Đồng nghĩa của glittering

Alternative for glittering

glitters, glittered, glittering

Đồng nghĩa: glimmer, glisten, shine, sparkle, twinkle,

Tính từ

Brightly sparkling
dazzling brilliant gleaming shimmering sparkling aglitter bright glistening glistering scintillating splendid clinquant flashing starry shining glowing lustrous shiny beaming luminous effulgent radiant refulgent lambent twinkling incandescent fulgent coruscating candescent sheeny bedazzling resplendent lucent intense lucid clear glinting flickering blazing glossy irradiant glaring glimmering vivid glittery ablaze iridescent luminescent sparkly polished phosphorescent scintillant burnished light aglow illuminated lighted fulgurating flashy moonlit fulgid spangled fluorescent flaming coruscant sunny strong relucent vibrant warm shimmery glorious sleek luculent lit scintillescent glazed opalescent fulgurant fulgurous radiating rich splendent colourful lurid colorful blinding deep striking entertaining gaudy flamboyant bold garish illumined sunlit auroral alight golden argent beamy irradiated silvery mirrorlike burning splashy psychedelic kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy loud extremely bright deep-coloured eye-catching bright-coloured highly-coloured highly colored transcendent twinkly glimmery winking starlit nitid glowy rubbed satin satiny buffed chatoyant stunning cheery full healthy rhinestone diamantine visual dramatic fierce overpowering splendorous noticeable rutilant conspicuous agleam sharp powerful concentrated beautiful harsh silky reflecting slick silken glassy smooth astral star stellar dancing limpid impassioned dynamic vigorous spirited mantling gaseous metallized diamante pearlescent beady full of life exciting stimulating reflective metallic bespangled radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform lively animated ebullient exhilarating witty effervescent clever invigorating vivacious amusing smart envigorating fascinating sprightly varnished unclouded sunshiny fiery cloudless brightened lightsome lit up graphic glitzy fair ardent multicoloured multicolored fine brightly coloured flaring many-coloured clement summery balmy red-hot fervid Day-Glo aflame fervent red hot translucent fresh crystal smouldering bombastic on fire multicolour florid motley smoldering pleasant titillating varicoloured prismatic variegated polychromatic harlequin rainbow multicolor rainbow-like many-hued temperate rainless mild without a cloud in the sky looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory razzle-dazzle white-hot unadulterated luminiferous gold gleamy irradiating white beamful neon soft shinning dark richly coloured brave intensely hot glacé convey waxy well-lit suffused saturated glamorous transparent pure exaggerated brightly illuminated well-lighted well lit well-illuminated silver brightening illuminative scarlet reddish-orange crimson ginger ignited snazzy ostentatious imaginative effective interesting afire well illuminated pellucid see-through crystalline halcyon pizazzy fancy pizzazzy raging baroque flowery brash reflecting light bling wild full of light well lighted multihued rococo decorated sunbeamy blue azure chromatic uncloudy crystal clear festooned floodlit undimmed multichromatic varicolored colored propitious nice dry gentle moderate placid kindled inflamed conflagrant enflamed combusting polychrome corinthian luxuriant unobscured hued varied versicolor liquid extravagant breathtaking in flames sparking lacquered waxed japanned shellacked phantasmagoric particoloured picturesque particolored coloured elaborate patinated notable stirring pronounced definite rousing heady electrifying high thrilling many-splendoured parti-colored many-colored multi-coloured biting energizing spine-tingling energising arousing gripping hair-raising refreshing Day-glo marked clarion undarkened

