Đồng nghĩa của standing one's ground

Tính từ

Stubbornly, and usually unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
unbending inflexible uncompromising unyielding strict firm severe tough resolute stubborn unrelenting hard-line immovable intransigent unfaltering adamant adamantine bullheaded determined dogged hard hardened hardheaded hardline hard-nosed harsh headstrong implacable inconvincible inexorable mulish obdurate obstinate opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded relentless rigid self-opinionated self-willed stern stiff-necked unwavering wilful willful intractable crisp doctrinaire dogmatic fixed incompliant pitiless single-minded unflexible unswayable dug in locked in standing pat do or die hard as nails hold the fort hold the line hold your ground set in stone sticking to one's guns steadfast steely iron staunch indomitable uncompliant dyed-in-the-wool set in one's ways inalterable stringent rigorous unadaptable hidebound blinkered unaccommodating immutable diehard refractory unchangeable brassbound iron-willed ironclad recalcitrant hard and fast set in your ways tenacious unshakeable unflinching persistent unswerving stiff set strong-willed indurate persevering unshakable resolved bloody-minded bull-headed exacting steady unreasonable unchanging uncooperative insistent strong solid purposeful stalwart unmalleable cast-iron contrary strong-minded fanatical undeviating decided indefatigable cussed grim intent constant definite die-hard difficult rock-ribbed intolerant authoritarian contumacious committed unpersuadable illiberal prejudiced draconian balky unhesitating remorseless unforgiving demanding unbendable unshaken forceful unsparing earnest dedicated unalterable unsympathetic sure stout extreme invariable stable bound vigorous deaf to reason bigoted ornery sturdy emphatic froward stubborn as a mule hardcore uncharitable dead set heavy-handed merciless undaunted picky opinionative unflagging zealous hard-and-fast insubordinate dead set on ruthless austere unamenable narrow-minded biased decisive unmanageable unbreakable established importunate cantankerous cruel gutsy gritty unappeasable certain oppressive opinioned imperious tight unmovable deliberate rebellious true stony domineering inveterate ramrod determinate defiant iron-fisted pig-headed settled fussy wrong-headed obstreperous untoward disobedient no-nonsense hard-core cross-grained untiring disobliging assertive bold unvarying dictatorial driven thrawn purposive traditional tireless impatient stroppy ingrained entrenched bolshie fierce reactionary renitent orthodox flinty binding unpermissive sticklerish unprogressive rugged spirited pontifical unhelpful controlled tyrannical conventional spunky unswervable bent particular final focused obstructive deep-seated one-sided radical focussed choosy fastidious finicky stand pat inexpugnable perfectionist critical serious traditionalistic hearty sectarian not giving an inch wayward narrow ungovernable in a rut restive awkward disdainful by the book disapproving contemptuous overbearing partisan confirmed overexacting querulous cavilling nagging unindulgent devoted conservative categorical changeless irreconcilable hypercritical truculent disparaging faultfinding overscrupulous caviling censuring cavillous bitter enduring do-or-die abiding bent on manful bent upon hell-bent on hell-bent upon lusty bulldog ferocious seasoned brave frozen unforbearing plucky absolute fast courageous hateful mettlesome precise concrete full of determination persisting strenuous unflappable perseverant rough obsessive hard-boiled exact obsessed tough nut as stubborn as a mule small-minded callous stout-hearted hard-bitten impliable hard-hearted hard to please high-maintenance over-particular four-square meaning business fault-finding over-exacting traditionalist unruly over-censorious dogmatical hang tough over-rigorous over-strict right Tory hard to satisfy finical sine qua non unimaginative out timid discriminatory confining rebel quiet guarded sober old-school fogyish bourgeois redneck uncreative undaring fearful rightist recusant militant assiduous extremist immoderate holding to right of center old line not extreme right-wing old guard fuddy-duddy middle-of-the-road white bread hard hat rabid dour nonnegotiable unassailable haughty overcritical devout disciplinary maniacal cocksure indignant troublesome mule pervicacious faithful mortal puritanical ardent ultraconservative unsentimental trying durable parochial resistant robust absorbed engrossed tiresome incurable boorish incontrovertible irascible paleoconservative concentrated swivel-eyed standpat procrustean loyal unpliable archconservative captious activist secure intense savage impregnable fiery mossbacked fixated preoccupied burning diligent locked unquestionable unnegotiable concentrating fractious prickly possessive hanging tough