Đồng nghĩa của unbowed

Alternative for unbowed

unbowed /'ʌn'baud/
  • tính từ
    • không cúi, không khòm
    • bất khuất


Not bent


Not defeated or surpassed
unbeaten undefeated triumphant victorious unsurpassed unsubdued unvanquished winning unconquered unbroken unequaled unequalled unrivaled unrivalled matchless supreme champion successful top-ranking number one second to none the best reigning top conquering first dominant prize-winning best leading vanquishing finest apex prime head peerless premium optimal unparalleled preeminent consummate highest incomparable chief foremost superior transcendent star premier optimum unprecedented complete perfect principal inimitable primary prominent unsurpassable dominating unexampled unexcelled utopian select capital main exemplary nonpareil paramount unbeatable greatest beyond compare top-of-the-range a cut above the rest top drawer without equal top-drawer record-breaking number-one first class par excellence industry leading number 1 topflight sans pareil first-class best possible top-class top of the line top of the range top-tier pre-eminent unmatched top-scoring prizewinning cup-winning arrived outstanding of the highest quality crack crown exceptional terrific blue-ribbon vintage choicest boss notable out-of-sight estimable superlative top-notch big-time first-rate choice ace superfine tops A-1 world class one-in-a-million surpassing primo illustrious distinguished noted Grade A super high-class on top lead utmost biggest ultimate predominant peak record ascendant authoritative regnant prevailing key predominate ruling major core unassailable big commanding controlling maximum prevalent presiding supereminent overriding domineering central governing arch sovereign cardinal primal grand master overbearing furthermost largest overmastering sovran numero uno most excellent most prominent most outstanding most important most influential


Relating to or denoting activities done in secret or with stealth
underground secret clandestine covert surreptitious furtive undercover sneaky underhand private stealthy sneaking backstairs stealth underhanded privy sneak sly hidden concealed secretive closet shrouded confidential shifty backstair hush-hush behind-the-scenes hugger-mugger hole-and-corner cloak-and-dagger back-alley under wraps on the QT on the sly black under-the-table veiled sub-rosa conspiratorial cloaked wily cunning slinking skulking unrevealed under the table crafty slippery indirect buried disguised masked undisclosed incognito devious unseen hole-in-the-corner artful foxy shady obscured dark top-secret unknown clouded backdoor dissembled behind someone's back under-the-counter guileful tricky scheming fraudulent classified evasive surprise covered restricted unofficial unpublished silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless out of sight inside intimate nonpublic untold camouflaged cautious deep hushed esoteric unexposed on the quiet imperceivable top secret out of view sub rosa off the record strictly confidential not for publication not to be disclosed not for circulation not to be made public in secret mean unauthorized intelligence illicit illegitimate illegal contemptible slinky two-faced subversive dirty unfair shorthanded unethical unscrupulous spy quick murky unauthorised sideways sidelong oblique unsuspected creep underneath QT ulterior incog insidious cloak and dagger calculating elusive creepy circumspect mom unacknowledged uncommunicated mum dissimulated undeclared unprofessed hole and corner quiet low-down in holes and corners ambiguous mystic occult strange obscure unenlightened enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical in ambush indiscernible invisible latent duplicitous secluded designing not obvious withheld screened sheltered eclipsed clever subtle snug tect not visible not on view undetected in the dark protected shonky snide fly closed slim privileged discreet sequestered entombed carny backstage cowardly yellow offstage inconspicuous censored non-public behind the scenes under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera not open close to one's chest one-on-one not in the public domain far-off far-removed faraway beneath below sunk dishonourable immoral dishonest dishonorable unprincipled disreputable crooked deceitful base treacherous nefarious despicable vile shameful ignoble degenerate wicked corrupt depraved evil cheating sordid abominable execrable detestable unsavoury reprehensible disgraceful foul villainous deceptive dodgy bad unsavory unlawful conniving double-dealing dastardly abhorrent sinful low wretched odious nasty shameless iniquitous vicious heinous reprobate ignominious Machiavellian abject monstrous rotten scurvy scandalous dubious not cricket unsporting unsportsmanlike Janus-faced inequitable deplorable cheap fiendish diabolical shrewd atrocious roguish shocking outrageous knavish wrong below the belt shabby scummy barbarous unpleasant criminal ungodly bent cruel unrighteous flagitious egregious dissolute infamous sinister beastly scoundrelly low-minded appalling discreditable unjust two-timing sleazy vulgar lame lousy snidey grubby murderous diabolic unholy amoral malevolent malicious erring ratty scabby slick indecent crass graceless wrongful sorry horrible exploitative unconscionable conscienceless improper corrupted slimy hateful paltry dirty-dealing ruthless stinking rascally squalid unworthy no-good out of order currish errant degraded malfeasant unconscientious perverted good-for-nothing mean-spirited disgusting lawless self-seeking questionable off-color black-hearted morally wrong thoughtless bootleg despisable disagreeable stinky disingenuous double-crossing loathsome meanspirited disrespectful under the counter infernal unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for slipshod shoddy cruddy disdainable malignant devilish lubricious untrustworthy unwarranted off unnecessary satanic unspeakable dreadful opprobrious perverse flagrant glaring miscreant putrid gross not on out of turn wrongdoing good-for-naught meritless no-count no-account distasteful cutthroat venal a bit much perfidious casuistic selfish degrading recreant petty mercenary arrant over the fence a bit thick fishy cagy beguiling cute cagey debauched tawdry insincere low-life brutal merciless obliquitous gimmicky debased inhumane callous inhuman irreligious sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous fallen impure pitiless unfeeling rancorous licentious self-indulgent unkind vitiated disparaging delinquent forbidding hard-hearted libertine bloodthirsty heartless wrathful demonic scrofulous evil-minded vengeful felonious contemptuous grisly pernicious cold-blooded savage tyrannical incorrigible scornful maleficent objectionable decadent brutish defiled despiteful bestial sadistic harsh virulent profligate inexorable wanton vindictive gruesome disdainful spiteful playing politics put on playing games offensive godless faking one out not straightforward notorious beggarly ungentlemanly uncharitable sullied undignified tainted unbecoming warped worthless peccable deceiving unsportsmanly lamentable caitiff servile obscene inelegant menial scungy ill-gotten against the rules

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