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Alternative for bedlamite

bedlamite /'bedləmait/
  • danh từ
    • người điên
    • tính từ
      • điên

    Danh từ

    A male who is insane or mentally disturbed
    madman maniac nut nutcase nutter headbanger loony lunatic schizophrenic crank cuckoo daredevil devil madcap nutjob psycho psychopath psychotic schizo screwball crackpot crazy crazyman dingbat headcase looney oddball radge raver basket case head case crazy person deranged person insane man psychiatric patient wing nut loon madwoman fruitcake sicko wacko kook crackbrain fool whacko sickie bug nutso meshuggener madperson flake dement zealot bigot mad person imbecile deranged patient idiot mental case sociopath demented Section 8 eccentric madling schizoid weirdo booby simpleton ding-dong mooncalf ninnyhammer oddity charley zany berk character crack nit nitwit ninny nincompoop ding-a-ling doofus turkey jackass goose simp git quiz original codger dipstick featherhead yo-yo weirdie half-wit charlie wack wackadoo wackadoodle harebrain odd bod non compos mentis case freak individualist queer fish misfit maverick nonconformist card free spirit individual odd fish unorthodox person odd fellow one-off rare bird bohemian nutbag geek clown lamebrain odd duck oner eccentric person piece of work rara avis loose cannon moron nut case fanatic deviant dropout pervert buffoon perv tearaway hothead live one queer scatterbrain odd bird softhead square peg in a round hole dodo galoot anomaly creep peculiar person strange person one numbskull bozo goof dumbbell saphead bonehead blockhead lunkhead caution unstable personality disturbed person antisocial personality insane person unbalanced person strange bird insane nutbar zombie sick day spook odd man out birdbrain jester wag joker comedian fish out of water round peg in a square hole moonling demoniac paranoid sociopathic neurotic wild man gink beatnik hippie loner hotspur hippy featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz jock nut ball desperado one who has a screw loose prankster joculator merry-andrew wisecracker show-off farceur humorist cutup comic one who has bats in the belfry odd person queer duck rum customer firebrand gag person practical joker funny person innocent nerd schlemiel stooge silly jerk illiterate twerp sucker boob twit tomfool bore simple lightweight clod victim sap halfwit adrenalin junky easy mark dumb ox fair game

