Đồng nghĩa của examining

Alternative for examining

examines, examined, examining

Đồng nghĩa: analyze, consider, inspect, observe, question, quiz, study, test,

Động từ

Present participle for to inspect carefully or in detail
inspecting scrutinising scrutinizing exploring studying surveying checking scanning vetting viewing casing prospecting observing assaying recceing perusing reconnoitring reconnoitering canvassing overlooking conning scoping screening reading overseeing eyeing parsing sweeping underseeing winnowing checking out looking over looking at checking over poring over weighing up taking stock of searching into looking at carefully subjecting to an examination looking see sifting through investigating probing reviewing analyzing analysing assessing researching evaluating appraising considering going over looking into searching auditing testing eyeballing going through giving something the once-over delving into enquiring into going into inquiring giving the once-over enquiring digging into dissecting sizing up sifting skimming judging regarding going over with a fine-tooth comb giving something a once-over trying looking contemplating inquiring into monitoring trying out watching flicking through looking through putting to the test working over trialing trialling delving flipping through running through browsing scouting anatomizing running over leafing through estimating verifying experimenting with seeking scouring discussing questioning weighing proving digging sussing out casting an eye over taking a dekko at giving something a going-over pondering checking up on taking a look at shaking down running your eye over sampling seeing experimenting prying gauging gaging thumbing through making enquiries into conducting investigations into glancing over spying examining closely dipping into skimming through frisking beholding making a survey of clocking giving a tryout scoping out interpreting staring carrying out trials on putting under a microscope penetrating deconstructing confirming valuing reading through cutting separating dividing criticizing gazing at breaking down valuating staring at pegging measuring sizing criticising scouting out experimentalizing piloting reconning finding out eyeing up glancing through getting a load of browsing through trying on looking around looking something over matching up thinking through tackling putting through its paces making a trial run trying on for size sounding out understanding treating reporting gazing balancing supervising noticing surfing raking snooping superintending resolving candling rating piercing combing reading over triangulating giving the once over nitpicking taking stock riffling pursuing reporting on peering diagnosing hunting looking closely quizzing substantiating riffing peeping patrolling giving something a look-see validating demonstrating following looking up and down comparing spying out summing up fanning wading through glancing at making a reconnaissance of having a look-see proving out stacking up seeing how the land lies diving in playing around with looking upon putting to trial taking apart checking up making a recce of casing the joint taking in following a line of investigation taking a shufti round putting someone through their paces nosing around looking for staking out trying to get to the bottom of finding out the lie of the land looking round putting something through its paces rereading editing repeating practicing reiterating rehearsing revising revisiting double-checking following up censoring redacting traversing checking something out tasting grading making enquiries perceiving discerning adjudicating contextualizing contextualising perlustrating smoking examining carefully auditioning querying conducting an enquiry passing through passing under review dissolving ranging over talking about establishing practising riffling through esteeming quartering spot-checking burrowing into witnessing critiquing poring burning up devouring certifying noting ascertaining making an observation of checking into memorizing memorising looking on thinking about thinking of boning up unpacking telling attempting endeavoring striving essaying skirring keeping an eye out looking out rummaging rooting referring to burying oneself in ploughing through handling getting the lie of the land plotting summarizing graphing charting summarising laying bare ensuring counting correcting chewing over having a taste of having a look around panning drilling mining dowsing taking the measure of picking apart reading intently carrying out trials conducting research conducting experiments seeking an answer fossicking foraging sitting in picking at enquiring about delving in hunting through going through with a fine-tooth comb leaving no stone unturned in turning over carrying out tests doing tests on keeping under surveillance keeping tabs giving something a whirl undertaking apprising endeavouring fooling with road-testing field-testing practicing with messing around test driving having a tour of going on a tour of having a look round touring testing out running something up the flagpole sending up a balloon seeing how wind blows putting something to the test running idea by someone putting something to the proof seeing how it flies running it up a flagpole giving opinion going after unraveling comprehending fathoming unravelling taking a good look at decomposing keeping an eye on patting down giving the eagle eye decompounding setting guesstimating pricing trying something on for size giving it a go putting to the proof making sure of keeping account finding fault picking holes gaping gawping giving an opinion squinting passing judgment on commenting upon consulting grasping sounding glassing discoursing on mapping out rumbling flashing having one's number figuring out figuring in adjudging figuring deeming calculating taking account of setting at knowing estimating the value of carrying out a valuation of doing research looking up consulting the archives searching out eavesdropping stagging poking around meddling listening in fishing out peeking thumbing turning upside down digging down searching high and low making inquiries doing tests inquiring about giving a go leafing blinking goggling gawking rubbernecking looking earnestly plumbing flipping regulating squinnying taking a stab at taking a shot at glancing taking a gander looking something up and down reconsidering removing contrasting pinning glaring focussing boring focusing gloating trying to see interrogating catechizing juxtaposing reexamining overhauling debugging getting to the bottom of looking through narrowed eyes turning the pages speed-reading getting the cream having a quick look at going once over lightly hitting the high spots brushing over reading quickly running eye over reading swiftly subjecting to an inspection taking soundings differentiating collating squinting at kicking the tires sorting out getting rid of sorting through picking over sorting correlating narrowing your eyes screwing up eyes spotting stripping down giving something a check-up paralleling competing parallelling balancing the differences between setting side by side setting against standing the pace measuring the differences between weighing the differences between standing the test stacking up against weighing against another weighing against opposing putting side by side confronting measuring up hanging segregating placing in juxtaposition tracking down rustling up running reconnaissance making a reconnaissance scouting around looking out for setting eyes on searching for

