Đồng nghĩa của sinning

Alternative for sinning

sins, sinned, sinning

Đồng nghĩa: crime, error, evil, indiscretion, misconduct, offense, vice, wrongdoing,

Tính từ

Erring or straying from the accepted course or standards
sinful erring straying wrong immoral wicked offending criminal lawbreaking lawless aberrant delinquent transgressing deviant deviating misbehaving guilty culpable errant unmanageable fallible transgressive mistaken faulty blundering antisocial felonious in error reprehensible censurable mischievous bad froward difficult unruly naughty contrary troublesome wayward disobedient uncontrollable shifting rowdy erratic devious stray unorthodox unreliable miscreant heretic meandering badly behaved errable out of control off straight and narrow iniquitous unlawful evil illegal crooked villainous illicit shady bent blameworthy indictable wrongful dishonest condemnable corrupt nefarious illegitimate reproachable shameful unethical blameable dishonourable blamable despicable disreputable vile against the law under-the-table unsavory vicious at fault unrighteous dark depraved dishonorable improper unsavoury discreditable indefensible inexcusable prohibited responsible unlicensed forbidden outlawed actionable banned answerable unauthorized unscrupulous violating contraband unsanctioned reprovable objectionable unprincipled proscribed base unwarranted fraudulent unacceptable chargeable ignoble unconscionable verboten unfair rotten debauched unholy black-market taboo peccant bootleg flagitious unauthorised reprobate amoral to blame morally wrong scandalous under-the-counter dissolute ungodly profligate wanton dodgy under the table under the counter licentious sly savage barbarous dirty out of line in the wrong disgraceful liable convicted accountable deplorable incriminated unworthy opprobrious remiss convictable condemned impeached odious unjustifiable unpardonable insufferable regrettable repugnant unforgivable caught censured exceptionable offensive obnoxious doomed accusable unjust demeritorious amiss foul on one's head risqué sacrilegious dissipated profane smutty salacious blasphemous indecent blameful not cricket deserving blame sinister cruel brutal merciless ruthless shameless mean debased inhumane deceitful callous malicious heinous malevolent inhuman degenerate perverted hateful monstrous squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful pitiless unfeeling rancorous shifty maleficent scoundrelly self-indulgent unkind vitiated decadent brutish disparaging defiled despiteful forbidding exploitative hard-hearted contemptible libertine slippery bestial mean-spirited bloodthirsty unconscientious sadistic heartless wrathful demonic crafty scrofulous unpleasant scheming harsh black-hearted virulent evil-minded inexorable infamous questionable self-seeking vengeful vindictive contemptuous grisly nasty corrupted gruesome pernicious conscienceless dastardly disdainful cold-blooded spiteful tyrannical two-faced disorderly clandestine furtive anarchic terrorist impermissible black punishable seditious disruptive mutinying insurgent insurrectionary insubordinate anarchical mutinous rebellious unofficial interdicted noncompliant revolting nonconformist adulterous malfeasant anarchistic ungoverned uncivilised turbulent violent unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering heavy excessive recusant uncultivated warlike infringing wildcat contumacious piratical criminogenic traitorous tapu haram off base off limits not permitted against the rules contrary to law in violation of law smoking gun without law and order ruled out not allowed not acceptable

