Đồng nghĩa của energised


Having been invigorated or infused with energy


Being in a state of increased activity
excited stimulated accelerated activated charged energised heated stirred galvanised galvanized encouraged influenced inspirited motivated inflamed roused enthused aroused animated exhilarated uplifted moved inspired stirred up possessed exalted elated started enthusiastic eager fiery keen ardent hungry ready titillated willing stoked vehement voracious avid passionate pumped spirited vivacious earnest ebullient dynamic lively determined desirous athirst fervent exuberant energetic interested afire aflame zestful hearty zealous intent high-spirited ready and willing keyed up as keen as mustard self-driven gung ho raring to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed champing at the bit keen as mustard full of beans chomping at the bit mad keen thrilled ambitious solicitous wholehearted dedicated committed wild longing raring agog fervid impatient thirsty appetent yearning devoted crazy perfervid geeked driven fanatical intense hopped-up hepped up diligent warmblooded impassioned craving great rhapsodic industrious itching anxious assiduous greedy conscientious sprightly nuts antsy pleased animate juiced passional wishing hot dying intent on warm vigorous rabid obsessed fascinated hopeful psyched atingle nutty wacky forceful tantalized concerned unqualified active gaga tantalised bugged zesty turnt gone on red-hot hot to trot fired up desiring fierce psyched up juiced up worked up riled up joyful delighted buoyant joyous jovial excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic engaged overjoyed glad inclined electrified happy jolly exultant giddy hung up piqued peppy amenable elevated tickled tickled pink bursting disposed awakened pining sparky on cloud nine restive intoxicated hankering covetous blissful jubilant tumultuous alive beside oneself cock-a-hoop


Very happy, animated, or elated
exhilarated ecstatic elated elevated enrapt enraptured entranced euphoric giddy heady intoxicated rapt rapturous rhapsodic rhapsodical animated cheerful delighted ebullient energised exalted excited exhilarative happy inspired overjoyed zestful on cloud nine over the moon transported joyful thrilled joyous gleeful jubilant exultant blissful high in seventh heaven stoked in raptures blissed out delirious sent enchanted carried away enthusiastic on a high frenzied cock-a-hoop exuberant ravished aroused beside oneself with happiness fervent stimulated hysterical captivated corybantic on top of the world absorbed in high spirits wigged out jumping for joy walking on air delirious with happiness in transports of delight cheered roused wrapped fired up proud triumphant puffed up fascinated merry charmed flushed enthralled spellbound turned-on flying bewitched beside oneself on cloud seven floating wild beguiled overwhelmed wild with excitement in heaven interested enamoured content in a frenzy of delight flying high in transports in a frenzy enamored turned on beside oneself with joy floating on air amped-up keyed up impassioned uplifted bouncy overpowered enthused rejoicing lighthearted psyched pumped light-hearted inspirited up bright high-spirited exulting cheery in paradise in rhapsodies amped crowing revelling delightful beatific boastful crank glorying prideful swaggering gloating ardent pleased passionate victorious gay triumphalist reveling flipping wowed emotional lyrical extravagant eulogistic dizzy orgasmic filled with joy over-the-top overexcited gone in exaltation athrill upbeat crazy out mad sunny dreamy infatuated blown away piqued galvanized moved concerned galvanised affected quickened tickled to death tickled pink pleased as punch very happy extremely happy gripped engrossed held riveted mesmerized hopped up set up looking good preoccupied intent absent inattentive taken dreaming mesmerised involved absent-minded abstracted hypnotized engaged daydreaming employed hypnotised busy occupied unconscious oblivious hung up wrapped up caught up in stunned impressed awestruck awestricken dazzled transfixed starstruck attracted enticed awed intrigued snowed trapped attentive gladdened captive treading on air deliriously happy made up smitten only too happy as pleased as Punch mentally enchanted as happy as Larry very interested tantalized immersed seduced titillated as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy happy as a lark happy as a clam like a child with a new toy hooked on tantalised caught up fond of in love with extremely curious sold on under a spell very inquisitive stuck on highly interested extremely interested very curious breathless hooked amazed agape bedazzled won over open-mouthed under someone's spell


