Đồng nghĩa của inequitable

Alternative for inequitable

inequitable /in'ekwitəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không công bằng

Tính từ

Unfair, unequal or unjust
biased one-sided partial prejudiced unfair discriminatory partisan unjust preferential loaded non-objective slanted unbalanced unequal uneven weighted arbitrary undemocratic unethical bigoted lopsided coloured warped parti pris colored influenced ill-matched prejudicial intolerant skewed distorted jaundiced predisposed narrow-minded prepossessed disproportionate iniquitous unwarranted racist sexist homophobic chauvinist racialist anti-Semitic heterosexist chauvinistic anti-gay invidious factional unjustified ageist disablist wrong classist wrongful interested misleading inclined tendentious parochial opinionated blind random twisted offensive favorably unrepresentative favourably objectionable deleterious detrimental unconstitutional high-handed autocratic dictatorial ill-disposed sectarian unindifferent minded disposed subjective undeserved unmerited favorably inclined favouring irregular shabby excessive underhand fixed unforgivable low-down unrighteous blinkered unobjective exclusive devoted sympathetic overzealous fanatic cliquish zealous unreasoning diehard denominational limited conspiratorial adhering accessory off-balance nonsymmetrical unproportionate inequal overbalanced narrow small-minded illiberal conditioned favoring myopic fattist dogmatic intransigent xenophobic hidebound extreme doctrinaire leaning presupposing closed-minded preconceived below the belt discriminating unprincipled undue devious improper dishonorable fraudulent dishonest cheating unlawful discreditable bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral low vile deceitful dishonourable inexcusable criminal vicious cruel petty injurious grievous shameful wicked false shameless base uncalled-for inflexible insular provincial rigid small-town localist inward-looking restricted short-sighted petty-minded close-minded picayune dyed-in-the-wool Lilliputian entrenched small blimpish claustral parish-pump jerkwater conventional little fanatical reactionary uncompromising stuffy uncharitable obdurate conservative jingoistic misrepresented extremist swayed set perverted sceptical strait-laced falsified nationalistic moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy prissy skeptical shockable obstinate pigheaded tampered with embittered provocative argumentative questionable doubtful constricted one-eyed discriminative unimaginative puritan borné inexorable ungenerous closed selfish mean angled circumscribed clannish contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways schismatic misreported inaccurate garbled misstated ultra-conservative doctored changed altered ethnocentric flag-waving isolationist resentful nationalist jingoist superpatriotic unsympathetic tinkered with religious sectional nonconforming dissident nonconformist local splinter cynical bitter jealous unforgiving woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist envious unenlarged suspicious male chauvinist irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious disdainful tilted manipulative propagandist polemical male supremacist disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous spiteful adamant assertive yellow unenthusiastic grudging tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving pontifical arrogant cocksure dogmatical overbearing pompous imperious opinionative domineering opinioned of fixed views single-minded self-important bull-headed self-assertive stubborn of preconceived ideas self-opinionated