Động từ

Present participle for to question or quiz, especially in a thorough or investigative manner
questioning quizzing interrogating catechizing grilling cross-examining pumping cross-questioning probing querying enquiring inquiring sweating trying asking questions of putting questions to sounding out putting through the wringer trying out giving the third putting through the mangle giving the third degree giving the third degree to interviewing asking investigating debriefing putting the screws on putting through the third degree inquiring of roasting going over working over canvassing putting the screws to scrutinizing checking hitting scrutinising picking one's brains hitting up testing the waters putting someone through the wringer worming something out of someone soliciting prying asking questions pressing testing inquisitioning finding out seeking information of feeling out requesting information of making inquiries requesting information seeking information browbeating drilling gathering intelligence worming something out of questioning intensely putting somebody through the mill putting the pressure on giving somebody the third degree bombarding double-checking reexamining reviewing analyzing inspecting exploring prospecting knocking studying requesting searching sifting seeking questioning persistently questioning closely surveying analysing cross examining worming out of drawing out asking pointed questions putting on the hotseat going over with a fine-tooth comb fraining petitioning needling wanting to know seeking an answer putting a question to enquiring of making inquiry asking about seeking answers showing curiosity searching for answers raising question looking into holding out for putting out feelers buzzing sweating it out of putting to the question conversing talking consulting popping the question prying into canvasing sweating out sampling balloting giving oral examination conversing with holding a meeting with getting for the record conferring with having a discussion with having a dialogue with talking to holding inquiry polling

Động từ

Present participle for to consider or think about carefully or in detail
considering reviewing pondering analysing investigating exploring probing analyzing researching weighing auditing sifting thinking about chewing over looking into delving into enquiring into digging into turning over going into going over inquiring into going through sizing up picking at experimenting with scrutinizing studying scrutinising inspecting evaluating checking out poring over looking at looking over questioning vetting searching into checking up on taking stock of conducting an investigation into checking over checking up prospecting dissecting searching scouting discussing canvassing sounding out working over conducting an enquiry into scoping out checking into prying into probing into looking at carefully querying giving the once over giving something the once-over subjecting to an examination following up determining interrogating surveying testing eyeballing recceing reconnoitring dealing with reconnoitering appraising casing making enquiries about making inquiry weighing up feeling out covering sussing out cross-examining poking around nosing around running down write about trying to get to the bottom of tackling treating identifying interpreting delving digging inquiring enquiring about brainstorming thinking through spying bugging poking frisking tapping enquiring finding out about excogitating asking questions about picking apart listening in deliberating on reading into searching for diving into inquiring about mulling over brooding over reading up on staking out asking questions of doing research into making inquiries about putting to the test putting questions to having a look at searching the evidence concerning sifting the evidence concerning checking asking about mentioning addressing underseeking wiretapping muckraking getting down to brass tacks viewing questing sounding kicking around trying sorting out reporting on taking a look at verifying opening up accounting for observing making a recce of making an observation of spying on plumbing leaving no stone unturned catechizing quizzing penetrating asking piercing attending to speaking to concerning itself with testing the waters carrying out an inquest into putting out a feeler pursuing making enquiries into getting back to chasing up

