Đồng nghĩa của luxurious

Alternative for luxurious

Trái nghĩa: economical, modest,

Tính từ

Extremely comfortable or elegant, especially when involving great expense
sumptuous expensive lavish opulent costly deluxe plush magnificent palatial splendid affluent lush luxury rich swanky extravagant fancy grand ritzy upmarket grandiose luxuriant ornate plushy posh swish upscale classy comfortable elaborate elegant imposing impressive luscious luxe majestic ostentatious stylish swank lavishly appointed lux palatian sensuous silken comfy gorgeous pretentious stately voluptuous Babylonian de luxe Lucullan Lucullian well appointed well-appointed fit for a king fit for a queen in the lap of luxury resplendent fine high-class palace exquisite fashionable exclusive chic beautiful superb monumental regal noble showy splendiferous awe-inspiring glitzy smart glorious striking august select princely massive spectacular snazzy flashy proud magnific imperial pompous splashy epic baronial heroical Homeric first-class flash dignified immoderate glamorous heroic royal fancy-pants handsome sophisticated abundant tony choice arresting kingly flamboyant tasteful superior prodigal refined gaudy breathtaking indulgent brilliant towering gallant distinguished ornamented remarkable graceful sybaritic epicurean delicate modish dazzling stunning sensational awesome marvelous sublime exuberant commanding overdone dramatic schmick trendy marvellous dashing exalted terrific large ample extraordinary splendacious magnolious hedonistic glittering easy generous bountiful intemperate prosperous high-toned quality rare courtly dainty sensual splendorous cultivated upholstered dicty divine peacocky recherche self-indulgent artistic attractive well-off profuse chichi special excellent well-resourced amazing decorative swankish baroque embellished tawdry meretricious riotous wealthy spacious jazzy upper-class substantial wild well-furnished super loaded high heavenly great genteel pleasant lofty plentiful florid pleasurable pampered cushy powerful champagne queenly nice snappy sharp eye-catching out of this world tremendous unrestrained gratifying stirring fabulous profligate sightly wondrous bounteous well-fixed well-situated pleasure-seeking liberal discerning a la mode aesthetic gracious well-heeled well-equipped profusive polished loud garish aristocratic gilded high-quality cultured well-to-do intricate classic copious urbane decorated charming lovely illustrious suave pleasure-loving comely overwrought glaring screaming tinsel histrionic frilly spiffy elevated adorned sovereign fussy esthetic transcendent outstanding affected busy up-market rococo ornamental swell lordly beautifying theatrical exciting deep intense profound admirable prime over-elaborate prominent bold OTT notable palatine yuppie statuesque stupendous celestial considerable inspiring prodigious unreal first-rate festooned formidable incredible absorbing ominous staggering colossal over the top formal solemn with-it agreeable large-scale par excellence pricey overindulgent hedonic finest au courant respectable five-star aureate snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty elitist snotty persnickety snooty snobbish dear ultra coffee-table leafy bright poised appealing velvet valuable precious stuffy reckless colorful arty unreasonable exaggerated excessive wasteful high-born high fashion upper-crust fit for a prince colourful thriftless improvident salubrious beyond price fit for a princess rash outrageous wanton glossy well produced ceremonious effusive unstinging over-the-top openhanded haute imperious high-status detailed radiant with good taste prolific full fat fully equipped fully furnished heedless brash conspicuous penetrating unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable overwhelming fustian bombastic purple vast egotistic high-falutin' high-flying roomy unstinting unsparing portly venerable swagger sprauncy plummy larney sensory splurgy vulgar plenteous garnished recherché tasteless obtrusive expansive capacious commodious sizeable dynamite smashing ambitious haughty something else fab eminent very good la-di-da top-drawer executive skilful skillful chi-chi fleshly carnal kitsch suitable sufficient cornucopian with all the extras wedding-cake with all the options with bells and whistles big extensive spacey kenspeckle bodacious noticeable noisy grabby pronounced superfly catchy marked emphatic extreme devilish tinselly bling-bling aplenty well off satisfactory adequate sensorial bacchanalian affective pleasing fanciful decorous teeming moneyed abundant in abounding in superabundant munificent froufrou fancible custom unusual highfalutin free from hardship brave splendrous debonair bad daring moving influential impassioned ridiculous primo momentous like wow crazy far out hunky-dory fantastic wonderful groovy dandy insane delicious rousing touching cool thrilling affecting unbelievable astonishing phenomenal fleshy sensualistic passionate physical aesthetically pleasing primrose well furnished stylized high class far-out fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated startling arrestive surpassing fascinating electrifying confounding perfect well-designed well-dressed magnifico solid gold well-bred pretty embellishing cosmetic adorning enhancing nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread dressy garnishing decking furbishing patterned accessory setting off heightening decorating for show

