Đồng nghĩa của obtuse

Alternative for obtuse

Đồng nghĩa: blunt, dense, dull, slow, slow-witted, stupid,

Tính từ

Annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand
stupid dull slow dense dim thick unintelligent dumb witless doltish dopey half-witted uncomprehending slow-witted stolid thickheaded boneheaded dim-witted imperceptive simple dull-witted blockish brainless chuckleheaded dozy dunderheaded half-baked insensitive lamebrained lumpish bovine crass simple-minded sluggish thick-skinned blockheaded muttonheaded wooden-headed airheaded birdbrained bonehead brain-dead bubbleheaded chowderheaded divvy dof dopy dorky dotish empty-headed fatuous glaikit gormless knuckleheaded lamebrain log-headed lunkheaded mindless oafish opaque pig-ignorant pinheaded senseless soft softheaded thick-witted unsmart vacuous weak-minded hebete woodenheaded dead from the neck up thick as mince slow on the uptake slow on uptake foolish idiotic moronic imbecilic ignorant daft cretinous silly naive vapid pea-brained dippy crazy asinine imbecile simpleminded inane fat-headed dunce-like gullible soft in the head not the full shilling unwise thoughtless uneducated thick as two short planks illiterate shallow barmy unaware unperceptive unmindful untaught unschooled unreasoning thick-skulled oblivious unlearned unthinking benighted inexperienced unobservant as thick as two short planks unread unlettered goofy feebleminded unintellectual wooden insensible deficient undiscerning uninformed dotty unenlightened feeble-minded uncultured innocent unconscious dimwitted tomfool untrained uncultivated unknowledgeable lethargic uninstructed uninitiated unconversant inattentive unreasonable injudicious green harebrained irrational daffy nonliterate thick-headed scatty clueless unwitting misinformed untutored superficial rude heavy unseeing scatterbrained blind in the dark feather-brained analphabetic featherheaded imprudent apprenticed unsuspecting nescient boorish laughable loggerheaded batty torpid ridiculous braindead purblind vacant ill-advised halfwitted impercipient loopy insensate indiscriminating blind to heedless insentient hare-brained screwy indiscriminate coarse gross very stupid dark giddy myopic unrefined unperceiving clownish nearsighted careless absurd rash risible neglectful puerile damfool idiotical cloddish unresponsive ludicrous hebetudinous fool unscholarly backward addle-brained nitwitted cockamamy indelicate numskulled not with it ill-considered know-nothing not intelligent short-sighted mentally deficient mentally handicapped mad unimaginative unappreciative ill-mannered unstudious immature childish inept jerky sappy unknowing incognizant duncelike crackpot blundering lifeless inert Boeotian stupefied limited nonrational surd boobish fallacious unconsidered invalid weak unreasoned notional buffoonish phlegmatic placid unacquainted comatose slumberish unsavvy credulous feeble rattlebrained somnolent inanimate flaky dummy clottish impassive fatheaded shortsighted without thought unsophisticated soppy ignoramus doolally listless inactive indiscreet numbskulled unworldly idiot unqualified dappy anencephalic anencephalous slothful chowderhead not bright nonsensical pie-faced negligent irresponsible inappropriate foolhardy reckless dizzy frivolous featherbrained skittish ditzy flighty nerdish foolishly stupid forgetful inadvisable farcical preposterous impolitic mooning spaced-out out daydreaming moony cuckoo nutty crackers nuts cracked potty mental bone-headed pointless out to lunch flakey illogical misguided a brick short of a load wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass unversed bonkers addle-pated lacking knowledge retarded out of it awkward bungling clumsy derisive wacky derisory comical pea-brain mentally slow off the air pathetic cockamamie improvident lumbering gawky ungainly elephantine cumbersome unco puddingy inconsiderate uncouth rough lowbrow vulgar rough-hewn unpolished roughneck tasteless common lowbred raffish crude low rugged incult ill-bred illiberal raw churlish loutish tactless inelegant obnoxious philistine insane lunatic kooky loony zany whacky balmy looney kookie screwball cockeyed crackbrained incautious impractical unsound fantastic meaningless derisible infantile impulsive futile bizarre deranged empty hasty unworkable ill-conceived impracticable insipid brutish wacko absent-minded nerdy unearthly outrageous fruitless cock-eyed purposeless madcap complacent callow idiotish squirrelly erratic unstable smoothbrained trifling worthless donkeyish obstinate fanciful fantastical extravagant unpractical tearaway incompetent unreal as daft as a brush unrealistic inconsistent unhinged vain wishy-washy flat innocuous sheepheaded gratuitous poor wild eccentric feather-headed touched smooth-brained grotesque weird strange peculiar incongruous odd queer gonzo devoid of intelligence undesirable unfortunate muddle-headed bad risky aberrant ill-informed off your head off your trolley wanton up the pole mechanical brainsick cranky demented crazed loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic slang fruity unbalanced haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko psycho meshuga certifiable instinctive barbarous barbaric not all there looney tunes bedlamite not quite right loony tunes fried inadvertent non compos mentis unintended precipitate remiss automatic uncalled for spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated intuitive unintentional blank in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd expressionless inexpressive deadpan unmeant blunt untactful feckless napping unheeding vague dreaming dreamy inscrutable poker-faced absent abstracted glassy numb catatonic stony emotionless uninterested idle incurious motionless indifferent unexpressive

