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Alternative for kooky

  • tính từ
    • kỳ cục; lập dị

Tính từ

Having a curious, strange or eccentric nature
bizarre bizarro cranky crazy curious eccentric erratic far-out funky funny kinky odd offbeat off-kilter off-the-wall outlandish out-of-the-way peculiar quaint queer queerish quirky remarkable rum screwy spaced-out strange wacky way-out weird weirdo whacky wild aberrant abnormal anomalous beat bent capricious characteristic droll flaky flakey freak freakish idiosyncratic irregular kookish oddball off-center quizzical singular uncommon unconventional unnatural unusual whimsical far out way out off the wall out in left field kookie extraordinary unorthodox zany freaky off-centre wacko unfamiliar unique outré atypical uncustomary out of the ordinary rare different left-field deviant mysterious fantastic out there mystifying perplexing uncanny unaccustomed puzzling exceptional baffling nutty out of the way daggy incongruous unexpected unwonted untypical unco unaccountable original ludicrous ridiculous absurd suspicious avant-garde dubious exotic uncharacteristic outre grotesque inexplicable alternative foreign questionable dilly eerie preternatural fanciful distinctive individual in left field novel mad insane nonconformist surreal aberrated madcap unreal bohemian inconceivable isolated unrepresentative special unheard of fishy cockeyed spooky creepy extravagant astonishing particular specialized divergent preposterous monstrous unthinkable unlike disparate contrary incomprehensible newsworthy supernatural jarring dotty unknown Bohemian radical suspect unprecedented outrageous esoteric hippy alien exceeding especial boho extraordinaire surprising specialised phenomenal unheard-of rummy fresh off the beaten track oddish intriguing excited individualistic innovative old-fashioned cuckoo dippy nuts cracked crackpot progressive advanced daft maverick informal unpredictable comical batty experimental laughable out-there eccentrical unparalleled excentrical funny peculiar funny strange anomalistic very unconventional unordinary untraditional scarce doubtful heterodox unceremonious nonsensical slang fantastical foolish cockamamie shady out of line nonstandard off-base inscrutable off-color doubtable equivocal dodgy dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky out of the common like nothing on earth avant garde off the air wigged-out off-beat off the rails bugged out problematical problematic unhinged touched unbalanced demented irrational distinct nonconforming something else off-key errant unconforming discordant other noteworthy perverted unharmonious interesting specific distinguished exclusive custom customized signature personalized distinguishing wonderful barbarous awkward eye-popping limited personalised customised perverse prodigious new dark murky bewildering confusing unfathomable impenetrable difficult corrupt amazing obscure arcane wayward aberrational devious malformed deviate heteroclite unimaginable incredible astounding non-typical infrequent conspicuous untried thin on the ground few and far between chance humorous arbitrary unrecognized vagarious teratoid changeable fitful unrecognised deviating loner cool sporadic unhealthy warped twisted distorted seldom occasional unnormal heteromorphic nondescript startling extreme egregious few breaking new ground dishonest criminal altered imported variant ready not normal weird and wonderful out of place unexplored newfangled not prepared deceitful nefarious crafty underhand fraudulent shifty dishonourable unprincipled unscrupulous sensational out of keeping stunning notable striking momentous miraculous unbelievable improbable unforgettable eye-catching arresting complex spectacular stupendous unrealistic unlikely serious implausible grandiose tremendous wondrous unlawful illegal amazeballs hard heavy flash gnarly forby hare-brained far-fetched make-believe complicated thorny intricate paradoxical involved knotty taxing off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world dishonorable macabre labyrinthine unexplainable cryptic secret ticklish disconcerting worrying enigmatic mind-bending convoluted enigmatical mystical concealed difficult to understand Byzantine wildering spiny befuddling confounding ambiguous unexplained recondite insoluble unsolved hidden beyond one unknowable veiled stealthy deep sibylline elliptical subjective cagey elliptic double-edged

