Đồng nghĩa của minding

Alternative for minding

minds, minded, minding

Đồng nghĩa: attend, brain, comply, heed, intellect, intelligence, listen to, notice, obey, observe, regard, watch,

Trái nghĩa: body,

Động từ

Present participle for to take care of temporarily
watching tending guarding caring for overseeing protecting superintending supervising governing looking after attending to baby-sitting taking care of taking charge of giving heed to having charge of keeping an eye on looking out for minding the store looking over riding herd on watching over ministering to keeping keeping safe being responsible for nurturing tending to nursing fostering safeguarding babysitting attending seeing to defending sitting with presiding over childminding shielding overlooking sheltering mothering guiding maintaining managing supporting administering to running handling directing securing preserving controlling administrating operating providing for conducting stewarding regulating forfending inspecting chaperoning keeping from harm riding shotgun raising sustaining rearing cultivating saving escorting monitoring nourishing administering succouring bulwarking observing screening succoring cherishing paying attention to fending warding sitting conserving covering fencing nannying heading quarterbacking ruling bossing captaining herding carrying on keeping watch over considering bewaring overwatching surveilling piloting steering nursemaiding child minding bringing up taking care treating persevering with keeping under surveillance keeping under guard feeding policing helping aiding keeping in view financing keeping in check harbouring doctoring assisting boarding funding subsidizing serving tilling preventing fortifying averting hedging cushioning housing insulating inoculating subsidising keeping alive standing guard over providing food for providing board for providing sustenance for sentineling sentinelling shading harboring assuring immunizing standing guard on immunising covering up for sticking up for waiting upon mounting guard on leading organizing giving sanctuary affording protection to standing up for giving refuge covering up standing guard keeping tabs on commanding eyeing chairing refereeing umpiring moderating skippering masterminding shepherding organising taking someone under your wing going to bat for covering all bases saving from harm taking under wing waiting on calling the shots sitting on top of running the show keeping one's eye on heading up exercising control over attending to the requirements of orchestrating dominating holding sway over calling the tune having control of coordinating pulling the strings being in charge ordering being in the saddle reigning over swaying spearheading running things influencing being in the driving seat presiding manoeuvring maneuvering taking over engineering officiating mastering executing taking the helm manipulating domineering carrying out negotiating taking the chair of helming dictating judging mediating taking the chair calling the shots in holding the reins having authority over arranging contriving checking marshaling marshalling ministering driving surveying disciplining taking charge dealing with advising micromanaging officiating at arbitrating cracked the whip holding down calling the tune in laying down the law keeping a beady eye on planning calling the shots of owning methodizing tempering systematizing legislating adapting reconciling hegemonizing standardizing devising taking wangling fronting originating framing fixing facilitating finagling following stage-managing conceiving finessing machinating examining creating working studying scrutinizing standardising systematising tyrannizing tyrannising wielding putting together officering coaching taking the reins ruling the roost heeding calling the signals holding office scrutinising coming up with keeping track of ruling over leading the way checking up on taking notice of pulling the wires keeping a check on keeping under observation keeping watch on keeping a tab on assuming command of hosting calling introducing seeing assuming command over commandeering having ordaining managing people disposing invigilating calling the play emceeing limiting calling the tune for constraining containing tracking adjudicating wielding baton measuring curbing having the say having control over scanning fielding addressing keeping up adjusting sorting out taking in hand being responsible controlling the affairs of recording hacking acting functioning noting restraining allocating pointing in the right direction putting on the right track editing plying instructing holding dominion over prevailing over exercising power taking the reins of having authority exercising authority over taming overruling reigning rendering dictating terms lording over calling the shots on keeping under one's thumb taking forward setting bridling controlling the content of inhibiting engaging in calling upon auditing assuming command occupying throne exercising authority holding sway holding dominion modulating maintaining order listening to holding balancing wearing the crown serving the people funnelling coxswaining trailblazing beaconing funneling navigating channeling channelling pointing doing the honors performing official duties pushing restricting taking control of browbeating bullying pulling in reining in carrying out official duties pressurizing railroading bulldozing scheming causing pacing having a handle on plotting bringing about pressurising leaning on setting up effecting mounting concocting choreographing mobilizing giving orders lording it over riding roughshod over walking all over trying to control bringing off designing staging pulling off encompassing telling what to do ordering around bossing about ordering about giving orders to using strong-arm tactics on bossing around hatching forging initiating constructing concerting generating angling rigging putting on conning mobilising upstaging scamming jockeying swinging planting cooking authoring dreaming up working out instigating legalising normalizing normalising classifying squaring settling legalizing readjusting rectifying determining fitting fixing up pulling strings playing games putting over putting through pulling wires putting one over putting one on having the bright idea of thinking up thinking of making conform pulling things together putting in order oppressing keeping in sight keeping up with keeping in touch with keeping up to date with predominating subjugating subjecting affecting regimenting bewielding besteering puppeteering wearing the trousers having someone in the palm of one's hand having something in the palm of one's hand having someone in one's hip pocket having someone eating out of one's hand holding the purse strings holding purse strings having a hold over pushing buttons

