Đồng nghĩa của discommodious

Tính từ

Causing trouble, difficulties, or discomfort
inconvenient troublesome awkward inopportune bothersome inexpedient untimely annoying disruptive unseasonable difficult disadvantageous problematic unsuitable incommodious tiresome discommoding inappropriate incommoding unfavorable unfavourable unfortunate unhandy aggravating disturbing irritating unmanageable unwieldy vexatious vexing cumbersome detrimental distressing pestiferous worrisome ill-timed adverse inauspicious unpropitious improper unseemly objectionable malapropos prejudicial unfit wrong untoward unlucky regrettable calamitous ominous negative infelicitous destructive unpromising threatening damaging unsuited ill opposed inadvisable ill-advised inconducive harmful counter bad harsh unhappy disparaging inapt gloomy very bad ill-suited remote embarrassing disobliging ill-chosen hostile incongruous ill-fitted unbecoming undue uncomplimentary unfitting unprofitable mistimed misplaced unbefitting inimical unhelpful late poor unsatisfactory antagonistic low unadvantageous contrary unfriendly tardy baleful ruinous deleterious injurious disastrous dire dangerous baneful hurtful pernicious evil sinister menacing ill-fated nocuous undesirable noxious deadly direful foreboding malefic nocent prejudicious unhealthy wicked unwholesome portentous catastrophic maleficent poisonous fatal doomed black ill-boding malignant mischievous ill-starred minatory cataclysmic jinxed ill-omened devastating doomy fateful counterproductive cancerous wretched bodeful malign cursed forbidding unsympathetic badly timed unwelcome corrupting crippling luckless hapless perilous deplorable hopeless lethal toxic virulent dreadful wounding malicious undermining venomous lamentable nasty hazardous painful bleak apocalyptic terrible dark star-crossed corrosive discouraging minacious corroding woeful unconducive sinistrous unsuccessful afflicted disheartening out of luck unpleasant subversive environmentally unfriendly antipathetic hard tragic parlous grim critical anti premature dicey early incendiary annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal cataclysmal grievous tough ill-disposed inept disagreeable impending perverse damning forsaken destitute unprosperous lowering awful refractory malevolent abusive in a bad way willful intractable unruly ungovernable wilful wayward recalcitrant headstrong incontrollable uncontrollable creepy froward inhospitable stubborn unyielding against premonitory worrying wintry ugly averse warning pestilential unwelcoming unsafe risky opposing alarming down on miserable noisome augural suggestive prophetic haunting aggressive precocious doomful wintery ruining destroying heartbreaking annihilatory devastative at odds intrusive appalling afflictive frightful shattering abortive desperate ruined pained stricken shattered troubled broken burdened unsynchronized bringing bad luck cruel pestilent unchancy precarious hasty uninviting foul vile disquieting obstructive nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing indecorous injudicious tactless disappointing insidious nefarious miasmatic offensive miasmic mortal spiteful misjudged ill-judged murderous aching hurting ravaging doubtful iniquitous cantankerous reprobate not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected repugnant killing shocking lethiferous wrackful insalubrious internecine harassing wreckful sinful slaughterous unacceptable too bad eerie frightening sorrowful blighting earth-shattering messy impeding hindering horrible tragical distressful heartrending dyslogistic depreciative slighting downside derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side depreciatory scary evil-looking spooky eldritch trying testing challenging prohibitive disobedient balky dubious off-putting unhopeful shameful disgraceful catastrophal minatorial brooding glowering momentous significant foreshadowing suggestive of evil dishonest obnoxious blackhearted heavy thunderous snakebitten snakebit blighted precursive malificent presaging clouded prescient dismal fearful contumacious rebellious restive defiant rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant obstreperous corruptive unanticipated unexpected on the debit side pessimistic bullying predictive prognosticatory important crucial neutralising accident-prone pitiful ill-considered intimidatory comminatory terrorizing unforeseen unpredictable unusual surprising unpredicted tough luck behind eight ball bad break down on luck hard luck insubmissive obstinate cross peevish petulant near close upcoming overhanging terrorising forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury scowling exciting intriguing fated exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling uncooperative at hand cold cool misfortunate undisciplined unpliable fractious indocile wild advance too early early on anachronistic out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon loath unwilling reluctant disinclined backward allergic indisposed unenthusiastic uneager fromward afraid hesitant disliking agin hostile to antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to opposed to having no use for unfavourably disposed to