Động từ

Present participle for to look at closely or with interest
eyeing observing viewing seeing regarding beholding noticing watching eyeballing perceiving spotting noting discerning scrutinising scrutinizing surveying sighting looking at spying inspecting scanning descrying espying distinguishing witnessing checking remarking catching clocking checking out gaping slanging gazing at rubbernecking staring at monitoring taking in following surveilling getting a load of sizing up glancing at perusing leering spying on taking a look gawping at keeping an eye on keeping under surveillance keeping tabs on keeping under observation keeping watch on gazing upon keeping a tab on taking a gander at watching like a hawk keeping a weather eye on keeping under scrutiny having a gander at twigging having a squint at giving something a once-over having a dekko at taking a shufti at giving the eye taking a dekko at giving the once-over keeping a beady eye on having a shufti at having taking a glance at having a look keeping eagle eye on contemplating studying heeding paying attention to peering at overseeing keeping track of taking notice of recceing minding looking on auditing keeping a check on glimpsing marking catching sight of casing recording supervising tracking superintending feasting your eyes on keeping in sight discovering detecting reconnoitring reconnoitering keeping one's eye on picking up on poring over getting an eyeful of giving attention to analyzing feasting one's eyes on ogling keeping in touch with keeping up to date with watching over keeping up with looking over exploring seeing over spectating rubbernecking at laying eyes on reviewing ogling at bewaring gaping at considering analysing having a butcher's at flashing gazing checking something out digging believing assessing canvassing pondering overlooking staring scoping beaming reading piping focusing on covering leering at taking note of concentrating on clapping eyes on giving something the once-over scoping out taking stock of checking up on listening to having a look-see at checking over giving the once over having a look-see setting eyes on feasting eyes on taking a butcher's at making eyes at

Động từ

Present participle for to think meticulously about something, usually before a decision is made
considering contemplating appraising reviewing studying pondering assessing bethinking evaluating excogitating reflecting comparing cogitating debating deliberating entertaining eyeing meditating perpending questioning revolving ruminating turning weighing weighing up judging mooting chewing over cogitating about considering the pros and cons of deliberating over giving thought to kicking around meditating on meditating over mulling over poring over reflecting on ruminating over sizing up summing up thinking about thinking out thinking over thinking through turning over turning over in one's mind wrestling with taking something under advisement ruminating on cerebrating analysing brooding speculating analyzing cogitating on sorting out thinking reasoning musing on figuring musing brainstorming taking stock of puzzling over mulling brooding over racking brains looking into looking at ruminating about minding dwelling on figuring out investigating surveying researching scrutinizing exploring probing taking enquiring into deliberating about estimating rolling mooning wondering scrutinising brooding on reflecting upon giving some thought to dwelling poring on hashing over comprehending intellectualizing rationalizing deliberating on stewing logicalizing stewing over rationalising intellectualising ideating balancing agonizing over taking under consideration stopping to consider noodling around using one's head putting on one's thinking cap counting your blessings regarding observing taking inventory checking out getting a load of daydreaming percolating dreaming recollecting feeling taking stock debating with oneself monitoring dealing with dissecting perusing understanding going over formulating making forming apprehending processing discerning concentrating considering as an example building castles in air diving into delving into canvassing experimenting conducting research into looking at as an example chewing taking as an example contemplating on cerebrating on musing over deciding on picturing hypothesizing clarifying hypothesising envisioning woolgathering lucubrating cudgeling one's brains sleeping on it doing research conducting a survey of inspecting speculating about tracking entertaining the idea of rehashing rating eyeing up sweating having a think about making sense of wondering about chewing on deliberating upon making enquiries into thinking on meditating upon chawing putting on thinking cap beating one's brains out about conceiving moralizing theorizing inferring deducing resolving appreciating imagining pondering on pondering over ratiocinating hammering away at sweating over having in mind pontificating sermonizing pronouncing preaching philosophizing moralising philosophising theorising sermonising worrying about brooding about agonizing agonising thinking of puzzling digesting giving consideration to worrying viewing chewing the cud discussing talking over batting it around consulting thinking hard arguing running up a flagpole asking oneself giving much thought to pouring it on knocking around poring asking oneself about turning over in mind turning over in your mind batting around kicking about batting about reassessing contrasting ruminating upon cooling out aspiring to anticipating reflecting about expecting taking in juxtaposing envisaging re-evaluating flashing on looking carefully at setting against making an appraisal of obsessing taking into consideration planning designing intending scheming purposing adjudging deeming esteeming reckoning moping fretting devising seeing how the land lies supposing valuing perceiving believing looking on decreeing adjudicating ruling proposing projecting repining sulking about moping over languishing over grieving eating one's heart out dwelling upon sighing fretting about sweating out bleeding glooming desponding grieving over mooning over lamenting languishing eating your heart out thinking upon feeling despondent about sulking chafing inwardly plotting engaging in contemplation thinking deeply saying to oneself entertaining idea