Tính từ

Not having a sound state of mind
crazy mad demented deranged unhinged unbalanced insane crazed daft wacky psychotic lunatic nutty cuckoo loony maniacal mental batty screwy bonkers loco certifiable wacko whacky nuts crackpot gaga psycho cracked unsound looney daffy whacko crackers cranky barmy crackbrained haywire brainsick meshugge balmy fruity maniac moonstruck bughouse scatty bedlam meshuga bats wud slang non compos mentis looney tunes loony tunes kookie out to lunch loopy touched dotty disturbed around the bend psychopathic irrational unstable off your head off one's gourd mad as a hatter not all there bananas delirious sectionable frenzied mentally ill raving distraught eccentric stark raving mad nutty as a fruitcake distracted buggy of unsound mind raving mad nutsy sick in the head barking dippy barking mad out of one's mind round the bend off the wall manic disordered squirrelly not the full shilling round the twist hysterical porangi away with the fairies mad as a March hare bushed nutso as daft as a brush berserk off your rocker potty foaming at the mouth schizoid up the pole not right in the head frantic not right upstairs not quite right in the head stark staring mad not together stark mad wild idiotic gonzo silly yarra oddball off your trolley crazy as a loon schizophrenic foolish have kangaroos in the top paddock unglued out there odd erratic peculiar bizarre strange have bats in the belfry off one's nut flakey zany flaky stupid sick paranoid unsettled flipped out have a screw loose schizo doolally confused weird queer off off-the-wall rabid outlandish derailed raging one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic freaky screwball kinky flipped sociopathic senseless off the air fatuous wrong preposterous berko not in your right mind with a screw loose offbeat quirky idiosyncratic unconventional way-out freakish unorthodox far out absurd troubled off-centre unpredictable curious neurotic fantastic mixed up uncontrolled freaked out off your chump ape psychopathological moonstricken unscrewed demoniac dazed dreamy severely mentally ill having bats in the belfry not of sound mind in another world mentally deranged deprived of one's wits having a screw loose in a daze off the deep end manic-depressive having kangaroos in the top paddock over the edge flipped-out non compos psychoneurotic unfamiliar daggy irresponsible impractical screwed up nonconforming off-center different wigged out paranoiac paranoic mindless violent misfit schitzy unwise a bit lacking unreasonable in left field not tightly wrapped maddened schizzo baked fried unrealistic unsafe aberrant invalid chaotic dingy unzipped severely mentally disordered bemused psyched out panic-stricken yampy disorganized out of your mind daft as a brush nobody home out in left field off the chain topsy-turvy one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree as mad as a March hare out of one's gourd as mad as a hatter in the ozone faulty tangled shambolic wonky nonfunctional broken fuddled disarranged off the rails madcap surreal ridiculous out of control disorganised amok orderless amiss defective messy far-out nonsensical goofy funny unusual not functioning properly out of order amusing clownish comic Bohemian in pieces in a mess out of commission on the blink out of whack on the fritz up the spout rum remarkable outré funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way bizarro hare-brained bedlamite acting crazy way out touched in the head out of one's head bewildered discombobulated at sea shook up befuddled muddled disoriented disorientated addled dizzy mixed-up muzzy confounded perplexed dopey all at sea pixillated slaphappy pixilated spacey addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked-out muddleheaded punch-drunk spacy zonked dopy fazed bamboozled thrown gone rattled shook spaced out fouled up not with it stupefied addle woolly spaced stunned befogged woozy raddled fogged bedeviled flustered shaken slap-happy wooly bedevilled addlebrained out of it balled up mystified nonplussed baffled stumped flummoxed lost stuck clueless bollixed mazed wildered gravelled foggy floored at a loss puzzled in a fog mind-blown graveled without a clue at a complete loss doubtful senile absent-minded out-of-joint with Alzheimer's disease glassy-eyed shot to pieces addle-brained muddle-headed not knowing if one is coming or going