Động từ

Present participle for to pay attention to
following heeding observing noting obeying regarding marking respecting watching attending noticing harking harkening hearing hearkening keeping adhering to complying with conforming to listening to paying attention to attending to being mindful of concentrating on having regard for paying heed to taking heed of taking note of taking notice of goose-stepping to behaving according to following orders doing as you are told listening up taking into consideration considering bearing in mind taking into account paying attention being aware of taking to heart getting a load of abiding by digging keeping in mind paying regard to watching out for giving thought to picking up giving ear to acknowledging recognizing listening remembering being cognizant of seeing calling to mind thinking of accepting perceiving thinking about discerning remarking giving ear fulfilling watching out eyeing doing one's bidding toing the line giving heed recognising paying heed taking in giving a thought to picking up on recalling recollecting bewaring looking to lending an ear distinguishing detecting appreciating showing consideration for believing agreeing assenting showing regard for taking heed registering accommodating taking note taking notice clocking having due regard for giving heed to becoming aware of flashing on viewing beholding exercising restraint about exercising care about looking out for exercising caution about hanging on doing as one is told by taking care with exercising caution over caring about sympathizing with focusing on taking cognizance of making allowances for allowing for hearkening to devoting oneself tuning in to listening up to lending an ear to occupying oneself with checking out applying your mind to keeping your mind on keeping one's eye on looking on spotting baby-sitting keeping to catching sitting watching over giving care keeping tabs riding herd on watching one's step staying in line keeping eye peeled minding the store watching the store

Động từ

Present participle for to urge to remember or take care to do something

Động từ

(chiefly dialect) Present participle for to remember or bring back to mind

Động từ

Present participle for to have an intention to do something
planning intending aiming meaning proposing contemplating aspiring going looking purporting scheduling desiring envisaging envisioning expecting wanting wishing foreseeing purposing striving prearranging bargaining for counting on having every intention having in mind making plans reckoning on setting up designing meditating resolving calculating scheming allowing insinuating having the intention thinking of having plans setting out having in view contriving devising preparing suggesting conceiving indicating arranging orchestrating endeavoring organizing trying plotting attempting anticipating essaying organising endeavouring implying considering intimating concocting engineering determining shaping conspiring premeditating seeking hinting at destining hoping angling thinking designating ordaining targeting targetting signifying setting your sights on undertaking coming up with coveting focusing focussing imagining starting out visualizing visualising zeroing in on zooming in on committing aiming at thinking about awaiting taking care attending expecting to meaning to giving thought to masterminding deciding tailoring alluding to fashioning making fitting adjusting having a mind pursuing pondering trusting assuming adapting making up your mind thinking to committing yourself making up one's mind having a mind to bidding for working towards constructing fitting crafting creating outlining drafting developing budgeting gearing referring to getting at equipping framing strategizing relying on banking on thinking likely depending on planning on orienting earmarking choreographing blueprinting alluding driving at consigning projecting dedicating appointing connoting decreeing devoting having resolved reserving marking out having set out setting apart setting aside figuring on adding up aspiring to hoping to looking forward inferring mapping out scheming out strategizing about laying out having it in mind proving planning ahead pointing toward pointing to making pointing at pointing out pointing in direction of leading to believe

