Đồng nghĩa của clichéd


Repeated so often that it has become stale or commonplace
hackneyed stale tired banal trite stereotyped commonplace threadbare hack timeworn shopworn cliche hackney obligatory musty cobwebby well-worn moth-eaten unoriginal stock dull overworked overused platitudinous common corny run-of-the-mill old hat uninspired stereotypical routine worn-out prosaic pedestrian derivative vapid ordinary hacky worn conventional bromidic played out flat unimaginative warmed-over cornball worn out cliché hokey set jejune familiar tune ready-made bathetic stereotypic exhausted chain drained mildewed platitudinal humdrum predictable cliched used-up time-worn boring hoary old cliché-ridden truistic antiquated well worn tedious uninteresting obsolete overdone everyday out of date dime-store out of the ark tiresome monotonous dreary outdated wearisome outmoded vanilla mundane workaday defunct repetitious passé mind-numbing quotidian formulaic uneventful archaic old-fashioned ho-hum usual standard stupid insipid normal unexciting unvaried colorless colourless ornery garden variety tripe bland familiar plain vanilla warmed-up a dime a dozen old-hat out-of-date orthodox past their sell-by date repetitive standardized unchanging inane old-chestnut old-saw played-out silly conventionalized menial unvarying unsophisticated uninspiring mass-produced typecast vieux jeu uncreative imitative ineffective standardised worn thin ancient foetid past dead mawkish zestless fetid yesterday's out bent effete facile cornfed pabulum zero trivial nowhere nothing noplace square dumb blah samey gone off like a dinosaur lined aged dated decrepit ho hum lacking variation lacking variety unexceptional ragged weathered broken-down rundown dull as dishwater unremarkable mainstream average middle-of-the-road undistinguished dog-eared shabby wrinkled outworn mediocre lacklustre forgettable lackluster unmemorable indifferent so-so battered tattered frayed used the worse for wear widespread cut-and-dry bush-league cut-and-dried customary bog-standard garden-variety standard-issue half-pie dime-a-dozen not so hot obvious unnoteworthy middling matter-of-course starch characterless no great shakes natural plebeian garden prevalent lowly nothing to get excited about nothing to write home about boiler plate ten a penny not much cop not up to much extinct antediluvian superannuated numbing slow wearying weary jading drudging tame drab leaden arid monochromatic heavy ponderous dry stodgy dusty tiring stuffy antwacky cut and dried fuddy-duddy lifeless sterile spiritless plodding unstimulating typical matter-of-fact common or garden uninventive featureless regular nondescript dry as dust second-rate barren as dry as dust plain day-to-day banausic deadly dreich wishy-washy OK unadventurous copied derived plagiarized passionless anaemic terrestrial monochrome nitty-gritty soporific fatiguing prosy run of the mill turgid lame anemic unentertaining unenjoyable stiff passable inferior yawnsome mean dullsville wooden draggy plagiarised weariful dim lacking excitement lacking interest plagiaristic second-hand big yawn non-innovative rehashed feeble vacuous cribbed fair soulless humble mechanical medium heavy-going tolerable soul-destroying unspirited irksome unrelieved traditional prolix laborious amateurish amateur dismal depressing bloodless deadening dull as ditchwater insignificant formal run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class white-bread monotone flavourless unappealing unanimated popular plastic laboured deadly dull not very good labored flavorless cliché unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn difficult modest unspecial homespun faded tarnished workday unpretentious serious unartistic simple over-serious phoned in gray grey sentimental kitschy cheesy mindless formalistic homely staple weak desolate unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal unemotional factual clear unadorned uninterested tepid suburban unromantic deadpan overlong not bad empty crude meagre simplistic meager innocuous treadmill toneless mimetic boilerplate low-grade generic raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy downcast dragging enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze mimic general pedantic staid lustreless prevailing going basic current endless pallid limp verbose apish jake moderate torpid slavish household accustomed weighty stilted established adequate family casual ubiquitous habitual domestic frequent informal epigonic epigonous antiseptic hard to digest heavy going wonted middle of the road nothing special canned undistinctive inoffensive fair-to-middling whitebread meh waterish nerdy wimpy milk-and-water sapless long-drawn-out emulative intermediate decent fairish readily available widely available fair to middling of poor quality stereotype counterfeit proletarian lower-class working-class ignoble unappetizing unpalatable inedible secondary low unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable uniform savourless uninviting off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable echoic baseborn low-class lowborn secondhand lumpen peasant low-life vulgar unwashed low-born prole low-ranking regimented copycat blue-singlet governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue elementary evolved procured borrowed hereditary obtained acquired ancestral inferential subordinate cognate connate caused inferred of low birth coming from not original