Tính từ

Eccentric, strange, or foolish
silly foolish stupid absurd senseless crazy nonsensical asinine daft witless brainless fatuous preposterous nutty mad insane unwise wacky lunatic loony cuckoo crackpot dotty zany harebrained looney daffy simpleminded dippy whacky lunkheaded bubbleheaded cockeyed featherheaded screwball balmy jerky sappy tomfool inept fool half-witted half-baked weak-minded kookie ridiculous idiotic ludicrous inane irrational imbecilic moronic illogical unreasonable hare-brained bizarre dopey screwy pointless mindless unintelligent barmy goofy batty imprudent giddy empty-headed cockamamie laughable fantastic farcical risible eccentric cockamamy puerile strange foolhardy dumb potty loopy wild doltish scatterbrained odd crackbrained ill-advised impractical glaikit weird irresponsible birdbrained cretinous gormless injudicious feebleminded vacuous damfool dunderheaded cracked simple dim-witted chowderheaded dotish fantastical fanciful off the wall unthinkable ill-considered wacko out to lunch outlandish comical rash reckless thickheaded thoughtless dim indiscreet thick lamebrained outrageous scatty divvy pea-brained imbecile boneheaded wooden-headed unreal madcap unbelievable slow-witted dof nuts unstable peculiar feather-brained incautious halfwitted dizzy rattlebrained muttonheaded incongruous cock-eyed derisible chuckleheaded dozy slang flakey incredible meaningless flaky implausible inconsistent blockheaded shocking unsound derisive monstrous pathetic fat-headed brain-dead grotesque derisory off your head softheaded astonishing unhinged deranged short-sighted oddball unconventional mental touched crackers bonkers demented unbalanced crazed ditsy clownish psychotic certifiable funny loco gaga flighty bats frivolous meshuga childish dull infantile cranky hilarious queer slow immature simple-minded feeble-minded featherbrained unrealistic not all there non compos mentis pinheaded ignorant impracticable way out unusual dappy off beam ill-conceived up the pole not the full shilling off the air off your trolley nerdy unearthly weak empty dipsy airheaded airbrained clueless impolitic bathetic defective clock derpy unsteady heedless changeable careless dense off the beam unworkable callow incomprehensible quirky erratic untenable credulous retarded green mentally incompetent bugged out unsafe avant-garde off-centre goofy loony soft freaky surreal contemptible amusing light-hearted comic doolally gonzo unaware insipid insensate complacent inexperienced braindead waggish chucklesome diverting foolheaded backward nitwitted dull-witted dunce-like extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible kinky dopy vapid dilly as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears bovine pig-ignorant pie-faced sheepheaded muddle-headed extreme impossible joshing humorous camp witty campy donkeyish obstinate extravagant excessive bad poor naive risky aberrant inappropriate misguided exorbitant out there brainsick maniac wud maniacal bedlam meshugge bughouse fruity haywire moonstruck whacko psycho in left field dead from the neck up far-out looney tunes slow on the uptake thick as two short planks bedlamite not quite right loony tunes fried soft in the head out of the question too much taking the cake thick-witted out of one's gourd in the ozone ditzy frothy yeasty futile lightheaded disturbed frenzied distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable raving light-headed bananas delirious frantic light-minded manic barking hysterical nutso buggy squirrelly nutsy schizoid bushed porangi yarra idiosyncratic twisted mentally ill of unsound mind raving mad sick in the head mad as a hatter not together stark mad stark raving mad away with the fairies round the bend nutty as a fruitcake barking mad foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad not right in the head not quite right in the head not right upstairs as daft as a brush have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head obtuse oafish lamebrain opaque dorky knuckleheaded unsmart bonehead ill-judged inadvisable indelicate unthinking gelastic unconsidered boorish idiotical unreasoning ill-thought-out crass blockish trifling wrong-headed dimwitted vain hasty overhasty undiplomatic brash graceless tactless improvident gullible wooden droll very stupid unpractical purposeless surd invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish harum-scarum worthless idiotish petty insensitive burlesque smoothbrained Boeotian blundering undesirable unfortunate slow on uptake coarse gross worthy of scorn vacant wishy-washy flat innocuous useless ineffectual lethargic hebetudinous torpid heavy slumberish comatose sluggish smooth-brained loggerheaded clottish cloddish deficient devoid of intelligence incompetent embarrassing in vain unrefined bewildering mystifying extraordinary baffling puzzling unseemly blithesome jolly jocose gleeful gay jocund merry mirthful sunny jocular jovial festive blithe not intelligent mentally deficient mentally handicapped thick-headed thick-skulled for grins to no avail childlike juvenile lumpish inexpedient badly planned hotheaded confused inconsiderate wrong off the top of your head negligent har-har rich jokey entertaining scream riot laughing mocking facetious forgetful neglectful mooning daydreaming inattentive unmindful spaced-out out moony out of it

