Đồng nghĩa của least

Alternative for least

Đồng nghĩa: minimum, most,

Tính từ

Smallest in amount, extent, or significance
minimum minimal smallest lowest slightest fewest littlest meanest minutest tiniest bottom feeblest poorest least possible nominal token basal basic merest rock-bottom fundamental essential negligible small inconsequential insignificant marginal trivial tiny meagre minuscule imperceptible slight minute minor inconsiderable inappreciable paltry measly nugatory little piddling infinitesimal slender incidental trifling insufficient piffling meager next to no smallest amount of next to none very little pettiest paltriest measliest piddliest meagrest meagerest foolishest miserablest lightest emptiest scantiest uselessest pitifullest shallowest puniest dinkiest vainest mingiest scantest hollowest poxiest wretchedest silliest skimpiest flimsiest barrenest basest beggarliest stingiest cheapest sparsest weakest shabbiest slenderest lousiest tritest lamest frothiest ignoblest trashiest leanest sorriest shortest lowliest junkiest tackiest commonest simplest crummiest fussiest glibbest scarcest mildest punkest crumbiest wackest baddest chaffiest flightiest wankiest shoddiest sourest sketchiest obscurest drossiest abjectest pottiest humblest thinnest barest subtlest sparest pickiest forlornest blandest finickiest frailest slimmest absurdest justest bittiest saddest woefullest wimpiest weest veriest lostest deadest sleaziest narrowest crudest flattest nastiest rottenest faultiest unworthiest duffest ropiest slowest laziest roughest severest dizziest giddiest ditsiest goofiest yeastiest ditziest vulgarest scrubbiest unfittest sordidest uncouthest frilliest ignorantest wishy-washiest falsest weakliest most trivial most insignificant most trifling most inconsequential most unimportant most negligible most inconsiderable most minor most nugatory most piffling most picayune most frivolous most footling most worthless most incidental most no-account most pimping most irrelevant most pointless most meaningless most inadequate most immaterial most insubstantial most insufficient most chicken most superficial most nickel-and-dime most minimal most pathetic most derisory most secondary most casual most lightweight most futile most marginal most exiguous most unsubstantial most ineffectual most unproductive most minuscule most peripheral most ineffective most profitless most contemptible most unavailing most unprofitable most fruitless most idle most non-essential most subordinate most deficient most penny-ante most bootless most unsatisfactory most limited most infinitesimal most senseless most modest most unsuccessful most ignorable most unnecessary most abortive most bush-league most miserly most small-bore most subsidiary most token most otiose most ungenerous most second-rate most inefficacious most unessential most pitiable most imperceptible most junior most sterile most tangential most impotent most in vain most inapposite most inconsequent most mediocre most inane most purportless most inappropriate most dependent most accessory most reduced most irrelative most purposeless most aimless most unremarkable most impertinent most neglectable most ordinary most tenuous most nondescript most hopeless most lamentable most subnormal most null most puerile most banal most impractical most facile most vapid most diminutive most inutile most under most waste most bogus most counterproductive most one-dimensional most insipid most abandoned most forgettable most unconvincing most restricted most unsound most unmemorable most disappointing most implausible most ancillary most unacceptable most dissatisfactory most illogical most unconnected most unrelated most commonplace most simplistic most unreasonable most substandard most artificial most basic most unimpressive most frugal most sparing most fractional most defective most groundless most wanting most fallacious most featherbrained most unreal most ill most wrong most off most bush most rubbish most exhausted most cursory most foreign most microscopic most half-baked most subaltern most despicable most unconsiderable most delusive most perfunctory most small-scale most basal most sophisticated most irrational most subservient most local most undemanding most invalid most symbolic most rubbishy most insulting most uneventful most unreasoning most unintellectual most niggly most skimp most pants most diminished most powerless most outrageous most preposterous most ludicrous most laughable most ridiculous most risible most uncelebrated most smallish most indifferent most unconsidered most doomed most subject most unhelpful most frustrated most extrinsic most inapt most external most illegitimate most delusory most wasted most unneeded most unnotable most misleading most impracticable most captious most sophistical most imponderous most dispensable most expendable most unrewarding most depressed most negative most unconsequential most feckless most set most unremunerative most imperfect most related most supplementary most contributory most plebeian most slapdash most lemon most unsatisfying most offensive most unsuitable most undistinguished most proletarian most disconnected most detached most outward most unpurposed most vacant most passing most displeasing most wasteful most uncreative most inefficient most blocked most unyieldly most remote most disparate most outside most unapt most independent most inconsiderate most damaged most tenth-rate most minor league most below average most distressing most low-grade most underprivileged most cosmetic most unimposing most simple-minded most generic most unrefined most apparent most scatterbrained most harebrained most light-minded most lightheaded most birdbrained most unpretentious most inglorious most humdrum most plebby most lower-class most low-born most working-class most schematic most oversimplified most uncritical most disregardable most lighthearted most unscholarly most unintelligent most farcical most unthinking most empty-headed most transparent most narrow-minded most incredible most unbelievable most controvertible most wishful most inconceivable most ungrounded most unpersuasive most inept most assailable most evanescent most momentary