Tính từ

Causing embarrassment or unease
embarrassing humiliating discomfiting disconcerting upsetting distressing mortifying shameful shaming awkward uncomfortable compromising flustering confusing degrading delicate demeaning sensitive tricky agitating discomposing discountenancing disturbing ignominious touchy troublesome barro blush-making cringe-making cringeworthy cringey discreditable disgraceful dishonoring dishonouring toe-curling bewildering disagreeable discommoding distracting equivocal exasperating excruciating impossible incommodious inconvenient inopportune perplexing puzzling rattling troubling trying uneasy unpropitious unseemly worrisome unsettling bothersome alarming chastening dismaying humbling disquieting nerve-racking worrying distressful creepy inglorious unpleasant opprobrious annoying difficult tiresome frightening off-putting discomforting infamous restless nervous tense disreputable perturbing anxious despicable unnerving crushing notorious dishonourable dishonorable irksome irritating aggravating vexing louche shady shy shoddy unrespectable provoking harassing discouraging wearisome painful burdensome startling severe ominous gloomy onerous sinister foreboding depressing reprehensible hard laborious pessimistic toilsome threatening intrusive impeding disruptive consequential uncertain prophetic nagging nasty undignified scandalous troublous debasing fraught hairy nail-biting nerve-wracking humiliatory awesome sobering overwhelming ignoble appalling abominable contemptible hateful offensive awe-inspiring agonizing agonising belittling disgracing deflating squashing quashing baffling concerning scary intimidating demoralizing anxious-making demoralising bringing low bringing down tormenting remote unhandy untimely vexatious pestiferous disadvantageous unmanageable cumbersome unwieldy prejudicial inexpedient unsuitable unseasonable detrimental sorry abject deplorable objectionable shocking base low mean atrocious unprincipled unworthy miserable indecorous wretched pitiful monstrous blameworthy iniquitous unspeakable odious disgusting heinous vile terrible beyond contempt shameless bad immoral intolerable inexcusable nefarious loathsome sordid beyond the pale unforgivable wicked indefensible shabby outrageous dreadful detestable scurvy criminal dastardly diabolical knavish low-down exceptionable flagitious egregious awful execrable rotten abhorrent lousy lamentable poor frightful pathetic horrible dire villainous corrupt foul degenerate woeful evil dirty abysmal inferior improper revolting wrong crummy unacceptable unsatisfactory sinful inadequate hopeless beastly horrendous worthless unscrupulous repugnant distasteful vicious paltry sad pitiable cheap obscene horrid unsavoury depraved useless gross hideous chronic low-minded poxy substandard God-awful obnoxious unsavory very bad duff unpardonable unbecoming laughable insupportable horrifying sickening pants unjustifiable snide currish pits regrettable third-rate repulsive godawful nauseating rubbish repellent dismal crooked ghastly second-rate dishonest unfortunate disappointing lame disastrous cruddy unethical vulgar ugly grievous indecent unreasonable sleazy untrustworthy undesirable inappropriate ropy mediocre degraded a load of pants scummy petty treacherous fiendish questionable menial noisome noxious nauseous reprobate deceitful horrific hellacious trashy unbefitting unconscionable dark underhanded cruel defective dissolute not up to snuff bum derisory damnable tragic stinking second-class deficient lowering despisable rancid repellant fulsome flagrant imperfect culpable amateurish not up to scratch faulty not up to par insufferable cheapening ungodly condemnable impure filthy unrighteous grubby heartbreaking unholy unfair blamable inept unlawful scabby ratty black untoward calamitous unwarrantable coarse direful crass inexpiable sucky scurrilous rubbishy servile meagre devilish no-good disdainable rascally miscreant ruthless excessive meager debauched infernal dubious perverted detractive ungentlemanly derogatory unfitting perverse lewd infra dig debased unrefined