Động từ

Present participle for to be about
concerning dealing with covering discussing scrutinising scrutinizing going into telling of analysing reviewing addressing relating to reporting on treating analyzing having to do with studying affecting detailing documenting exploring involving going over pertaining to referencing referring to talking about delving into encompassing looking into tackling touching on contending with deliberating on expounding on giving an account of giving a rundown of giving details of giving details on giving the facts on investigating looking at probing providing details of recounting appertaining to applying to bearing upon bringing up canvasing commenting on comprising of concerning itself with conferring on debating depicting describing digging into embodying explaining having a bearing on informing of inquiring about regarding sifting through speaking about taking on talking through considering treating of dealing weighing up containing comprising including incorporating embracing subsuming surveying comprehending providing for taking in attending to taking account of bearing on touching having relevance to having reference to belonging to applying bearing touching upon having something to do with referring appertaining mentioning relating pertaining implicating impacting entailing entangling impacting on having relevance for write about interesting alluding to corresponding to connecting with occasioning having an impact on enmeshing embroiling having an effect on centering upon befitting combining connecting vesting associating joining pointing to inhering with connecting to talking making mention of making reference to handling approaching critiquing interpreting consulting reasoning counseling counselling arranging criticising advising on talking over discoursing on taking up talking of enlarging upon weighing parleying criticizing deliberating confabbing powwowing confabulating conferring

Động từ

Present participle for search unsystematically and untidily through something
rummaging searching exploring ransacking scouring hunting through combing delving dredging hunting raking rifling rooting trolling ferreting in foraging fossicking rootling searching through delving in digging in digging through disarranging disarraying disordering disorganizing disrupting disturbing ferreting about in ferreting around in fiddling fishing fishing about in fumbling going through groping grubbing jumbling poking rifling through rooting about in rooting around in scrabbling about in scrabbling around in seeking shaking sifting through sorting through spying tossing fishing around in fossicking through grubbing about in poking around in turning over ferrets about looking through messing up mixing up poking around rootling around in rousting around in shaking down beating the bushes searching high heaven turning upside down leaving no stone unturned looking high and low sweeping probing looking around in sifting foraging through rummaging in rummaging around in rummaging about in rummaging through screening inspecting investigating scrutinizing poking about in finecombing rummaging round in beating scrutinising grubbing around in going over leaving no stone unturned in going through with fine-tooth comb going through with a fine-tooth comb digging prospecting scanning skirring looking around looking round going over with a fine-tooth comb checking frisking digging into poking about scratching about groping around fishing about feeling around searching about foraging around fishing around scrabbling around ferreting scratching around rootling around rousting around flushing out looking burrowing shovelling burrowing in scratching tunneling troweling trowelling shoveling inquiring enquiring spading scrabbling unearthing tunnelling excavating really getting into jumping into digging deeper ferreting out digging deep gouging out scooping out

