Đồng nghĩa của light hearted


(of a person or their behaviour) Cheerful or carefree
bright carefree cheerful glad happy sunny jolly joyful merry playful upbeat cheery chirpy gay genial gleeful happy-go-lucky jovial untroubled blithe ebullient effervescent frolicsome high-spirited jocund joyous lively perky bouncy breezy bubbly buoyant jaunty vivacious amusing blithesome easy-going entertaining insouciant ludic optimistic positive chucklesome comic diverting funny humorous mirthful witty free and easy in good spirits animated peppy lighthearted sprightly exuberant chipper sparky gladsome sparkling jocular zippy in high spirits airy laughing full of beans elated spirited jocose sportive festive zingy peart unworried smiley smiling radiant jubilant euphoric jokey hilarious facetious grinning of good cheer without a care in the world hopeful pleasant frivolous flippant content frisky cock-a-hoop whimsical full of the joys of spring winsome good-humoured bright-eyed and bushy-tailed good-humored fun-loving gamesome energetic exhilarated lightsome contented comical rollicking snappy ecstatic enthusiastic blissful exultant eupeptic canty zestful vital waggish frolic unserious beaming debonair irrepressible convivial casual mischievous full of vim and vigour vigorous nonchalant full of hope joking tongue-in-cheek excited enjoyable full of life pert brisk teasing fun brash racy droll roguish in jest delighted thrilled laughable overjoyed uproarious flip glib cheering crank pleasurable light bright and breezy unconcerned on top of the world pizazzy pizzazzy active bouncing mettlesome kinetic animate jazzy spanking as merry as a grig springy prankish jesting devil-may-care tongue in cheek pleased in fun larking over the moon rapturous joshing wonderful jumping on cloud nine rocking bantering heedless boisterous zappy high impish kittenish puckish confident smart vibrant easy relaxed gratified bubbling antic satisfied ludicrous chuffed wrapped easygoing full of fun boon delightful heartwarming thankful tickled grooving for a laugh beside oneself with joy agreeable arch slaphappy pleasing wild riotous rosy sanguine enraptured good-natured coltish indifferent stoked fantastic unthinking skittish as a joke to tease elastic resilient celebratory wanton irresponsible elfish larky fay sportful scintillating frolicky alert farcical hearty offhand dynamic on cloud seven friendly affable blessed heartening thoughtless laid-back capering risible wacky boffo camp campy unconstrained rejoicing vivid glowing daffy sidesplitting charming beguiling gratifying gladdening engaging swinging cool beatific lusty reckless laid back rip-roaring saturnalian keen for grins silly careless welcome rapt as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy exciting rhapsodical up floating on air magical amused informal effusive laughter-filled frothy agitated gushing fun-filled warm amiable passionate espiègle outgoing benign carnival holiday bullish pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish pleasure-seeking rakish aglow easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated mellow mad cordial sunbeamy eager ardent zesty expansive supple invigorated perk forward pushy self-assertive presuming flirtatious bucked clowning ridiculous stimulating Pickwickian clever festal Christmassy gala spicy tumultuous feeling one's oats turnt transported flipping doing handsprings flying popping sunny side up roseate glass half full enlivening full of pep cheerly frolicking romping willful unruly bubbling over full of zip flakey crazy flaky joculous very happy wry pulling one's leg not serious putting one on wisecracking satirical back-slapping good-time impetuous free blasé lots of laughs game graceful improvident as lively as a grig backslapping gagged up decorated carnivalesque go-go feastly feastful fresh cheeky uncaring unconsidered slap-happy elevated exalted aroused peaceful free-minded feckless lackadaisical insubstantial sarcastic cute rhapsodic paradisiacal feel-good at ease Panglossian well paradisal blest as pleased as Punch paradisaical in a good mood triumphant paradisaic orgasmic in seventh heaven tickled to death entranced starry-eyed tickled pink flying high paradisiac rousing blissed out can't complain captivated comfortable fulfilled looking good enchanted walking on air rose-colored on a high as happy as Larry entertained jumping for joy like a dog with two tails intoxicated interesting juiced up irreverent disrespectful unruffled cheered roused rib-tickling blithely unconcerned without care impudent superficial impertinent rude fanciful volatile good grand magnificent marvellous satisfying splendid heavenly marvelous fabulous lovely heart-warming glorious great equanimous equable composed calm serene saucy shallow carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley novel overfamiliar