Đồng nghĩa của grandiloquent

Alternative for grandiloquent

Tính từ

Pompous or extravagant in language, style, or manner, especially in a way that is intended to impress
high-flown rhetorical bombastic high-sounding pompous flowery pretentious fustian magniloquent orotund florid purple aureate highfalutin ostentatious overblown labored laboured overripe overwrought rhetoric strained epic flatulent gaseous gassy hifalutin Homeric inflated magnific Miltonian oratorical ornate overdone periphrastic pleonastic tumid windy wordy euphuistic hyperventilated big-talking declamatory euphistic haughty histrionic lofty sonorous swollen tall-talking verbose windbag turgid grandiose extravagant elaborate affected flamboyant eloquent Ossianic convoluted stilted over-elaborate articulate hyperbolic arty-farty silver-tongued complicated big mouthy effusive baroque formal exaggerated pedantic showy fancy long-winded erudite scholarly theatrical fulsome prolix ornamented bombast Ciceronian rotund epideictic imposing fussy Demosthenic Demosthenean exalted fluent la-di-da heroic rococo grand boastful braggart bragging long Falstaffian ranting dramatic busy figurative embellished contrived excessive ponderous portentous puffed gingerbread self-important grand-sounding stagy blathering voluble sesquipedalian persuasive ornamental tedious elocutionary diffuse tumescent overelaborate overwritten glib discursive involved redundant snobbish puffed-up majestic impressive vast monumental mannered actorly elevated curlicued bold lexiphanic oratorial over-the-top blustering high-falutin boasting wedding-cake high euphemistic tiresome high-minded solemn overinflated very elaborate elegant rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash stodgy pontifical verbal linguistic decorative garnished rich luscious overheated flashy egotistic booming melodramatic arresting stylistic splendid yellow brilliant golden tall stuffy stuffed shirt prim arty high-wrought learned shallow superficial breezy effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly over the top fervid impassioned gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian vocal full of hot air over-embellished over-ornate highly decorated serious arrogant grave overworked gingerbreaded bedizened overdecorated gingerbready overornate excessively ornate overembellished complex detailed decorated flattering rhapsodical overestimated well-spoken smooth-talking circumlocutory garrulous circuitous prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling lengthy gushing protracted tautological rambling indirect digressive wandering meandering talkative yakking multiloquent big-mouthed repetitious loquacious gabby tortuous multiloquous gobby logorrheic wittering talky palaverous tautologous repeating ambagious logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone chatty long-drawn-out vaunting prolonged overlong large self-righteous superfluous roundabout iterative fine sententious ambitious boring wearisome maundering sublime interminable circumlocutionary waffly swaggering overambitious full of verbiage OTT reiterating padded empty crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering gossipy conversational chattery communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable splashy overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly

Tính từ

Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound
rotund sonorous resonant round orotund reverberant deep rich magniloquent mellow full-bodied full-toned golden plangent pompous resounding reverberating reverberative ringing vibrant canorous full pear-shaped booming loud clear powerful consonant stentorian thunderous thundering sonorant fruity clangorous echoing earsplitting strong strident mellifluous blaring deafening clamorous piercing blasting roaring pulsating throbbing heightened intensified pulsing deep-toned electrifying enhanced noisy baritone carrying slam-bang robust melodious beating profound thrilling loud-voiced throaty big harmonious rounded sounding plummy low cacophonous full-voiced lusty rambunctious raucous vociferous intense boisterous obstreperous ear-piercing ear-splitting resonating basso bass imposing rumbling vibrating distinct stentorious reverberatory dulcet mellifluent lively oscillating riotous palpitating fulminating forte heavy blatant turbulent crashing blustering vehement rowdy uproarious pealing turned up full-mouthed wakes the dead emphatic tumultuous high-sounding forceful fortissimo harsh overpowering dinning aquiver phat bright eloquent expressive significant silvery clearly audible ear-popping full-throated very loud head-splitting ear-shattering mournful plaintive melancholy low-pitched low-toned dull muffled muted thundery tremendous almighty grave hollow low-voiced dead cavernous shrieking filled trumpeting pleasant pure rolling shrill bellowing penetrating flat alto toneless contralto sepulchral mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming mute unwavering sharp clarion audible ghostly at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell

Tính từ

Complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree
fulsome extravagant adulatory excessive fawning inordinate overdone unctuous gushing gushy ingratiating cloying immoderate lavish saccharine ample enthusiastic extensive generous glowing liberal profuse effusive flattering laudatory nauseating over-appreciative sickening acclamatory buttery complimentary eulogistic hagiographic hagiographical insincere oily oleaginous rapturous soapy sugary sycophantic encomiastic gross honeyed OTT smarmy bombastic canting coarse glib hypocritical magniloquent mealy-mouthed overgenerous sanctimonious slick slimy smooth suave wheedling over the top exuberant obsequious unrestrained bountiful overflowing servile commendatory prodigal encomiastical praising appreciative admiring unreserved rhapsodic copious galore rave bounteous plentiful teeming luxuriant abounding superfluous aplenty plenty grovelling sucky smug groveling no end bootlicking toadying demonstrative panegyrical abundant cajoling expansive ebullient unstinting prolific congratulatory riotous emotional superabundant greasy laudative highly favourable opulent lush swarming crawling with alive with thick with approving creepy plausible subservient crawling approbatory saponaceous smooth-talking lyrical applauding mushy sentimental lionizing honey-tongued over-effusive silver-tongued plenteous smooth-tongued favourable eulogizing bumper extreme sumptuous profusive openhanded open-handed over-enthusiastic lionising full rich praiseful approbative a dime a dozen hyped up favorable eulogising unlimited lank full of praise replete a gogo laid on with a trowel surplus in excess overabundant extra sleek deferential commending supple bland insinuating coaxing compliant exaggerated worshipping flannelling blarneying blandishing worshipful reverential sweet-talking soft-soaping gratifying creeping actorly theatrical dramatic wholehearted slavish extolling free ecstatic toadyish glorifying panegyric celebratory touchy-feely uninhibited worshiping munificent maudlin unconstrained outpouring raving overemotional mawkish nostalgic unsparing ungrudging handsome vociferous overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid highly complimentary loving infinite inexhaustible free-flowing cringing very happy all over someone large good positive friendly substantial considerable humble huge flush great complete urbane fertile comfortable cornucopian productive blubbery hammy voluble dewy-eyed plauditory polite civil honoring fair-spoken celebrating well-wishing courtly gracious respectful honouring kind numerous many innumerable multifarious multiple manifold multitudinous countless fruitful thick on the ground competent swimming well-provided lousy with rife appreciable sufficient flowing chock-full enough improvident in abundance wordy myriad heavy prolix verbose lovey-dovey with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable slippery phoney creamy pinguid phony brown-nosing self-abasing arse-licking smooth-spoken apple-polishing forelock-tugging a mess of Uriah Heepish ass-kissing coming out of ears

Tính từ

Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing
eloquent expressive articulate silver-tongued fluent persuasive powerful forceful graceful pregnant revealing significant effective meaningful moving potent suggestive vivid glib graphic lucid meaning pointed revelatory smooth-tongued stirring strong telling well-spoken indicative well-expressed affecting ardent facund fervent fervid impassioned impressive magniloquent outspoken passionate poignant rhetorical sententious smooth-spoken touching vocal voluble well expressed well spoken coherent communicative intelligible clear understandable cogent comprehensible illuminating emotional sensitive inspiring tender mournful heartfelt profound deeply felt sincere striking uplifting doleful soulful dramatic heart-warming deep sad fiery stirred feeling encouraging heartening inspirational gladdening cheerful cheering inspiriting warming instigative elevating inspirative enriching improving emotive arousing exciting impactful heartrending impelling artistic intense heartbreaking lively charged sympathetic energetic evocative descriptive provoking stunning gripping breathless upsetting tear-jerking soul-stirring thrilling affective rousing heart-rending heart-melting indicating feeling allusive inspired visionary demonstrative imaginative indicating emotion forcible emphatic understanding pathetic animated pictorial full of emotion alive indicating picturesque thoughtful representing colourful open masterly showy representative warm stimulating colorful ingenious easy-to-read full of feeling spirited brilliant mobile responsive signifying