Động từ

Present participle for to perform checks and maintenance on (a device or piece of equipment)

Danh từ

Careful examination or scrutiny
inspection examination check survey investigation scan scrutiny review look-over view assessment check-up going-over once-over probe checkup exploration look-see observation perusal search appraisal appraising assessing audit checking evaluation investigating supervision surveillance surveying vetting consideration overhaul recce superintendence analysis frisk inquest enquiry inquiry inquisition inventory manoeuvres maneuvers pageant parade perlustration read research study dissection look test assay scrutinization interrogation probing breakdown contemplation trial disquisition delving glance shufti examen reconnaissance scanning probation questioning testing diagnosis anatomy deconstruction regard anatomizing anatomization skim legwork deliberation reflection hearing estimation observance attention poll cross-examination experiment viewing dekko reconnoitring quest notice scout watching thought sight critique screening sifting interpretation reading reconnoitering account exam reconnoiter quizzing reconnoitre verification debate gander experimentation application scouting eye tryout peek pursuit peep recon expedition monitoring try fact finding fact-finding display treatment browse patrol balancing eyeing report lookover cast discussion hunt demonstration heedfulness heed service forage physical glimpse cogitation resolution looking canvass ascertainment stare advisement concentration autopsy case musing pondering gaze work sample gape the eye thinking reasoning essay look through quiz grilling analyzing analyzation try-out catechizing exercise judgment substantiation comparison weighing up analysing interrogatory sweep judgement aspect health check discovery pilot study watch run-through third degree trial run fishing expedition trial balloon dry run test drive Q and A fixed look intent look trial and error selection visit sounding servicing preliminary survey stocktaking dissolution combing read-through maintenance tune-up handling coverage travel criticism biopsy postoperative upkeep excursus spying out scouting out meditation rumination mulling postmortem visitation snoop snooping random investigation random sampling careful examination final questionnaire make-up breakup valuation measurement rating taste tab close-up tour of inspection forethought close study regarding query audition attempt paper blue book close examination eagle eye lookout retrospect reconsideration reappraisal reexamination retrospection spot check concern approval proof feeler maintenance check routine check medical glare post-mortem outline overview long hard look division physical exam physical examination synopsis contrast request perception screen test précis dismemberment differentiation juxtaposition glaring ogling rap recapitulation file drill reevaluation acid test leaf action care syllabus digest aperçu compendium discrimination distinguishing collation rubbernecking seeing empiricism calculation cognition learning staring at medicine etiology morphology genetics zoology histology biology physiology aetiology embryology cytology sketch pandect fish eye distinction flick diligence assiduity industry mindfulness differentiating contrasting recognising overlook recognizing noticing doctor's visit process looking at gazing at question fresh look second thought second look looking over glance through browse through paralleling relating collating knowledge intentness advertence attentiveness advertency awareness studying ear note education butcher's ratio analogizing discernment dividing venture procedure skim through leaf through flick through undertaking scholarship swotting lessons schooling eyeful spotlight groundwork fling operation try-on enterprise peer geek squiz telling the difference breaking down scientific test overall picture tuition academic work squint research and development dummy run R & D try out R and D training class weighing subject cramming abstraction memorising schoolwork lesson course homework school work revision quick look Jack Nohi dig memorizing book work digging foraging procession scavenge scavenging ferreting muster tattoo array rummage rifling chase scouring field day hunting pursual pursuance rummaging around witch hunt ferreting around ferreting about pursuit of seeking after rooting around rummaging about rooting about march past cross-questioning catechism double-checking presentation vigil guard interview pumping call stakeout close watch debriefing opinion poll commentary practical census oral dissertation sampling question paper viva summary tally viva voce enquiring set of questions theory test oral exam set of exercises public opinion poll inquiring information-gathering exploring detection fact checking interviewing quarry necropsy decoding deciphering fieldwork translation delineation classification experiments trawl the third degree investigation into analyses tests enquiries indagation studies itemization categorization giving someone the third degree analyzes post postmortem examination nose road map prowl interrogative demand article reporting reportage rundown fractionation wringer medical examination coroner's report poke ferret piece discourse verdict opinion tribunal press conclusion detailed list findings exposure content broadcasting piece of research feedback conclusions ballot result pronouncement prognosis reception congress parley negotiation chance admittance meeting conference court case consultation council performance attendance reports articles pieces description accounts stories market research research paper deliverance determination decision award competition storeys legal proceedings industrial tribunal solution fill-in-the-blank midterm finding quiz show panel game contest puzzle quiz game test of knowledge shotgun game

