Đồng nghĩa của cringeworthy


That causes one to cringe with embarrassment


Causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience
awkward embarrassing uncomfortable sensitive delicate disconcerting unpleasant compromising flustering humiliating perplexing tricky discomfiting sticky thorny degrading demeaning distressing trying difficult embarrassed inconvenient ticklish dicey discomposing discountenancing disturbing painful problematic problematical troublesome untimely vexatious cringey dodgy gnarly hairy knotty exasperating excruciating incommodious shameful toe-curling cringe-making uneasy restless tense nervous anxious upsetting mortifying shaming confusing ignominious touchy agitating barro disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making discommoding bewildering puzzling troubling unseemly worrisome dishonoring unpropitious equivocal impossible inopportune disagreeable rattling discommodious distracting bothersome prickly tough complicated taxing irksome complex worrying hard nasty annoying irritating intricate unsettling spiny catchy involved concerning tricksy convoluted precarious niggling controversial vexing perturbing nettlesome harassing tiresome aggravating galling wearisome maddening dangerous baffling pesky nagging uncertain alarming plaguy pestiferous risky pestilent pestilential disquieting infuriating rankling discomforting chancy infernal riling abrasive peeving harrying chafing carking frustrating nettling confounded nerve-racking burdensome pesty rebarbative plaguey cussed dismaying unnerving displeasing challenging tedious rough critical grating scary agonizing provoking hazardous touch-and-go perilous vexed traumatic unwelcome iffy unpredictable agonising off-putting anxious-making wearing grievous daunting tangled harrowing forbidding bitter arduous formidable emotive demanding teasing grave nerve-wracking troublous dark volatile antagonizing fiddly enraging jarring antagonising dubious messy tormenting wicked enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall fraught tight tortuous bleak dire boring unsafe irking onerous grim awful punishing unstable laborious bedevilling high-risk rocky unchancy mystifying contentious parlous heavy unfriendly suspect questionable spartan hostile unamusing unpleasing unfathomable insoluble sophisticated unanswerable elaborate mean punchable uncongenial uphill capricious ugly bedeviling fraught with danger detailed finicky chaotic persistent confused paradoxical severe tender accursed quirky undependable pointed echinated briery stimulating nauseating operose rugged strenuous provocative oppressive creepy nail-biting distressful eventful apprehensive objectionable heated like herding cats divisive scandalous wretched repugnant problem loaded erratic fluctuant importunate kid-glove treacherous unsound unhealthy jeopardous frightening intimidating demoralizing discouraging lamentable deplorable kittle intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder damaging repressive rowdy infestive disorderly incalculable afflicting disappointing lively devilish hair-trigger festering antipathetic demoralising incomprehensible insolvable enigmatic confounding mind-bending undecipherable unsatisfying unattractive very devil of a devil of a unsettled charged stressful tickly torturous involute Byzantine dolorous bumpy nice labyrinthian byzantine baroque obscure daedal labyrinthine complicate full of problems troubled beset by problems itchy confronting distressed afflictive scratchy unsteady impenetrable involuted causing discomfort ill-fitting inconstant fickle temperamental mercurial variable changeable ramified reticular effortful Gordian terrible mazy


Liable to humiliate, degrade, shame or embarrass someone
humiliating embarrassing crushing degrading humbling mortifying shaming ignominious discreditable disgracing inglorious chastening debasing deflating demeaning discomfiting quashing shameful squashing undignified barro blush-making cringe-making dishonouring dishonoring humiliatory opprobrious toe-curling bringing down bringing low disgraceful dishonourable contemptuous offensive scandalous dishonorable disparaging belittling unworthy scornful derogatory abusive abject slighting scurrilous pejorative denigratory deprecatory ignoble disdainful insulting uncomfortable awkward rude uncomplimentary lowering vituperative disreputable disrespectful derisive cheapening reprehensible discrediting wretched insolent cringey depreciative improper sensitive vulgar delicate tricky derogative detractive compromising contumelious disconcerting troublesome infamous flustering depreciatory contemptible unseemly unrespectable impertinent unbecoming infra dig decrying derisory denigrative indecorous exasperating defamatory disturbing hurtful slanderous libelous libellous unacceptable indecent distressing appalling upsetting difficult vitriolic thorny sticky depreciating sorry ticklish invective dicey vexatious problematic knotty unsuitable discountenancing discomposing scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile wounding perplexing objectionable blameworthy menial impudent affronting trying louche shady shy shoddy notorious discourteous unladylike ungentlemanly inconvenient shocking unbefitting dodgy hairy uncivil shabby unfitting detestable unpleasant bringing shame uneasy excruciating incommodious unrefined unceremonious despicable exceptionable damaging personal untoward inappropriate outrageous catty calumniatory injurious critical calumnious disapproving spiteful censorious despiteful malevolent reproachful maligning unheroic unsuccessful patronizing condescending sneering failed patronising inelegant low base beneath you lacking dignity irritating annoying displeasing culpable deplorable restless nervous tense beneath your dignity bad unjustifiable wrong regrettable unfortunate indefensible provocative vexing provoking galling unmannerly anxious embarrassed unprincipled remiss untimely problematical painful censurable crude obnoxious impolite coarse venomous hateful gnarly indelicate saucy pert pushy cheeky brazen forward malapert sassy brash unflattering detracting indiscreet aspersive diminishing unfavourable tasteless libeling denigrating dismissive injuring excoriating hurting offending abasing malign defaming libelling vile reviling malignant reproaching damning negative crass nasty vilifying mean blasphemous traducing mud-slinging biting repulsive ridiculing miserable pitiful in bad taste fault-finding deprecating malicious aspersing minimizing sarcastic unfavorable minimising confusing agitating touchy corrupting downgrading discommoding unpropitious equivocal inopportune bewildering troubling impossible disagreeable rattling discommodious distracting puzzling worrisome

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