Đồng nghĩa của in the habit of


wonted accustomed customary familiar usual common conventional habitual normal regular frequent traditional daily given habituated routine used chosen preferred typical of choice everyday commonplace standard ordinary quotidian general stock natural established garden-variety average prevailing ubiquitous workaday household run-of-the-mill prevalent popular prosaic day-to-day settled expected unexceptional unremarkable cut-and-dried cut-and-dry common or garden universal rife plain standard-issue accepted mainstream rampant set fixed mundane constant widespread garden variety pervasive recognized current orthodox public going vanilla typic recognised bog-standard endemic garden persistent repeated predictable domestic recurring chronic extensive methodical monotonous middle-of-the-road diurnal acknowledged periodic scheduled formulaic undistinguished discreet indifferent inconspicuous mediocre humdrum seasonal orderly ongoing numerous recurrent characteristic in use staple representative basic perpetual archetypal archetypical true regulation dull known casual unimaginative terrestrial banal family informal boilerplate canonical par for the course profuse incessant reiterated continual one-size-fits-all whitebread acquainted well-known dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty a dime a dozen unsophisticated recognizable proverbial homespun humble native recognisable well known time-honored common variety matter-of-fact old hat majority overall mass wide white-bread plastic simple matter-of-course so-so grind adopted broad shared predominant global national collective joint communal ruling overarching outright blanket stereotypical received comprehensive nationwide societal sweeping wholesale epidemic total vulgar stereotyped generic widely held all-round broad-spectrum all-around across-the-board in force in vogue broad-brush in circulation across the board congruous well established


Having a greater-than-even chance of occurring
likely probable expected anticipated foreseeable liable odds-on predicted presumable disposed fated predictable presumptive prospective sure destined inclined inferable predisposed promising natural ostensible prone seeming supposable verisimilar true distinctly possible on to be expected within the bounds of possibility given to in the air in the cards in the offing in the wind a pound to a penny on the cards ten to one having a tendency to on the verge of presumed apparent supposed plausible alleged possible purported hypothetical assumed suppositious conjectural suppositive presupposed asserted supposititious suppositional awaited credible inferential reputed hypothetic foreseen imminent putative evident ostensive on the horizon coming professed prima facie calculable specious conceivable inevitable illusory looming reasonable on the way outward brewing superficial forecast slated due unsurprising believable perceived in the pipeline claimed semblant declared in prospect imaginable creditable potential prepared for in view impending approaching par for the course believed close at hand in store to come forthcoming near certain understood coming up projected scheduled upcoming normal obvious assumptive at hand theoretical about to happen logical understandable avowed estimated rational pretended pending surface so-called illusive envisioned only to be expected feigned just around the corner on the agenda knowable anticipatable estimative afoot speculative academic theoretic exterior not unexpected academical liable to happen approximated taken for granted rumoured in the works inferred accepted what one would expect guessed at circumstantial convincing presumptuous soi-disant exhibited manifest thought invented imaginary held rumored made-up fictional said notable colorable demonstrative quasi coming soon feasible justified threatening close acceptable accountable likely to happen justifiable excusable explainable legitimate explicable menacing tenable allowable pardonable admissible defensible forgivable thinkable wanted gathering quite possible mortal earthly promised reasonable to think nearing proximate oncoming nigh in the wings reliable upon us near-at-hand fast approaching fast-approaching a reasonable bet a fair bet a good bet prophesied foretold hoped for looked for looked-for planned for hoped-for contemplated proposed long-awaited counted on counted upon inevasible looming large on its way on the verge see it coming immediate just round the corner next handwriting-on-the-wall following overhanging inescapable unescapable in the stars expectant unavoidable ineluctable scheduled for formulaic sure-fire formularized external expectable nonrandom prepared expected to arrive most likely

Trái nghĩa của in the habit of

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