Đồng nghĩa của itemized

Alternative for itemized

itemizes, itemized, itemizing

Đồng nghĩa: list, sum up, summarize, total,

Tính từ

With all parts included
full complete comprehensive thorough exhaustive extensive whole entire unabridged detailed encyclopaedic encyclopedic broad grand intact perfect absolute abundant adequate ample compendious copious cyclopedic embracive global integral plenary plenteous plentiful choate compleat inclusive itemised largest long omnibus panoramic total uncut universal unlimited all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive in depth in-depth most all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all sweeping wide-ranging general overall far-reaching thoroughgoing blanket wide widespread overarching across-the-board all-out catholic wall-to-wall wholesale umbrella deep across the board expansive worldwide profound intensive meticulous all-round common careful all-around unrestricted out-and-out broad-brush large-scale interdisciplinary multidisciplinary generic full-scale pervasive indiscriminate minute cross-disciplinary painstaking international full-dress whole-hog overwhelming unconditional broad-ranging prevalent rigorous clean radical rampant pervading unmitigated nationwide scrupulous pandemic countrywide mass exact particular efficient panoptic extended coast-to-coast from A to Z rangy full-blown unqualified blow-by-blow far-flung elaborate discursive encompassing rife outspread eclectic ubiquitous categorical omnipresent broad-based outright epidemic one-size-fits-all major thorough-going integrated permeating utter inescapable popular without exception diffuse bird's-eye company-wide straight-out vast assiduous circumstantial conscientious soup to nuts clocklike particularized tough all the way slam-bang royal plenty open plenipotentiary encyclopaedical encyclopedical quorate everything all immense unbounded significant final definitive fully constituted latitudinous panned searching categoric catchall sedulous outstretched particularised thoroughpaced scopic pure sheer all in prevailing predominant the word aggregate gross broad in content including all members including all categories boundless systematic wholistic replete maximal bright clear no stone unturned preponderate diligent extensively considered thoroughly proper rounded holistic non-selective leaving no stone unturned catch-all all-together on a large scale all over the place generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn drastic full-out life-size one-to-one unrestrained personal immediate collective in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax desperate severe serious forceful stringent long-range long-term intricate experienced full-on big picture undiminished plain violent draconian cosmopolitan ecumenical exclusive revolutionary encircling containing infinite comprising synoptic unanimous multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted firsthand direct penetrating the works essential elemental specific the whole shebang the big picture of great scope all-over lock stock and barrel consummate intimate special first-hand public varied far-ranging large broad-spectrum conventional nonspecific standard usual shared expanded diverse customary wide-reaching diversified liberal heterogeneous miscellaneous motley mixed assorted promiscuous scopious ragtag non-exclusive patchwork majority ruling multifarious typical piebald everywhere mainstream raggle-taggle kitchen-sink commonplace accustomed received orthodox mingled all-purpose stock joint undisputed established net cosmic planetary communal in circulation in force in vogue enlarged balanced widened spread broadly-based ubiquitary normal master effective endemic important momentous non-specific recognized unconfined limitless traditional traditionalist huge great well-rounded endless recognised life-changing ambitious big sizable lengthy basic nonexclusive jumbled bulk quantitative protracted massive humongous all-pervasive very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading influential weighty consequential broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar well established variegated run-of-the-mill hefty flexible undogmatic of moment of significance in quantity in bulk unexclusive taken as a whole general-purpose open-minded world-wide unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced of consequence of great import in the mass extreme indeterminate receptive charitable wall to wall average nondiscriminatory national wonted without end widely distributed ordinary routine open-door non-restrictive welcoming wide-stretching vulgar habitual natural societal all-encompassing all-embracing wide-extending many-sided widely held far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending free-for-all open to the public mutual magpie manifold multifaceted selective middle-of-the-road free to all accessible to everyone dilettantish cumulative composite multiform combined cooperative united compiled concentrated social consolidated socialistic collated assembled unified