(of a wire or device) Electrically charged or energized


Fit and healthy
strong healthy fit able virile well healthful in good physical shape in good shape able-bodied flourishing full of life hale and hearty in excellent shape in fine feather in fine fettle in good health in the pink physically fit robust tough vigorous whole energetic fighting fit fit as a fiddle hale in good condition blooming bursting with health in good trim in rude health in tip-top condition sound in body and limb thriving trim energised invigorated red-blooded vitalized sturdy powerful hardy muscular active sound lusty hearty spirited strapping stalwart stout forceful rugged dynamic lively vital resolute bouncing bold brawny peppy buff firm husky animated athletic well-conditioned manly shredded determined burly strenuous indefatigable brave wholesome alive and kicking ripped potent masculine zippy gallant courageous valiant fine perky well built intense jacked gutsy tireless tenacious sprightly fresh hunky as fit as a fiddle beefy fearless daring staunch heroic mettlesome aggressive Herculean well-built vibrant unflagging vivacious muscly lionhearted manful zestful brisk as fit as a flea macho solid intrepid forcible enthusiastic sparky stouthearted spunky male right as rain emphatic vehement driving animate valorous spry jaunty snappy gingery in shape spanking stout-hearted substantial plucky hefty assertive doughty fiery manlike feisty full-blooded dogged zealous flush ballsy frisky butch all-male untiring keen springy pert pizazzy pizzazzy airy jazzy gay kinetic racy resounding in trim high-powered dauntless bouncy ball of fire full of beans fit as a flea mannish gritty powerfully built hardened hard thewy stark undaunted aerobicized chivalrous two-fisted up to snuff as strong as an ox go-go indomitable lion-hearted bright-eyed and bushy-tailed eager all right industrious high-spirited sparkling effective chipper man-size man-sized swashbuckling enterprising adventurous audacious thickset normal well made toughened dashing good sinewy noble sporty iron inured greathearted heroical gutty mighty violent unremitting solidly built nimble resilient capable effervescent agile undauntable pertinacious flamboyant full of get-up-and-go in good kilter intensive full of vim and vigour hard-bitten storming OK buoyant unimpaired strong as an ox effectual zesty hyper passionate unflinching jumping all-out stimulating full of vim daredevil toned bubbly confident earnest adventuresome venturous spartan nervy high-octane in top form have-a-go unafraid right breezy hard-hitting exuberant physical quick restored rock-ribbed persistent game unwearied lithe generative unyielding well-developed cast-iron persevering durable jock stud beefcake hunk powerhouse incessant go-getting rigorous in good physical condition obdurate enduring resistant inexhaustible weariless obstinate stubborn unswerving unshakeable vivid stiff stirring as strong as a horse unrelenting grind in good form solid as a rock sane he-man playful pushing bustling busy exciting moving abled bright-eyed bushy-tailed go-ahead unshrinking impassioned mobile eventful glowing punchy venturesome full of energy pushy dynamical up to par on the go fire-eating full of the joys of spring bright and breezy full of pep pulling no punches as right as rain finely honed young bravehearted better balanced A1 Ramboesque broad-shouldered very healthy very well striking healthier green bursting with good health full-bodied built stocky recovered refreshed studly fecund fertile laddish herculean rehabilitated ok in perfect health bounding healed mesomorphic well-proportioned mended cured reproductive sexually potent procreative upright plentiful sizable concentrated meaty chunky secure heated nondisabled tiptop stable well-made bulky decisive strong-arm hulking steely as strong as a lion fitter barnstorming zingy fluid slim muscled upstanding irrepressible interesting jockstrap tiger colt stately self-reliant dignified impavid assured peart hunky-dory constant steady unfaltering in peak condition expressive blithe together luxuriantly acclimatised acclimatized seasoned built to last breathless fine and dandy unblenching unabashed cool not disabled headstrong concerted toned up intact demoniac motive kinematic locomotive motile electrifying ultramasculine alive dazzling rude great formidable redoubtable happening colorful humming colourful buzzing rousing dedicated unwavering unfailing devoted unceasing patient in-your-face hopping coruscating astir abuzz fast undamaged bombproof roaring rough salutiferous worthy unfearful puissant unalarmed entertaining dramatic sensitive vibrating radiant responsive magnetic electric continuing plugging unstinted undeterred fireball continued plodding abubble aboil difficult to keep down full of spirit sexy assiduous steadfast unwearying unstinting diligent hard-working full of determination quick to bounce back ardent cynical wide-ranging undecayed well constructed comprehensive entire encyclopaedic encyclopedic flawless well-constructed all-encompassing perfect safe unhurt unblemished complete positive quick to recover as strong as a ox alert exhilarating heady self-assertive eager beaver occupied four-square rolling with punches unfeminine hard as nails self-confident hanging together holding together distinctive piquant rich poignant tart sharp peppery clever sportive tasty tangy pungent bright witty enlivened uncompromising thoroughgoing thorough charismatic influential compelling energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising dexterous dextrous deedful tough as old boots hard-nosed Amazonian unladylike committed wholehearted total sweeping full unrestrained on the move as tough as old boots full of zip play for keeps play hard ball coming on strong all-embracing all out uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled chauvinist aggressively masculine viragoish viraginous rosy-cheeked safe and sound adult honourable hairy honorable ape stallion boyish caveman strong as an lion strong as an horse out-and-out unmixed out and out upbeat the picture of health wick mannified tomboyish masc unwomanly hoydenish all man persuasive take-over steamroller take-charge efficient hard-driving raring to go


