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Having no end or being endless
eternal unending continuous persistent continual sustained endless perpetual incessant unrelenting uninterrupted interminable unceasing unremitting unabating unbroken steady lasting relentless unrelieved constant never-ending nonstop non-stop unstoppable continuing unabated unfaltering unyielding unflagging unflinching implacable everlasting ceaseless habitual abiding recurrent round-the-clock repeated chronic recurring perennial periodic frequent regular periodical persisting enduring sempiternal regularised standardised regularized standardized without respite permanent undying ongoing immortal fixed continued timeless dateless running unchanging imperishable unfailing deathless infinite unwavering ageless unfading immutable long-lasting without end deep-rooted lifelong firm boundless steadfast established repetitive durable indestructible stable changeless amaranthine consecutive perdurable long-lived unvarying ingrained monotonous invariable unlimited indefinite indefatigable ineradicable inexhaustible inveterate dogged prolonged long-standing limitless tenacious tireless unswerving lingering illimitable routine remaining incurable untiring settled successive undeviating persevering staunch long-term around-the-clock fast day-and-night immeasurable usual deep-seated unbounded immovable unwearied straight protracted bottomless irreversible countless undivided indissoluble absolute always-on unchangeable indelible oft-repeated confirmed reiterative surviving resolute obstinate solid prevailing intermittent inborn ever-present inbred unalterable unmitigated measureless no end to no end of untold secure rooted incalculable unwaning round the clock repetitious inestimable certain immensurable fathomless unfathomable horizonless dependable staying overlong connected consistent forever never-changing vast boring immense cyclic stubborn determined direct inexorable indeterminate aeonian standing reliable numberless set numerous assiduous diligent irreparable dull nagging iterative inextinguishable traditional cyclical unwearying inevitable interminate progressive old seasonal sure on-and-off great iterated incorrigible never-ceasing serial cosmic without limit decided on a treadmill cast-iron inflexible undisturbed invariant customary unsurpassable self-perpetuating multitudinous strong long-established energetic accustomed verbose uninteresting insistent unalleviated straightforward unshakable zealous dynamic unshakeable dyed-in-the-wool without interruption common succeeding untroubled many even long-drawn-out obsessive weariless irremediable loyal compulsive long uncontrollable 24-hour time-honoured immemorial unrectifiable familiar final classic niggling always successional fated dragging irretrievable occasional through unrepairable without stopping reoccurring long-running irrevocable daily predestined predetermined chronological binding never dying unconstrained rhythmic repeating set in stone returning in succession infrequent sporadic unreversible oft repeated gnawing longstanding unrestrained sequent following very many sequential extensive 24/7 spasmodic annual yearly a great many total doomed lost peremptory unrepealable unappealable day and night ensuing succedent beyond repair odd drawn-out steady-going going on every so often in for the long haul every once in a while in sequence at fixed intervals back-to-back in order undiminished long-l unintermitted remorseless unsparing incommutable without ceasing cursive duplicative pushy hard stern sedulous harsh never-dying inalterable hard-and-fast lengthy unbearable maintained single-minded time-hallowed termless undestroyed smooth frequentative subsequent unmovable unmodifiable unchanged open-ended active unretiring all day long unended habituated conclusive unassailable slow sound yearlong serious hard and fast extended closed inexpungible profound deep unruffled existing uniform all day and all night at all times rolling unchecked uncontrolled severe age-old well established ancient time-honored obsessional unconditional unrestricted unbridled unfluctuating world-without-end drawn out beyond measure driven subsequential till the cows come home long-winded dangerous acute with no let-up well-founded stretched out irresistible spun-out haunting death-defying ever living wearisome lavish predictable for ever and ever rapid normal phoenixlike undeadly incorruptible nonrandom undefined without limits adamant iron unvacillating deep-dyed irremovable perduring full utter dire alarming extreme grave impulsive without surcease without a break infallible uncalculable huge unhindered with no holds barred seemingly endless tedious lifetime free for keeps myriad incomprehensible wide-open innumerable unquenchable vigorous industrious ordinary rambling laborious ponderous meandering express livelong set in concrete never-failing lifetime's that will never die that will live forever prevalent standard one-way opened spirited forceful enthusiastic Herculean keen unbound looped forever and a day abundant abounding no holds barred no strings besetting hardened intense stout all-time for life sustaining in progress carrying on maintaining progressing current advancing pursuing fail-safe surefire faithful true can't-miss unerring wonted natural all-year-round for all your life unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable strung out spun out dragged out typical dedicated devoted patient pertinacious bred-in-the-bone addicted characteristic general irrepressible intractable wild same tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy perky plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted indomitable undeterred fireball hyper plodding hooked pathological out of control practised practiced mechanical systematic automatic conventional expected addicting disciplined perfunctory accepted seasoned methodical living having no end tried and true rock solid tried and tested counted on not stopping by habit eager beaver irredeemable unrecoverable irrecoverable unredeemable categorical reiterated manifold several profuse seriatim serialized seriate thick various episodic isochronal weekly alternate interrupted monthly hourly intervallic on-again-off-again orbital epochal broken fluctuating isochronous centennial in turn serialised beyond recall at various times on certain occasions in a row end-to-end on the trot one after another one after the other occurring often millions of loads of a good many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of dozens of hundreds of thousands of more … than one can shake a stick at



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