Tính từ

Dull and uninteresting
vapid boring dull flat insipid tame uninteresting bland colourless uninspiring wishy-washy dead limp tedious weak feeble lifeless unexciting unimaginative uninspired anemic anaemic jejune spiritless stale sterile tasteless tired vacuous watery zestless bloodless milk-and-water pallid trite flavourless colorless drivelling driveling flavorless inane innocuous Milquetoast nothing nowhere tiresome unpalatable vacant zero flat tire dry lacklustre lackluster humdrum monotonous dreary prosaic drab wearisome characterless pedestrian commonplace mundane ho-hum banal stodgy arid run-of-the-mill leaden stuffy slow stupid tiring heavy drudging ponderous weary jading monochromatic lame routine wearying numbing old dusty mind-numbing blah plain barren torpid unstimulating uneventful ordinary namby-pamby ho hum vanilla watered-down bromidic listless unanimated draggy hackneyed half-hearted passionless unremarkable featureless lustreless weakened pathetic undistinguished workaday mediocre dull as dishwater poor weariful nondescript wooden inadequate ineffectual dry as dust diluted ineffective empty muted languid plodding as dry as dust savorless unsavory mild apathetic unvaried quotidian middle-of-the-road enervated deadly samey pabulum dullsville matter-of-fact stiff dreich unsavoury qualified toned-down spineless unoriginal thin dim soft pale pointless wimpy soulless weak-kneed everyday threadbare irksome derivative unappetizing antiseptic inoffensive unexceptional conventional monochrome grey moderated distasteful soporific indifferent prosy sapless hacky gray plain vanilla yawnsome waterish sluggish lacking variety common lacking excitement lacking interest run of the mill effete wet limp-wristed puny wimpish nerveless frail invertebrate weakling platitudinous non-stimulating expressionless interminable irresolute plebeian repetitious unimpassioned desiccated indecisive well-worn clear uncreative halfhearted vigourless etiolated unadventurous derived uninventive unemotional unenthusiastic washy unfeeling laborious fatiguing corny tenuous nerdy mechanical unentertaining unenjoyable common or garden unspirited depressing cowardly prolix unromantic soul-destroying sombre lusterless somber desolate subdued lacking variation deadening unrelieved unmoved ornery unchanging unmemorable unseasoned uninterested dull as ditchwater languorous lackadaisical meagre meager downcast no great shakes lacking in vitality big yawn nothing to write home about inferior bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb stereotyped impotent powerless dilute weedy usual second-rate wussy static unimpressive blank predictable unartistic droning bog-standard toneless tepid bleak dowdy stock uniform anodyne laboured stilted crude simplistic lacking personality lacking charisma useless mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled adulterated mixed diminished disinterested unimpressed heavy-handed yawn undistinctive repetitive unlively unpassioned square uninflected futile inert nebbish beige fatuous slight unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial factual unadorned unappealing raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy not up to much worn-out sleepy whitebread blind run-of-the mill lethargic vain profitless pedantic clumsy unnatural forced awkward artificial mindless a dime a dozen quiet deadpan neutral greyish unrewarding turgid serious stolid solemn vigorless energyless null unvarying unflavoured savourless old hat phoned in unproductive fruitless worthless gloomy dingy lead balloon unenergetic overlong backward not amounting to much cold aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless pastel unlustrous mousy stagnant backwoods comatose lacking energy lacking vitality unpleasurable dragging enervating mortal exhausting poky snooze cardboard