Tính từ

Tending to ask questions or to investigate, typically for information or knowledge
curious inquisitive probing questioning quizzical enquiring inquiring interrogative investigative querying scrutinising scrutinizing enthusiastic inspecting fascinated interested intrigued keen agog eager excited moved attentive captivated gripped riveted absorbed affected engrossed intent enticed focussed focused stimulated enthused entranced hooked inspired ambitious desirous inspirited roused ardent avid impressed inquisitorial beady-eyed searching analytical nosy intrusive prying meddling interfering meddlesome impertinent tampering peering peeping prurient disquisitive snoopy fact-finding puzzled catechistic penetrating exploratory researching interviewing interrogational cross-examining inquisitory obtrusive pushy nosey analytic officious intruding quizzing wondering presumptuous busy exploring presuming catechistical protrusive pushing doubtful burning with curiosity investigatory outward-looking studious Socratic heuristic speculative dying to know research investigating undercover inspective perspicacious clever intense insightful sensitive pointed canny discriminating acute ingenious piercing smart perceptive incisive judicious thorough intuitive trenchant sharp subtle discerning astute quick-witted observant smitten besotted bewitched taken obsessed attracted crazy about infatuated charmed enamoured enamored keen on spellbound wild about enchanted beguiled enraptured in love seduced intoxicated nuts about lovesick mad about enamored of gone on love-struck into enamoured of fond drawn caught predisposed rapt gone sold lured touched mad taken with loving inflamed possessed devoted to passionate about stuck on twitterpated by bewitched by crazy fascinated by smitten with silly sweet on enchanted by charmed by captivated by beguiled by gaga head over heels in love entertained earnest responsive mad on sold on awakened fired all ears occupied passionate giddy struck sympathetic open devoted on the case eat sleep and breathe head over heels dotty twitterpated amorous silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet fervid fervent zealous very keen nutty nuts very enthusiastic potty wild head over heels in love with hopelessly in love turned on by carried away far gone on under the spell of carrying a torch for potty about consumed with desire for greatly enamoured of swept off your feet bowled over by very attracted to hypnotized by swept off one's feet by hung up on under a spell enraptured by crazed mesmerised mesmerized enthralled by struck on fixated by addicted to hooked on riveted by interested in attached to enthusiastic about mesmerized by attracted to turned on besotted with infatuated with hungry for intent on eager for love-struck by hung up fond of obsessed with partial to gripped by in love with intrigued by

Tính từ

Serving to explore or investigate
exploratory investigative trial experimental fact-finding probing searching analytic explorative investigational tentative empirical pilot preliminary provisional test probationary sample developmental speculative rough experiential heuristic introductory approximate model practice initial testing mock prototype pretend simulated laboratory trial and error corroboration confirmation elimination under the microscope investigatory information-gathering research documentary evidential empiric existential objective inquisitive penetrating piercing observational based on observation experience-based inquiring enquiring quizzical pointed deep thorough minute in-depth unconfirmed indefinite unsettled conjectural TBC conditional untried dependent provisory provisionary unsubstantiated unproven pencilled in temporary subject to undecided acting makeshift contingent subject to confirmation not settled not final to be confirmed on trial contingent upon ad interim contingent on open to consideration open for consideration subject to change based on resting on hanging on hingeing on depending on determined by controlled by interim caretaker stopgap transitional changeover improvised working qualified unfinished limited interregnal draft outline draught fill-in make-do hypothetical pro tem pro tempore rough-and-ready untested based preparatory under review beginning unproved unconcluded depending counting relying susceptible to related to relying on liable to under control of relative to incidental to conditional on swayed by resultant from regulated by bound by accessory to influenced by first stage dependent on on the drawing board tied to bound up with

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