Đồng nghĩa của brute

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Trái nghĩa: Christian,

Tính từ

Horrifyingly wicked
atrocious barbaric brutal cruel monstrous savage vicious wicked fiendish heinous ruthless barbarous inhuman nefarious villainous brutish diabolical infernal base ghastly horrible merciless murderous nasty vile black black-hearted dark flagrant grisly gruesome hellish horrifying low low-down nightmarish abominable contemptible despicable disgusting hateful hideous offensive outrageous abhorrent harrowing horrid loathsome odious repellent repugnant revolting scandalous beastly gross infamous intolerable nauseating sickening unforgivable unspeakable appalling awful butcherly disgustful dreadful egregious execrable frightful grewsome heartless horrendous horrific inhumane loathly lurid macabre nightmare sadistic scurvy shocking sick sick-making terrible terrific truculent wanton cacodemonic facinorous flagitious grievous bad beyond the pale desperate evil fearful godawful grody hairy ferocious bestial remorseless pitiless fierce callous harsh bloodthirsty cold-blooded malicious unfeeling sanguinary violent malevolent severe unmerciful uncaring hard-hearted unkind grim depraved dastardly coarse homicidal devilish unsympathetic malignant unsparing uncharitable crude mean unrelenting cold-hearted insensitive fell uncompassionate wolfish inconsiderate spiteful bloody immoral hard-boiled foul unpitying stone-hearted unforgiving degraded insensate thick-skinned stonyhearted stoney hard-nosed obdurate unkindly hard stony affectless slash-and-burn compassionless desensitized take-no-prisoners ironhearted indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous implacable demoniac maleficent vulgar perverse desensitised with a heart of stone cut-throat satanic stony-hearted bloodless unemotional stern inclement flinty uncouth draconian ravening demonic pernicious wrathful slaughterous rough tough roughshod virulent ungodly ignorant unconcerned bearish gruff tactless indifferent crazed red in tooth and claw accursed Mephistophelian unrefined uncultured unlettered destructive wretched dangerous rotten objectionable unpleasant corrupt degenerate worthless detestable disagreeable wilful debased profligate unprincipled sinful needless deliberate unjustified senseless arbitrary licentious lewd miscreant untamed contaminated reprobate putrid impious faulty abandoned insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous wild animal boorish piggish yucky gluttonous carnal ferine obscene swinish feral God-awful irrational repulsive prurient unclean unprovoked gratuitous groundless motiveless unjustifiable willed unmotivated aimless insolent wayward undisciplined unruly double-crossing unfair contrary unjust ornery malign cannibalistic relentless diabolic unholy demoniacal iniquitous damnable demonical unhallowed irreligious demonian Luciferian profane godless ghoulish serpentine wrong shameful blasphemous unrighteous satanical sacrilegious disgraceful criminal sinister unlawful unsavory unethical atheistic Hadean unsavoury non-theistic dirty heathen pagan wrongful morally wrong dishonourable perverted ignoble opprobrious stinking irreverent warped bent sordid crooked shady dishonest ogreish peccable dishonorable hellacious demonlike possessed Stygian demonish demonly cursed ogry ogrish discreditable dissolute unscrupulous malfeasant knavish injurious harmful no good amoral underhanded glaring treacherous disreputable frenetic mad maniacal unreasonable mephistophelean steep unbearable unendurable immoderate exorbitant insupportable insufferable excessive deathly cloven-footed hellborn good-for-nothing exasperating impossible unwarranted OTT extravagant distressing maddening preposterous O.T.T. extortionate deathlike uncivilised depraving debasing extreme uncivilized debauching contumelious notorious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing corpselike ghostlike LaVeyan over the top very bad undecorous indecorous indelicate disrespectful improper unseemly ghostly cadaverous skeletal blithering rancorous shadowy corpse-like bad-hearted flaming abject pathetic deplorable lousy confounded non-believing unbelieving agnostic shabby useless footling cruddy measly lame sceptical heretical faithless infidel stupid miserable idolatrous religionless barbarian heathenish nonreligious unblessed culpable guilty blameful unsanctified unconsecrated irreverential secular nullifidian from hell skeptical adiamorphic undogmatic nonbelieving iconoclastic freethinking