perfidious barbarous dodgy unfavorable unfavourable cursed caitiff accursed not on ill-advised sneaking punk displeasing inelegant heartrending uncharitable tawdry underhand squalid slimy indelicate cowardly grim beggarly measly good-for-nothing out of order scungy low-grade not cricket mercenary rueful remiss indiscreet inhuman grave savage suspect meanspirited erring barbaric blackguardly fraudulent violent censurable careless negligent malevolent satanic feeble grisly unladylike amoral preposterous seedy thoughtless macabre terrific gruesome grewsome lurid nightmarish nightmare unwelcome devious bungling fearsome seamy roguish hellish putrid desperate disparaging derogative depreciative contemptuous pejorative depreciatory denigrative denigratory slighting scornful decrying uncomplimentary deprecatory disdainful fearful slippery unwarranted unbearable unlucky diabolic shifty scoundrelly unceremonious crying disrespectful too much over-the-top wrongful piteous discrediting unpermissible untenable unallowable catastrophic morbid sneaky deceptive graceless wanton glaring confounded unhappy venal out of line not the done thing over the fence a bit much illegal impermissible ridiculous bringing shame icky bent no-account lowly from hell too bad raunchy uncivilised uncivilized cheesy junky bargain-basement cut-rate schlocky low-rent common tenth-rate insufficient recreant uninviting dissatisfactory affecting warped mournful beneath contempt forlorn out of place el cheapo selfish cheerless joyless wack grotty stinky irremediable garbage crumby valueless comfortless out of keeping low-life bush-league poor quality under par low-quality off-color god-awful poor-quality below par less-than-stellar two-bit unheroic unsuccessful failed callous irregular ill-famed brutish bestial traitorous unhealthy ill-reputed merciless unremittable unpopular undesired blithering opprobious senseless malicious dissipated tarnished aberrant foolish flaming hard-hearted narrow-minded slipshod malignant ribald intemperate unclean drunken profligate immodest carnal craven tasteless unpalatable patronizing derisive depreciating condescending sneering backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing gossiping detracting unchivalrous vitiated wet sleazoid cheapjack trumpery gimcrack schlock errant footling highly improper out of bounds unearthly humble slavish faithless sacrilegious irreligious profane impious blasphemous hateworthy unkind mean-spirited red hot patronising ineffectual exploitative conscienceless corrupted cheating fallen swinish outcast stupid modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain bribable negligible incompetent good-for-naught no-count meritless cataclysmic murderous godless ungenerous plebeian reproachable cunning furtive wrongdoing guileful disorderly in poor taste lacking dignity beneath you wanky insubstantial irremissible unjustified in bad taste silly absurd ludicrous foolish-looking unsought unwanted delinquent illegitimate sullied tainted illicit lawless broken inexpert of bad reputation unwholesome suspicious tragical inequitable malfeasant not quite the thing below contempt uncalled-for unprovoked reprovable blameable deadly mortal cutthroat Machiavellian sly unconscientious fishy dirty rotten peccable tinhorn downer bummer grody sub-par not good erroneous not the best diddly the pits blah bad news rough fallacious grungy libidinous licentious afflictive regretful criticizable gratuitous rude impolite stingy miserly inconsiderate natty black-hearted amiss guilty demeritorious self-seeking two-faced scheming arrant casuistic crafty beneath one's dignity morally wrong no good in bad not forgivable heart-rending subpar suboptimal infelicitous tactless injudicious serious at fault in low esteem in the doghouse without reason without justification without cause wanting inadmissible moving a pity unimpressive inapt steep saddening touching harrowing explosive exquisite fierce intense blistering keen acute almighty heavy-duty vehement profound deep heavy intensive furious ferocious incongruous inconsistent incompatible crude cheapo off tatty out immoderate exorbitant unendurable inacceptable bush unappealing reject extravagant maddening OTT poignant tear-jerking plaintive beneath undeserving undue ill-suited ill-considered ill-timed unsuited O.T.T. extortionate forbidding stupefying terrifying heartstopping too great debauching depraving contumelious extreme corrupting downgrading gut-wrenching ineligible dreary staggering stunning astonishing amazing formidable parlous below average won't do below standard half-baked of low quality second rate of poor quality from hunger