Tính từ

Of a punch, landing illegally, below the opponent's waist
below the belt unacceptable uncalled for unfair unjustifiable unjustified unreasonable unsatisfactory immoral off treacherous unethical unnecessary unprincipled unwarranted dirty dishonest dishonorable dishonourable low-down not on out of turn sneaky two-faced underhand underhanded unjust unscrupulous unsporting a bit much cowardly foul not cricket unsportsmanlike a bit thick out of order over the fence illegal nasty crooked shady fraudulent against the rules base corrupt mean despicable vile contemptible nefarious sordid detestable low ignominious execrable shameful disreputable ignoble illicit illegitimate abject wretched unlawful rotten off-color currish shabby scurvy cheating low-minded snide paltry evil wrong wicked sinful iniquitous vicious bad wrongful ungodly monstrous sacrilegious unholy profane abominable blasphemous hateful irreligious impious heinous unrighteous impure erring fallen villainous odious reprehensible horrible murderous dark offensive black diabolic godless diabolical fiendish atrocious barbarous notorious depraved disgraceful dissolute reprobate degenerate infamous perverted criminal shocking outrageous uncharitable unbecoming sullied undignified tainted lawless roguish bent egregious scandalous beastly scoundrelly stinking abhorrent rascally malfeasant warped peccable flagitious cruel dastardly unworthy obscene morally wrong degraded inelegant black-hearted menial servile lamentable caitiff disgusting deceitful crafty cheap squalid double-dealing beggarly ungentlemanly cunning devious sly wily deplorable lousy ratty shifty slick deceiving guileful shrewd ill-gotten unpleasant scheming grubby conniving scabby designing scummy Machiavellian scungy sneaking deceptive unsportsmanly sorry knavish calculating sleazy Janus-faced worthless lame cruddy pitiable pitiful dodgy tricky discreditable loathsome duplicitous artful untrustworthy unsavoury shonky shoddy unsavory distasteful no-good dubious sharp surreptitious clandestine malicious slim revolting two-timing obnoxious unkind shameless thoughtless furtive despisable swindling disagreeable covert secret malevolent subtle mean-spirited amoral insidious inconsiderate perfidious rogue fishy snidey fast repugnant mercenary crass malignant horrid slimy pathetic double-crossing miserable dirty-dealing beyond contempt false disrespectful appalling improper meanspirited spiteful hugger-mugger hole-and-corner vulgar disingenuous repulsive foxy unseemly backstairs degrading debased callous slippery secretive disdainable recreant indecent graceless traitorous cagy beguiling cute cagey defrauding tawdry oblique awful repellent insincere unfriendly filthy back-alley cloak-and-dagger accursed sad petty venal hollow-hearted under the table measly nauseating horrifying malign vindictive hurtful catty hostile poor hard-hearted low-life despiteful virulent gross beyond the pale ill-natured dirty rotten doggish shaming blameworthy debasing dislikable unreliable bootleg slipshod stinky blackguardly lying poxy narrow-minded blithering under the counter mendacious unspeakable untruthful good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account cursed flaming ungenerous clever hateworthy debauched insensitive infernal confounded swinish outcast inferior sham untrue seamy decadent seedy smart useless footling spurious counterfeit sleazoid avaricious louche skanky stealthy private underground behind-the-scenes sneak privy undercover stealth hush-hush detested execrated selfish stingy natty miserly inglorious double-faced truthless false-hearted phoney stupid despised heartless calculated covetous dreadful misleading backbiting elusive hoodwinking bluffing sinister unctuous shrouded hidden veiled indirect bribable godawful abominated hated loathed abhorred pseudo bamboozling falsified forged mock fake against the law imitation phony corruptible unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic murky evasive conspiratorial inhumane cold-blooded savage brutal not nice sadistic inhuman harsh sharp-witted intelligent acute astute grody hateable grafting felonious buyable unconscionable unprofessional profiteering corrupted self-seeking canny alert skilful skillful maggot yucky yucko unfaithful errant obliquitous gimmicky extortionate suborned open faithless fly intriguing ingenious masterly vulpine adept beneath contempt below contempt dexterous carny proficient adroit politic resourceful gone to the dogs fast and loose on the take playing politics put on playing games cutthroat negligent abusive dextrous smooth flimflam scam faking one out not straightforward rude churlish subversive shorthanded surly poisonous venomous wounding annoying cantankerous under-the-table ornery ruthless sarcastic ill-humored fly-by-night ill-tempered evil-minded ill-humoured bad-tempered

Tính từ

Out of proportion (in size, degree or extent) with something else
incommensurate inadequate insufficient disproportionate excessive inordinate unequal unfair incommensurable undue unreasonable disproportionate to at odds with lacking parity not appropriate for not in proportion to not proportional out of proportion to uncalled for out of keeping with out of line relatively too large for relatively too small for uneven unbalanced irregular unsymmetrical nonsymmetrical top-heavy too much superfluous inconsistent disparate overbalanced lopsided asymmetric not appropriate to not commensurate with out of proportion asymmetrical off-balance crooked askew awry distorted misshapen unstable out of true unjust out of shape squint one-sided tilting skewed off-centre skew tilted aslant slanted sloping malformed warped twisted misproportioned cockeyed ill-proportioned contorted unsteady ill-shaped skew-whiff disproportional wonky cock-eyed thrawn to one side not uniform not parallel ill-matched misaligned nonsymmetric dissymetrical unsymmetric dissymetric random formless odd agley gibbous squiffy biased prejudiced unproportionate inequal overloaded imbalanced cumbersome lacking correspondence not proportionate shaky wobbly lacking treacherous tottering bulky overweight deformed not balanced out of whack not even differing grotesque unidentical unalike dissimilar unlike ugly wry monstrous crippled disfigured ungainly abnormal unshapely unsightly hunchbacked bent bandy ill-made shapeless serrate remaining jerky spasmodic harsh asperous mismatched unlevel spotty fitful discrepant unsmooth scabrous notched mangled buckled blemished bowed damaged curved disjointed marred not matching not flat not level amorphous unaligned non-uniform off-center oblique atilt slanting crazy tipping listing off-kilter pitched cock-a-hoop skewwhiff slantwise unevenly balanced inclinatory leaning off balance out of plumb