Tính từ

Having a high rank or social standing
elevated grand lofty noble high dignified exalted august eminent great lordly preeminent superior fine important inflated prominent revered higher honorable honourable magnificent big high-ranking big-time high up higher up illustrious distinguished esteemed celebrated renowned notable famous honoured honored noted famed leading respected influential venerable well-known acclaimed prestigious imposing glorious foremost pre-eminent reputable noteworthy top legendary dominant outstanding chief memorable recognized conspicuous well known powerful highly regarded recognised lionized signal top-ranking star high-level remarkable lionised senior sublime major bright notorious brilliant major league premier majestic highest paramount principal superb proud first aristocratic heroic predominant high-minded of note big-name regal of high standing splendid of distinction highest-ranking of repute prime stately excellent respectable astral supreme much-publicized authoritative intellectual head main primary commanding capital shining popular luminous redoubtable elite resplendent upper VIP high profile name marvelous peerless applauded infamous admired big-league visible worthy significant royal top-level marvellous iconic magnific triumphant beautiful superstar extraordinary lauded gorgeous immortal dazzling reputed seminal considerable valued effulgent radiant feted serious ideal number one gratifying time-honored top-drawer grave arch big league well thought of upper-class high-powered big name major-league in the limelight big-shot talked about uplifting key hallowed venerated impressive lead imperial immodest exaggerated excessive monumental consequential central patrician heroical epic massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric acknowledged exceptional ranking pompous higher-level unforgettable estimable greatest recognizable familiar redoubted celeb higher-ranking genteel gentle prevailing formidable fabled top-notch uppermost highborn prized alpha trusted all-important puissant high-grade primal highbred wellborn recognisable heavyweight large well-connected resonant overbearing controlling incomparable mighty potent widely known blue-blooded highly rated established well born upper-crust far-famed silk-stocking having made a name for oneself much publicized high-born high-flying wonderful splendrous heavenly pleasurable delightful enjoyable number splendorous executive celebrity accomplished pretentious pivotal divine reverenced extolled marked widely knowbn eventful titled singular splendiferous known of influence high-up eloquent distinctive integral historical first-class rich oratorical towering cogent four-star successful phenomenal deciding especial special striking common urgent in spotlight in limelight presiding ruling worshipped everyday adored responsible fundamental nonpareil arresting salient magnanimous good kingly upper-level public critical noble-born of gentle birth of noble birth supereminent self-important overblown in the public eye on the map superlative triumphal idealistic learned decision-making famous name sacred decent reverend sage skookum solemn talked of in charge of higher rank first-string superordinate loftier exemplary wise portly staid awe-inspiring vaunted sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable worshipful worshiped unparalleled gifted matchless prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled first rate arch- of the first rank unsurpassed storied maximum highfalutin' laureate world-class well received essential necessary crucial worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded well-thought-of high-profile much touted up there select exclusive greater cliquish private advanced topmost high-status complex insular cliquey exclusionary sophisticated better upward above overhead master clannish refined premium apex transcendent rarefied cardinal focal posh biggest sovereign core largest upmarket overmastering huge sovran overriding number-one numero uno widely praised leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner big-gun vital ultimate best basic prevalent governing top-tier utmost consummate heavy intrinsic preponderant champion ascendant predominate regnant weighty indispensable stellar unrivaled unrivalled directing overruling dominating well-born top drawer high-class underlying elemental decisive rudimentary absolute staple surpassing unsurpassable gentlemanly top-priority first-rate determining material must-have reigning inimitable queenly radical heavy-duty of greatest importance huntin', shootin', fishin' No. 1 second to none far-reaching silver-spoon upper crust well-bred of great consequence finest landowning landed county crack unprecedented winning total unconditional quintessential meaningful pressing compelling substantial perfect industry leading headmost momentous effective unbeatable of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost telling almighty acute high-priority a cut above the rest topflight best possible top-class burning historic instrumental life-and-death expert finished unmatchable unlimited characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen front-page particular strongest simple beginning opening crowning axial infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded root strong constitutional prodigious operative keynote strategic elementary final full utter oustanding basal constitutive second-to-none purebred maximal optimal peak super intervening superseding of greatest significance of mark energetic dynamic richest monarchical monarchal pedigreed privileged bluestocking thoroughbred trendsetting big-wheel hot-dog record loftiest chad ace world class crown top-rank apical zenithal tiptop complete unassailable optimum front guiding monarchial elegant omnipotent official imperious supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary utopian domineering unexampled initial larger bigger elder undefeated unbeaten inaugural A-number-1 A-1 pertinent classy furthermost primo hotshot hotdog holding the reins profound sweeping ponderous appreciable imperative cultured snobby top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range without equal par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil uptown requisite severe large-scale sizable dire intense pronounced exigent at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff cultivated courteous determinative climactic definitive prerequisite mandatory needed required impactful immediate worthwhile pointed polished unmatched much needed earth-shattering vitally important very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence untouchable overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence of concern life and death civil gentlemanlike blue born with a silver spoon in your mouth ladylike Brahmin ennobled polite aristocratical princely knightly top-people's victory commemorative ceremonial celebratory highest ranking mother of all more important more elevated most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most obvious most noticeable most skilled most excellent most outstanding

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