not quite the done thing not up to standard bleak surprising redoubtable desolate compassionate afflicted stirring arousing small derisible commiserative tearful suffering to be pitied sorrowful doleful distressed over the top unfitting to nothing unmerited unsuitable for unfit improper to inappropriate to godforsaken sombre drab hair-raising out of character unbecoming to solemn somber disheartening unpromising sullen morose drear funereal not much cop yucky not good enough out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent dreich lugubrious saturnine glum destitute spine-chilling gut-churning sick-making sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac vomitous bogging sick yucko disgustful loathly abandoned Cimmerian poverty-stricken vomit-inducing

Tính từ

(of a person) Deliberately unreasonable or uncooperative
awkward difficult uncooperative unreasonable belligerent annoying disobliging exasperating perverse stubborn trying unhelpful obstinate obstructive unpredictable intractable prickly troublesome unaccommodating contrary irritable pesky refractory thrawn tiresome touchy vexing chippy contumacious froward pervicacious renitent vexatious balky bolshie bulky complex cramped cussed disagreeable incommodious obdurate stroppy unmanageable bloody-minded hard to handle difficult to handle recalcitrant wilful unruly disobedient headstrong wayward obstreperous ungovernable willful insubordinate uncontrollable defiant rebellious restive untoward fractious pigheaded self-willed undisciplined mulish rebel recusant incompliant inflexible bull-headed unyielding unbending cantankerous disorderly disruptive mutinous naughty truculent unadaptable uncompromising intransigent badly behaved contrarious immovable stiff-necked rock-ribbed mischievous indomitable errant wild delinquent cross-grained incontrollable tough unbiddable impish noncompliant determined rascally roguish capricious opinionated unmalleable unwilling resolute unsupportive pertinacious turbulent ornery tenacious hostile argumentative non-compliant insoluble rowdy uncompliant persistent strong-willed attention-seeking pig-headed irrational peevish morose biased illogical unamenable shrewish crabby ill-natured inconsiderate unresponsive blinkered arbitrary flyaway nonobservant prejudiced intolerant sticky violent troublemaking resistive insurgent seditious riotous limit not giving an inch blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying disputatious quarrelsome not cooperative obstinately disobedient unconstructive hindering not helpful burdensome demanding treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying contrariant nonconforming adverse dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing antagonistic paradoxical resistant resisting opposing insubmissive undisciplinable withstanding radical antipathetic converse negative inimical wrongheaded dissentient frustrating making difficulties adamant dogged indurate maleficent resolved malicious malign malevolent spiteful firm inexorable relentless out of control stalwart steadfast hardheaded impossible to cope with out of hand rigid fixed persevering ossified steely adamantine unpersuadable implacable unshakable unflinching inconvincible hardened unshakeable disputative unrelenting hard bullheaded hard-nosed iron-willed self-opinionated strong-minded single-minded bad set in one's ways stubborn as a mule misbehaving misbehaved playful incorrigible rude impolite wicked tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish sinful teasing gallus fiendish wanton worthless rough wrong evil bad-mannered ill-disciplined full of mischief incurable hard-line pat thorny unpliable locked knotty problematic indocile hang tough locked in tough nut unwavering staunch indefatigable unfaltering set unswerving purposeful unflagging insistent spirited dedicated stiff settled committed intent steady constant untiring vigorous earnest decided strict strong unhesitating driven tireless enduring solid rooted bound undaunted valiant inveterate deep-rooted deep-seated assiduous undeviating gritty mettlesome dead set forceful serious ingrained plucky dead set on decisive unbendable abiding sure doughty diehard brave bold courageous devoted unshaken entrenched ardent perseverant true stout bent on gutsy ineradicable hardline importunate bent set in stone stout-hearted lionhearted bound and determined unmovable dyed-in-the-wool full of determination deaf to reason confirmed diligent enthusiastic persisting harsh established iron grim rigorous definite spunky hard and fast sedulous purposive ruthless patient inbred hard-core perennial manful lifelong stringent deliberate