Đồng nghĩa của hostage

Alternative for hostage


Đồng nghĩa: surety,


A person who takes responsibility for another's performance of an undertaking
surety guarantor sponsor backer patron bondsman mortgagor supporter underwriter promoter benefactor angel advocate financier friend grubstaker subsidizer champion benefactress Maecenas subsidiser sustainer mainstay godparent helper protagonist subscriber booster investor well-wisher another adherent bankroller philanthropist donor voucher guarantee protector defender guaranty sugar daddy donator fairy godmother contributor guardian upholder warrantor bailsman leader fan partisan guide sympathizer financer head encourager sympathiser front insurer fairy godparent patron saint second advocator gospeller apostle exponent tub-thumper hierophant espouser proponent ally herald gospeler expounder paladin endorser true believer high priest follower money staker white knight meal ticket adherent giver philanthrope benefactrice benefactrix altruist almsgiver apologist believer proposer collaborator Santa Claus disciple humanitarian enthusiast grantor bestower pleader propagandist savior campaigner vindicator votary crusader good Samaritan saviour Good Samaritan standard-bearer shareholder torch-bearer provider do-gooder spokesman stakeholder presenter conferrer spokesperson missionary seconder cash cow plugger heavy hitter groupie abettor escort prime mover bleeding heart good scout admirer rooter worshipper worshiper security propounder patroness mark aid assistant funder supplier spokeswoman favorer bolsterer reader lobbyist fighter moneymaker evangelist capitalist stockholder gift giver member warden Lady Bountiful henchman amoroso gigolo interested party partner colleague battler challenger heroine venture capitalist social reformer pillar support suspender paraclete bearer brace abider regular reader attester signer customer idolizer speaker participant associate counsellor pioneer reformer activist financial support cavaliere servente Robin Hood counselor convert pupil speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for spokesman for campaigner for regular customer team member acolyte fellow traveller confederate bedfellow abetter fighter for crusader for epigone subject votarist quisling conspirator accomplice fraternizer partizan money-spinner source of steady profit golden goose devotee fellow traveler proselyte vassal soldier liegeman sectary aficionado buff fanatic addict servant man guard zealot hanger-on bodyguard preserver minder custodian fancier bug idolater aficionada freak junkie fiend hound nut cat watchdog ombudsman keeper chaperone sentry handler caretaker tutelary bulwark hero hired gun tower of strength guardian angel knight in shining armour

Trái nghĩa của hostage

hostage Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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