Đồng nghĩa của underhand

Alternative for underhand

Trái nghĩa: aboveboard, overhand,

Tính từ

Acting or done in a dishonest way
dishonest unscrupulous crooked deceitful shady unprincipled duplicitous dishonourable fraudulent treacherous devious tricky shifty guileful crafty deceptive cunning unethical immoral wily bent disreputable dubious artful dirty unfair nefarious scheming designing illegal dodgy criminal cheating calculating unlawful mean conniving sharp shonky snide rogue unsportsmanlike insidious low unsporting fast dishonorable fishy unjust snidey slim oblique double-dealing two-faced Janus-faced two-timing below the belt double-crossing dirty-dealing underhanded corrupt sly sneaky untrustworthy slippery false Machiavellian slick disingenuous roguish foxy base wicked evil villainous lying subtle low-down perfidious foul bad amoral insincere vile furtive wrong questionable rotten untruthful deceiving shrewd mendacious sinful knavish contemptible iniquitous dark sneaking sordid ignoble hollow-hearted degenerate dissembling malfeasant depraved unreliable rascally despicable nasty vicious indirect reprobate unconscionable swindling unfaithful shameful not cricket dastardly illicit scandalous secretive reprehensible suspicious dissolute inequitable cutthroat black execrable misleading detestable hypocritical wrongful clandestine traitorous surreptitious unsavoury venal beastly unrighteous defrauding heinous murky unsavory counterfeit secret double-faced stealthy false-hearted faithless cagey beguiling suspect plotting abominable lawless odious shameless illegitimate shabby stinking fly-by-night scoundrelly undependable truthless covert cruel cagy cute diabolical fiendish atrocious monstrous recreant outrageous murderous diabolic barbarous evasive shocking disloyal unworthy astute fake untrue abject phoney wretched ignominious disgusting sinister phony scurvy egregious iffy doubtful flagitious low-minded off manipulative corrupted corruptible conspiratorial sham unprofessional grafting buyable irregular dissimulating feigned not to be trusted hateful Punic abandoned cowardly erring contriving mock cheap impure horrible back-alley bluffing unpleasant paltry felonious currish disgraceful perverted irresponsible intriguing warped indecent slimy dangerous delusive morally wrong deplorable funny mysterious against the rules pretended exploitative malicious conscienceless unjustified queer clever improper smart hoodwinking bribable hidden uncharitable astucious fly lamentable ruthless not candid not frank loathsome concealed licentious wanton spurious infamous veiled unctuous undercover cloak-and-dagger mischievous artificial profligate canny collusive pretend elusive irreligious under the table ungodly cynical profane impious smooth sacrilegious unholy blasphemous suborned fallen devilish debased seedy mercenary indictable degraded offensive discreditable godless forged imitation backhanded sketchy fickle obscene sullied tainted worthless fibbing snaky out of order pseudo trustless abhorrent inglorious peccable rakish maleficent scummy graceless of dubious character black-hearted off-color potentially illegal not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable colluding bogus bootleg malevolent Byzantine stinky wrongdoing caballing conspiring mean-spirited indefensible terrible under the counter unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unreasonable uncalled for macabre distasteful uncandid unconscientious sub-rosa hush-hush malign transgressing inhuman unfrank unveracious dicey backbiting ruffianly blackguardly unwarranted unnecessary plausible rascal bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous vulgar casuistic selfish degrading self-seeking petty arrant salty ornery hostile opportunist thievish not entirely truthful terminologically inexact deviant trick cowboy opportunistic lubricious not on out of turn unhonest culpable obnoxious undesirable peccant mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing expedient not trustworthy bamboozling falsified against the law hugger-mugger shrouded hole-and-corner carny beggarly squalid ungentlemanly deep perilous ensnaring wormlike not to be relied upon hollow crass tawdry economical with the truth backstairs untrusty low-life no-good captious skilful skillful ingenious illusory nifty a bit much under wraps irreverent fink sleazy grubby unsportsmanly errant obliquitous gimmicky guilty lewd sorry lame scungy lousy like a snake in the grass profiteering prevaricating misrepresenting inventing misstating equivocating delusory falsifying deleterious injurious damaging unchaste debauched unsafe baneful hurtful prejudicial harmful pernicious incorrigible nocuous adverse noxious baleful ratty scabby notorious on the QT on the quiet heartless detrimental wayward ill treasonable extortionate open overdone exaggerated undignified unbecoming over the fence a bit thick playing politics put on playing games unrecognizable assumed camouflaged treasonous subversive seditious bad news unvirtuous pornographic ill-gotten ugly rebellious renegade faking one out not straightforward committing perjury lustful whorish promiscuous bawdy apostate mutinous caitiff servile inelegant menial on the take jive put-on mealymouthed phony-baloney Pecksniffian lacking sincerity lip phoney-baloney double mealy left-handed masked incognito miscreant impish puckish gone to the dogs fast and loose dissipated loose unclean saturnalian decadent X-rated inconstant breakaway pretentious pseud ambidextrous arch unloyal betraying snake in the grass back-stabbing playful unseemly of easy virtue with tongue in cheek negligent disguised