labored otiose unavailing hollow unsuccessful bootless inefficacious abortive one-horse behind the times dead-and-alive endless dismal lacking in character lukewarm faded grayish unfruitful unfilled unprolific without spice big zero passive washed out dull-coloured droopy unkind coldhearted anaesthetic insensitive insensible impassive indolent lazy anesthetic unconvincing flimsy shallow insufficient deadly dull meek long-drawn-out submissive melancholic dejected languishing melancholy dispirited despondent depressed mopy low insubstantial slothful blue down disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate unconcerned broken downhearted sad drippy wavering vacillating down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down superficial implausible unbelievable improbable untenable questionable inconceivable sketchy unpersuasive incredible unobjectionable harmless mainstream safe white-bread boiled down without punch dark ashen toned down lowered faint ashy washed-out indistinct restrained subfusc subtle low-key illustrous black understated softened matt muffled stifled banausic suppressed dark-colored hushed inaudible achromatic dark-coloured unobtrusive shaded deadened light wan uncolored mellow mute achromic silenced indiscernible gentle unpolished mumbled unclear imperceptible low-pitched monotone dirty slack inactive emotionless strangled unburnished bleached conservative paltry inexpressive smothered whispered obscure inept muddy inarticulate unintelligible sober unhearable weighty fuddy-duddy day-to-day treadmill without color long prosing nonglossy unmodulated undemonstrative wordy long-winded earthbound trying frustrating annoying irritating shadeless tingeless delicate darkish cautious unprogressive boresome vexatious filthy circumspect unsatisfactory discoloured discolored watered down in the doldrums customary normal typical regular unfateful noneventful unnoteworthy inconclusive prudent hack reluctant perfunctory unostentatious overused heavy-going formal overworked unpretentious chary lurid ghastly cadaverous sickly white waxen doughy blanched livid soft-hued average sooty dun grimy garden-variety garden variety staid without variety sludgy reserved attentive two-dimensional unresponsive weakly trivial puerile clichéd reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged verbose half-pie OK so-so timid spent gingerly considerate careful puts one to sleep heedful wary calculating flat as pancake unwilling cool blasé devoid of feeling devoid of emotion truistic murky sullied tarnished opaque heavy going not so hot out of date outdated greyscale grayscale hard to digest old-fashioned outmoded not shiny archaic discreet unenterprising obsolete defunct extinct antiquated murmuring antediluvian leery superannuated hoary hueless passé inconspicuous vague muttering faltering light-toned graceless inelegant cliché-ridden timeworn sour uncoloured unnoticeable repressed unflashy simple cream ungainly antwacky hoarse hazy fuzzy black and white tintless not in color black-and-white out of the ark played out time-worn worn out cut and dried low-keyed gauche scarcely audible out of earshot bated ill-defined greige sand distant reedy unstressed unaccented taupe oatmeal ungraceful rough-hewn rigid uncomfortable rustic rustical uneasy spoiled ecru buff fawn gawky maladroit bumbling unhandy inflexible obstinate unyielding unbending turned off stone-coloured indefinite stone mushroom light-colored putty light-coloured stinking malodorous noisome foetid spoilt stenchy fetid dried parched reeking smelly thudding

Phó từ

Superlative for hardly or not at all

Phó từ

(a little) Superlative for hardly or not at all

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least Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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