sassy apathetic lacking concern pococurante disinterested insensible incurious uncurious complacent perfunctory uninterested puffed up psyched pumped cocky dismissive insolent brassy gut-busting screaming side-splitting enchanting priceless lippy smarty-pants smart-aleck smart-alecky free from worry free from care cut up wise too funny for words in raptures giddy sent enrapt heady promising encouraging charmed beside oneself with happiness beautiful auspicious propitious delirious pleased as punch hysterical ravished proud perfect inspired carried away at peace willing grateful felicitous in transports of delight frenzied interested golden gloating well pleased likely fascinating fair utopian uplifting made up placid prideful wigged out tranquil favourable reassuring gladdened enthralled smug favorable appreciative like a child with a new toy appeased encouraged enthused idealistic divine in transports engrossed gruntled spry beguiled fine floating energized exulting corybantic engaged assured crowing hung up fervent exhilarating delectable glorying expectant dreamy energised delirious with happiness stirring alive and kicking collected electrified seraphic diverted welcoming comforting unperturbed unflustered nice sublime fascinated desirous amazing concluded achieved effectuated accomplished dispatched actualized obtained executed crowned attained effected compassed consummated matured finished beside oneself craving inclined gung ho delightsome alive avid hungry agog ambitious appetent thirsty athirst solicitous longing amenable restive impatient disposed pining flushed Elysian deliriously happy turned-on spellbound captivating bewitched hankering greedy covetous swaggering sparkly overwhelmed triumphal impassioned refreshing wick bonny killing boastful enchanté showy occupied absorbed trusting gone idyllic honored activated superb rewarding hoping in heaven brought about carried out made good congenial noisy humoristic hysteric comedic triumphalist mesmerized quick hypnotized self-possessed fine and dandy Utopian flattered wild with excitement delicious in a frenzy keeping the faith groovy looking on the bright side mesmerised hypnotised alluring honoured turned on looking through rose-colored glasses brought to a close zealous in a frenzy of delight intent poised pacific measured possessed commodious providential sober assuaged atingle thrilled to pieces thrilled to bits celestial sociable conversible companionable clubby social hospitable stimulated exhilarative hushed sedate perf loving it high as a kite appreciatory saintly uplifted blissfully happy treading on air determined believing in paradise in rhapsodies warming can-do go-getting redeeming loony chaffing jollying nutty dizzy relieved consoled reassured comforted inspirited proactive celebrating romantic fortunate storybook traditional glamorous dazzling only too happy extremely happy revelling overexcited athrill in exaltation out solaced soothed unmarred ravishing superlunary empyrean in transports of joy in transports of pleasure attractive absurd privileged nimble pacified off-the-wall heated fiery forceful agile youthful up and about fond reveling wowed victorious happy as a lark happy as a clam in fine fettle aware comfy homelike very pleased spectacular hopped up fired up set up dashing hyper industrious spaced-out harmonious vitalized enjoying oneself having fun in ecstasies soul-stirring slapstick pleasantly surprised gripped blown away prizewinning champion dominant lucky colourful colorful in ecstasy like the cat that's got the cream filled with joy pathetic derisive derisory preposterous grotesque cockamamie cockamamy zany acceptable commendable fetching peachy couthy mooi intoxicating choice irie darling lekker dulcet recreative relishable thrilling clubbable distracting revered venerated well-pleased esteemed dignified enlivened excitable motivated home-like feelgood imperturbable nonplussed together stoical healthy blooming ludicrous. laughable derisible in the twilight zone riveted held bursting awakened piqued rowdy euthymic successful copacetic stupid foolish preoccupied geeked hepped up hopped-up likable idealized halcyon ideal rumbustious roisterous fairy-tale rose-coloured bold absent dreaming absent-minded abstracted employed busy inattentive taken wrapped up caught up in involved daydreaming enamoured enamored unconscious oblivious moved robustious rambunctious sporty pastoral rustic picturesque exquisite level-headed calm and collected full of promise self-controlled committed assiduous restless raring fanatical wholehearted devoted diligent anxious breathless vehement dedicated voracious habitual nuts antsy obsessed unreluctant diehard ready balmy venturesome trim natty hell-raising unrestrained knockabout cavorting swashbuckling raucous uninhibited spruce doubtless implicit certain clear sure cocksure shining aflame on top of world ray of sunshine rollicksome thumping ripping loud rural unspoiled bucolic arcadian brilliant ridibund undoubtful secure disposed to look on the bright side self-assured in good heart self-confident smitten very funny extremely amusing hysterically funny sylvan unspoilt Arcadian riot scream infatuated likeable scenic restful out-of-this-world idealised relaxing a scream killingly funny a hoot out of this world realized perfected completed performed reached rewarded under a spell realised put into effect