Tính từ

Of sound, etc.

Tính từ

Insensitive to criticism or insults
thick-skinned insensitive tough unfeeling case-hardened hard-boiled impervious callous hardened unsusceptible pachydermatous stolid affectless armour-plated cold-blooded compassionless desensitised desensitized hard hard-hearted heartless indurate inhuman inhumane insensate invulnerable ironhearted merciless obdurate pitiless remorseless ruthless slash-and-burn soulless stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners uncaring uncharitable unmerciful unsparing unsympathetic benumbed coldhearted hard-as-nails hardhearted seasoned toughened unbending with a hide like an elephant unconcerned unkind crass cruel unresponsive imperceptive tactless feelingless incurious bloodless aloof hard as nails inconsiderate thoughtless stony-hearted indifferent cold-hearted impassive unimpressionable impassible insusceptible harsh lacking compassion unpitying inattentive unmoved cold unsensitive unaffected oblivious as hard as nails with a heart of stone inured to inured accustomed habituated sturdy hardy strong cast-iron rugged deadened vigorous stout hard-bitten experienced coarsened used acclimatized indurated impenetrable irreverent hard-edged unsentimental inaccessible prepared contemptuous acclimatised steeled cynical unrepenting resistant disdainful impious unsubmissive unashamed uncompassionate unemotional brutal severe unforgiving apathetic rude stern impolite savage discourteous barbarous frigid inflexible boorish mean cool sadistic uncivil insensible indelicate unrelenting undiplomatic implacable relentless unfriendly crude hard-nosed rough unpleasant uncompromising ungracious barbaric intolerant vulgar icy brash uncouth unrefined austere grim brutish ill-bred heedless unyielding graceless fierce strict nasty ill-mannered unloving untouched unmannerly disrespectful inexorable indiscreet coarse dispassionate disinterested sharp careless passionless rigorous emotionless tasteless lukewarm rigid phlegmatic illiberal injudicious gruff vicious calm impolitic unmindful steely impertinent unmannered numb passive loutish uncultured unpolished uncultivated undemonstrative marble-hearted detached gross surly uncivilized hurtful ignorant expressionless draconian curt unstirred stoical bestial selfish wanton torpid repellent truculent monstrous exacting imprudent poker-faced unwise stoic uncalled-for tyrannical gauche mean-spirited ungentlemanly uncivilised anesthetized unfair ill-advised unconsiderate dead spiritless unsophisticated inelegant lifeless self-centered firm self-centred stiff anaesthetized reckless unthinking bad-mannered hasty ferocious unhandsome common incautious churlish flinty rough-hewn deadpan ill-judged fiendish unremitting cutthroat unruffled cut-throat halfhearted aversive repugnant oppressive dog-eat-dog antipathetic blunt bloodthirsty atrocious wicked loveless listless heinous incult inexpressive hostile unladylike inclement heavy matter-of-fact butcherly brute authoritarian vindictive murderous uninterested distant sanguinary offensive dull heavy-handed laid-back awkward inadvisable antisocial immune unempathetic asocial unthoughtful immune to impervious to oafish blank adamant rash rustic unsubtle philistine wooden diabolical violent forceful excessive untroubled unappeasable unceremonious brusque bearish languid unperturbed clumsy impudent insolent stubborn despotic feral short abrasive evil hard-headed unexcitable frosty without sentiment offhand misguided unworried restrained ill-considered chilly serene stone-hearted ramrod imperturbable foolhardy cavalier cloddish collected wolfish yobbish indecorous fell unkindly beastly dastardly ungallant abusive roughneck lowbrow