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Alternative for leathery

leathery /'leðəri/
  • tính từ
    • như da; dai như da (thịt...)
      • leathery beef: thịt bò dai như da


(of a person, animal or material) Able to withstand physical hardship, strain, or exposure
tough strong sturdy durable hard resilient rugged stout firm resistant solid hardy inflexible rigid stiff hardened toughened vigorous hard-wearing seasoned sound substantial unbreakable indestructible inured brawny fit robust stalwart strapping cohesive conditioned dense healthy lusty mighty moulded molded steeled tight cast-iron heavy-duty long-lasting well-built withstanding hard-bitten made to last tough as nails hard as nails muscular powerful athletic buff husky burly hearty ripped shredded able-bodied beefy jacked hale energetic sinewy hunky muscly hefty staunch hale and hearty Herculean well forceful active in good health in good shape fighting fit in fine fettle strongly made well-made thewy stark stable in good trim powerfully built virile thickset fit as a fiddle tenacious in good condition lively potent in tip-top condition vital manly resolute reliable well-conditioned whole red-blooded fine lasting iron in the pink big bouncing flourishing peppy imperishable fresh hulking capable blooming dynamic thriving able trim dependable indefatigable powerhouse solidly built physically fit full of life bursting with health manful in rude health right as rain meaty wear-resistant rough as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea built to last serviceable as strong as an ox spirited impervious flush in shape gingery heavy wholesome in trim bulky enduring unflagging redoubtable bulletproof perdurable functional steady forcible wiry secure practical sensible plain unadorned heavyweight well muscled masculine utilitarian muscled macho studly aerobicized loyal faithful buoyant jock beefcake stocky constant efficient infrangible healthful bombproof reinforced animated well-developed vivacious sprightly fast steadfast thick feisty perky zippy jaunty formidable indomitable devoted effective spanking committed dedicated trusty snappy brisk chipper muscle-bound true in good kilter unwavering alive and kicking spry tireless unswerving unfaltering hard-working strenuous true-blue enterprising steamroller driving broad-shouldered in good physical shape mesomorphic unhesitating well-knit in top form unyielding ball of fire well knit unshakable tried and true obdurate in fine feather ropy tried and tested pumped up bruising hulky herculean fearsome ferocious young flexible sporty physical butch knockabout agile nimble lithe invincible A1 weatherproof full-bodied built bursting with good health safe inexpugnable influential fleshy great important acclimatised acclimatized supple foolproof infallible overpowering significant fortified strengthened abled non-decorative perduring long-continued diuturnal galvanized galvanised tempered well-constructed slim toned irrepressible toned up as right as rain fixed error-tolerant gritty sure sound in body and limb in excellent shape vitalized energized energised invigorated puissant restored rosy-cheeked unimpaired safe and sound normal OK plucky intrepid headstrong valiant well-founded good pious down-the-line trustworthy devout full-blooded stouthearted lumbering sturdily built tall heavily built mammoth imposing towering huge gargantuan massive colossal gigantic immovable bright-eyed up to snuff all right bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health fit as a flea tried-and-true allegiant ardent liege difficult to keep down airy pizazzy mettlesome springy animate frisky jazzy pert racy gay sparky pizzazzy stringy tiger musclebound swole quick to bounce back shatterproof non-breakable quick to recover rude everlasting adamantine nonbreakable armoured indissoluble invulnerable armored brass-bound permanent incorruptible rolling with punches wrinkled roaring pragmatic useful unpretentious moving aggressive demoniac motive mobile untiring kinematic kinetic breezy high-powered dynamical locomotive motile industrious coarse handy neat workaday utility ordinary soulless working as strong as a horse as strong as a ox coriaceous sparkling high-spirited down-to-earth unsentimental undecorative realistic bristly chunky effervescent playful callous weather-beaten lined furrowed wrinkly wizened strong as an lion intense strong as an ox vibrant strong as an horse zestful hardheaded matter-of-fact pragmatical commonsensical to the purpose no-frills unromantic unidealistic upbeat go-getting bouncy daring wick spunky curly wavy persuasive take-over exuberant take-charge dashing hard-driving leathern leather-like gnarled leatherlike thickened bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim raring to go audacious bound unafraid hanging tough bound and determined determined dead set on nervy full of beans kinky fibrous scratchy full of energy nuts and bolts suited to the purpose


Having an irregular or uneven surface, edge, or outline
rugged rough uneven jagged irregular ragged bumpy broken coarse rocky lumpy scraggy craggy pebbly roughened stony pitted unlevel asperous hilly mountainous scabrous unsmooth wrinkled furrowed precipitous roughhewn chiselled chiseled sharp strong-featured rough-textured broken up knotty knobby gnarled harsh knobbly rutted rutty steep cragged scraggly indented gritty nodular rough-hewn shingly notched jaggy holey not smooth abrasive unfinished knotted nicked gravelly nodose nodulous knurled potholed serrated hard choppy denticulate sawtooth holed alpine rock-strewn crude crooked chapped saw-edged unpolished coarse-grained ridged twisted gnarly rock-bound dented knaggy odd grating thick lump-filled scratchy weathered pitty scarred protuberant cracked bristly pointed barbed spiked weather-beaten snaggy toothed hairy rolling undulating spiky pebble not flat not level strong lined denticulated fragmented crenulate crenulated cleft corrugated high serrate crenated crenate serrulate dentate manly masculine rangy elevated sloping angular pointy cross-grained wrinkly contorted bent boulder-strewn upland highland soaring towering distorted disconnected flinty solid lapidarian bouldered stonelike rockbound inflexible petrous petrified lithic rock-ribbed flakey difficult mangy leprous deformed out of shape tortured jerky discontinuous inelegant treacherous scaly abrupt flaky textured grooved marked clumpy eroded surfaced raised striped full of lumps ribbed bobbly cut scored bony gouged scratched blemished riddled pockmarked pocky nubbly nubby curdy bulging eaten away clotted curdled grainy granular chunky congealed coagulated covered with lumps

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