Tính từ

Dead or apparently dead
lifeless dead deceased cold defunct extinct departed late gone demised unconscious asleep breathless comatose exanimate fallen inanimate inert low perished stiff insensate insensible desert faint limp motionless no more passed away passed on unmoving unresponsive waste in a faint not living out cold out for the count dead as a doornail dead to the world as dead as a doornail lost expired lamented killed slaughtered slain murdered at peace with God pushing up daisies six feet under bygone nonextant under the sod insentient unanimated spiritless not breathing vanished bereft of life resting in peace checked out done bypast buried nonexistent bought the farm done for no longer extant having breathed one's last dead as a dodo bitten the dust casualty stone-dead disintegrated retired turned to dust in the grave laid to rest dear departed much lamented no longer living late lamented still wasted invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput cadaverous down mortified erased former finished offed silent reposing liquidated had it down the drain out of commission not existing at rest out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward kicked the bucket bit the dust pushing up the daisies gave up the ghost extinguished inactive exterminated destroyed obsolete quenched doused out died out wiped out passé abolished void terminated no longer existing archaic unknown snuffed out ended superseded dead and gone outmoded disappeared no longer known inexistent vanquished past forgotten earlier ancient olden long-ago foregone old-time gone by of old of yore dated concluded lapsed old primeval primordial prehistoric immemorial antediluvian primigenial primaeval no longer with us long gone irrelevant faded missing ruined over demolished effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated run devastated crushed frittered at an end dead and buried a thing of the past ancient history in the past over and done with remote pristine long past long ago long departed previous antiquated one-time completed erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned belated forepassed long-gone oldfangled past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

Danh từ

A savagely violent person or animal
beast devil monster savage fiend barbarian sadist animal ogre lout ruffian swine thug baddie baddy boor caitiff demon evildoer heavy hound knave meanie meany miscreant nazi no-good oaf rapscallion rascal reprobate rogue rowdy scalawag scallywag scamp scapegrace scoundrel varlet villain wretch yahoo ghoul pig radge bully cannibal degenerate bully boy blackguard rat scumbag dastard louse cad good-for-nothing lowlife evil-doer heel imp rotter wrongdoer bounder crook swindler dog bad egg creep snake skunk cheat trickster stinker vagabond criminal ne'er-do-well profligate wrong 'un hooligan delinquent hellion charlatan black sheep fraud spalpeen cur blighter mischief-maker unprincipled person rat fink sinner scum monstrosity fraudster varmint scally outlaw rake scrote sneak monkey liar wastrel terror nasty piece of work jerk snake in the grass tyrant shyster lawbreaker troublemaker incorrigible antagonist transgressor maggot cheater fink misfeasor malfeasant outcast sleeveen felon mother urchin libertine skelm mischief enfant terrible evil person bad lot bad guy bad news archfiend cretin slimeball schmuck malefactor vermin sleaze sleazebag slime dirtbag ratbag sleazeball offender weasel scuzzball stinkard bogeyman thief convict gangster psychopath sociopath shark toad joker mischiefmaker turd hood robber little devil pariah racketeer hoodlum horror nointer loafer antihero jailbird bum beggar gaolbird jagoff black hat nasty person mean person bad character cruel person limb of Satan daemon serpent wild man culprit troll Mephistopheles diablo gargoyle glutton being quadruped atua debauchee adversary trespasser vaurien common enemy bete noire whippersnapper roué scofflaw rakehell clown roughneck sleveen grotesque grotesquerie grotesquery sharper picaro living thing lower animal drunkard pickpocket bootlegger butthole mofo deceiver mountebank slicker yob bogan hoon scozza yobbo cougan slob SOB bear picaroon rorter grifter con man spectre specter buzzard defrauder problem crud worm chuff churl tyke disgrace perisher bleeder reptile con artist pickle rip pill crumb supervillain bandit brigand mugger tramp prankster jester opportunist cardsharp recreant idler tease mischievous person puck tough grafter prodigal git pretender hypocrite so-and-so pirate terrorist poltroon derelict ronion bezonian looser pauper scullion cullion renegade pilgarlic ingrate con desperado crim infractor gunman nasty ratfink pond scum son of a gun dirty dog unpleasant person despicable person perpetrator perp conman burglar scammer bioterrorist rapist shoplifter housebreaker hoaxer yardbird cyberterrorist hustler exploiter mobster violator suspect embezzler lag scamster mug phoney bilker narcoterrorist ecoterrorist filcher finagler peculator agroterrorist marauder pilferer lifer vandal quack hellhound prisoner tief deadbeat violater lighty drifter tearaway immoralist yegg yakuza purloiner blackmailer trusty chiseller holdupper cracksman muscle phony defalcator fugitive transport juvenile delinquent guilty person slippery eel ex-con fallen angel rogue trader confidence trickster bad actor bunco artist young offender smooth operator guilty party flimflam man wanted criminal confidence artist black marketeer tea leaf person responsible armed robber old lag confidence man

