Đồng nghĩa của made merry

Động từ

Past tense for to enjoy oneself in a jolly and festive manner
caroused celebrated had fun partied revelled reveled drank drunk ate eaten enjoyed oneself feasted rejoiced roistered socialised socialized spreed anded be merry had a good time had a party made whoopee went to town gone to town had a ball went on a spree gone on a spree let your hair down let loose whooped it up cut loose lived it up painted the town red frolicked romped let go rollicked pushed the boat out kicked up one's heels larged it larked cut capers jubilated raved rioted fooled around stepped out capered sported cavorted had a wild time gambolled gamboled frisked put the flags out put the flag out wassailed delighted crowed disported played had a fling cut up let off steam raised hell enjoyed yourself had a night on the tiles binged birled gloried exulted skylarked painted the town carried on kidded around junketted junketed killed the fatted calf gone out on the town went out on the town wallowed gloated savored thrived luxuriated rolled savoured indulged basked toyed skipped crew enjoyed dallied kvelled horsed around commemorated occasion curveted run around curvetted beat the drum cheered jumped recreated grooved got down raised the roof pranced triumphed exuberated joyed jumped for joy had the time of your life jolled blown off steam blew off steam lived large trifled boozed rested relaxed relished thriven throve overindulged kicked over the traces raised Cain leaped felt happy caroled larked around tripped monkeyed around bounded around diverted oneself leapt gone on the town clinked glasses fiddled fribbled imbibed caprioled honoured galumphed had a night on the town lapped up goofed around clowned marked with a red letter bevvied went on the town revered bounded about idled away messed about enjoyed life beaten the drum applauded ran around went on a bender hung about played around lived jested roughhoused leaped about blessed joked bounced taken pride gone on a bender engaged in games lived life to the full pledged raised one's glass to puttered around messed around bobbed feted danced went on a binge saluted had a great time entertained oneself quaffed took pride kicked around blest raved it up sprung extolled carolled played games pub-crawled jumped around gone on a binge honored fiddled around doodled diverted jumped about had a whale of a time gotten drunk fooled got drunk scampered hopped kidded pottered around larked about disported oneself gone out went out amused oneself occupied oneself amused yourself occupies oneself gotten it on got it on taken satisfaction took satisfaction sprang gone on a tear went on a tear sprang around sprang about sprung around sprung about was in high spirits been in high spirits drunk to drank to went on a pub crawl went on the piss drank heavily went on a drinking bout bent the elbow drank freely drunk freely drank and make merry drunk heavily gone on a pub crawl went boozing went on the bevvy gone on a drinking bout gone boozing gone on the piss drunk and make merry gone on the bevvy bounded bound jigged lolloped loped cut the rug cut a rug stept stepped hoofed it vaulted swayed rocked spun whirled cut hurdled galloped flitted pogoed bopped cut a caper stepped it footed it swung played tricks made mischief monkeyed about fooled about footled about strutted clowned about indulged in horseplay clowned around footled around swaggered caracoled paraded sashayed span wantoned horseplayed twirled mucked around fannied about mucked about played up stalked wiggled gyrated swanked acted the goat participated vied contested contended challenged rivalled rivaled pirouetted kibitzed around hurtled boogied jived showboated run waltzed jogged trotted dashed moshed discoed stomped pounced saltated tread flounced swept minced slam-danced showed off sprinted skittered lopped lopt bucked slid cantered run lightly swang swungen swank acted the giddy goat trod trodden ran shown off gone places and do things went places and do things sprant sprunt trodden lightly ran lightly trod lightly slidden taken on engagde in took part took on taken part engaged in

Trái nghĩa của made merry

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