unrecognisable masquerading changed covered incog cloaked in disguise cheeky waggish fallacious flimflam scam naughty sailing under false colours under cover strange odd pixieish tricksy scampish ludic pixie teasing coquettish leprechaunish pixy prankish elvish under-the-table peculiar frolicsome sportive raffish problematical dubitable disputable debatable shaky problematic doubtable equivocal biased prejudiced espiègle partial one-sided partisan ambiguous improbable unlikely uncertain implausible not quite right far-fetched not kosher influenced discriminatory weighted preferential unmerited undeserved slanted bigoted fixed excessive unforgivable appalling dreadful unwholesome perverse sick unspeakable opprobrious savage demoralized libertine damnable awful repugnant satanic atheistic hideous blameworthy bestial infernal malignant pagan barbaric jackleg demoralised rakehell rakehelly objectionable demonic shoddy brutish heathen unhealthy revolting abnormal twisted intolerable disrespectful coarse hellish ghastly horrifying non-theistic unhallowed gross inexcusable unnatural kinky unregenerate sicko vitiated pervy aberrant disagreeable repellent repulsive intemperate sadistic spiteful louche unrespectable shy distorted merciless sickening accursed horrid noisome brutal vindictive defiled vice-ridden facinorous unbelieving lawbreaking delinquent beyond contempt bloodthirsty callous nauseating wrathful no good violent cold-blooded putrid inhumane harsh invidious malefic poor impaired wild uncivilized corrupting frightful horrendous adulterous God-awful lascivious lecherous rough dishonoured agnostic seamy hardened lowlife salacious ferocious blameful bad-hearted rude non-believing blamable censurable toxic ribald idolatrous fierce indelicate boorish churlish sinning homicidal cacodemonic prohibited rancorous unsanctified uncivilised infidel dishonored iconoclastic off-putting humiliating disorderly unlicensed remorseless forbidden nullifidian undue irreverential contraband immodest lowly pitiful miserable banned outlawed unauthorized pitiless flagrant proscribed actionable pitiable grim interdicted unfeeling unsanctioned rancid nauseous yucky hard-hearted unkind grievous black-market unofficial cruddy unpardonable insupportable disbelieving libidinous disobedient recusant sick-making verboten insubordinate truculent bogging brute butcherly repellant fulsome sanguinary unauthorised heavy yucko disgustful loathly not permitted not allowed grisly gruesome off limits good-for-nothing out of line desperate contrary to law in violation of law virulent profaned desecrated prurient sleazoid sleazo uncleanly deviative morally bereft rudderless condemnable diseased straying risqué beyond the pale thoughtless shadowy undecorous indecorous scurrilous grotty smutty embarrassing sceptical despisable demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal glaring abased scathel depraving amiss demeritorious uncouth exceptionable humble slavish inferior heretical meanspirited cut-throat deviate barbarian perverting drunken carnal inappropriate trashy plebeian common secular unblessed unconsecrated slipshod disdainable heathenish racket groundless contorted grotesque vitiate non licet craven vulgarised vulgarized shrewish surly bad-tempered incorrect crabbed ill-tempered ill-natured unaccommodating demonian demonical Luciferian bloody demoralizing gut-churning icky purchasable tragic sad unchivalrous vomitous terrific grewsome horrific lurid nightmarish nightmare unmerciful religionless nonreligious fell unsparing misguided of bad reputation unrelenting frenetic maniacal crazed mad possessed rapacious preposterous senseless unfortunate uncaring forbidding tyrannical inexorable unsympathetic filthy fetid malodorous displeasing undevout freethinking stony-hearted ridiculous foolish good-for-naught no-count meritless no-account morbid ominous cold-hearted red hot crying highly improper maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting self-indulgent vengeful derogatory contaminated faulty untamed uninviting vomit-inducing modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain demoralising bloodless doubting canting defiling pietistical desecrative contrary undutiful desecrating sanctimonious abysmal dire disastrous unemotional skeptical free-thinking unspiritual rank unpalatable mephitic prostituted severe pathetic distressing calamitous regrettable stern extramarital inclement in bad poisonous smelly flinty draconian grasping avaricious woeful heartbreaking mournful insufferable crummy unbearable discriminating unequal disparaging evil-minded contemptuous despiteful scrofulous scornful disdainful not religious in low esteem in the doghouse reeking skanky wolfish uncompassionate slaughterous roughshod shamed padded simoniac simoniacal festy pestilential pestiferous niffy olid intolerant coloured very bad ruined deadly insalutary foetid on the nose nonmoral non-moral open to bribery unbalanced loaded uneven arbitrary extracurricular adulterine flighty adulterate collapsed disgraced lost flat unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored without standards without morals fornicating speedy moonlighting ruinous decayed sunken shaken without scruples anarchic terrorist impermissible unruly punishable on the ground insurrectionary anarchical disruptive insurgent mutinying anarchistic taboo noncompliant nonconformist violating turbulent ungoverned nihilistic uncultivated infringing wildcat piratical warlike contumacious criminogenic unregulated unpeaceful disordered racketeering haram tapu under-the-counter off base not acceptable smoking gun ruled out without law and order