Tính từ

Luxuriant or ostentatiously magnificent
gorgeous magnificent dazzling brilliant luxuriant luxurious opulent resplendent elegant grand stately sumptuous beautiful bright imposing plush spectacular splendid superb colourful colorful ostentatious showy gaudy lavish palatial rich grandiose fine posh swanky ritzy noble impressive regal exalted striking majestic glorious royal proud princely stunning august elevated marvelous monumental breathtaking epic kingly outstanding awesome imperial divine splendiferous sublime radiant transcendent commanding massive gallant arresting baronial superior pompous heroical magnolious heroic marvellous splendacious towering magnific deluxe luxury awe-inspiring costly Homeric fancy classy swish toffee-nosed elitist snobby snooty glamorous snobbish plushy swank snotty high-hat aristocratic upmarket lush fancy-pants lavishly appointed potty persnickety glitzy expensive stylish elaborate palatian chic ornate refined cultivated snazzy choice exquisite Lucullan dignified handsome ornamented overdone stuffy high-class silken extravagant Babylonian luxe Lucullian palace great distinguished luscious splendorous excellent remarkable illustrious gratifying de luxe venerable fit for a king heavenly upscale famous celebrated renowned famed eminent pretentious splendrous valuable precious noted triumphant immortal shining sensuous pleasurable effulgent notable preeminent memorable esteemed well-known honored time-honored fit for a queen exclusive honoured abundant exuberant prodigal immoderate upholstered lordly profuse sybaritic epicurean sensual comfortable first-class voluptuous well-appointed well appointed in the lap of luxury wonderful delightful enjoyable sensational prodigious stirring fabulous palatine amazing formidable ominous queenly terrific statuesque stupendous colossal celestial tremendous sightly solemn wondrous considerable extraordinary scintillating vivid coruscating intense priceless spacious courtly ravishing invaluable inestimable large-scale select quality special dear ultra indulgent affluent sovereign lofty high-born loaded pricey wild lux comfy dainty rare delicate recherche super exaggerated excessive unreasonable wasteful unrestrained spiffy embellished out of this world thriftless intemperate copious improvident over-the-top effusive unstinging profligate profusive openhanded acclaimed beyond price dramatic staggering supreme unforgettable eye-catching portly powerful adored brave splashy magnifico flamboyant baroque solid gold hedonistic pampered easy self-indulgent pleasure-loving

