Đồng nghĩa của abled


Having the full range of one's physical abilities
fit healthy strong in shape robust strapping well hale sound sturdy hardy vigorous wholesome nondisabled unimpaired whole able-bodied in good health in good shape in good trim fighting fit in trim well-conditioned hale and hearty in fine fettle fit as a fiddle in good condition as fit as a fiddle in tip-top condition in top form as fit as a flea as strong as an ox as right as rain not disabled athletic muscular trim tough buff lusty hearty rugged stalwart powerful slim shredded fine muscled toned ripped right as rain toned up in the pink active bouncing husky energetic blooming brawny stout burly bursting with health flourishing firm thriving alive and kicking in rude health physically fit fresh lively jacked well-built beefy sinewy full of life normal aerobicized virile up to snuff all right able solid in excellent shape muscly fit as a flea sporty hard hunky red-blooded good in good physical shape vital OK restored substantial sound in body and limb Herculean stark thewy right healthful in good kilter chipper staunch dynamic hefty in fine feather strong as an ox peppy flush forceful gingery resilient mighty hardened up to par hard-bitten full of vim physical potent agile nimble lithe in good physical condition thickset bushy-tailed bright-eyed powerfully built solid as a rock in good form undamaged capable spirited broad-shouldered invigorated iron uninjured well-developed hunky-dory very well sprightly glowing toughened indefatigable resistant solidly built perky two-fisted inured durable as strong as a horse seasoned sane cast-iron vibrant feisty safe full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hard as nails young better healthier very healthy herculean recovered refreshed disease-free rehabilitated ok mesomorphic well-proportioned manly A1 lean healed in perfect health bounding cured mended together luxuriantly health-conscious masculine rested proper okay bursting with good health well-made strenuous manful as strong as a lion energised strengthened full-bodied built fitter stable in peak condition untroubled fine and dandy hulky up to scratch relieved musclebound vitalized energized intact unharmed soothed muscle-bound well muscled unflagging enduring acclimatised acclimatized tenacious fast bombproof rude powerhouse comfortable outdoorsy outdoor as right as a trivet roaring rough flawless wide-ranging undecayed well-constructed perfect rigorous unhurt unblemished sports-loving safe and sound rosy-cheeked animated hanging together holding together as strong as a ox sparkling high-spirited vivacious the picture of health rigid stiff inflexible effervescent zippy jaunty spry playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse intense zestful tireless unbreakable leathery hard-wearing go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking forcible indestructible resolute wick spunky persuasive good at sports take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective dogged determined cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded raring to go tough as nails heavy-duty withstanding long-lasting made to last aggressive gritty ball of fire unyielding full of energy obdurate stubborn obstinate doughty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident high-powered


Having healthy and sound mental faculties
sane lucid balanced stable clearheaded coherent right discerning levelheaded steady together clear-headed compos mentis all there fair-minded mentally sound of sound mind well balanced well-balanced able to think clearly right in the head right-minded able to reason clearly playing with a full deck in one's right mind in possession of all your faculties normal rational sapient fit sage moderate having all marbles sagacious self-possessed intelligent logical healthy well oriented both oars in water playing with full deck sound sensible reasonable practical judicious prudent realistic wise level-headed sober astute shrewd informed pragmatic commonsensical down-to-earth reasoned well-advised grounded circumspect solid matter-of-fact well advised viable perceptive expedient just thoughtful cool objective discriminating farsighted well-adjusted canny intellectual cogent enlightened perspicacious commonsense workable justified well-thought-out collected feasible cognitive firm good analytical calculating politic commonsensible valid advisable insightful common-sense considerate well grounded well-founded well-grounded well reasoned clear-sighted well thought out discreet functional reliable thinking mature practicable working considered useable constructive usable actionable composed effective decent cautious doable efficient knowing well-reasoned credible applicative useful justifiable believable acceptable plausible cerebral careful real-world legit accurate legitimate controlled percipient efficacious desirable tactical pragmatical analytic consistent even-tempered well-judged clear-eyed smart well judged graceful reasoning joined-up unimpaired whole proportional well-proportioned symmetrical higher-order in good mental health provident intuitive mentally stable harmonious having all one's marbles aware cognizant hard-headed coolheaded unflappable got head together secure happy capable of thought fair mentally healthy equitable hardheaded cluey heady playing safe leery thinking twice hedging your bets vigilant tenable with all one's marbles in possession of one's faculties responsible cool as cucumber understandable impartial restrained conservative reflective temperate unprejudiced unexcessive admissible ratiocinative making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme thought-out open to reason evenhanded based on good sense clear-cut full of common sense poised possessed unfazed assured unbothered unflustered unagitated well adjusted self-controlled sound of mind diplomatic cool, calm and collected utilitarian acute dinkum satisfying with both feet on the ground strategic clever satisfactory telling possible serviceable savvy judgmatic pawky skilful judgmatical estimable substantial convincing powerful accomplishable applicable argute strong sustainable compelling appropriate achievable suitable operative utile helpful applied orderly systematic convenient bona fide defensible congruent skillful sophisticated thorough seemly wary profound judicial sharp keen seasonable supportable maintainable probable proven persuasive defendable perspicuous deductive irrefutable confirmed arguable true genuine handy plain unromantic factual unidealistic conclusive weighty authoritative germane determinative worldly-wise heads-up long-headed quick-witted user friendly user-friendly both feet on the ground ultrapractical within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts step-by-step consequent forceful vindicable pertinent relevant uncorrupted attested tested potent trustworthy kosher able to hold water holding water

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