unsparing obsessed stable faithful bent upon unchanging zealous remorseless wrong-headed assertive fanatical rugged chronic dogmatic long-standing devout die-hard continuing severe cast-iron bulldog ironclad stern long-lived usual strenuous do-or-die unswayable avid hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited loyal unalterable immutable keen unappeasable focused obsessive unflappable unchangeable hidebound unabating pitiless set on continual cynical eager narrow-minded hanging tough compulsive ceaseless pushy certain wholehearted lasting habitual four-square passionate feisty hardy fervent meaning business out dour focussed unmitigated routine recurrent recurring inborn continuous ever-present hell-bent sustained self-assertive hard as nails intrepid protracted unfailing unremitting invariable true-blue merciless emphatic illiberal closed-minded extreme heroic ambitious unrepentant deep motivated aggressive determinate intrenched immobile enterprising fierce active long-lasting indurated unswervable doctrinaire domineering seasoned sturdy bred-in-the-bone energetic monomaniacal positive explicit unqualified intense self-confident never-failing hard-and-fast hard-bitten go-getting fearless stanch picky fervid pious resilient brassbound draconian uptight oppressive fussy impassioned sworn tried-and-true gung ho fast frozen as stubborn as a mule stony cruel exacting overbearing reliable prolonged unbreakable concrete unvacillating good mean hooked critical hungry possessive trusty changeless unstoppable fixated querulous industrious vehement perfectionist tyrannical hard to please hard-headed thirsty desirous brick-wall inspired opinionative standing pat iron-fisted unforgiving dictatorial case-hardened independent high-powered lingering permanent inured aspiring dug in irredeemable standing one's ground possessed inexpugnable militant hard-edged unquestioning stand pat deep-set fiery assured hypercritical unabated toughened long-established accustomed habituated confident deep-dyed sticking to one's guns impulsive stupid self-starting hard-driving goal-oriented stop at nothing over-particular self-driven well-set two-fisted mean business hard-shell as tough as old boots hell bent on hard to satisfy shortsighted blind deaf unbudgeable unconverted unreformed self-disciplined haughty direct unreceptive boneheaded firmly-based implanted mullish stiffened aloof proud petrified long-drawn-out unfluctuating durable immalleable formidable dependable never-tiring hardboiled buckled down unfading impassive unimpressible gallant unbeatable invincible straight fossilized bony rigidified impertinent hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional unregenerate cohesive stony-hearted unimpressionable authoritarian unconquerable valorous unmoved heady responsible tried forbidding disciplinary unvarying coherent incessant unmodifiable quiescent close-minded cold fish proof against persuasion convinced down-the-line hellbent dauntless dragging slow great game robust unforgetful categorical cocksure fossilised jelled final flat gut instinctive intrinsic unflexible crisp pounding mortal undefeated tough nut to crack in for long haul obscene pornographic X-rated locked-in puritanical unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable set-on one-sided congenital iron-jawed single-minded about firm about remaining undiscouraged undeterred powerful fit thick-skinned unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable unending acute dangerous set in concrete agreed in the bag arranged planned stated prearranged telelogical playing hard ball calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone sagacious allegiant self-centered liege going all the way trustworthy solid as a rock like bad penny stuffy unpermissive clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out radicated customary old innate undismayed with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in untameable insurmountable bulletproof unassailable insuperable do or die hold the fort hold your ground hold the line unwaivering irrepressible set in your ways manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical drawn-out spun-out haunting ineluctable whole-hearted dire alarming grave driven in heavy-handed no-nonsense with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way tough as old boots red-blooded not put off not discouraged obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about intent on undefeatable impassable competitive consumed compelled dominant in earnest perceptive take charge like death and taxes no going back necessary compulsory tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of