Tính từ

Giving self-indulgent or sensual pleasure
self-indulgent sybaritic hedonistic pleasure-loving sensual decadent epicurean champagne comfort-seeking indulgent overindulgent extravagant immoderate lavish lotus-eating pampered voluptuous gratifying pleasurable easy self-gratifying pleasure-seeking intemperate unrestrained dissolute fast-living debauched voluptuary licentious dissipated bacchanalian greedy excessive libertine carnal hedonic profligate abandoned wanton parsimonious effete depraved luscious lush louche sinful shameless erotic lascivious Dionysiac sensuous pleasing delightful miserly salacious luxury-loving Lucullan desirable attractive enticing hedonist lubricious appealing sensualist gourmandizing gluttonous saturnalian binge-eating degenerate corrupt foodie gourmand connoisseur immoral rakish degraded debased unprincipled sick reprobate rakehell perverted demoralized jackleg perverse loose warped unclean unwholesome rakehelly moribund lost fleshly decaying evil declining wicked demoralised bodily animal physical gone bad gone to the dogs sexual randy sexy raunchy lewd lustful steamy unspiritual appetitive unchaste lecherous libidinous animalistic arousing moving heavy corporeal physically gratifying hot stirring exciting sharpened X-rated stimulating rough tactile sensory impure bad sordid vile base promiscuous fast vicious indecent disreputable wild obscene pervy corrupted defiled fallen nefarious iniquitous rotten ungodly low unhealthy tainted vice-ridden profane deviant villainous vitiated miscreant immodest twisted dishonourable prurient unrighteous sicko kinky unnatural abnormal dishonorable profaned amoral desecrated uncleanly impious coarse blasphemous careless irreligious wrong sullied unsavoury mean wrongful concupiscent wayward criminal morally wrong improper unsavory swinging despicable raffish unconstrained unholy fast and loose high living gross atheistic sacrilegious irreverent ignoble vulgar godless retrograde unrefined devil-may-care scungy infamous retrogressive freethinking contaminated erring monstrous peccable sleazy brutal irresponsible riotous imprudent not pure whorish out of control violated deteriorated drunken open light of easy virtue night owl in the fast lane lacking restraint in the gutter bestial disgusting crude inferior deviative ribald vulgarized vulgarised unworthy hardened goatish horny aberrant distorted incorrigible dubious prodigal lax gastronomic hellbent lickerish roundheeled roguish heedless gone to seed abased unregenerate scoundrelly deviate inconstant dirty dishonoured flagitous rascally knavish unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful dishonored boorish baneful flagitious deleterious unethical filthy grotesque vitiate sadistic contorted impaired rude foul dirty-minded degenerated no better than one should be dishonest misguided unscrupulous unconscionable unbelieving sceptical agnostic flatitious demeaned sinking failing fraudulent unfair devious underhand unvirtuous pornographic reckless non-believing heathen heretical non-theistic faithless gourmet dodgy black crooked shady unlawful cutthroat bawdy dark Machiavellian low-down barbarian pagan infidel barbarous unjust graceless not cricket bohemian dashing jaunty casual sporty unconventional idolatrous heathenish audacious carefree brash fast-paced religionless iconoclastic nonreligious dapper nullifidian undevout frivolous foolhardy flashy skeptical free-thinking daredevil slack harsh flash gadabout temerarious tawdry colourful unusual gay free-spirited individual colorful