Tính từ

Unsuitably matched
mismatched incompatible clashing disparate ill-matched incongruous inharmonious conflicting discrepant dissimilar ill-assorted inconsistent opposed unlike unsuited deviating different discordant divergent diverse irregular unalike uneven unrelated variant varying asymmetric at odds contrasting distinct lopsided misallied off-balance one-sided unequal unjust unreconcilable various at variance out of keeping differing contradictory contrary inconsonant poles apart contrastive distinctive irreconcilable distant nonidentical incongruent unconnected antithetic distinguishable separate dissonant other non-identical like night and day incomparable inappropriate uncoordinated unbalanced mutually exclusive disagreeing repugnant foreign unsimilar like chalk and cheese antagonistic opposite antithetical independent unsuitable discrete individual incommensurate disconsonant as like as chalk and cheese disproportionate alien fitful differentiable varied unmatched uncongenial unharmonious heterogeneous contrasted disharmonious particular offbeat odd asymmetrical jarring distinguishing alternative unidentical weird unassociated alternate not alike contradistinctive contradistinct unsymmetrical otherwise far cry another incommensurable differential streets apart not the same unequivalent not matching shifting absurd unpredictable distorted jumbled unavailing inapropos rambling unmixable illogical inapt unbecoming extraneous unintelligible twisted bizarre improper incoherent fantastic very unalike very inconsistent very unlike a far cry from exclusive opposing diverging respective anomalous express especial single altered nonmatching not so not as such other than supposed worlds apart bipolar fluctuating variable unmistakable oppositional discriminable nothing like unsteady erratic unstable random changing very different like day and night non-matching inequal not uniform antipathetic marching to a different drummer in opposition unattached uncoupled unlinked unallied ill suited adverse inimical hostile oppugnant isolated not kin not kindred impertinent nongermane irrelative not related out of place remote removed alien to hostile to incompatible with foreign to adverse to in conflict with opposed to unacceptable to contrary to antagonistic to conflicting with in conflict oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to inimical to at variance with irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with immaterial to unrelated to awry askew miscellaneous assorted multifarious manifold sundry not similar unique myriad antonymous divers mismated remaining jerky unsmooth out of true not flat not level serrate spasmodic harsh top-heavy asperous unlevel not parallel nonsymmetrical spotty scabrous overbalanced notched far from not capable of comparison march to a different drummer polar counter antipodal reverse diametric specific antipodean diametrical paradoxical converse dissenting diametrically opposed precise out of line not in keeping out of sync out of step at loggerheads special on the outs disconnected factious dissentient inconformable anti quarreling contrarient quarrelling warring against in disagreement complementary discriminatory antipathic discriminating discriminative peculiar distinguished contrariant unfavorable unfavourable sole detached untypical unnatural off-key atypical factional discriminational separated characteristic proper categorical unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful disunited diacritical sour note polar opposite idiosyncratic frictional acrimonious ambiguous nullifying contradictive ornery counteractive con negating agin self-contradictory sui generis derived modified at odds with on a sour note inconstant unadapted no go adapted mutant revised obverse cross aberrant deviant exceptional rogue personal own several relevant corresponding out of tune out of harmony at outs whale of difference competing inverse reversed contrapositive violative optional abnormal flip-side facing enemy restrictive repelling battling exposing protesting denying confronting controverting defensive disputed crossing allergic objecting combating defending obstructive gainsaying disputing rival each singular appropriate one-to-one at cross-purposes up against

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