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Alternative for furthermost

furthermost /'fə:ðəmoust/
  • tính từ
    • xa hơn hết

Tính từ

Most far
furthest farthest outermost remotest extreme farthermost utmost ultimate outmost last uttermost faraway greatest nethermost final farthest away furthest away endmost terminal very aftermost outer outlying far-off lattermost far hindmost rearmost end consummate supreme most outside paramount top nth max maximum closing terminating fringe remote beyond peripheral distant outward bottommost rear trailing behind ulterior furthest behind hindermost furthest back hinder at the back of the queue caudal posterior rearward hind back finishing at the back at the end after nearest the rear tail bringing up the rear aft whole entire ultra unqualified exhaustive all-out too-too preeminent undiminished total unreserved sheer unmitigated chief unlimited thoroughgoing plenary thorough unconditional absolute complete last straw worst case too much out of bounds utter pure downright categorical outright out-and-out unadulterated flat-out profound categoric stark arrant full unequivocal dead matchless rank unalloyed mere unrestricted unrestrained definite unbounded fair plumb simple deadly dreadful flat clean blank blooming positive peerless straight-out cotton-picking quintessential unabridged undeniable steadfast unfailing unrelieved direct solid bodacious conspicuous perfect brute flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected chronic ideal finished inimitable transcendent plain deep-dyed patent undisguised palpable stone regular main only undivided infernal blessed confounded sovereign superlative predominant strict unbound infinite wholesale boundless unsurpassed tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful omnipotent unconstrained unquestionable peremptory egregious without limit no holds barred all out straight out hellacious veritable thundering right severe deep proper outrageous brutal overwhelming harsh great tremendous flagrant intense gross acute almighty grievous uber preposterous radical most distant most remote most far

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
greatest best apex supreme top dominant head lead peerless prime unequalled unequaled utmost biggest finest matchless optimal peak predominant preeminent premium reigning ultimate unparalleled unsurpassed ascendant authoritative chief consummate foremost highest incomparable leading record regnant superior transcendent unrivaled unrivalled complete core inimitable key major optimum perfect predominate premier prevailing principal ruling unassailable unprecedented big central commanding controlling dominating domineering governing maximum overriding presiding prevalent primary prominent supereminent unexampled unexcelled unsurpassable utopian arch capital cardinal exemplary grand main master nonpareil paramount primal select sovereign unbeatable unbeaten undefeated largest overbearing overmastering sovran best possible second to none without equal beyond compare industry leading number one pre-eminent top-class top of the line top of the range top-tier first class first-class record-breaking top-drawer a cut above the rest number-one numero uno par excellence top-of-the-range number 1 sans pareil top drawer topflight prize-winning greater lion's share larger max better topmost uttermost maximal most unmatched hugest upmost uppermost first surpassing superlative great prior towering absolute notable high unmatchable exalted ideal famous renowned extreme total nth illustrious distinguished well-known excellent directing unconditional big-time stellar quintessential outstanding definitive decisive preponderant untouchable unique first-rate unequalable important terrific top-priority last significant apogean best ever without parallel ace primo noted champion maxi crown exceptional choicest boss choice A-1 Grade A super influential omnipotent weighty official of greatest importance potent mighty imperious overpowering efficacious almighty effective supervisory arbitrary all-powerful highest ranking mother of all crack out-of-sight top-notch of the highest quality star world class one-in-a-million high-class blue-ribbon vintage estimable superfine tops holding the reins august elevated noble dignified respectable honoured venerable eminent patrician refined esteemed aristocratic respected revered celebrated regal genteel elite focal posh highbred gentle highborn huge upmarket large lofty honored grave wellborn highly regarded blue-blooded upper-class major league widely praised well born upper-crust silk-stocking well thought of of distinction high-born utter profound categorical outright sheer downright categoric thorough pure thoroughgoing unqualified definite unadulterated stark fair plumb unalloyed unmitigated arrant rank solid bodacious dead deadly dreadful flat conspicuous clean blooming out-and-out cotton-picking flawless flat-out impeccable all-out errant blank straight-out whole deep-dyed positive perfected chronic finished most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent most noticeable most obvious most significant

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