Silly in a childish way
frivolous silly giddy dizzy flighty foolish superficial light-minded empty-headed facetious birdbrained ditzy flippant merry puerile shallow whimsical zany flip idle irresponsible juvenile non-serious skittish thoughtless batty childish dippy ditsy dopey featherbrained feather-brained frothy futile goofy harebrained ill-considered lightheaded light-headed pea-brained scatterbrained vacuous vapid yeasty dotty lacking seriousness nonserious nutty barmy gay idiotic lacking in sense light lighthearted perky playful tongue-in-cheek unprofound vain volatile not serious joking glib jokey waggish senseless inane fatuous frolicsome sportive daft jocose stupid scatty trifling brainless dappy empty crazy hare-brained bird-brained reckless bubbleheaded trivial petty careless wild impulsive fickle lightweight heedless asinine simple madcap wacky capricious rash half-baked insubstantial impetuous foolhardy forgetful imprudent daredevil rattlebrained simplistic paltry daffy erratic kooky inconstant hasty hot-headed carefree gaga ignorant incautious facile screwy crackpot flimsy sketchy witless unintelligent temerarious daring meaningless airheaded lunkheaded skin-deep one-dimensional half-witted weak-minded ridiculous infantile dingdong dingbat unstable heady changeable weird flakey flaky slight immature childlike excitable insignificant unnecessary pointless insouciant frilly unsubstantial lacking substance worthless unsystematic disorganized dreamy excited bemused inconsequential feather-headed inattentive slaphappy absent-minded wool-gathering ill-advised vague woolly-headed illogical irrational unreliable precipitate flat depthless adventurous disorganised of no value of no merit of no account devil-may-care indiscreet overbold audacious overconfident impractical brash slapdash casual precipitous crackbrained radge passing basic nonsensical not with it not thinking clearly hell-for-leather haphazard overhasty kamikaze chaotic hotheaded lively inconsiderate smattery cosmetic generic schematic divvy with a mind like a sieve absurd preposterous oversimplified uncritical cursory surface hollow loony cuckoo looney insane simpleminded lunatic harum-scarum romping negligent regardless kookie disorderly simple-minded lacking in depth dumb screwball jerky cockeyed mad unwise tomfool whacky unthinking piddling unscholarly farcical dense mindless obtuse inept sappy balmy unsmart dull fool featherheaded out to lunch slow dim lamebrained boneheaded thick thickheaded doltish oafish lamebrain chuckleheaded bonehead opaque wishy-washy illiterate softheaded gormless dozy knuckleheaded pinheaded dorky dunderheaded dopy soft know-nothing not the full shilling uneducated slow-witted slow on the uptake untaught dim-witted vacant unschooled brain-dead thick-witted pea-brain soft in the head


Amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic
zany crazy eccentric nutty comical funny wacky insane kooky mad madcap absurd bizarre clownish odd peculiar quirky silly unconventional weird avant-garde crackpot ludicrous off-centre outlandish ridiculous strange amusing comic cuckoo daft dippy farcical oddball chucklesome cracked diverting hilarious nuts screwy wacko waggish asinine balmy brainless bubbleheaded cockeyed cranky daffy dotty fatuous featherheaded fool foolish goofy half-baked half-witted harebrained inept jerky kinky kookie looney loony lunatic lunkheaded nonsensical preposterous sappy screwball senseless simpleminded stupid tomfool unwise weak-minded whacky witless dilly camp campy dumb hare-brained humorous joshing way out witty off the wall out there in left field off the air droll laughable entertaining hysterical uproarious risible riotous humoristic comedic sidesplitting killing hysteric rib-tickling side-splitting facetious jocular antic priceless screaming jocose gelastic slapstick whimsical mirthful jolly sparkling wry hysterically funny sportive jokey tongue-in-cheek good-humoured good-humored a scream custard-pie childish frivolous scintillating derisory derisible slaphappy inane playful merry rollicking rich clever smart quaint laugh-a-minute quick-witted ribald off-the-wall engaging pleasant crack-up riot quizzical laffer too funny for words tongue in cheek gagged up for grins flakey gump dizzy light ironic joking