Động từ

Present participle for conform, give in
obeying following observing complying with abiding by accepting adhering to keeping submitting yielding embracing heeding respecting succumbing surrendering conforming to acceding according acquiescing acquiescing in agreeing agreeing to answering assenting caving in complying concurring conforming consenting to fulfilling goose-stepping to holding to responding serving sticking to keeping to acting in accordance with acting upon coming to heel getting into line giving in giving way holding fast living by taking orders toing the line doing one's bidding doing one's duty getting in line knuckling under playing second fiddle doing as one says playing it by the book doing as you are told doing what one is told doing what is expected deferring to paying attention to honouring honoring standing by upholding falling in with going along with submitting to acceding to adopting acquiescing to acknowledging cooperating with yielding to agreeing with carrying out performing sticking with meeting satisfying sticking by paying heed to assenting to taking heed of falling in line with concurring with executing discharging recognizing doing as told regarding recognising bowing to having regard to supporting bearing in mind taking to heart measuring up to giving in to implementing following orders conceding to redeeming holding endorsing completing effectuating maintaining granting approving of practicing filling sanctifying consecrating shaking on practising adhering making good on noting acting on acting according to keeping faith with taking notice of going to the wall for responding to remaining true to stickying by cleaving to paying regard to watching listening to according with kowtowing to complying with the rules playing by the rules adhering to the rules observing the rules going with the flow abiding by the rules sticking to the rules keeping to the rules adapting to conforming with matching up to accommodating to going by the book acting in accordance with the rules adjusting to obeying the rules following the rules giving allegiance to acquiescing with concurring in staying in line coming around to fitting in with knuckling to playing the game playing ball caving in to following through with living up to effecting matching clinging to making good going through with backing accommodating carrying through making it through seeing through hewing to getting through catering to bearing out squaring with acquitting acquiting defending brooking indulging appeasing backing up siding with sticking up for going to the wall actioning enduring suffering wearing tolerating humoring stomaching accomplishing affecting reaching applying realizing consummating withstanding humouring nailing administering achieving attaining actualizing realising actionizing doing enforcing perfecting grinning and bear it taking it lying down stooping to putting up with lumping it keeping in step covering sustaining tallying with bringing to completion putting into practice carrying off delivering on performing according to putting into action putting into operation making the grade doing justice to pulling off putting into effect checking with cohering with passing muster coping with harmonizing with cutting the mustard coinciding with fitting the bill chording with following through on filling the bill following up on cohering corresponding fitting supplying delivering advancing provisioning furnishing equipping bearing sating checking harmonizing comporting rhyming reconciling tallying coinciding chording dovetailing fitting the bill for processing coming up to serving the purpose providing for keeping up with sufficing for qualifying for catering for going levelling suiting jibing leveling squaring consisting matching up geeing sorting checking out aligning with harmonising fitting in riming balancing bonding to cohering to sticking fast to