lion-hearted prevailing dynamic striving consistent going hopeful cutthroat ferocious firm in spirit keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful never-ending clamorous judgemental judgmental disapproving progressive bloodthirsty pioneering galvanized impelled preconceived triumphant fastidious boorish finicky nonmoving through-and-through warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy induced obsessional unbudging self-asserting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke self-assured can-do eager beaver power-loving high-reaching self-possessed overexacting exigent imperious cavilling nagging oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied pushed steered guided besetting galvanised nonmotile quibbling disparaging sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous immotile testy choosy snappy temperamental grumbly irritating urged on thorough demeaning carping censorious unbowed sour indelible proved complete irremovable frenzied torrid thoroughgoing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed unreformable longtime over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious high-maintenance overcritical unsentimental hard-boiled piggish self-centred vexed captious huffy delicate particular ungracious finical invidious sensitive crotchety uppity staid immoderate infatuated shrewd practical realistic sicker matter-of-fact down-to-earth burning mad over-enthusiastic secure callous world-weary well established red-hot through and through all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying well-established dotty frenetic crazy potty visionary nuts gung-ho anchored compacted packed hard-handed compact rocky impenetrable concentrated consolidated compressed nailed quiet hitched situated unmoving attached stationary still located tight rabid perfervid bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo passional lacking sentiment made fast as hard as nails toughened by experience nuts for erratic partial bugged raving feverish high on credulous fanatic turned on addicted

Tính từ

Characterized by causing hardships or problems
difficult grim hostile adverse tough unfavorable unfavourable unfortunate austere dire harsh bad bleak cheerless dark dour hard injurious negative oppressive perilous awful depressing desolate disagreeable discouraging disheartening distressing exacting exigent forbidding foreboding gloomy harrowing inauspicious inhospitable miserable ominous severe solemn somber sombre terrible unwelcome worrying bitter black comfortless direful dismal doleful dreadful glum gray grey hopeless joyless morose objectionable troublesome unpleasant chilling hard-pressed ill-boding ill-fated morbid mournful nightmarish sad shadowy sinister unfriendly very bad ill-omened lurid parlous straitened threatening unpropitious apocalyptic messy rocky strained tortured treacherous troubled dangerous disturbing doubtful full of hardship grave harmful jeopardous precarious pressing upsetting woeful undesirable trying wretched unenviable distasteful grievous rough brutal rugged onerous thankless burdensome excruciating heavy taxing cruel stiff inhuman horrible horrendous horrifying weighty stressful searing murderous hardhanded backbreaking troubling hefty galling foul poor execrable unsettling horrid horrific rotten hellacious appalling unpalatable fraught abominable disconcerting torturous atrocious rough going spartan nasty stark ghastly rigorous savage uncomfortable jarring frightful disadvantageous menacing grinding inclement intemperate fierce intense disquieting untoward ferocious displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing discomforting tortuous biting wild shocking intolerable stringent hideous gruesome Spartan bare-bones overwhelming insufferable barren crushing unspeakable revolting godawful grisly fearsome daunting intimidating unendurable wearing unbearable frightening terrifying unwelcoming macabre disgusting gory grating untimely glaring glary repugnant concerning unsuited strong blinding dazzling inopportune inconvenient infelicitous unlucky unpromising inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable hair-raising ill-suited unaesthetic coarse grotesque disagreeing painful poignant agonizing heartbreaking vexatious ruthless heart-rending unrelenting yukky hurtful yucky afflicting heartrending traumatic unhappy merciless unsavory tormenting tragic relentless sour wicked remorseless icky mortifying great sore distressful agonising offensive unsavoury calamitous hard-hearted gut-wrenching provoking annoying afflictive

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