fool-headed goofus flaky batty boffo killingly funny a hoot a laugh a card fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse a caution idiotic queer unusual irrational wild offbeat curious idiosyncratic erratic freakish freaky way-out barmy fantastic cockamamie unorthodox abnormal rum far-out unreasonable imbecilic remarkable uncommon singular bizarro moronic queerish extraordinary weirdo loopy off-kilter out-of-the-way funky irregular spaced-out illogical unfamiliar different anomalous aberrant out of the ordinary potty outré cockamamy fanciful unintelligent mindless uncustomary atypical far out pointless grotesque imprudent incongruous crackbrained unique rare fantastical dopey scatty unexpected doltish uncanny unwonted deviant exceptional derisive pathetic alternative unreal glaikit foolhardy unthinkable empty-headed unstable out to lunch freak gormless puerile puzzling feebleminded mysterious mystifying surreal out of the way ill-advised perplexing incredible impractical unrealistic deranged baffling demented Bohemian outrageous damfool unhinged crazed unbelievable mental dubious astonishing unbalanced chowderheaded dotish loco daggy gaga unaccustomed left-field irresponsible injudicious original indiscreet gonzo nonconformist slang giddy thickheaded cock-eyed extravagant implausible cretinous unnatural dunderheaded aberrated ill-considered divvy simple extreme imbecile off-center dim-witted bonkers unaccountable psychotic dof certifiable unco psycho crackers maniacal out in left field disturbed meshuga whacko unsound psychopathic haywire rash reckless bats feather-brained incautious distracted fruity thoughtless nutsy unpredictable delirious inexplicable schizo novel vacuous meaningless dim radical halfwitted exotic doolally suspicious birdbrained fresh eerie phenomenal heterodox inconsistent shocking lamebrained scatterbrained thick capricious monstrous softheaded boneheaded blockheaded wooden-headed pea-brained untypical inconceivable outre exceeding especial extraordinaire unheard of preternatural up the pole slow-witted brainsick wud bedlam meshugge bughouse sectionable touched berserk buggy squirrelly nutty as a fruitcake schizoid bushed disordered moonstruck infantile individual revolutionary non compos mentis unglued raving mad flipped not all there immature unlikely amazing new maverick informal bohemian improbable not the full shilling unprecedented not right in the head not quite right in the head not right upstairs ignorant pinheaded impracticable far-fetched muttonheaded divergent doubtful round the bend hippy foreign chuckleheaded dozy nerdy unearthly weak out-there questionable ill-conceived unceremonious perverse dappy uncharacteristic off beam special grandiose boho heteroclite unimaginable spooky short-sighted eye-popping fishy creepy bugged out off your trolley off the rails unheard-of off the beaten track fat-headed brain-dead make-believe clueless impolitic excited bathetic defective clock galumphing sick intriguing incomprehensible unsafe individualistic maniac unworkable derpy paranoiac schizophrenic paranoic paranoid sociopathic wigged out nonconforming braindead unconforming non-standard rattlebrained unsteady heedless changeable careless violent dull dense old-fashioned burlesque off the beam looney tunes loony tunes distinctive impossible not tightly wrapped ludicrous. laughable mentally incompetent untenable alternate unzipped dingy excessive acting crazy donkeyish obstinate callow eccentrical exorbitant off one's head contemptible unparalleled cheery cheerful happy hearty esoteric excentrical freaked out flipped out off the chain not in one's right mind goofy loony credulous retarded green off one's trolley unaware insipid insensate complacent off your head off-beat foolheaded anomalistic innovative dead from the neck up avant garde marginal extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible scarce screamingly funny inexperienced thick-witted nonstandard out of line off-base inscrutable out of the question too much taking the cake backward slow off-color like nothing on earth wigged-out imaginary feeble-minded unconvincing illusory incredulous one card shy of a full deck as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears simple-minded a barrel of laughs unconceivable misleading romantic ambitious visionary uncompelling artificial a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic illusive suppositious hallucinatory surprising flighty sensational astounding out of sight cock-and-bull stunning notable striking momentous prodigious miraculous heretical off your chump unforgettable eye-catching arresting soft dissenting dissident nonorthodox heretic iconoclastic dissentient spectacular stupendous noteworthy conspicuous improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal serious tremendous wondrous amazeballs nitwitted beatnik anarchic untraditional sectarian schismatic heavy flash gnarly forby dopy off the beaten path off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world pie-faced sheepheaded muddle-headed frenzied distraught raving bananas frantic manic barking nutso porangi yarra twisted mentally ill of unsound mind sick in the head mad as a hatter not together stark mad stark raving mad away with the fairies barking mad foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad as daft as a brush have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head unknown wonderful barbarous awkward alien