Động từ

Past tense for to create a list or enumerated account of
listed list inventoried recorded detailed enumerated documented specified particularised particularized catalogued cited numbered numerated counted identified instanced mentioned recited reeled off registered rehearsed set out tabulated ticked off gave given named spelled out spelt out cataloged circumstantiated entered individualised individualized noted quoted recounted related set forth tallied laid out lay out described told run through chronicled rattled off stated charted narrated delineated presented reported communicated recapitulated conveyed imparted ran through repeated portrayed arranged depicted set down spread relayed relaid stipulated revealed run down designated individuated explained summarized classified specialised specialized categorized outlined summarised pictured declared quantified recapped gave an account of given an account of pointed out disclosed proclaimed divulged accounted for verbalized verbalised fired off loosed off listed rapidly enrolled defined announced totalled totaled framed alphabetized agreed specificated made postulated settled conditioned required slotted calculated measured filed categorised laid down checked off logged expounded run off painted retold dropped noticed set broadcast retailed unfolded pinned down buttoned down expressed summed indicated notified sorted compiled spieled off assembled shared put down for made a list of referred to ran down put down adverted to tracked trotted out put finger on touched on touched upon put into words enunciated passed on put out made known let one's hair down put in words put forward scheduled been through gone through went through given an account gave an account ciphered contracted bargained provided engaged imposed guaranteed distinguished promised covenanted pledged delivered performed polled billed declaimed indexed elaborated reiterated reviewed calendered minuted expatiated dramatized uttered soliloquized enacted replied dramatised interpreted answered enlarged discoursed regurgitated addressed systematized showed figured computed published chimed dinned readied acted iterated restated prescribed referenced embellished epitomized uncovered exhibited lay down archived systemized insisted upon ordered ordained commanded analysed analyzed epitomised produced broke down kept count noted down circulated reckoned ran off adduced drawn up drew up held forth kept tabs counted noses explicitised pegged blueprinted tagged precised fingered explicitized fixed determined established broadcasted tabbed limited invoked reenacted experimented honed tested accessioned pigeonholed illustrated posted scored aired reported on wrote down written down spun gone over went over exemplified made a point laid finger on gave details given details testified informed covered insisted on evoked represented offered advanced proposed echoed unloaded rehashed heralded promulgated rated systematised blazoned publicized marked quoted chapter and verse spilled slung spilt transmitted told of elucidated discussed proffered recalled recollected trumpeted advised conjured up got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks got to the point come to the point said again made an inventory of spun a yarn counted up made mention of articulated publicised tallyhoed painted in words painted a word picture of advised of shot the breeze told the story of racked up kept score spoken about made public made reference to cabled commented on totted up provided details figured out marked down adumbrated called attention to communicated information denoted made a list spoke about testified to worked out run by again informed of wired sweated details broken a story taled spilt the beans brought word on added up provided details of spilled the beans got off one's chest clued one in laid it on the line brought word asserted broke a story played back tweeted brought up spoke spoken spake shown broken down taken account of took account of span spoken publicly spoke publicly shown clearly showed clearly given verbal account given a report gave verbal account gave a report did your party piece done your party piece went into detail drew a picture gone into detail drawn a picture slang ran by again came to the point gave the facts written up wrote up twoten twote given the facts flown speck flew speck attested to spoke of spoken of alluded to given the word gave the word gave a account of given a account of gave a rundown of given a rundown of given a description of given details on given details of gave details of gave details on gave the facts on gave a description of given the facts on itemised let on about propounded raised intimated talked about sayed said voiced exposed introduced mooted characterized put sketched pointed to let anyone know of put across transferred characterised disseminated addrest acknowledged transfused rendered conducted affirmed broached pronounced ventilated blabbed argued vocalized averred vented worded phrased suggested advertised advertized admitted asseverated sounded alleged remarked on passed maintained got across vocalised come out with dealt with explored typecast explicated discovered treated displayed talked canvased reproduced claimed clarified professed submitted purported handed on let somebody in on formulated opined embodied mouthed couched adverted debated muttered avouched put graphically broadcast details of avowed talked through sounded out let on let out shouted cried emphasized stressed intoned confessed enounced emphasised modulated put forth put over popped off read let someone know of brought out spieled brought into the open followed traced monitored gone into went into broke broken brake gotten across came out with given voice to gave voice to summed up descanted voice-overed scrutinized examined graphed sketched out run over abstracted briefed reprised digested synopsized encapsulated stamped styled branded featured classed leaked drew drawn replayed rephrased reworded paraphrased related to modeled charactered symbolized modelled personified typecasted symbolised typified told about kept posted clued in filled in opened up had to do with studied canvassed sent wrapped up boiled down stated again told a story affected involved constituted captured caught limned imaged unbosomed tabled deciphered resolved solved pertained to run through again annunciated instructed taught exclaimed signified writ realized personalised realised peculiarized singularized emblematized signalised signalized personalized instantiated tackled looked into delved into encompassed commentated on putten hinted at acquainted inferred extracted evidenced deliberated on investigated contended with expounded on probed advocated imported looked blared remarked pressed prest attested preached praught posited inflected intonated hinted insinuated bespoke connoted brought to life told vividly published details of concerned itself with regarded had a bearing on dug into concerned comprised of sifted through scrutinised inquired about conferred on doped out cleared up talked over mumbled vouched predicated spouted blurted contended chattered protested pleaded orated pled roared allegated reasserted reaffirmed clad yelled clothed gave out given out poured out drawled reminisced painted a picture of yammered murmured jawed got over evinced conferred about yakked brought forward conjured up a vision made you see exchanged views on thrown out laid chimed in excerpted illustrated with translated deliberated about signalled pitched gabbed exchanged views about piped brought in given away chirped caught a likeness given utterance to sweared conversed about gave utterance to piped up with talked of remembered threw out told all about gassed caught a likeness of made out got off made clear signaled lipped gave away shouted from the rooftops whispered perorated ran over given a report of gave a report of broken the news broke the news wrote written spoke briefly of spoken briefly of ran through again looked at extraught sworn gotten off readen swore gave blow-by-blow given blow-by-blow gave rundown given rundown borne upon took on born upon taken on applied to bore upon appertained to gotten through got through rung up rang up gone over again went over again went public with gone public with bespake bespoken given an explanation of gave an explanation of written about wrote about given utterance gave utterance gave expression gave expression to gave vent to bore witness given expression given expression to spoken out gave testimony given testimony borne witness gotten over spoke out given vent to appealed to gave as example drew attention to gave as an example given as an example given as example drawn attention to gone the same round gone over same ground went the same round went over same ground wrote an account of written an account of

Động từ

Past tense for to break down (a whole) into its constituent parts

Động từ

Past tense for to mark, or assign, with a number, typically to indicate a position in a series

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itemized Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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