Tính từ

Being a sin
sinful bad wicked immoral iniquitous corrupt evil unrighteous wrong criminal unholy depraved erring irreligious ungodly nefarious wrongful blasphemous godless guilty impious irreverent profane sacrilegious black dark degenerate fallen impure morally wrong perverted rotten sullied tainted unethical unlawful unsavoury unsavory vicious vile villainous peccable aberrant amiss base blamable blameful blameworthy censurable culpable damnable demeritorious errant low reprobate unregenerate dishonourable heinous unprincipled foul despicable reprehensible dishonorable dishonest monstrous odious atrocious diabolical abominable shameful shocking disreputable dissolute unscrupulous ignoble fiendish flagitious egregious scandalous execrable dirty crooked shady horrible contemptible loathsome abhorrent dastardly outrageous amoral disgraceful devilish infamous mean indecent unconscionable appalling dreadful detestable low-down barbarous debauched bent unspeakable infernal devious sordid terrible delinquent improper diabolic atheistic obscene lawless unfair debased hateful discreditable nasty cruel underhand wanton deplorable heathen disgusting felonious demonic dissipated pagan offensive beastly satanic ignominious illegal malevolent stinking abandoned awful unhallowed deceitful repugnant savage miscreant sinister dodgy hideous opprobrious disrespectful warped hellish licentious black-hearted horrifying profligate malfeasant wretched accursed inhuman indictable non-theistic offending unworthy shameless inexcusable lawbreaking gross malicious transgressing illicit murderous roguish not cricket knavish barbaric brutish perverse bestial decadent obnoxious fraudulent reproachable straying maleficent vulgar cutthroat unseemly condemnable indefensible ugly Machiavellian intolerable peccant blameable lewd objectionable sickening ruthless revolting worthless unforgivable at fault sly two-faced unbelieving untrustworthy faithless unjust unchaste facinorous ghastly treacherous illegitimate infidel unpleasant undesirable corrupted abject intemperate answerable cheating scoundrelly responsible shabby venal underhanded coarse conscienceless pernicious horrid sorry naughty indelicate irreverential nauseating slippery snide currish paltry reprovable filthy noxious unacceptable unpardonable degrading heartless wayward low-minded unclean scurvy flagrant degraded violent to blame insupportable unvirtuous insufferable under-the-table disobedient agnostic deviant in the wrong non-believing malignant deviating heretical cacodemonic vice-ridden idolatrous demoniac Mephistophelian out of line loose iconoclastic unprofessional rascally nullifidian promiscuous lamentable unsanctified lustful injurious desecrating cheap harmful liable repellent repulsive brutal dangerous smutty exploitative spiteful misbehaving distasteful salacious miserable disbelieving pornographic petty putrid furtive bawdy shoddy rancorous wrathful no good perfidious mercenary shifty unconscientious mischievous trashy inglorious contrary squalid noisome lousy accountable merciless sadistic poor sleazy chargeable unjustifiable regrettable against the law vitiated scheming callous recusant pitiful preposterous ribald frightful crafty self-seeking questionable horrendous caught carnal double-crossing lowlife God-awful inhumane grim unmanageable bloodthirsty cold-blooded harsh punishable violating X-rated dirty-dealing two-timing scurrilous faulty unbearable distressing incorrigible immodest transgressive fallible unruly beyond contempt off base smoking gun insubordinate excessive unwarranted notorious low-life uncivilised uncivilized in error very bad ruffianly blackguardly uncharitable glaring thievish demoniacal cunning wrongdoing guileful secular unblessed unconsecrated shadowy undecorous indecorous rough suspect antisocial tricky bad-hearted risqué good-for-nothing remiss double-dealing mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing ferocious sceptical tawdry casuistic selfish recreant arrant demonical demonian Luciferian exceptionable slavish humble servile menial bribable crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed barbarian mistaken tragic sad shy unrespectable louche convicted fierce remorseless lowly common plebeian heathenish senseless grievous unfortunate unbecoming lascivious prurient deserving blame bloody ridiculous foolish drunken incriminated butcherly fell brute truculent homicidal pitiable abysmal dire disastrous deleterious damaging baneful hurtful prejudicial nocuous adverse baleful disagreeable religionless nonreligious convictable impeached condemned raunchy lecherous detrimental ill sneaky negligent unreasonable sanguinary off-putting pathetic calamitous rancid repellant fulsome nauseous steep apostate censured flimflam fishy scam slick crude freethinking undevout contaminated demoralised untamed demoralized libidinous wild immoderate exorbitant unendurable crummy woeful heartbreaking mournful cruddy accusable doomed porny concupiscent unprintable hypocritical defiling pietistical hardened desecrative undutiful doubting canting unfaithful unctuous sanctimonious extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT desperate backbiting maligning vilifying traducing detractive untrue gossiping crying detracting yucky humiliating skeptical free-thinking unspiritual blundering O.T.T. godawful extortionate hellacious gut-churning icky sick-making profaned blue desecrated stag gutter cursed unfeeling unkind forbidding tyrannical defiled inexorable highly improper depraving debasing contumelious too great shaming disgracing extreme debauching over the top vomitous sick bogging on one's head whorish not pure yucko disgustful loathly red hot pitiless self-indulgent hard-hearted vengeful vindictive fly-by-night not religious bad news dishonoured shamed fast saturnalian graceless rakish disparaging libertine mean-spirited scrofulous evil-minded contemptuous grisly scornful despiteful virulent gruesome disdainful ruined troublesome difficult froward locker-room vomit-inducing uncontrollable disgraced collapsed lost flat of easy virtue unorthodox badly behaved shifting erratic stray rowdy out of control heretic off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable accurst curst blasted freaking cussed darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned confounded darn deuced decayed sunken ruinous prohibited anathematized shaken dishonored unlicensed disorderly blamed blessed dratted under a curse clandestine contraband found wanting anarchic forbidden terrorist outlawed unsanctioned unauthorized impermissible actionable banned disruptive insurgent insurrectionary anarchical rebellious unofficial interdicted seditious mutinying proscribed mutinous on the ground noncompliant nonconformist anarchistic verboten taboo adulterous turbulent heavy warlike contumacious criminogenic bootleg ungoverned unregulated unpeaceful nihilistic disordered racketeering uncultivated infringing wildcat unauthorised piratical traitorous impeachable under-the-counter under the table contrary to law tapu in violation of law haram not acceptable off limits black-market not permitted against the rules under the counter without law and order ruled out not allowed caught red-handed hung up caught in the act caught in flagrante

