Đồng nghĩa của suppressive

Alternative for suppressive

  • tính từ
    • có tác dụng ngăn chặn; che đậy; đàn áp


Serving to repress or suppress
repressive severe tough undemocratic authoritarian coercive despotic dictatorial harsh oppressive tyrannical anti-democratic autocratic fascist totalitarian tyrannous absolute brutal cruel dominating draconian iron-fisted strict constraining exploitive forbidding governing illiberal prohibiting restrictive hard ruthless relentless stern pitiless rough austere heavy-handed drastic punitive stringent swingeing restraining proscriptive extreme summary arbitrary exorbitant prohibitory very severe inhibitory prohibitive violent unsparing sadistic barbaric maleficent tormenting savage torturous truculent brutish wolfish unrelenting barbarous callous unfeeling inhuman unkind mean heartless merciless dour unsympathetic inhumane abusive exacting intolerant insensitive unmerciful murderous onerous unforgiving grim unpitying rigid ramrod flinty hardhanded hard-shell hard-nosed critical hard-hearted hard-boiled rigorous inflexible domineering uncompromising imperious excessive forceful firm overbearing high-handed unyielding stiff heavy peremptory punishing tyrannic bossy demanding autarchic serious autocratical unbending desperate masterful overweening authoritative radical hard-line remorseless obdurate resolute iron-handed burdensome inexorable dire dogmatic inordinate strong immoderate indurate monocratic arrogant intractable magisterial cast-iron substantial uncharitable tsarist czarist far-reaching adamant grievous set bitter rugged intransigent unreasonable unwavering determined doctrinaire trying excruciating searing implacable outrageous headstrong fierce sharp sweeping cold-blooded confining unpermissive officious obstinate ironclad thorough solid devilish ferocious extravagant haughty stony pushy uncaring commanding utter hardline high and mighty hardheaded fixed picky invariable crushing extortionate crippling tight undeviating unadaptable intemperate disciplinary adamantine unshakeable steadfast bullheaded complete cut-throat binding momentous stubborn comprehensive bloodthirsty sky-high entire one-party disciplinarian thoroughgoing exhaustive vicious undue no-nonsense unlimited uncontrolled monstrous total extensive inclement willful wilful thick-skinned compassionless desensitized soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted subjugating controlling absolutist major steep immovable unconscionable brassbound intolerable towering profound cocky immutable hard-hitting dominant imperative egotistic baroque ironhanded unchangeable overextravagant overmuch overdue insane plethoric stony-hearted downright desensitised dyed-in-the-wool bestial single-minded dogged virulent out-and-out wide-ranging by the book dead set on over the top harmful whopping all-powerful spartan forcible unaccountable unconstitutional single-party penal robust intense great Draconian overpowering autarchical tactless unsentimental unrestrained autonomous cold cool high punitory throwing one's weight about grave dystopian thoughtless inconsiderate bullish unappeasable refractory pugnacious pushing driving czarlike inept undiplomatic bungling unswerving two-fisted hard-bitten regimented unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable inflated no joke flat-out straight out overstrict OTT imperial assertive regnant insolent strong-willed pushful hard-shelled controlled disciplined no ifs ands or buts compelling poignant valid powerful acrimonious drawing convincing brick-wall hardened hard-core hardhearted formidable unflinching pressing iniquitous ineluctable deep broad coldhearted hurtful constant vengeful unremitting vindictive resolved ascetical browbeating mulish ossified stiff-necked ascetic astringent bound unmovable necessary immobile compulsory encyclopedic full wide wholesale in driver's seat on high horse crack the whip encyclopaedic universal revolutionary hard and fast unalterable mean business no going back locked in like death and taxes bound and determined hell bent on set in stone all-out full-scale changeless unchanging by the numbers unvarying closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced lordly zealous unmitigated unusual exaggerated exceptional consequential pervasive remove fanatical egregious Neronian dogmatical homicidal unconventional flagrant overkill uncommon remarkable gross unseemly preposterous advanced ultra iconoclastic wicked evil clamorous pompous crack-the-whip dictative proud imprudent nonsensical fabulous lavish fancy irrational improper sheer fiendish diabolical heinous abominable atrocious vile hideous ghastly top-to-bottom root-and-branch nasty O.T.T. too much out of proportion spiteful unjust malicious overwhelming malevolent throwing weight around malignant unfair cold-hearted nefarious bloodless unemotional disheartening gloomy discouraging weighty sombre dispiriting worrying troublesome stressful backbreaking hefty dismal depressive troubling superincumbent bleak distressing exigent somber taxing depressing headache beastly dastardly depraved sanguinary pernicious immoral uncompassionate wrathful slaughterous hateful butcherly brute roughshod wanton rough going uptight puritanical pertinacious stuffy unpersuadable dead set

Trái nghĩa của suppressive

suppressive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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