Danh từ

(derogatory) A person who is clumsy, stupid or a simpleton
oaf idiot fool imbecile dolt dullard twit doofus dork moron dunce halfwit jackass lump Neanderthal pillock dimwit dummy schmuck yahoo yokel dope dumbbell dumbhead lamebrain meathead nincompoop simpleton clot nitwit numbskull baboon bozo buffoon dweeb goon ignoramus putz sap bonehead boor dodo noddy numpty spud bumpkin chump dumbo klutz knucklehead lout nimrod donkey fathead galoot goof hick lamer loon muppet nit wiener birdbrain dill dipstick geek git goofball ninny numskull schlub turkey yobbo airhead ape blockhead bogan boob clod clunk cretin dingbat dingleberry eejit mug mutt nerd pinhead poop simp thicko barbarian booby boofhead bubblehead chowderhead chucklehead clodhopper clodpole clodpoll clown drongo galah goose mompara ninnyhammer prat stumblebum stupe stupid wally weeny bear charlie cuckoo deadhead dildo dummkopf dunderhead featherhead gawk goofus gorilla jerk loggerhead loser lug lunkhead mome muttonhead natural nong noodle poon saphead schlemiel shlub squarehead thickhead tit tosser woodenhead yob alec berk blunderer bosthoon charley churl coot cuddie cuddy divvy gander gink gobdaw golem gonzo gowk hammerhead hardhead hobbledehoy hulk knobhead lubber lummox lunatic meatball palooka plank plonker prick ratbag schnook stock twerp wazzock balloon beast bruiser chav cluck cougan dip dorba mooncalf nerk nut nutcase nyaff oik ox schlepper scozza skate spoony sumph tomfool twonk witling zombie ding-dong dum-dum half-wit know-nothing lame-brain pea-brain stupid person dim bulb pudding-head yo-yo clumsy idiot ding-a-ling dumb-bell dumb cluck dumb ox wing nut wooden-head thug hooligan ruffian rowdy roughneck vulgarian hoon hoodlum savage philistine tough toughie rascal bully hood cad punk gangster rough villain gangbanger swine mobster gangsta scoundrel rogue bully boy plug-ugly lager lout vandal heavy toughy louse chuff rat skunk snake stinker rotter heel wretch bounder monster blighter ned creep peasant scum joker sleaze scumbag slimeball slob varmint sleazeball slime scuzzball vermin sleazebag stinkard criminal boot boy bovver boy buzzard dirtbag crud dog toad fink rube bleeder hound reptile pig cur crumb pill miscreant heathen primitive so-and-so delinquent rat fink hoodie roughie myrmidon tsotsi hard man lowbrow animal devil goat weasel scrote brawler reprobate illiterate troublemaker larrikin keelie hayseed ogre wild woman wild man desperado rioter cannibal son of a gun savage person good-for-nothing tough guy foolish person plebeian Philistine bourgeois materialist pleb anti-intellectual toerag lightweight silly Goth bore softhead tough person looby dub casual wrongdoer evil-doer assassin killer murderer mugger yardie low life hitman terrorist scamp robber gunman caveman wrong 'un troglodyte bandit bigot gang member hired killer hired gun Yardie cut-throat professional killer autochthon indigene primitive person sadist hun crude bravo rapscallion dastard vagabond degenerate weirdo rake scuzzbag knave slimebag scalawag loudmouth slimebucket skank pervert trickster blackguard redneck fraudster worm dirtball varlet charlatan spalpeen rounder liar dingo deviant mother butthole sleeveen wastrel cheat swindler stinkpot mofo bad egg sly person dastardly person nasty piece of work bad lot snake in the grass unprincipled person reprehensible person radge

Danh từ

A strange, horrible, and often frightening being
monster beast creature fiend ghoul troll bogeyman daemon demon goblin bugbear critter ghoulie gremlin hobgoblin imp ogre orc phantom vermin beastie bugaboo devil ghost hellhound monstrosity slime specter spectre spirit varmint wraith bogey bogie giant grotesque pest phantasm apparition boogeyman cacodemon dread incubus kobold minion phantasma succubus urchin atua bogle bogyman boogieman grotesquerie grotesquery shaitan spook werewolf bug-a-boo evil spirit mythical creature fabulous creature visitant animal eidolon boggle booger sprite black beast villain tyrant shade scoundrel sadist savage barbarian shadow vision poltergeist fantasm swine pig blackguard haunt materialization hant nightmare wairua afreet rakshasa torment affliction hang-up it kehua fear scare bogy Archfiend hellion Satan vampire scarecrow alarm bullbeggar fright dehumanized being warlock fallen angel horror scourge witch malignant spirit materialisation familiar spirit elf pixie terror brownie fairy leprechaun gnome puck dwarf fay faerie faery pixy revenant manes kelpie appearance presence wight bodach duppy illusion zombie banshee soul hob ethereal being incorporeal being nixie Doppelganger being visitor whangdoodle fae baggard boggard boggart bug fey buggard bog pooka doppelgänger hallucination chimera bump in the night delusion doppelganger chimaera anathema bane aversion hate vexation irritant dislike irritation curse pet hate pain peeve problem bête noire apprehension loup-garou threat nix elfin bete noire pain in the bum pain in the backside pet peeve pain in the rear pain in the neck mischievous goblin

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