact reticent discreet vacillating inaccessible challenging shrouded in mystery beyond you full of surprises meaningless inarticulate incoherent too deep uninterpretable riddling mind-boggling hard to solve vexing rambling advanced gnarly hard to explain thought-provoking hard to follow technical incredible illogical indecisive garbled far-out non-committal ravelled winding sinuous twisted circuitous slurred mumbled ornate complicate not easily understood multifaceted multifarious variegated rococo heterogeneous nuanced scrambled senseless raveled anonymous all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head high-tech can of worms maze-like mixed up long-drawn-out drawn-out unexplicit inaudible all Greek to you elusive unidentified nameless unnamed really hard very hard all Greek to me unspecified faceless incognito unsung mystery arduous problematic

Tính từ

Difficult to understand or comprehend

Tính từ

At some time in the future
later future posterior subsequent ensuing following postponed succeeding deferred delayed upcoming downstream subsequential postliminary to come after successive coming next latter consequent impending forthcoming imminent consecutive coming up approaching resulting sequential eventual sequent coming after succedent successional consequential running down the line down the pike down the road serial pursuing next off coming next directly after scheduled planned resultant inevitable yet to come progressive chronological proximate oncoming looming supervenient seriate seriatim serialized serialised in turn in order later on one after another back-to-back later than straight ultimate subsequent to nearing henceforth extended long-term a while later after a while over the long term connected continuous continuing pending late following after in line next up on the trot accompanying attendant collateral associated indirect secondary concomitant related linked due to follow-on second unborn alternative uninterrupted continual incessant constant steady solid persistent regular unbroken in succession back in sequence sophomore hereafter in a row rotating alternating other rear last final after the first next in order trailing derivative derived conclusive concluding terminal hinder second-hand contingent decisive non-primary secondhand latest net dependent borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down near advancing anticipated expected due immediate close nigh drawing near close at hand gaining upon at hand on us almost on one in the air in the wind near-term in store up-and-coming getting near on the horizon to be on the way just round the corner converging in prospect en route about to happen in view in the pipeline progressing in the offing on the cards

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