Playful, lively, or flirtatious
kittenish coquettish coy fun-loving playful flirtatious frisky impish lively mischievous cute frolicsome sportive roguish skittish spirited arch cheeky cheerful flippant frivolous joyous ludic naughty shallow sprightly superficial teasing trivial demure dizzy empty-headed feather-brained flirty gamesome giddy puckish scatterbrained silly vivacious frolic larkish childish coltish elvish jaunty high-spirited gay merry rollicking prankish amorous dallying wanton jolly perky exuberant antic frolicky lighthearted full of beans jocular elfish fay sportful larky blithe peppy zippy bubbly waggish snappy provocative come-hither full of fun in high spirits inviting flighty seductive vampish philandering gleeful jokey funny game comical bouncy romping energetic tricksy rascally devilish animated sparky wicked zestful mirthful jocund airy espiègle pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy zesty excitable full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of joie de vivre feeling one's oats full of vim and vigour enticing come-on spoony libidinous blithesome capering frolicking boon festive active happy fun jovial amusing droll witty jesting facetious animate springy spanking kinetic high brisk bouncing mettlesome vital pert racy jocose entertaining comic jumpy excited dashing pixieish whimsical sly leprechaunish risible flip scampish joking glib pixy humorous pixie bantering knavish tongue-in-cheek chucklesome fair sportsmanlike gentlemanly flirting clowning in fun in jest good considerate sportsmanly decent generous honest honourable reasonable evenhanded square just devil-may-care wild honorable sporting square dealing straight shooting square shooting full of life good-humoured good-humored full of pep joyful sunny buoyant chipper sparkling cheery bright glad effervescent carefree upbeat elfin chirpy peart breezy vigorous ebullient zingy spry laughing happy-go-lucky as lively as a grig as merry as a grig zappy light sparkly wick swinging keen agile nimble convivial boisterous in good spirits crank vibrant full of energy scintillating genial knowing untroubled full of the joys of spring rakish raffish unruly hilarious diverting pleasant elated cunning optimistic positive enjoyable exhilarated saucy gladsome fun-filled lightsome tricky jubilant unworried larking easy bubbling free and easy fresh perk enthusiastic irrepressible dynamic exciting rocking jumping sharp clever bright and breezy feisty spritely outgoing gregarious extrovert easy-going insouciant artful misbehaving pixyish foxy affected disobedient pawky lightweight mysterious wily sassy amused hopeful laughable uproarious cock-a-hoop recreative vivid fairylike hyper grooving smiling grinning radiant lusty laughter-filled euphoric troublemaking mischief-making smiley delightful trifling pleasing alert full of vim and vigor pleasurable brash pixilated fiendish casual offhand implike Pickwickian recreational dry joshing friendly daffy of good cheer without a care in the world unserious crooked untruthful lying deceiving crafty underhand fraudulent sneaky underhanded shifty beguiling slick deceptive lots of laughs full of mischief dramatic sexy stimulating exhilarating heady rip-roaring rowdy fiery strong distinctive piquant rich poignant forceful tart peppery tasty tangy pungent gingery forcible poised composed pacific possessed commodious providential sober measured collected rumbustious roisterous sharp-witted highbrowed snazzy profound quick on the draw ironic tactful smart-aleck nimble-witted smart-alecky cutting quick quick on the uptake slapstick quick-witted noisy robustious rambunctious hearty gratified delighted thrilled content peaceful blessed contented blest overjoyed orgasmic blissful tickled up tickled pink flying high can't complain ecstatic captivated looking good pleased walking on air on cloud nine exultant intoxicated knockabout hell-raising cavorting swashbuckling riotous raucous unrestrained uninhibited hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled rollicksome thumping ripping loud bold sporty trim natty venturesome spruce showy at ease at peace self-possessed go-go

Trái nghĩa của light hearted

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