    Tính từ

    Not having a sound state of mind
    nutty crazy mad demented insane deranged daft unbalanced crazed unhinged wacky lunatic cuckoo psychotic loony batty screwy mental kooky crackpot maniacal bonkers nuts whacky wacko loco daffy gaga barmy certifiable cracked kookie looney crackers unsound psycho cranky whacko crackbrained balmy haywire scatty meshugge fruity brainsick maniac dotty bughouse bats moonstruck meshuga loopy bedlam dippy disturbed wud slang unstable sectionable psychopathic raving bananas delirious hysterical eccentric manic buggy barking nutsy squirrelly nutso bushed porangi potty schizoid yarra mentally ill non compos mentis raving mad of unsound mind mad as a hatter not all there looney tunes loony tunes barking mad away with the fairies off the wall round the bend stark mad nutty as a fruitcake sick in the head stark raving mad not together mad as a March hare round the twist foaming at the mouth not the full shilling stark staring mad up the pole not right upstairs not quite right in the head not right in the head as daft as a brush have a screw loose have bats in the belfry touched in the head have kangaroos in the top paddock out of one's head idiotic simple stupid imbecilic simple-minded moronic witless half-witted cretinous dull-witted slow dunce-like touched slow-witted feeble-minded dull dim-witted dopey thick empty-headed vacuous vapid dozy pig-ignorant birdbrained dim dumb pea-brained bovine wooden-headed chuckleheaded fat-headed brain-dead muttonheaded dunderheaded lamebrained boneheaded flakey giddy not quite right thick as two short planks slow on the uptake fried soft in the head flaky in the ozone out of one's gourd silly foolish absurd senseless nonsensical fatuous irrational zany unwise preposterous brainless out to lunch asinine harebrained half-baked screwball frenzied distracted jerky around the bend ridiculous simpleminded cockeyed tomfool distraught lunkheaded bubbleheaded inept featherheaded sappy fool off one's head weak-minded wild off one's gourd ludicrous unreasonable out of one's mind frantic odd bizarre berserk disordered peculiar unintelligent gonzo illogical mindless inane imprudent injudicious queer off one's rocker strange weird fantastic laughable goofy unconventional hare-brained oddball doolally out there schizophrenic rabid impractical erratic ill-considered off-the-wall foolhardy with a screw loose ill-advised neurotic off the air irresponsible unglued outlandish funny doltish paranoid off one's nut incautious off one's trolley indiscreet kinky unsettled way out flipped out thoughtless farcical risible pointless crazy as a loon sick freaky quirky weak raging troubled amusing wrong off-centre comic idiosyncratic reckless rash untenable invalid implausible mixed up schizo confused thickheaded faulty damfool gormless flipped sociopathic chowderheaded dotish glaikit screwed up madcap unreasoning off groundless nonrational berko derailed ill-conceived clownish offbeat hilarious comical humorous way-out one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic derisible chucklesome diverting curious flawed unrealistic fallacious specious light-hearted witty impracticable unjustifiable a bit lacking ape off your trolley unscientific contradictory softheaded feebleminded illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded unreasoned incongruous incoherent freaked out psychopathological not in one's right mind daft as a brush aberrant imbecile excited short-sighted cockamamie cock-eyed full of holes off the deep end off beam not of sound mind avant-garde have bats in one's belfry severely mentally ill have kangaroos in one's top paddock impolitic freakish unorthodox far out far-out waggish rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way bizarro unpredictable cockamamy dilly uncontrollable inconclusive spurious droll unworkable unthinking facetious puerile entertaining childish incorrect impossible halfwitted immature fanciful fantastical unscrewed humoristic nerdy unearthly uncontrolled poor flighty false irreconcilable hollow joshing camp in left field comedic sidesplitting divvy unreal unsafe amok uproarious jocular priceless retarded sophistic antic riotous killing moonstricken blockheaded dof out of control demoniac self-contradictory off your rocker dazed dreamy jocose screaming side-splitting hysteric rib-tickling backward gelastic having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits manic-depressive over the edge without foundation non compos without basis in another world mentally deranged not making sense having a screw loose in a daze having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out feather-brained half-cracked birdy dysfunctional clock psychoneurotic outrageous daggy paranoiac paranoic extravagant violent diseased unpractical infantile mentally incompetent bugged out left-field unzipped dingy baked furious gibbering ranting phrenetic rampant ignorant pixilated fanatic obsessed nobody home campy schitzy off the chain pinheaded goofy loony original psyched out callow dense surreal idiotish unfamiliar maddened schizzo scatterbrained credulous green vacant bone-headed obtuse unusual baseless arbitrary chaotic off your chump off the rails bemused dappy panic-stricken yampy smoothbrained not right braindead grotesque addle-pated disorganized reasonless disconnected disjointed Bohemian inexperienced different wigged out nonconforming off-center two sandwiches short of a picnic very stupid not in your right mind out of your mind unthinkable severely mentally disordered off one's chump outré not well thought out ill-thought-out topsy-turvy dead from the neck up as mad as a March hare one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree as mad as a hatter off your head not tightly wrapped tangled shambolic smooth-brained thick-witted wigged-out as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears mentally slow twisted extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible nonfunctional disarranged wonky broken fuddled bad naive featherbrained risky inappropriate misguided demonic demoniacal acting crazy out in left field disorganised orderless amiss defective messy hyper not functioning properly out of order mentally unbalanced spare jokey whimsical out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout barro postal crook unconvincing tenuous questionable turned out hopped up high agitated busy overexcited up sportive hysterically funny beside oneself a card killingly funny joking goofus boffo a caution a laugh ironic a scream fool-headed fool around a hoot gump dizzy light crazy shtick Mickey Mouse vague improbable dubious unpersuasive unbelievable up the wall through the roof on the rampage unsatisfactory unlikely flimsy nebulous doubtful farfetched lame inadequate unsubstantiated far-fetched incredible suspect feeble inconsistent meaningless frivolous slapstick unsustainable unsupportable inconceivable fishy sketchy shaky indefensible obscure puzzling derisory mirthful unjustified erroneous airy reachy vain problematic pathetic thin slight unimpressive jolly slaphappy sophistical casuistic unproved won't hold water won't wash good-humored good-humoured perverse irrelevant unconnected unsubstantial beyond belief not following beyond the bounds of possibility

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