Tính từ

Acting or done in a secretive or sneaky way
secret clandestine covert furtive surreptitious sneaky stealthy undercover private sneaking underground backstairs underhanded stealth privy sly sneak hidden concealed secretive shrouded conspiratorial veiled slippery indirect murky hush-hush behind-the-scenes hugger-mugger hole-and-corner cloak-and-dagger sub-rosa back-alley under wraps on the QT under the table low-down on the quiet black under-the-table closet backstair slinking skulking wily cunning shifty under-the-counter hole-in-the-corner undisclosed cloaked crafty confidential disguised masked dark top-secret behind someone's back unofficial buried incognito obscured devious fraudulent artful foxy catlike silent enigmatic catty noiseless feline shady surprise cautious dissembled backdoor ulterior unseen obscure on the sly unrevealed unknown unreported on the side in secret unauthorized mean unauthorised illicit illegitimate illegal subversive shorthanded dirty unethical unscrupulous unfair intelligence slinky contemptible two-faced quiet quick unbowed spy unsuspected QT camouflaged incog underneath creep in holes and corners sub rosa underlying secondary unexpressed undivulged ambiguous enigmatical clouded mystic occult unintelligible out-of-the-way strange covered unenlightened deep mystical unapparent oblique sideways sidelong in ambush under cover unsaid guileful scheming insidious circumspect cloak and dagger calculating evasive tricky elusive creepy hole and corner protected classified closed inside discreet privileged esoteric hushed intimate nonpublic backstage restricted offstage inconspicuous not open behind the scenes unpublished close to one's chest under one's hat tête-à-tête non-public not for circulation not for publication off the record in camera one-on-one untold not to be disclosed strictly confidential not to be made public censored top secret not in the public domain exclusive personal mum mom close sensitive unidentified hidden away limited between ourselves screened reserved not visible secreted arcane tucked away unnoticeable uncommunicated invisible out of sight buttoned up with a lid on mysterious restricted access unobtrusive internal undeclared unprofessed restrictive discriminative inner bosom strict tight soft low dern need to know kept concealed kept secret unacknowledged dissimulated impenetrable backroom carefully guarded closely guarded regulated sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous hidden from sight hidden from view out of view lost to view off limits closed off in private special unrelated unrecounted out of bounds allowed granted controlled exceptional in strict confidence eyes-only in confidence not to be quoted to be kept under wraps not to be mentioned not for public consumption not public within these four walls for eyes only between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the doorpost between you and me and the wall between you and me and the bedpost unspoken unstated unmentioned unnarrated suppressed duplicitous designing perdu planted stashed cached enshrouded recondite guarded clever hushed up covered up put in the hole holed up subtle unconfirmed shonky snide fly slim unsubstantiated uncorroborated carny cowardly yellow undocumented unauthenticated unsanctioned unratified uncertified off-the-record unendorsed