Tính từ

Unfounded or nonsensical
irrational senseless unreasonable foolish stupid illogical silly absurd nonsensical preposterous unwise brainless idiotic crazy ridiculous ludicrous unsound mindless daft injudicious insane wacky nutty loony weak mad unthinking invalid unreasoning wild laughable implausible nonrational unjustifiable fallacious untenable inconsequential unfounded groundless illegitimate cockamamie inconsequent baseless wrong arbitrary specious unscientific barmy incoherent sophistic demented reasonless freaky aberrant flaky flakey counterintuitive delirious disconnected disjointed distraught raving unstable off-the-wall unreasoned flawed faulty incorrect contradictory ill-conceived ill-thought-out way out off beam off the wall without foundation without basis not making sense not well thought out rash hasty reckless thoughtless imprudent incautious careless heedless foolhardy ill-considered impulsive ill-advised unconsidered impetuous indiscreet improvident overhasty precipitate negligent unguarded madcap irresponsible unwary brash headlong ill-judged inconsiderate misguided hotheaded devil-may-care temerarious spur-of-the-moment impolitic harum-scarum hot-headed short-sighted inattentive spontaneous hare-brained tactless offhand harebrained casual premature unthought-out inadvisable unpremeditated unheeding unmindful undiplomatic unobservant impromptu slapdash precipitous graceless indelicate adventurous venturesome passionate venturous hurried inexpedient neglectful regardless precipitant sudden daredevil determined headstrong daring unplanned snap audacious unstudied indifferent immature furious jumping to conclusions unprepared unwatchful blind unintelligent wrong-headed unsafe uncircumspect crackbrained inadvertent off-the-cuff absent-minded witless inept ad hoc bold nonchalant superficial unconcerned hell-for-leather fiery frenzied insuppressible oblivious extemporaneous undiscerning meaningless inappropriate remiss throwaway over-adventurous uncaring trivial tearaway rushed cursory scatterbrained reactive credulous flighty helter-skelter kamikaze blithe napping imbecilic off-guard ad-lib ignorant clueless moronic unalert unvigilant playing with fire knee-jerk damfool indiscriminate passing frivolous impractical feather-brained uncritical quick empty-headed shallow untroubled lamebrained improvised pointless futile idiotical simpleminded extempore lamebrain lightweight fruitless birdbrained naive unrehearsed improvisational myopic near-sighted extemporary parenthetical dim-witted half-witted insouciant unworried inane overbold unsubtle involuntary forgetful insensitive uncontrolled offhanded short-term imperceptive irreflective gadarene over-venturesome featherbrained unperceptive flying airy death-or-glory dozy unreflective cavalier sloppy pell-mell drive-by automatic abrupt careless of half-baked swift off guard down and dirty badly thought out off the cuff fast and loose not thought through uncareful off the top of your head unexpected shortsighted random suicidal misjudged cool giddy unduly quick ill-timed abstracted overconfident unseemly spur of the moment unconscious self-destructive unthoughtful without preparation off the hip unsuitable untimely infelicitous garrulous nosy uncreative unimaginative prejudiced wholesale unquestioning unsympathetic slipshod asinine crackpot undesirable dumb mistaken adventuresome overventuresome badly planned confused risky cock-eyed ditsy lacking foresight bull-in-a-china-shop unsmart out of control breakneck carefree unadvised deaf apathetic listless implicit undiscriminating short-range restricted unsagacious astigmatic limited no-nonsense resolute direct capricious instinctive gratuitous brutish whimsical intuitive uninhibited incidental emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed violent unpredictable abandoned happy-go-lucky eager fierce ardent crude gauche gruff easy-going hectic unmeditated jumping the gun winging it perfunctory speedy impassioned vehement unbridled unrestrained lax flippant uncautious wary wanton unreflecting uncivil unpolitic sharp blunt untactful unpolished rough harsh caught napping asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin pay no mind fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job foot-in-mouth swaggering breezy paying no heed to inattentive to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of disregardful of unconscious of heedless of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to fervid subitaneous restive going off deep end unadvisable bungling vulgar clumsy crass blundering awkward maladroit lackadaisical free and easy barbarous barbaric leaving self wide open off the deep end unintended unintentional peremptory glib simplistic trifling unarranged uncalled for disregardful schematic insubstantial simple on-the-spot improvisatory extemporized asleep at the switch out to lunch without regard unscripted uncontrived natural facile frothy flimsy empty surface sketchy oversimplified puerile hollow ad lib vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry extemporised ad libitum not planned undesigned

