Đồng nghĩa của defeatist

Alternative for defeatist

defeatist /di'fi:tist/
  • danh từ
    • người theo chủ nghĩa thất bại
    • tính từ
      • theo chủ nghĩa thất bại; thất bại chủ nghĩa

    Tính từ

    Demonstrating expectation or acceptance of failure
    pessimistic despairing hopeless resigned despondent fatalistic negative bearish bleak cynical discouraged downbeat gloomy foreboding gloom-ridden spineless looking on the black side looking on the dark side dejected depressed melancholy sad miserable disconsolate glum dismal morose downcast wretched downhearted forlorn unhappy blue melancholic inconsolable dispirited doleful demoralized disheartened desolate distressed demoralised heartbroken lugubrious brokenhearted down in despair low low-spirited woebegone joyless mournful down in the dumps oppressed dark in low spirits black sorrowful down in the mouth depressing crestfallen cheerless desperate woeful morbid cast down sorry saddened heavyhearted heartsick heartsore droopy hangdog dolorous discouraging sombre unenthusiastic cold funereal grim suspicious distrustful doubting somber sullen alarmist anguished troubled bad upset sunk given to looking on the black side in pain as sick as a parrot sick as a parrot shot down dreary suicidal dismayed gray dreich depressive elegiac sepulchral grey elegiacal comfortless godforsaken saturnine solemn drear abject brooding Eeyorish disappointed unfortunate grief-stricken devastated chapfallen heavy-hearted broken-hearted pained sunk in gloom moody weary dragged in the doldrums long-suffering weighed down in the pits pensive misanthropic unfavorable unfavourable unhopeful worried doubtful wistful choked mirthless daunted lachrymose sorrowing frantic anxious mourning bummed-out grieving cast-down griefstricken damp down and out torn up fraught distraught down-in-the-mouth mopey listless dull overcome in a blue funk all torn up lonesome chill murky sunless Cimmerian tenebrific darkening lonely plutonian dire tenebrous cloudy no-win strabilious bummed out singing the blues can't win at the end of your tether in the soup not a prayer at end of one's rope in the dumps spiritless at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end philosophical stoical stoic passive dismissive anti helpless unwilling antipathetic tragic uncooperative unconstructive obstructive resistive doomed resisting balky unmitigable cool weak uninterested up the creek without hope unresponsive apathetic grave drab disheartening dispiriting worrying dim harsh bitter horrid oppressive austere chilly distressing unpromising inauspicious uninviting unpleasant upsetting heartbreaking pathetic ominous unpropitious heartrending saddening disappointing terrible dreadful harrowing disagreeable poor lamentable awful painful distressful adverse troublesome hard pitiable demoralizing daunting pitiful rueful horrible uncomfortable piteous sinister regrettable displeasing unlikely grievous dejecting horrific appalling difficult off-putting demoralising heart-rending disadvantageous portentous squalid disconcerting traumatic sordid shameful jinxed crushing dour execrable inferior deplorable lousy foul unnerving humourless humorless cursed indigent scungy impoverished detestable scurvy teary tearful rotten disenchanting gut-wrenching poignant tough unlucky shocking dingy ghastly ill-omened ill-fated disturbing unwelcome agonising agonizing parlous unencouraging tragical sober intolerable unoptimistic disquieting discomforting acherontic acheronian sickening horrendous gruesome afflictive atrocious bad-tempered grumpy unsmiling uncommunicative taciturn God-awful doomy full of despair phlegmatic ill-tempered heart-breaking moping sulky long-faced inopportune creepy baleful hostile excruciating dolesome dubious infelicitous ill-timed moving vexatious discomposing troubling dismaying injurious perilous too bad plangent horrifying derisible mortifying heart-wrenching tear-jerking frightful exacting severe forbidding inhospitable exigent alarming testing despicable contemptible disgraceful vile threatening straitened objectionable strained unfriendly treacherous direful ill-boding hard-pressed lurid chilling shadowy nightmarish pressing discommodious precarious tortured harmful messy undesirable jeopardous apocalyptic dangerous rocky full of hardship very bad trashy shoddy filthy mephitical perplexing hellish irritable unkind distasteful frightening unpalatable repellant repellent bewildering loathsome vexing revulsive frustrating macabre unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating annoying unpleasing irksome abhorrent galling repugnant perturbing destitute derisory doom-laden sincere vain poverty-stricken unrealistic lost pious unduly optimistic

    Tính từ

    Having, or expressing doubt
    sceptical doubtful cynical doubting dubious hesitant questioning scoffing disbelieving incredulous mistrustful unconvinced hesitating distrustful quizzical unbelieving iffy misbelieving pessimistic suspicious having reservations minimifidian Pyrrhonist taking something with a pinch of salt skeptical wary leery chary uncertain apprehensive unsure cautious suspecting cagey careful guarded negativistic undecided trustless unsettled circumspect uneasy show-me hinky lacking trust watchful nervous fearful jealous non-believing faithless heedful mistrusting nonbelieving shy jaundiced anxious untrusting distrusting lacking confidence lacking faith wondering uptight not born yesterday been hit before in doubt rationalist irreligious nullifidian worried skittish agnostic aporetic ambivalent insecure possessive unimpressed unpersuaded unmoved not believing suspect unsatisfied solicitous have misgivings have reservations on your guard on guard on the fence without faith without belief unenlightened freethinking sardonic mocking disillusioned ironic misanthropic negative sneering reluctant disenchanted scornful sarcastic contemptuous hardened world-weary hard-bitten hard mindful misanthropical bleak black derisive hard-boiled mordacious loath gingerly averse conservative afraid frugal scrupulous considerate safe alert disinclined mean scathing disparaging detracting wry parsimonious stingy thrifty prudent restrained canny inhibited miserly constrained economical discreet particular fastidious sparing calculating

    Trái nghĩa của defeatist

    defeatist Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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