Tính từ

Done or thrown with the hand brought forward and up from below

Tính từ

Showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters, sometimes with guile
shrewd astute clever canny cunning intelligent perceptive discerning smart wise judicious sensible crafty prudent sharp wily artful sly acute sagacious knowing savvy perspicacious devious scheming insightful subtle foxy guileful keen calculating tricky sage slick discriminating alert designing ingenious sapient brainy cagey cute observant slippery beguiling streetwise pawky hardheaded argute dodgy cagy heady profound deep fly smooth suss accurate disingenuous farsighted probing astucious calculated inside shark quick-witted sharp-witted clear-eyed clear-sighted far-sighted hard-boiled heads-up long-headed on the ball far-seeing media-savvy in the know on the inside wised up on top of up on deceitful dishonest sneaky intriguing Machiavellian insidious duplicitous cheating double-dealing slim vulpine adroit crooked conniving deceptive treacherous unscrupulous shifty Janus-faced carny masterly adept politic resourceful dexterous proficient dextrous conspiring plotting fraudulent manipulative heedful tricksy evasive skillful skilful untrustworthy street smart street-smart shonky dirty crazy like fox arch underhanded greasy crazy like a fox penetrating quick percipient thoughtful sensitive incisive piercing rational intuitive bright brilliant discreet aware reasonable whip-smart circumspect critical practical careful enlightened sound knowledgeable fine cautious sane wary logical watchful ready vigilant analytical sober erudite attentive genius gnostic razor-sharp informed sophisticated understanding rapier-like considerate nimble realistic worldly-wise down-to-earth trenchant clear penetrative matter-of-fact experienced open-eyed learned commonsensical responsible well-thought-out guarded analytic refined level-headed chary quick on the uptake quick off the mark mature grounded delicate razor-edged knife-like sharp-sighted awake searching fast supersmart conservative gingerly safe ultrasmart responsive downy sharpened deft good keen-witted exceptional diplomatic thinking apt nimble-witted well-reasoned agile hyperintelligent cultivated razor-like cerebral balanced reflective cultured levelheaded commonsense sharp as a tack no-nonsense insighted strategic together witty reasoned just pragmatic well-founded cool ratiocinative sophic judgmatical judgmatic well-advised enquiring questioning inquiring not born yesterday thorough mindful reserved scrupulous finely honed all there not missing a trick having all one's marbles leery softly-softly precautious on guard on your toes interested on the lookout on the qui vive exquisite whiz einstein shady razor sharp contemplative sentient scholarly self-aware educated joined-up philosophical sussed tasteful showing great knowledge with great knowledge hip intellectual precocious able frugal hep businesslike hard-headed complex exacting detailed selective with it precise as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork hard-nosed graceful tactful full of insight reasoning conscious reliable fastidious stable steady adult dependable tuned in wise to with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground minute close-lipped knows what's what acuminous ear to the ground proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted close-mouthed exact cognitive kid-glove nobody's fool having smarts examining exploratory inquisitive researching intense pointed investigative curious mental like a clam civil harmonious on lookout having foresight moderate controlled mentally stable temperate noncommittal not rash cognizant considered grown-up worldly polished smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five quick on the trigger conceptual with all one's wits about one expedient deliberate sharp-eyed well-balanced eagle-eyed advisable wide-awake keen-eyed playing one's cards close to one's chest punctilious desirable tactical hawk-eyed concentrating efficacious tentie regardful focused tenty beady-eyed Argus-eyed seemly seasonable judicial well judged common-sense well advised well-judged surveying deducing correct eager considering alive comprehending intentive advertent discovering on one's toes detecting contemplating focussed observative with eyes like a hawk valid solid hard coherent firm consequent justified well-grounded serious-minded commonsensible well thought out well-informed full of common sense conversant reticent measured apprehensive hesitant tentative provident suspecting suspicious forethoughtful restrained au courant in right mind keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs all ears walking on egg shells with eyes peeled thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves taking it slow on your guard playing safe belt-and-braces hedging one's bets with reservations watching one's step watching out on the watch with one's eyes peeled steady-going

Tính từ

Not going in a direct course or line
indirect roundabout circuitous winding meandering wandering deviant tortuous curving serpentine zigzag backhanded circular circumlocutory divergent evasive implied oblique rambling anfractuous devious long-drawn-out periphrastic sidelong ambiguous complicated crooked discursive duplicitous erratic eventual inferred long long-winded obscure out-of-the-way sinister sinuous snaking sneaking sneaky subsidiary tacit twisting understood unforeseen unplanned vagrant hinted at long way home twisted convoluted snaky windy bending flexuous curvy curved curling curled crazy meandrous mazy twisty coiling digressive deviating ambagious zigzagging labyrinthine spiraling spiralling involved intricate circumlocutionary serpentiform looping excursive collateral irregular spiral undulating errant turning gyrating wriggly jagged twisting and turning digressionary digressional desultory leaping maundering confusing misleading obliquitous lengthy roaming askew verbose involute awry bent sinuate ogee meandry full of twists and turns elliptical implicit inexplicit writhing bendy vague entwined roving vermiculate remote detouring digressory removed confounding straying digressing diverting episodic diffusive snakelike lithe asymmetric asymmetrical non-linear slinky deviative flowing contorted unsymmetrical distorted uneven aslant slanting slanted skewed lopsided tilted wiggly tacking squiggly coiled tipping slantwise diffuse atilt circling corkscrew swirling taking the long way wavy pitched complex listing cock-a-hoop topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled catawampus agee tortile kinked traveling travelling nomadic unstraightforward tricky oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal deceptive overlong long way going around back road winding around cunning byzantine difficult perverse long way around by way of difficult to follow curvilinear bowed arched warped rounded hooked sweeping loopy humped arced twined arciform looped turned round wavering wry jointed articulated curvilineal bowing arching twining veering warping wrenched gnarled braided tangled wound knotty angled misshapen deformed stooped parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite disfigured pretzeled stooping hunched slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp crescent doubled over out of shape vaulted arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform curviform swirly embowed curly curvaceous arrondi enbowed biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex

Trái nghĩa của underhand

underhand Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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