Động từ

Present participle for to think about deeply or seriously
pondering considering contemplating studying wondering thinking cerebrating examining ruminating on evaluating questioning reviewing cogitating debating deliberating entertaining excogitating meditating perpending ruminating weighing appraising brooding dwelling figuring mooning mulling musing reasoning reflecting revolving rolling speculating turning woolgathering dwelling on thinking about wrestling with deliberating about poring over reflecting on ruminating about speculating about weighing up brooding on brooding over chewing on cogitating on looking at mulling over poring on wondering about kicking around meditating on musing on puzzling over turning over chewing over giving thought to thinking out thinking over noodling around racking brains beating one's brains out about putting on thinking cap eyeing analysing analyzing brainstorming sorting out reflecting upon reflecting about meditating over understanding figuring out ruminating upon percolating expecting anticipating picturing cogitating about poring envisioning intellectualising stewing apprehending processing rationalising comprehending discerning concentrating deliberating over brooding about ideating intellectualizing chewing rationalizing logicalizing sizing up cooling out aspiring to thinking of taking in putting on one's thinking cap using one's head lucubrating assessing musing over investigating cudgeling one's brains sleeping on it surveying exploring researching scrutinizing probing enquiring into inspecting tracking entertaining the idea of estimating rehashing scrutinising rating eyeing up looking into sweating making enquiries into deliberating upon thinking on meditating upon taking stock of hashing over deliberating on thinking through ruminating over judging stewing over agonizing over turning over in one's mind imagining giving consideration to comparing pondering on worrying about summing up considering the pros and cons of conceiving going over pondering over giving some thought to theorizing hammering away at sweating over digesting contemplating on dissecting perusing clarifying making sense of auditing puzzling sifting discussing consulting theorising hypothesizing viewing arguing scheming canvassing delving into hypothesising chewing the cud dreaming inquiring into debating with oneself talking over turning over in your mind batting it around building castles in air thinking hard running up a flagpole asking oneself taking under consideration giving much thought to pouring it on knocking around having in mind stopping to consider asking oneself about monitoring contrasting bethinking juxtaposing agonizing taking turning over in mind daydreaming worrying diving into experimenting conducting research into mooting formulating making forming balancing mulling over things recollecting feeling envisaging dealing with chewing over things stewing about doing research conducting a survey of taking something under advisement considering as an example looking at as an example taking as an example planning designing agonising setting against cerebrating on deciding on intending purposing devising chawing flashing on proposing projecting having a think about moralizing plotting supporting inferring deducing resolving appreciating engaging in contemplation ratiocinating maintaining conjecturing thinking deeply saying to oneself entertaining idea registering fostering harbouring holding harboring guessing countenancing cherishing tolerating brooking accepting assimilating pontificating sermonizing pronouncing preaching suffering conceiving of surmising supposing metabolising speculating on recognising recognizing heeding going through digging into picking at experimenting with going into approving of taking into consideration agreeing to batting around kicking about batting about daresaying postulating suspecting assuming suspicioning presuming keeping in mind bearing in mind allowing yourself to consider scanning metabolizing making suppositions calling the turn reading between lines doping hazarding a guess forming theories reading guesstimating psyching out running it up flagpole beating one's brains doping out making guesses calling it having a hunch philosophizing moralising philosophising sermonising searching checking overlooking overseeing conning candling examining carefully staring scoping pegging eyeballing watching digging penetrating casing perlustrating piercing smoking combing working over checking out looking over burning up taking the measure of getting a load of going over with a fine-tooth comb examining closely checking over putting under a microscope

Động từ

Present participle for to feel resentful that (someone) has achieved (something)