To have triggered enthusiasm or eagerness
excited thrilled exhilarated roused stirred animated enlivened enthused stimulated delighted inspired inspirited invigorated moved elated lifted vitalized buoyed charged electrified enraptured galvanized gladdened gripped heartened intoxicated pumped up tickled uplifted bucked up energised envigorated galvanised gingered up jazzed up livened up pepped up perked up picked up stirred up evoked fired gave someone a buzz lit a fire under put zip into quickened encouraged aroused refreshed motivated revived rallied braced revitalized incited vivified strengthened revivified activated restored spurred rejuvenated revitalised boosted fired up renewed filliped provoked waked up fortified instigated resuscitated sparked goaded awakened reanimated triggered regenerated amped up juiced up emboldened spiked impelled recharged jump-started reinvigorated zipped up cheered cheered up spurred on steeled breathed new life into freshened repaired recreated buoyed up piqued kick-started prompted impassioned prodded enkindled inflamed refreshened kindled rekindled whipped up resurrected urged incentivized brightened pushed driven drove drave druv revved up rewaked rewakened worked up woke up renovated woken up geed up bounced back actuated swayed set off reactivated reawakened influenced reassured intensified fueled fuelled empowered commoved built up reconditioned chirked up reinforced fomented caused relieved touched up turned on brought around made whole egged on impressed lift fanned promoted bolstered supported instilled whetted titillated dynamized recovered set up brought back fired with enthusiasm put new life in livened rewoke rewoken jolted sparked off brightened up persuaded comforted charged up incentified assured run jumpstarted nudged enheartened powered agitated inclined consoled led leaded boosted up cheered on occasioned restarted helped re-established replenished updated innervated psyched up exalted zapped riled fired the imagination of modernized wrought got someone going worked regained modernised breathed life into brought back to life brought to induced wound up elicited primed started given a boost to gave a boost to borne up bore up given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to brought about touched off fed the fire upset triggered off brought out infused imbued built sustained propelled raised enhanced disposed fostered nerved waked elevated wakened supplied heightened touched pricked improved precipitated reinstituted relaunched tempted rescued astonished spiced raised your spirits stiffened the resolve of spirited someone up propped up got struck increased put new heart into psyched put a bomb under snapped out of it keyed up put new heart in spooked called forth operated put in motion put life into hit the ground running given a new lease of life to put new strength in put pep into vivificated set in motion gave a new lease of life to come to life let sunshine in stoked up informed put new life into put some spark into roiled incensed irked ran vexed vext grilled ruffled holp holpen given new strength to maddened worked into lather needled taunted gave a buzz shook up gave new strength to given a buzz gave someone a kick flustered given someone a kick pervaded permeated applauded disinhibited enforced penetrated suffused startled shocked egged emphasized modified transformed lightened reenforced ignited compelled underlined stressed cemented feed coaxed fed coerced seasoned accelerated engendered made brave irritated reestablished cooled deepened championed convinced pressed made cajoled prest pressured praised hooked woke woken recalled redeveloped reproduced speeded sped exacerbated astounded nurtured brought exhorted forced captivated confirmed amazed initiated created corroborated assisted buttressed maintained rewarded upheld underpinned aided raised the morale of boosted someone's morale grabbed lifted the spirits of bielded reintroduced stimulated spiritually titivated made braver frenzied stiffened inveigled nourished made lively impacted converted advised wakened up hardened bestirred lit up generated incented produced gave shot in arm given shot in arm stricken gotten gat gave life to given life to saved speeded up tidied performed CPR poured it on gave new life to highlighted brought to life made more lively cooled down given the kiss of life to blazed a trail made waves got to lifted the morale of steamed up pressurized bolstered up cleaned up boosted moral brought round stirred embers acted as a incentive to gave the kiss of life to beghasted made healthy acted as a stimulus to dispatched emphasised won over sped up magnetized infected blew away the cobwebs switched on leavened spruced up sprung tanked up acted as a spur to affected prevailed on built a fire under abetted suggested to blown away the cobwebs talked into given someone a charge substantiated brushed up tapped catalysed smartened up pressurised made alive supplied with fuel necessitated gave someone a charge overcome called to mind shaken up serviced cranked up stunned shook revamped hinted to tickled pink innerved frightened changed backed up braced up jarred brought on backed broadened magnetised started off enriched solaced defended catalyzed got going again acted as a fillip to cured pleased activized reenergized endued recuperated shored up dusted neatened came to life acted as a impetus to aired out healed unwound cleaned fired the enthusiasm of filled up diverted sweetened snapped up rediscovered topped up freshened up raised someone's spirits carried given new life to entertained made confident made more exciting gotten your act together got your act together gave courage given courage upholden given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to shaken added fuel to fire gotten to gave a lift given a lift drew forth drawn forth gotten going got going sprung up overcame sprang up stung got one going gotten one going gotten one started got one started added zing to added zest to sprang grew grown gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life began led to given rise to gave rise to begun given pep talk gave confidence given confidence gave pep talk given courage to gave courage to were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gave one an idea been responsible for given impetus gave impetus took your breath away took one's breath away taken your breath away taken one's breath away aggravated baited offended infuriated discomposed angered chafed

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