immersed scrupulous chippy disputative crotchety disputatious unemotional occupied unfeeling unmerciful rooted hostile granite deadly cohesive sound petrified jaundiced unmoved unfriendly flat with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way individualistic compulsive deep-rooted brick-wall stony-hearted explicit through and through deep-dyed averse positive deep valiant drastic unqualified sworn astringent hardhearted irreversible true-blue meticulous fundamentalist out-and-out tough nut to crack never-failing old-fashioned through-and-through wrapped up old-line well-set writ in stone buttoned-down button-down unmoving hell-bent strait-laced forbidding uptight clear-cut regimented chauvinistic disciplined stuffy noncompliant incontestable heartless exasperating estranged seditious disaffected factious insurgent alienated mutinous non-compliant firmly-based unbudgeable ungiving businesslike uninfluenced jelled insolent unreceptive boneheaded pushy unimpressible of fixed views stiffened mullish well-founded clamorous judgemental judgmental stagnant creaky bored in the doldrums impertinent bullhead mean unrepentant uncompassionate closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced hard-hitting heady aloof proud downright unchallengeable unfailing impassive unimpressionable fossilized impenitent reprobate accustomed irredeemable unreformable incorrigible shameless convinced permanent rigidified arch brutal spartan unregenerate exigent confident unequivocal indelible unvacillating unremitting irremovable steely-eyed cold fish proof against persuasion intrepid fossilised bony démodé indurated systematic painstaking remove steel cold cool eager riveted despotic unsinkable energetic immalleable barbarous antagonistic static quibbling needy hairsplitting unconditional infallible iron-jawed assured uncaring ironhanded onerous heavy accepted insular engaged enthralled enthusiastic unplacatable unmollifiable unpacifiable thick set-on monomaniacal hellbent whole-hearted in place in position provincial desperate pugnacious peremptory preconceived necessary murderous unpitying solid as a rock hard-shell locked-in cynical demeaning carping censorious set in concrete dominant in earnest decided upon cut-and-dried closed-minded rocklike two-fisted sedulous iron-handed prevailing conformist purist ethnocentric mean business with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in compact consistent going rock hard bound and determined clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out hard-shelled patient tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on disciplinarian ascetical pressing dire browbeating formidable ascetic autocratic grave sombre somber not up for negotiation not have the time for unobliging straight inelastic go-getting at each other's throats aggressive uncivil discourteous wholehearted unbeatable invincible uncurving agreed rocky unquenchable furious unpleasant disagreeable fervent arranged preset unconquerable careful impractical predetermined allotted specified prearranged fanatic unamiable rude uncongenial partial defined decreed prescribed ideological valid powerful convincing compelling acrimonious drawing impassioned fervid antipathetic waspish attentive unpragmatic unrealistic planned incommutable express complex rule-bound unblinking unsurpassable invulnerable crazy perfervid passionate unpredictable punctilious methodical negative resilient holding fixed views unmodifiable definitive stipulated still stated ill-natured raving mad discriminating conscientious persnickety complicated unsupportive negativistic loath reluctant indisposed hesitant unwilling as straight as an arrow prim mathematical observant hardy unresponsive inconsiderate overenthusiastic religious passional by the numbers unstoppable insurmountable bulletproof insuperable toughened bureaucratic officious involved sticky choosey prissy priggish scientific entire all exclusive studious enrapt whole undivided dependable leathery hard-wearing substantial unreciprocate unreciprocating nonreciprocal noncooperating noncooperative reliable inured indestructible undefeatable impassable not subject to change trustworthy in the bag watchful alert parti pris fit strapping brawny trusty steeled molded mighty moulded dense healthy conditioned not cooperative good nit-picking nit-picky well-built heavy-duty withstanding long-lasting pious intensive motivated made to last blimpish allegiant tough as nails liege on task redoubtable puritan unapologetic unashamed genuine tried-and-true concerned with tried and true tried and tested down-the-line hard-working to the core out and out mad keen deep-down bred-in-the-bone full-fledged right-down true blue petty-minded close-minded ultra-conservative set in one's opinions fixed in one's views

Trái nghĩa của standing one's ground

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