Tính từ

Having or showing determination or resolve
intent determined resolved set committed driven bent eager fixed insistent bound decisive firm keen out purposeful resolute steadfast decided industrious persistent tenacious hell-bent single-minded committed to firm about fixated on determined to fanatical about inflexible about obsessed with obsessive about single-minded about anxious to bent on bent upon do-or-die impatient to resolved to hell-bent on hell-bent upon dead set on decisive about determined on fixed on fixed upon insistent on intent on out to resolved on set on intending to strong-minded strong-willed unwavering dedicated persevering dogged earnest stubborn staunch unfaltering unrelenting obstinate steady unyielding unflinching indefatigable stalwart unswerving obdurate unbending inflexible relentless unflagging constant focused unhesitating unshakeable zealous pertinacious settled uncompromising immovable untiring focussed ardent intransigent spirited enthusiastic diligent serious assiduous adamant motivated vigorous undaunted deliberate active undeviating obsessed implacable unshaken tireless indurate avid forceful assertive dead set steely indomitable full of determination bold plucky strong wholehearted mettlesome perseverant sedulous faithful ambitious devoted go-getting true pushy enterprising conscientious rock-ribbed gritty stout intense fanatical gutsy rigorous devout hard-driving loyal self-starting goal-oriented self-driven aspiring unshakable hard-working self-assertive hungry stout-hearted eager beaver desirous thirsty inspired purposive fierce studious energetic ruthless positive definite militant concentrated fast manful stable bulldog obsessive brave rigid courageous strenuous unqualified thorough stiff attentive spunky unchanging unbendable four-square striving laborious unswervable emphatic stanch pious persisting true-blue progressive pioneering certain dyed-in-the-wool meaning business unmalleable operose hell bent on sincere careful sure bound and determined fixated painstaking power-loving power-hungry solid meticulous self-asserting high-reaching committed to the idea of self-seeking never-failing get up and go fervent passionate detailed hellbent busy valiant engaged engrossed absorbed self-willed mulish grim compulsive monomaniacal minute iron-willed sworn scrupulous domineering unremitting aggressive hardworking fervid impassioned tried-and-true gung ho adventurous dependable bustling unmovable inexorable reliable good established hopeful assured absolute hard explicit inexpugnable down-the-line consistent hard-and-fast enduring abiding in earnest determinate allegiant unquestioning like a ball of fire on the make on one's mettle desiring success tending inclined predisposed leaning disposed firmly-based headstrong hardboiled buckled down resolute about wilful intrepid immutable responsible tried inveterate intractable refractory recalcitrant thrusting searching mullish insistent about self-motivated trusty involved unfailing preoccupied immersed telelogical calculated determined upon cocksure iron-jawed going for broke intent upon unstoppable perseverative occupied riveted concentrating alert methodical mean business be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone patient tall in the saddle strict trustworthy changeless liege immobile consumed compelled genuine deep enthralled pigheaded possessed unappeasable with one's shoulder to the wheel ball of fire with one's nose to the grindstone competitive stubborn as a mule clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out confident dynamic galvanized impelled cutthroat sustained feisty ferocious hanging tough impatient whole-hearted unabated bloodthirsty stringent obsessional induced honest heartfelt vehement meaning what one says serious-minded close hard-line dominant unalterable never-tiring never give up tough nut warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy bullheaded pig-headed supportive durable impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided prevailing hardened seasoned dutiful pledged going wrapped up go-ahead stand pat hang tough through-and-through hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive high-pressure go for broke in-your-face self-assured can-do fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct self-possessed self-confident cut-throat dog-eat-dog upwardly mobile final express specified whole engagé attached adherent entire defined precise quantified urged on known definitive conclusive limited exacting punctilious particular red-hot mad keen card-carrying deep-dyed true blue complete total full heedful frozen ultimate flat distinct exclusive categorical unbroken undistracted collective employed unadulterated unmitigated unshared unreserved unalloyed determining slogging swotty plugging working plodding united consummate unanimous continued concerted out-and-out circumspect all lock stock and barrel undivided vigilant unflappable daring Herculean powerful audacious pushing tough hardy nervy dashing two-fisted budding potential wannabe prospective optimistic wishful unwearied potent forcible would-be venturesome resourceful longing possible exuberant incessant intensive lively inexhaustible weariless resounding violent muscular animated fiery blunt uncontrolled unbridled unrestrained wild adventuresome venturous free-swinging nerved emboldened hopping driving tied-up perky jumping grind hyper punchy fearless hard-hitting go-go peppy adoring pulling no punches self-directed restless radical resilient high-powered hard-nosed unwearying unstinting combative upbeat willing red-blooded lusty vital sagacious emulous contentious hot on the go irrepressible vying fond big doting rabid competing independent perceptive heroic take charge mean intending aspirant warring carnivorous opposing antagonistic oppositional ultra-careful firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad dauntless game likely future keen as mustard elaborate stylish profound ballsy on the warpath dinkum sporty jaunty dazzling debonair spoiling for a fight ready for action pedantic religious fussy as game as Ned Kelly have-a-go expectant endeavoring endeavouring heart-and-soul goody-goody revering worshipping worshiping venerating pietistic goody two-shoes so-called dormant professed promising flamboyant devil-may-care breezy gallant unfulfilled self-styled self-appointed undeveloped latent romantic buoyant swashbuckling attractive raffish soi-disant unrealized quasi- unceasing swish elegant smart participating arduous taxing embryonic continuing unstinted undeterred fireball urbane dapper showy all-out exhausting brisk striking swank gay rousing vivacious influential contributing activist forward interested original through and through imaginative ingenious as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end inventive creative gifted capable sharp able talented clever bright quick-witted up-and-coming entrepreneurial stirring take-over coming on strong itching snappy craving gumptious zippy yearning hustling spark plug lusting hard ball innovative spanking advancing ready

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