Tính từ

Having great value, particularly as a commodity
valuable expensive costly exorbitant dear extravagant invaluable lavish premium priceless fancy highly priced high-priced opulent precious pricey cherished choice extortionate high-cost immoderate inestimable irreplaceable overpriced prizable prized splendid treasurable treasured valued beyond price of immeasurable value of immeasurable worth of incalculable value of incalculable worth of inestimable value of inestimable worth pretentious unreasonable without price worth a king's ransom big-ticket high high-end high-ticket pricy spendy ultraexpensive worth its weight in gold superior top fine select exclusive prime elite premier fabulous fab classy supreme quality deluxe upscale upmarket excellent cracking frontline great marvellous sterling superb stellar sensational slick famous superlative marvelous capital fantabulous best supernal blue-chip five-star top-quality out-of-sight high-grade high-quality top-notch first-rate first-class four-star major peak optimal leading exceptional magnificent dominant finest central foremost selected preeminent pre-eminent top-end highest quality top of the line top of the range top-tier gorgeous rich sumptuous terrific fantastic wonderful awesome super divine groovy swell immense unsurpassed lovely neat spiffing dandy gangbusters heavenly topflight prizewinning bumper corking super-duper dynamite top-shelf phat blue-ribbon hot jim-dandy topping gilt-edge top-drawer righteous cool crackerjack peachy keen par excellence number one grade A first-string top-hole top-of-the-line bang-up top-flight gangbuster numero uno bonny primo gilt-edged tip-top radical banner dope nifty peachy high-class mean A-OK hype out of this world outstanding unrivaled unrivalled unparalleled world-class peerless notable exquisite topnotch incomparable extraordinary good exemplary grand distinguished matchless admirable incredible excessive transcendent sublime perfect accomplished brilliant unequalled steep amazing unequaled phenomenal top-class ace remarkable greatest spectacular very good illustrious eminent noble stiff prize big-budget smashing tiptop chief A-1 main first meritorious highest rare paramount noted beautiful striking special over the odds estimable second to none tremendous classic impressive wicked consummate sovereign brave champion of the first water bully unexcelled brag desirable of the highest quality of high quality cardinal worthy attractive luxury glorious principal apex commendable lead boss keen applaudable prominent top-of-the-range primary head inflated vintage unsurpassable of the highest standard number-one outrageous top drawer of the first order inordinate predominant on fleek key wizard laudable praiseworthy flawless down bonnie boffo bodacious gone prodigious stunning ripping choicest mega bosting lofty biggest unprecedented ideal optimum A1 star dazzling unbeatable of a high standard nonpareil inimitable crack certified industry leading brill without equal best possible supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beyond compare prize-winning a cut above the rest first class nice stupendous enviable class elegant distinctive unreal top-level ultimate master unmatched advanced crowning sky-high faultless noteworthy big complete daylight robbery core really good arch renowned schmick uppermost primal overriding exalted largest dominating cher especial delightful refined overbearing overmastering sovran quintessential unaffordable surpassing utopian unexampled undefeated unbeaten beaut number 1 big-time tops magic crucial beezer prohibitive better world class extremely good highly-priced at a premium an arm and leg unusually good extraordinaire sans pareil record-breaking state-of-the-art costing the earth costing an arm and a leg too much classical superfine in a league of their own one in a million costing a bomb reliable inspired tough heavy world impeccable the best skilful skillful piked mint fantastical legit irreproachable unimpeachable blameless tophole sweet good quality high-caliber a cut above swanky overextravagant good-quality high-calibre incalculable proper zero cool rockin executive crown Grade A five star breathtaking out-of-bounds collectible shipshape senior larger higher greater bigger elder banging high-test top quality high quality highest-quality top grade improved enhanced one-in-a-million better than usual of the best quality better than average eximious chur arch- of the highest type the dog's bollocks best-quality exciting congenial above average pleasant slap-up enjoyable thrilling diverting not bad uneconomical highway robbery criminal over the top unduly expensive elevated august dignified up to par up to standard up to snuff cordon bleu up to scratch honoured esteemed respectable venerable patrician aristocratic out of sight OTT very expensive pretty penny revered regal respected celebrated an arm and a leg genteel focal posh highborn large highbred gentle huge honored grave wellborn recherché precieux recherche utmost well-known highly regarded reigning record regnant authoritative ascendant blue-blooded upper-class major league widely praised well born silk-stocking well thought of upper-crust of distinction high-born prevailing predominate ruling unassailable worth one's weight in gold worth eyeteeth maximum presiding domineering commanding controlling prevalent supereminent governing furthermost standout rad spanking dreamy sound cream unique amazeballs marvy formidable untouchable def belting fabby bonzer sik effusive goodly pearler singular extreme winning awesomesauce barrie chillin' lank exo exaggerated kif worthiest bosker flagship top-grade far out award-winning mind-blowing very best of the highest order of highest order in a class all by itself too good to be true above and beyond most excellent most important most expensive most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