Very typical of a certain kind of person or thing
archetypal classic model exemplary paradigmatic quintessential standard textbook conventional representative average prime prototypical stereotypical stock typical copybook definitive hackneyed ideal illustrative imitable normal original trite hacky prototypal prototypic archetypic archetypical characteristic classical essential regular symbolic emblematic standardized ordinary common typic indicative standardised suggestive consummate perfect patterned signature supreme habitual orthodox unexceptional ultimate absolute best expected everyday natural prevalent commonplace general matter-of-course in keeping old hat in character excellent usual true vintage pure proper distinctive complete flawless idyllic optimal idiosyncratic particular fundamental faultless unmistakable distinct distinguishing impeccable utopian unblemished individual idealised idealized irreproachable true to type traditional fitting peculiar transcendental without fault appropriate correct best possible dinki-di staple epitomic predictable familiar epochal routine identifying true to form customary recognizable seminal optimum identifiable presentational mainstream proverbial at her best at his best at its best diagnostic discriminating stereotyped stereotypic diagnostical untainted unsullied untarnished historic important pie-in-the-sky dream come true best-example fairy-tale run-of-the-mill bog-standard totemic iconic recognisable par for the course admirable fine superior select choice seamless immaculate indefectible commendable laudable exact quality rare superlative honourable meritorious estimable praiseworthy outstanding good exceptional blameless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect sterling venerable apt well-suited right requisite on the money just right suitable very opportune pertinent precise spot on made to order relevant tailor-made on the button just the job punctilious unimpeachable applaudable ripe mature selected have-it-all special innocent bueno righteous inculpable irreprehensible worthy guiltless above reproach very good beyond reproach virtuous neato honorable separate inherent exclusive personal unique singular intrinsic restricted endemic reserved particular to batting a thousand not too shabby first-rate particularised especial first-class particularized peculiar to symptomatic high-quality innate found only in specific not bad most characteristic most typical


Characteristic of a particular person or thing
typical characteristic customary common standard usual accepted average consistent conventional expected familiar habitual inherent natural normal ordinary orthodox prevalent representative routine stock symptomatic traditional accustomed anticipated chronic commonplace emblematic everyday foreseeable foreseen frequent indicative predictable prescriptive reliable unremarkable distinctive distinguishing established formulaic idiosyncratic likely proper proverbial regular steady ubiquitous unexceptional unsurprising acknowledged cliched individualistic native recognised recognized set wonted in character in keeping bog-standard to be expected true to form par for the course time-honoured true to type run-of-the-mill standard-issue cut-and-dried cut-and-dry on the cards only to be expected old hat … all over general prevailing universal popular settled fixed mainstream widespread current pervasive rampant household time-honored predominant rife confirmed stereotypical going endemic overall long-established classical repeated constant classic rooted quotidian stereotyped public well-known shared received fashionable archetypal inveterate proven generic true vested well worn persistent recurring admitted extensive broad ingrained majority collective ruling well established plain approved mundane garden-variety mechanical hackneyed acceptable prosaic sanctioned formal well known ongoing across the board understood day-to-day vulgar daily permanent regulation preferred old widely held in vogue pervading diagnostic obvious favoured what one would expect definite explicit determined precise archetypical default gut comfortable favorite favourite defined express exact legendary famed notorious famous recurrent canonical numerous typic acquired honored perpetual certain appropriate essential inborn inbred local innate derived domestic agreed in use self-evident unquestioned axiomatic renowned known profuse reiterated incessant continual honoured adopted authorized favored great acquainted endorsed reputed infamous monotonous unsophisticated standard operating procedure same old wont in the groove playing it safe by the numbers sop stipulated according to Hoyle in a rut workaday recognizable touted prescribed staple periodical periodic given used habituated homespun humble recognisable unopposed passed legit okayed authorised serious highbrow garden mass wide congruous in the habit of of choice chosen addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined reiterative perfunctory iterated systematic cyclic seasoned methodical automatic long-term overused trite banal garden variety concert heavyweight heavy symphonic agreed upon unoriginal derivative global national joint blanket communal overarching outright common or garden common variety matter-of-fact overworked platitudinous tired basic comprehensive tried and true tried and tested arrived at corny hacky sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush middle-of-the-road all-round broad-spectrum nationwide societal wholesale all-around across-the-board total in circulation official readily available worn out widely available worn-out ready-made dull dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established historic stable deep-rooted widely used old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable

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