Đồng nghĩa của unexcitable

Alternative for unexcitable

  • tính từ
    • không dễ bị kích động, không dễ bị kích thích


An absence of stress or worry
laid-back calm nonchalant relaxed casual composed collected cool insouciant unconcerned unruffled serene easygoing placid tranquil unperturbed easy unflappable imperturbable blithe unworried unflustered breezy mellow equable together informal unemotional peaceful chilled lax phlegmatic affable nonplussed friendly stoical leisurely tolerant undemanding unhurried understated downbeat forbearing self-possessed easy-going level-headed self-controlled devil-may-care happy-go-lucky at ease free and easy cool, calm and collected low-pressure low-key easy-peasy live-and-let-live chilled out even-tempered untroubled undisturbed equanimous unfazed sedate quiet cool-headed poised unagitated dispassionate impassive steady unshaken coolheaded self-composed level patient unmoved stolid smooth equal recollected possessed controlled unbothered mild limpid as cool as a cucumber stable indulgent philosophical still temperate levelheaded at peace well balanced cool as a cucumber resigned long-suffering good-natured stoic uncomplaining sober gentle accepting detached philosophic unexcited lenient understanding considerate agreeable accommodating deliberate unshakable fatalistic pacific rational even restrained halcyon longanimous hushed stilly lown assured centered good-tempered centred in control with the patience of Job self-restrained liberal flexible carefree amenable permissive broad-minded amiable open-minded cordial good-humoured good-humored pleasant generous indifferent moderate undismayed unperturbable confident nerveless sure sanguine keeping your cool urbane benign clubby well-balanced even-keeled disimpassioned complaisant unflurried civil well-disposed restful neutral stress-free passionless unaffected mild-mannered unimpassioned self-assured reasonable measured logical pellucid reconciled content resting fair satisfied quiescent comfortable realistic stabile unfluctuating orderly systematic methodical practical enlightened wise profound deep deep-thinking learned moral ethical sensible settled reliable dependable balanced mature responsible sound staid secure serious unswerving reserved down-to-earth good having both feet on the ground full of common sense calculable serious-minded enduring forgiving persistent kind persevering submissive untiring inexcitable mild-tempered passive fortitudinous peaceable bovine docile irenic careless heedless free gay slack apathetic laid back feckless lackadaisical lazy natural unceremonious irresponsible cozy unconstrained reckless improvident inattentive disinterested perfunctory negligent slap-happy blithely unconcerned without care open loose cosy sunny cheerful familiar upbeat light-hearted relaxing unpretentious unrestrained debonair lighthearted simple unheeding disregardful uncaring derelict uncircumspect tardy delinquent slapdash slipshod remiss undependable unmindful unobservant untrustworthy incautious good-for-nothing unaccountable neglectful unreliable sloppy airy lively sparkling unrestrictive jaunty cheery happy unreserved buoyant comforting unrestricted compromising chirpy light slaphappy lightsome unanxious jolly peppy uninterested non-formal pococurante incurious frivolous freewheeling unserious uninvolved laissez-faire without a care in the world free-and-easy non-restrictive fun sure of oneself in a relaxed manner taking your time not formal muted subdued recreational noninterventionist optimistic free-minded subtle discreet unostentatious inconspicuous recognized recognizable carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley euthymic calm and collected elegant self-confident suave dignified calming soothing snug comfy grounded sombre somber lacking concern insensible uncurious complacent sure of yourself keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on soothed calmed commonsensical repressed suppressed cool as cucumber have one's act together quieted clearheaded amusing entertaining free from worry thoughtless free from care played down downhome toned down spontaneous transparent free-wheeling unstructured uncommitted fancy-free free-spirited unforced off the hook uninhibited non-job related liberated non-work related recognisable recognised at home conciliatory untaxing hassle-free commodious providential distant gratified delighted convivial thrilled blessed perky chipper contented blest in high spirits gleeful overjoyed joyous orgasmic blissful joyful jubilant tickled laughing up tickled pink flying high can't complain ecstatic captivated elated looking good playful pleased merry mirthful walking on air jovial on cloud nine exultant glad intoxicated callous unsympathetic aloof oblivious blasé animated modest regular congenial vivacious judicious abstinent disciplined supine deaf not bothered hardened hard-hearted forgetful self-centered insensitive blind cold stony undaunted self-centred sprightly spirited sparky brisk considered not excessive careful conservative not given to excesses cautious genial frisky not giving a toss intimate unstuffy easy-breezy ventilated unstudied matey blithesome chummy effervescent spicy offhand racy homey unbuttoned pally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring full of beans


Showing little or no feeling
unemotional apathetic calm controlled cool impassive passionless phlegmatic undemonstrative clinical impersonal restrained self-controlled businesslike cold collected cool-headed emotionless hard-headed indifferent level-headed reserved stoical unfeeling unresponsive rational serene sober unagitated unmoved unruffled unsentimental affectless cold-blooded composed detached distant equable frigid impassible numb remote stoic stolid tranquil unimpressionable aloof blah callous chill coldhearted deadpan disinterested dispassionate flat glacial hard-boiled hard-hearted heartless inexpressive insensitive laid-back listless marble obdurate objective poker-faced quiet reticent thick-skinned uncompassionate unconcerned unsympathetic cool, calm and collected along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches placid dry unflappable matter-of-fact unfazed dull heavy imperturbable nonchalant wooden lethargic passive self-contained inscrutable insensible unimpressible insusceptible bovine indurated unrevealing inexcitable spiritless hardened taciturn sedate groggy uninvolved desensitized lymphatic lifeless desensitised sluggish vacant expressionless catatonic empty blank uninterested stiff unsociable antisocial unbending offish formal frosty asocial standoffish unclubbable standoff torpid temperate rigid starchy nonpassionate inactive supine inert unperturbed unpassionate unflustered moderate analytical scientific unexcited uncaring logical nonplussed tough abstract iceberg non-emotional buttoned-up cold-eyed self-possessed cold-fish laid back cool cat couldn't care less unexpressive hollow dead toneless bland stony nonemotional unimpassioned icy immovable nowhere unaffected stony-eyed poised equanimous philosophical self-confident self-assured pokerfaced straight-faced steady reasonable self-restrained soft mild inhibited thoughtful discreet unassuming muted guarded withdrawn retiring shrinking unaffable unexpansive unexcessive nonaggressive uptight plain chilled inobtrusive unextreme not given to excesses in charge under wraps bottled up corked up under control in check in control of yourself on a leash

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