Filled or well-supplied with something
replete abounding crammed filled jammed stuffed teeming brimming brimful charged crowded full jam-packed packed thick chock-full loaded overflowing abundant awash bursting flush fraught glutted lousy overloaded rife solid swarming thronging well-provided well-stocked chock-a-block chocker well provided well stocked well supplied alive complete lavish overfed plenteous plentiful supplied thronged full to bursting profuse superabundant bounteous generous congested copious bountiful crawling ample overfull heaving overcrowded bursting at the seams seething rich overrun flooded chockful liberal chockablock inexhaustible exuberant filled to capacity bulging at the seams cramped inundated bristling abounding in prolific galore filled up luxuriant populous infinite full to capacity filled to the brim swamped multitudinous saturated lank well-supplied running over stacked wall-to-wall thick on the ground packed like sardines stocked full of like Piccadilly Circus full to the gunwales flowing numerous bumper heavy jammed full topped up mobbed laden fat great cram-full spilling over cornucopian lush occupied abundant in up to the hilt a gogo chock-full of considerable fruitful pregnant dripping choked large pullulating prodigal opulent huge extensive covered productive dense overfilled fulsome crushed in abundance gorged aplenty plenty many innumerable multifarious multiple manifold countless crammed full burdened suffused padded plethoric weighted teeming with full to overflowing fraught with myriad sufficient overwhelmed overrun by compressed full up full to the brim replete with rich in crawling with no end unlimited full to the gills up to the rafters thick with full to the top huddled imbued impregnated fecund with massed filled to the rafters flushed lined entire solid with people packed to the gunwales sardined full of commotion elbow-to-elbow fit to bust busy rolling hoatching permeated hopping infested bustling bundled tumid to the roof arranged rammed consigned chock wrapped deluged jumping fertile comfortable stinking big close buzzing hoaching hotching unabridged overpopulated overpeopled compact knee-deep tight competent swimming lousy with excessive extravagant superfluous appreciable enough improvident substantial deep serried heaped populated scaturient inundant torrential inundatory boundless like sardines cram-full of having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of riotous gushing in plenty wordy prolix verbose like the Black Hole of Calcutta whole munificent flourishing alive with a mess of coming out of ears measureless diverse uncounted miscellaneous disparate vast varied multifold large-scale immeasurable numberless endless multiplied rampant uncountable unremitting assorted incomputable legion sundry prevalent voluminous several motley incalculable unnumbered frequent mixed limitless unbounded various rife with bursting with overflowing with loaded with overloaded with well provided with crammed with brimful with awash with well stocked with crowded with jam-packed with chocker with brimming with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with stuffed with packed with well supplied with solid with handsome sizeable significant hefty tidy sizable substantive goodly rank good major immense healthy respectable whopping prosperous massive unstinting fecund commodious oversized grand largish biggish prodigious affluent a dime a dozen hulking outsize enormous wealthy monumental astronomical comprehensive marked decent reasonable bulky oversize outsized colossal gigantic mammoth noticeable titanic astronomic elephantine jumbo adequate monstrous herculean immoderate princely whacking king-size king-sized jungly king size profitable overabundant fructuous not to be sneezed