Tính từ

Very showy or ornamented, now especially when excessive, or in a tasteless or vulgar manner
gaudy garish flashy loud glaring ostentatious tacky tasteless vulgar brilliant flash showy bright jazzy brash florid gay raffish tawdry brummagem harsh over-bright violent bilious brassy distasteful flamboyant flaring glitzy lurid nauseating noisy razzle-dazzle sickly splashy swank swanky unattractive blatant bling-bling brazen catchpenny cheap chichi chintzy coarse colourful colorful crude extravagant flaunting frou-frou gross kitschy meretricious obtrusive pzazz pizzazz pretentious ritzy screaming snazzy splendiferous tinsel trumpery gussied up in bad taste putting on the ritz naff trashy kitsch ornate bold tinselly gimcrack Brummagem cheap and nasty nifty glittery sporty overwrought overdone bombastic outrageous elaborate conspicuous expensive fancy pizazzy pizzazzy fancy-pants over the top bling sparkling tatty in poor taste plastic cheap-jack crass cheapjack rubbishy paltry casual stylish informal shabby junky shoddy worthless trendy jaunty poor dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny common sleazy natty smart sharp spiffy snappy schmick sassy rakish striking eye-catching resplendent over-elaborate grandiose theatrical dazzling rich vivid classy baroque pronounced noticeable pompous prominent rococo affected glamorous decorated fussy luxurious dicty sumptuous embellished OTT vibrant exaggerated dashing plush elegant ornamented grand obvious remarkable busy adorned grabby commanding dramatic marked arresting emphatic inflated catchy kenspeckle bodacious exciting strong flowery posh swashbuckling superfly specious low tony peacocky decorative luxuriant lavish unmistakable glowing wild overblown luscious evident opulent arty-farty puffed up overelaborate wedding-cake shameless orotund declamatory audacious flaunted turgid tumid deluxe splendid high-flown unrefined intricate high-class brightly coloured detailed nasty overstated egotistic magnificent imposing impressive lively gassy exhibitionistic spectacular artificial swish hifalutin superficial flatulent highfalutin aureate peacockish camp heroic outstanding gingerbread flaming large manifest magnific lofty ornamental salient flagrant sophisticated stilted verbose complex fustian purple unusual jarring shining clashing blinding blazing chic zesty intense larger-than-life overemphasized attention-grabbing over-the-top excessive blown up sham fashionable upmarket whimsical pinchbeck startling fakey convivial merry arrestive daring saucy adventurous unspeakable brilliantly coloured common as muck festooned plushy swankish exclusive with-it distinct flakey flaky corinthian fun vain vaunting boastful lucid animated shocking daredevil defiant well marked forceful definite plain overemphasised sensational histrionic gee-whizz beautiful actorly complicated discernible dominant predominant recognizable distinguishable bedizened overdecorated gingerbready gingerbreaded uptown splurgy imaginative stimulating effective interesting bright-coloured forestanding recognisable high-wrought bedecked grandiloquent graphic bohemian unconventional careless majestic monumental easily seen to the fore in the foreground select quality towering extreme superior devilish jewelled metaphorical glossy wordy fine coloured gilded jeweled embroidered variegated colored prime fanciful special stately devil-may-care disreputable froufrou frilly fancible custom beautifying cushy high-sounding fancily decorated highly wrought glorious protruding oratorical magniloquent high-quality dapper louche patent intrusive protuberant inescapable thrusting windy awe-inspiring superb open sonorous imperial royal noble regal palatial august heroical epic massive gallant proud baronial Homeric transparent overt mannered garnished observable perceptible palpable overambitious looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory unconcealed skilful skillful rude out of place sticking out epideictic euphuistic overripe Ciceronian hyperbolic gaseous dissolute dissipated decadent debauched naked undisguised sheer clear uncouth inelegant unfathomable cosmic impenetrable overwhelming lordly vast high-falutin' high-flying Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued straightforward bald unabashed outright unashamed posey la-di-da assuming improper impudent barefaced undeniable unblushing sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb flaunty conceited snobbish rough-hewn roughneck uncultured incult insensible indiscreet unpolished rough lowbrow tactless lowbred uncultivated rugged unseemly ill-bred illiberal periphrastic rhetorical eloquent glib mouthy vocal effusive voluble articulate tumescent fluent contrived swollen fast free-spirited individual rank brass-necked indisputable cut-and-dried unembarrassed unmitigated insolent egregious arrant pseudo snippy sophomoric vainglorious pseud poseur indecorous indelicate graceless impolite dilapidated scrubby scruffy neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown mangy moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared miserable tatterdemalion seedy down-at-the-heels threadbare grungy down-at-heel ratty timeworn run-down second-rate mean unrepentant unsubtle with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles toffee-nosed poncey hollow stupid raunchy useless hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous off-color unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial unlovely barbaric makeshift low-down without shame protrusive deliberate crying overbold in plain sight feigned hyperventilated put-on highfaluting arty too-too fake high-minded outmoded faded out-of-date broken-down stodgy frumpy untidy dingy slovenly unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky unkempt messy sloppy la-de-da chi-chi

Danh từ

Intense brightness of light
brilliance brightness intensity luminosity radiance sparkle blaze dazzle glitter lustre effulgence vividness refulgence flash glow beam brilliancy candour candor flashing gleam illumination lambency lightness luminance luminousness luster lustrousness resplendence sheen splendour splendor shine light shimmer incandescence glare luminescence glint fluorescence gloss flare coruscation phosphorescence glimmer glaze burnish richness fulguration polish flame patina finish twinkle shining scintillation lighting lucency irradiance ray shininess lights glister silkiness varnish strength vibrancy flicker glowing glossiness smoothness glimmering warmth gleaming afterglow irradiation sleekness slickness lumination veneer brightening fire gilt burst radiation reflection beams rays iridescence opalescence candescence clarity blink limpidness streak illumining heat translucence glisten glance glitz glim lucidness lucidity wax blossom burning lighting up dazzling light strong light dancing winking flickering twinkling spark blinking photometric brightness blinding light liveliness beam of light ray of light shaft of light firelight lamplight fulgor electric light sunlight flash of light starlight moonlight gaslight originality flamboyance gaudiness ingeniousness creativity colorfulness inventiveness appearance seriousness magnitude vividity darkness extremity intenseness deepness keenness severity power depth apparent magnitude absolute magnitude shaft wink bar stream finger moonbeam moonshine glistening pencil glassiness moon ray display resplendency bolt trace twink pulse patch emanation sunbeam wave blast nictation nictitation flutter eruption explosion spangle unsteady flame bedazzlement unsteady light lance bat squint nictitate squinch nictate light ray diffused light dancing of light

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