Tính từ

Too unlikely to be believed
unbelievable incredible inconceivable unthinkable implausible unconvincing unimaginable impossible improbable extraordinary amazing astonishing fanciful questionable staggering unlikely fantastic fantastical incredulous outlandish preposterous uncompelling unconceivable unreal flimsy harebrained incogitable infeasible reaching cockamamie cockeyed doubtful dubious fishy flaky flakey lamebrained phoney phony scatterbrained screwy suspect thin unsubstantial weak far-fetched mind-boggling beyond belief eye-popping jaw-dropping mind-blowing cock-and-bull difficult to believe hard to swallow open to doubt scarcely credible past belief too much full of holes won't hold water won't wash for the birds absurd ridiculous unrealistic unreasonable illogical debatable full of it farfetched feeble laboured unpersuasive rare labored untenable cock and bull poor inadequate unsound reachy tenuous unimagined ludicrous strained lame tall problematic beyond the bounds of possibility outrageous false shallow not likely hard to believe out of the question unheard of iffy hard to take puzzling obscure unheard-of unsatisfactory insubstantial incongruous shaky unique groundless forced highly unlikely strange pathetic far out fallacious dubitable superficial unapt equivocal uncertain astounding nonsensical incomprehensible extravagant unknowable exaggerated breathtaking contrived specious dishonest fabulous remote suspicious irrational insupposable slight unplausible elaborate insufficient sketchy overdone bizarre incoherent shady unimpressive singular unordinary exceptional uncommon vain not in the least likely farcical untrustworthy disputable trifling frivolous laughable transparent controvertible crazy baseless uncivilised uncivilized unconscionable barbarous doubtable not to be thought of impracticable ungrounded inane wishful not on out of the ordinary outside chance contemptible assailable weakly hundred-to-one unsure inauthentic unicorn trivial unacceptable unusual insupportable likely imcomprehensible faint ineffable beyond possibility extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely vague flawed paltry phenomenal untoward contrary unspeakable untold unutterable uncredible beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly unnatural threadbare unsubstantiated contradictory faulty inconclusive nebulous indescribable inept puerile rings phony misleading overblown ponderous ineffectual hokey less likely vapid spurious unsustainable unsupportable hollow invalid irreconcilable senseless indefensible inapprehensible undreamed-of overwhelming unthought of slim bleak sensational embellished untrue fabricated untruthful not able to hold water undreamed of flat meager meagre spectacular hyperbolic nonrational airy illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty wacky unfounded unreasoned inconsequent inconsequential slim and none not expected not understandable excessive embroidered distorted histrionic arguable unreliable undependable dodgy unsupported erroneous increditable speculative undecided unconfirmed unsettled weak-kneed off the wall self-contradictory half-baked not convincing beyond one's wildest dreams long shot fat chance on thin ice touch-and-go blown up overdramatic high-flown sensationalized queer beyond the realm of reason unbacked complicated odd overstated inflated problematical unsocial horrendous inordinate sensationalised extortionate funny shonky ill-founded pseudo not quite right open to suspicion potentially dangerous open thick potentially false suspected under suspicion unclear not kosher lacking substance highly coloured abnormal unearthly unachievable last straw once-in-a-lifetime unattainable out of bounds unworkable unfeasible