at lucrative green broad generative long yielding expansive serious fair breeding proliferant spawning producing roomy plenitudinous proliferous spacious easy thriving unsparing exhaustive open-handed exorbitant stinking with vigorous openhanded capacious advantageous no end in sight flowering tremendous breedy virile gravid bearing hebetic pubescent procreant black feracious arable vegetative uberous loamy childing puberal much bringing forth flowing with milk and honey with child no end of worthwhile unselfish booming fine magnanimous ready thumping benevolent ungrudging beneficent kind detailed mega notable well-fixed well-situated thorough overgrown global verdant well-off well-heeled Himalayan Brobdingnagian willingly given unstinted well-to-do sumptuous profusive extreme untold suitable umpteen satisfactory spacey giant tolerable in-depth humongous satisfying over the top beaucoup mountainous high-yielding very many rewarding extra surplus in excess paying remunerative gainful pure natural clean weedy leafy grown elegant material billowing multiplex goodish baggy effusive stink with pleasant gracious sweeping wholesale bushy wide husky boxcar multitudinal mucho inordinate gushy unrestrained pretty proliferative unwieldy ginormous kingly meaty measurable pronounced hulky grandiose loose-fitting cavernous impenetrable condensed concentrated extraordinary steady dilatable extended distensible expandable resplendent fancy high cumbersome epic bonny rolling in money unrestricted well off chic gilded convoluted swelling simple covering impassable wide-ranging wide-reaching far-reaching worth taking into account unusual reproductive reproducing generating high-volume eco-rich generously proportioned free from hardship thumping great whopping great whacking great enough and to spare mighty humungous super gargantuan oceanic pharaonic gigantesque planetary walloping galactic heroic supersize cosmical cyclopean monster heroical supersized free gross close-packed cosmic leviathan vasty spanking big-hearted free-handed blossoming halcyon burgeoning buoyant successful golden bighearted freehearted open charitable kind-hearted freehanded diffuse elaborate prospering growing blooming super-duper extra-large powerful honest excellent honourable high-minded tolerant considerate kindly loose just noble soft-touch honorable altruistic moderate thoughtful willing greathearted helpful lofty hospitable philanthropic kindhearted equitable meaningful expanding important minute elaborated particular jungle-like boomy circumstantial particularized seriatim specific explicit exact precise painstaking appropriate commensurate commensurable proliferating propagative accurate fruit-bearing innumerous requisite acceptable proportionate sufficing fit congruous proper fitting blow-by-blow particularised a lot of lots of plenty of piles of agreeable average passable serviceable apposite apropos suited encyclopedic stacks of millions of loads of all kinds of a shedload of scores of a great many infinite numbers of a great deal of billions of oodles of a swag of a bunch of zillions of quite a few an abundance of gazillions of a profusion of a multitude of a multiplicity of heaps of bazillions of masses of a slew of bags of quantities of a quantity of dozens of tons of a great number of hundreds of thousands of scads of intact perfect correct necessary fitted minimal unobjectionable in detail broad-ranging integral plenary absolute cyclopedic embracive compendious well-suited enow as much as you need all right as much as is necessary good enough panoramic encyclopaedic itemized total universal compleat itemised inclusive choate uncut largest omnibus all-embracing all-inclusive in depth all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in most more than enough