lowbred raffish low plebby equable deaf to limp reserved flat uncongenial blind tyrannous ironfisted flagitious egregious cold fish unflappable hardhanded sluggish remote lethargic heedless of inactive slow quiet hateful nonplussed lazy neutral proof against uninvolved forbidding indolent unhappy supine cool, calm and collected inert disregardful ungenerous nonresponsive uncommiserating stringent in poor taste distasteful ill-chosen stonehearted stingy unjust unperceptive casehardened insentient impenitent unchristian censorious demanding untactful unsympathizing spiteful satanic hatchetjob coldblooded depraved hellish solid rowdy extreme unimpressed blind to tormenting maleficent torturous mechanical punishing terse premeditated killer rancorous malevolent mortal revengeful infernal abominable vile appalling unseemly senseless nonreactive asleep dry-eyed undismayed constant vengeful punitive faceless utilitarian gray subhuman grey bleak killer instinct dour dictatorial raw immovable intense world-weary unapproachable without pity suppressive onerous common as muck unchivalrous crotchety cantankerous unamiable sensationless uncordial inhospitable unfortunate unflinching uneducated bloody sour avaricious unregenerate greedy indefatigable uncontrite no-nonsense browbeating bullying withdrawn critical empty vacant catatonic provincial parochial lacking sentiment hard-line hard-shelled obstinate headstrong indifferent to impartial in bad taste iron-fisted unimpressible resolute mean machine placid having a killer instinct unwelcoming hard-shell agrestic inurbane fixed toughened by experience ardorless inhibited cold-shoulder impotent unromantic formal insensitive of insensible to insensitive to insensible of cutting oblivious to adamantine Rhadamanthine biting as tough as old boots unmindful of disregardful of caustic malign malicious cannibalistic malignant dry indecent ungentlemanlike thuggish grating carefree unsavoury undiscriminating vitriolic bitter nonchalant insouciant blithe frank outspoken foolish controlled inadvertent unguarded improvident annoying irritating acerbic relaxed slobbish abrupt bluff ungraceful stilted uncomfortable rustical uneasy self-controlled clinical impersonal unconsidered harebrained wounding galling clodhopping loudmouthed ocker level-headed businesslike cool-headed acerb comfortless devil-may-care happy-go-lucky overbearing irresponsible unwary easy casual unanxious aggressive spiky argumentative swinish unsavory rational unagitated sober high-handed autocratic unenthusiastic unanimated half-hearted feeble sullen lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair unthought-out spur-of-the-moment badly thought out ill-conceived ill-thought-out not thought through hare-brained impulsive short-sighted precipitate composed tranquil Neanderthal uncalled for plain-spoken rubbing the wrong way hard to take pococurante misbehaved untimely inexpedient infelicitous garrulous nosy speaking as one finds bland vapid wishy-washy chill reticent marble blah objective glacial inept bungling domineering slack calling a spade a spade deaf unbothered not bothered without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss forgetful feckless undisturbed lackadaisical negligent undaunted mannerless ill-humored overstrict coercive OTT anaesthetic anesthetic enervated unenergetic sleepy tired idle along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches ill-humoured low-bred stagnant static languorous dilatory laggard lax somnolent slothful fatigued depressed over the top slow-moving tardy neurasthenic dozy asthenic logy dormant lymphatic weary yawny drowsy faineant quiescent weak fainéant

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