unobtainable unholy God-awful antisocial unviable hopeless forlorn impractical insurmountable undoable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unrealizable unsolvable risible irresolvable paradoxical wild intolerable late shocking ungodly atrocious dreadful horrid nasty unseemly hardly possible impervious no-go insoluble non-viable like herding cats not possible inaccessible useless no-way beyond you not a prayer not worth considering futile inexecutable beyond one hare-brained impassable way out contrary to reason irrealizable wrong defective unjustifiable incorrect silly stupid inaccurate unjustified mad fallible idiotic daft open to question unwarranted fragile foolish foundationless sophistic insane brainless without foundation imprecise without basis inexact imbecilic wide of the mark negligible uncorroborated unscientific ill-considered ill-defined inconsistent unwise insignificant indefinite injudicious mistaken arbitrary unintelligent loony reasonless unstable imperfect witless indistinct sham frail light moronic confused asinine unwarrantable mindless inexcusable unforgivable tame ineffective unsuccessful unpardonable casuistic hazy chancy risky rocky disreputable barmy outside small distant deceptive disjointed bad indeterminate inexpiable perverse meaningless nonvalid dicey off beam conjectural slender minute amiss unestablished impaired ambiguous faltering controversial wrongly inferred dotty thoughtless off-target imprudent vacant indiscreet suppositive suppositious zany incautious unintelligible indecisive dim perplexing hesitant in doubt shadowy lunatic dippy daffy jerky short-sighted ill-advised half-witted nerdy doltish softheaded feebleminded tomfool simple insecure unarguable undefendable refutable unspecific inadmissible without justification tiny unsafe puny minimal off out contentious borderline wrongly deduced uncalled-for minuscule exiguous bogus off target issuable moot inefficient flabby unpleasing unsuitable unthinking illegal fruitless profitless feeble-minded untested unverified negotiable unattested unproven enigmatic blurred erratic loose capricious bad-tempered stroppy quirky not working subject to debate open to debate falsified fake presumed assumed not validated ill-tempered demented sophistical freaky aberrant woolly bleary foggy cloudy distraught raving counterintuitive disconnected delirious off-the-wall purposeless all wet wooly fuzzy not reliable full of hot air not dependable unproved not backed up by evidence irrelevant unconnected empty not following not making sense hesitating halting vacuous worthless loopy cockamamy cretinous pointless stuttering stammering inarticulate casual minor petty unimportant shoestring inconsiderable empty-headed goofy gormless infantile dumb damfool divvy childish insincere dof glaikit insipid crass wishy-washy immature innocuous sappy hypocritical artificial cynical garbled stumbling devoid of intelligence deceitful feigned pretended inexplicit debased rank unretentive unfit adulterated awry lemon sick malformed injured tainted blamable broken-down warped marred botched blemished incomplete cracked leaky deficient maimed pretend dissimulating dissembling counterfeit unpredictable unforeseeable indistinguishable unresolved incalculable cryptic arcane abstruse undetermined undefined mysterious mumbled muttered broken poorly spoken treacherous unknown confusing muffled double-dealing devoid of validity two-faced hollow-hearted faithless intangible indiscernible wavering irresolute equivocating elusive vacillating below par up in the air in the balance

Danh từ

Any of several species of kingfishers in the genus Dacelo, known for their laugh-like call

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