Tính từ

Rich and profuse in growth
rank lush luxuriant abundant dense exuberant flourishing profuse vigorous overgrown productive prosperous rampant weedy fecund fertile jungly spreading coarse fructiferous grown junglelike lavish overabundant prolific rich semitropical tropical wild high-growing teeming plentiful fruitful riotous plenteous verdant superabundant green copious cornucopian bountiful fat fructuous leafy thick abounding generative yielding thriving breeding proliferant spawning overflowing excessive huge flowering vegetative bringing forth uberous breedy with child pubescent gravid loamy procreant black feracious virile pregnant bearing childing flowing with milk and honey producing puberal arable hebetic proliferous ample bounteous extensive rife heavy inexhaustible jungle-like untidy colossal unkempt grassy diffuse proliferating high-yielding propagative fruit-bearing bushy impenetrable condensed compact concentrated crowded prodigal serried impassable proliferative close-packed reproductive swarming high-volume generating reproducing leafed leaved shady shaded summery springlike umbrageous bosky wooded covered hidden substantial infinite sizeable countless broad large great bumper opulent voluminous innumerable myriad plenty aplenty comfortable boundless sufficient commodious in foliage no end of mucho liberal galore full lank considerable flush generous thick on the ground in abundance a gogo big handsome hefty significant sizable substantive tidy massive major goodly immense grand healthy good respectable vast whopping extravagant appreciable enormous astronomical prodigious bulky elephantine oversized monumental largish biggish solid hulking immeasurable no end replete gigantic outsize affluent mammoth serious titanic astronomic monstrous comprehensive herculean jumbo marked whacking spacious king-size wealthy king-sized complete oversize tremendous outsized exorbitant immoderate expansive a dime a dozen king size unstinting numerous expectant enceinte munificent capacious humongous noticeable decent gross giant large-scale roomy princely long reasonable unlimited sumptuous profitable wide fraught Himalayan thumping extreme not to be sneezed at entire whole mountainous extraordinary fine flowing loaded mega exhaustive gushing adequate cumbersome fancy much well-provided fulsome worthwhile plenitudinous high elaborate epic expecting Brobdingnagian inordinate meaningful super preggers detailed stinking with advantageous humungous gargantuan lucrative ginormous crawling with spacey no end in sight cosmic walloping cosmical galactic supersized leviathan parturient thick with vasty anticipating easy gestating hopeful parous grandiose heavyweight awash resplendent carrying a child elegant chic in family way in a family way global well-fixed well-situated well-supplied measureless beefy sweeping splendid thronging well-off well-heeled important satisfying notable unwieldy chunky gorgeous lousy mighty filling well-to-do fleshy thorough costly expensive square hearty unusual cumbrous superfluous palatial far-reaching corpulent improvident deluxe unrestrained l laden burdensome awkward built plush magnificent luxury effusive lead-footed posh monster unreasonable fair oceanic gigantesque heroic ornate plushy many multifarious multitudinous unsparing material intemperate pharaonic planetary supersize cyclopean heroical over the top profusive openhanded Lucullan limitless swanky ritzy stupendous strong weighty extended alive with gone caught quick in-depth pronounced husky abundant in towering cavernous abounding in super-duper valuable thumping great whopping great whacking great all-inclusive steady rewarding paying well-stocked filled remunerative gainful in plenty packed dripping crammed stuffed disproportionate goodish populous heavy-laden deep wholesale multiple manifold unrestricted pleasant gracious stink with booming fruiting progenitive billowing wordy prolix verbose legit suitable tolerable baggy lackless incalculable terrible kingly enough and to spare pretty hulky competent swimming chock-full enough eternal propagating moneyed bonny gilded gushy open-handed well off satisfactory boxcar heightened severe escalated increased jacked up phenomenal meaty measurable endless wide-ranging wide-reaching dilatable distensible expandable rolling in money protracted generously proportioned loose-fitting lousy with free from hardship a mess of illimitable widespread terrific almighty worth taking into account exquisite prolonged above average abnormal intensified legion sundry several convoluted swelling simple covering various awesome expanded overwhelming imposing interminable formidable spanking stylish coming out of ears Bunyanesque bull brobdingnagian lengthy decided massy mondo mastodonic monolithic far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending whale of a Gargantuan stretched-out very big Herculean very great very large unbounded upmarket classy swank superb comfort stodgy calorific swish glitzy real key snazzy palatian eventful historic momentous firm sturdy consequential sound leaden starchy useful durable principal spiffy embellished precious extra-large powerful big-deal earth-shattering tectonic major-league earthshaking high-class beyond price lavishly appointed fatty creamy full-bodied minute elaborated particular circumstantial particularized seriatim specific explicit exact precise painstaking overflowing with loaded with rich in rife with bursting with replete with Lucullian regal luxe palace exaggerated silken wasteful Babylonian accurate overloaded with brimful with teeming with jam-packed with fraught with brimming with swarming with jammed with packed with pretentious thriftless showy awash with crowded with charged with solid with crammed with chock-a-block with stuffed with well supplied with unabridged well stocked with chock-full of well provided with chocker with first-class unstinging impressive over-the-top profligate preggy blow-by-blow particularised clucky preggo encyclopedic expecting a baby with young with ch having a child having a baby impregnate intact perfect in detail broad-ranging up the duff storked carry in trouble knocked up in pod infanticipating up the pole expect bear integral plenary absolute cyclopedic embracive compendious in the club having a bun in the oven fertilised on the way in an interesting condition big with child with a bun in the oven with one in the oven having swallowed a watermelon seed with a joey in the pouch in a delicate condition in the family way up the stick fertilized with a baby on the way expecting a happy event prenatal heavy with child in the pudding club antenatal up the spout panoramic encyclopaedic itemized total universal compleat itemised inclusive choate uncut largest omnibus all-embracing in depth all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in most more than enough

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