Danh từ

Relating to vice or immorality
perversion debauchery depravity dissipation dissoluteness corruption degeneracy libertinism rakishness turpitude licentiousness vice immorality indulgence iniquity loucheness decadence immodesty impropriety indecency intemperance lasciviousness lechery shamelessness sinfulness wickedness impurity lecherousness profligacy salaciousness sybaritism abandon abandonment bawdiness excess hedonism libertinage libidinousness revel voluptuousness wantonness abjection corruptness debasement decadency degenerateness degeneration degradation demoralisation demoralization dissipatedness gluttony immoderateness incontinence iniquitousness sin carousal concupiscence lack of morals lack of principles lubricity overindulgence salacity bender binge revelry lack of restraint self-indulgence tear fast living la dolce vita pleasure-seeking life in fast lane pervertedness lewdness dissolution immoderation evil sensuality looseness unrestraint lustfulness prodigality vileness carnality lawlessness promiscuity extravagance wildness prurience vulgarity intemperateness profanity baseness self-gratification obscenity laxity disorder viciousness irresponsibility anarchy unruliness overconsumption lust unchastity excessiveness animalism forwardness presumptuousness boldness effrontery temerity audacity arrogance complacency refractoriness sauciness slackness villainy raunchiness impiety smut badness smuttiness coarseness crudity ungodliness dirtiness grossness criminality wrong ribaldry foulness crudeness filthiness dirt filth relaxation relaxedness nastiness blueness decay lavishness infamy impureness raunch dishonesty recklessness high-living unrighteousness lack of self-control misconduct exorbitance depravation epicureanism flagitiousness insobriety evildoing immoderacy nimiety scandal deviltry scurrility self-satisfaction lack of control dishonourableness drunkenness vitiation villainousness fleshliness wrongdoing nefariousness decline brutishness pornography shadiness crookedness deterioration pruriency sensualism evilness perversity moral decay heinousness devilry dereliction diablerie rudeness diabolism luxury lotus-eating violation wastefulness peccability meanness peccancy atrocity eroticism immoral behaviour ill squalor bad offensiveness licence offence offense pursuit of pleasure evil behavior high living pleasure lack of self-restraint high life antisocial behavior impulse disregard uninhibitedness freedom thoughtlessness spontaneity license dishonour improbity opulence worldliness bestiality bastardization disorderliness laxness profligateness decrease worsening fall deviance retrogression corporeality malevolence malignity intoxication inebriation dishonor free-living darkness sordidness regression riotousness crapulence knavery mischief brutality perviness abasement inferiority poorness leching erotism grubbiness incontinency pederasty satyriasis boorishness ruttishness womanizing womanising depravedness contamination greed abnormality deviation to hell in handbasket venality life in the fast lane suggestiveness evil-doing scurrilousness fiendishness balefulness atrociousness devilishness indelicacy unholiness godlessness unnaturalness kinkiness sordidity transgression scatology scabrousness unwholesomeness outrageousness indecorousness trespass crime amorality epicurism gratification malefaction bawdry profaneness unseemliness extremity saturnalia extreme extreme behaviour inordinateness overdoing impiousness luxuriousness affront tastelessness porn blight sleaze X-rating crassness explicitness maleficence malignance evil act immoral act rot irreligiousness enjoyment act of wickedness fall from grace dirty name blasphemy sacrilege irreverence dolce vita fallenness imperfection foible profanation fault desecration damnation covetousness sloth demerit disobedience wrongness pride tort

Danh từ

The lapse of humankind into a state of sin, as ascribed in theology

Trái nghĩa của sinning

sinning Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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